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Hempnall withdraw from Tens League

Hempnall have withdrawn from the Tens League following a unanimous vote at the Hempnall AGM on Sunday. Reasons given by the club included a decrease in members and commitments to other league and cup competitions. Hempnall won the Tens League title four times. The first was in 2007/08 when they lifted the title with Hevingham in second place. Two years later they won again with Bob Carter in second place. In 2012/13 they won their third title and their fourth time was in 2015/16 with Bob Carter as runners-up on both occasions. Hempnall finished as runners-up in 2011/12, 2013/14, 2016/17 and 2017/18. The upcoming season will be the twenty-first for the Tens League and with its pairs & triples format, and the league points totally dependent on overall shots, the league is unique in Norfolk. Well known names such as Simon Willies & Carol Aggas have made no secret of their belief that the scoring system encourages team bowling but with the number of clubs participating now down to just four the future of the league is now in serious doubt. At the recent Tens League AGM club delegates voted to play each other home and away twice this season to increase the number of games. At its height the league comprised of ten clubs and during its twenty years the title has also been won by Bob Carter eight times, Coltishall three times, Kirby Bedon twice, Halvergate twice & Hevingham once.  



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