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Ireland retain SMPT World Cup

Ireland retained the SMPT World Cup after defeating an England team featuring Wymondham’s Jack Pye. Both teams won two games apiece in the final with England’s Steven Proctor beating Mark Beattie 9-8 and another England win earned by James Trott who beat P. J. Gallagher 12-11. The Irish hit back to win the final on shots as Pauline Beattie beat Paul Seaman 17-11 and Joseph Beattie beat Jack Pye 15-9. England had beaten Sweden by 18 shots in the semi-finals with Jack Pye beating Jonas Hager 13-7 as England won on all four mats. In the other semi-final Ireland beat Belgium in a tight match by just one shot. England had won all their three group games with Jack Pye their top player winning all his games. England opened with a 19 shot win against Norway with Pye beating Gunnar Frantzen 13-4. A sixteen shot win against Wales followed with Pye beating Chris McWhinnie 14-3. Their final group game saw England beat Belgium by twenty-two shots with Pye beating Sibe Laureys 12-7. 

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