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Heroes hang on to win at Horsford BC

After winning the first leg of this Bure Cup First Round tie 19-5 Horsford Heroes needed just six points away to Horsford BC if they were to progress into the next round. The night did not go quite as planned though as Horsford BC launched a tremendous comeback but a disappointing third session ultimately proved to be their downfall. Horsford BC came out of the blocks fast with Christine Warnes, Piero Cognetti & Ted Griffin beating Mick Dale’s triple 12-3 while Barbara Ayres, Keith Winder & Paul Isgate beat Carol Aggas, Carol Kemp & John Aggas 7-0. It was quickly 8-0 on points after a second session that saw Christine Bugg, Tim Blackman & John Bugg beat Vic Webster’s triple 9-2 and Dot Loftus, Cathy Fiddy & Pauline Strivens beat Peter Fox 14-2. But the session that would spoil Horford BC’s night came next as Heroes finally got into the match with John Aggas beating Ted Griffin 7-4 and Derek Gaskin, David Foster & Mick Dale beating Paul Isgate 9-1. Horsford BC were not done yet though as John Bugg’s triple beat Peter Fox 10-1 and Pauline Strivens beat Vic Webster 9-2. Another 7-4 win came Ted Griffin’s way in the penultimate session against Vic Webster but Horsford Heroes finally made certain of progressing into the next round as Mick Dale’s triple beat John Bugg by one shot leaving them 25-19 up on points. With victory now out of their reach Horsford BC conceded but what a fight they had put up in this terrific Bure Cup tie.   

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