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Keith Banks Triples by Bob Oatway


Sunday 19th November 2017

All 10 Breckland clubs were represented, with 19 triples taking part.

It was run over a round robin basis with 4 leagues and the winners and runners up going into the ΒΌ finals.

Skips Names only

Winner of group A Bill Francis Runner up K.Thomas

Winner group B C.Hayman Runner up M.Smail

Winner group C T.Taylor Runner up B.Oatway

Winner group D M.Barker Runner up G.Tweed

1/4 finals

G.Tweed beat B.Francis 11-5

C.Hayman beat B.Oatway 11-2

T.Taylor beat M.Smail 7-6


M.Barker beat K.Thomas 8-7

Semi final

G.Tweed beat C.Hayman 11-5

M.Barker beat T.Taylor 7-6


M.Barker beat G.Tweed 7-3

Hazell Banks presented the trophy to the winners

Bob Oatway Thanked Hingham for hosting, Cynthia Powell for the teas etc. and all who attended

Photos below sent by Bob Oatway of Winners & Runners-up

keith banks winners 2017 resize

Keith Banks runner up 2017 resize

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