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Norfolk Premier enjoy success in Surrey

Norfolk Premier’s first away match of the I.C.C season ended in a convincing 29-11 away win against Surrey Premier at their superb Guildford venue. In the singles both Jack Pye of Wymondham & Gary Best of Bob Carter were in excellent form collecting all ten points. Pye won his games by 19-8 and 11-10 while Best returned wins of 17-15 & 13-9 despite Surrey singles players Mark Jones & Rob Edwards keeping up the pressure throughout. In the pairs Simon Warnes of Horsford BC & Jon Sparham of Wymondham were in no mood to take prisoners as they swept to an 18-4 win against Jan & Peter Smith in their first game and followed that with a 23-7 win against Paula Tilley & Richard Nicoll. East Tuddenham’s John Turner & Halvergate’s David Lamb added a 14-9 win in their second game to ensure Norfolk earned eight of the ten pairs points on offer. The only loss in the pairs was a 15-10 defeat of Turner & Lamb by Paula Tilley & Richard Nicoll but it must be said that Paula Tilley had a fabulous game at lead and Richard Nicoll hardly missed a shot at skip. The Norfolk fours also took eight out of ten points with Lewis Cranston of County Council, Robbie Lamb of Halvergate and Jason & Melly Woods of Bob Carter winning their games 10-9 & 11-9 although Surrey skip Del Johns must still be asking himself how he did not earn at least a draw after the gods smiled on Melly Woods when he delivered his final bowl on the last end of their encounter. Owen Cranston of County Council, John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott, Bob Oatway of First Bus and player-manager Selwyn Goldsmith won their first game by 13-8 and despite losing their second kept the game tight to ensure the bonus points came Norfolk’s way. The triples was the only discipline where Surrey earned the bonus points but Mark Linsdell of Wymondham, Morgan Warnes of Horsford BC & Simon Willies of East Tuddenham won their second game by 10-6 against Terry Osgood’s triple while Kerry Greenacre of Halvergate, Debbie Sparham of Wymondham & Halvergate’s Keith Cooke took five shots over the last two ends against Nigel Goss’s triple to snatch a 13-13 draw. Norfolk Premier’s next match is on 8th October when Surrey Premier make the return trip to Norfolk. Pictured in Surrey are Simon Warnes & Jon Sparham and Jack Pye.

Simon Warnes Jon Sparham 23.9.17 resize

Jack Pye 23.9.17 resize

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