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Carter beaten 4-0 at Halvergate

Bob Carter suffered a rare 4-0 maximum defeat in the Tens League as Halvergate produced a superb home performance. In the pairs Robbie Lamb & Keith Cooke beat Simon Willies & Jason Woods 18-10 while Carter scored their only win of the match with Jamie Forster & Gary Best beating Ryan Fox & David Lamb 19-16. Both triples games saw Halvergate dominate proceedings with Jackie Smith, Ray Lamb & Morgan Warnes beating Elaine Willies, Steve Bridge & Melly Woods 14-5 while David Knights, Steven Lamb & Simon Warnes beat Jean Woods, Nigel Willard & John Turner 18-9. In the SNL Connaught beat Saxlingham 8-2 with Owen Secker’s triple winning 25-8 and Mike Minshull’s triple winning 19-9. 

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