"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Positive year reported at Norfolk AGM


The Norfolk AGM held at North Wymondham saw enforced changes on the NCSMBA Management Committee following Lianne Mill’s decision to retire after ten years in the roles of Membership Secretary & Safeguarding Officer. In his Chairman’s Report Selwyn Goldsmith thanked Lianne for her work in the roles and he also highlighted Jill Watson’s work as Treasurer for over thirteen years until she resigned earlier this year. He said it had been a positive year for the NCSMBA, despite a couple of setbacks, and highlighted Pauline Barsby’s achievements in forming the Thetford SMBC. He also spoke of the major upgrade of equipment that has seen ten new blue Verde mats, a brand new Presentation Cabinet and a new set of County Championship Shields purchased. The Chairman’s Report said that the Committee had continued to keep the running costs of the Association under close control and that had enabled the Association to make the higher than normal expenditure this year without increasing the Norfolk portion of the membership fees since 2011. In fact, following the £1 increase in the ESMBA portion of the fee agreed at a recent ESMBA EGM, Treasurer Jon Sparham recommended a rise in the over-all fee by just 50p this year with the NCSMBA covering the remainder of the increase from their account. This was supported by delegates. The election of Officers saw the enforced changes dealt with as Teresa Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon, previously Assistant to Lianne Mills of Woodbastwick in her two roles, was appointed as both Membership Secretary & Safeguarding Officer as well as being re-elected as Records Officer. Billie Barker of Wymondham joined the Committee for the first time after being elected Assistant Membership Secretary & Assistant Safeguarding Officer. Selwyn Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon was re-elected as Chairman for the twenty-second year and also re-elected as Press & Web Secretary. Brian Saunders of Wymondham was re-elected as President, Vice Chairman & Assistant Treasurer and Bob Oatway of First Bus was re-elected Vice President. Thorpe Marriott’s Jenny Walker & Peter Walker were re-elected as Secretary & Assistant Secretary respectively. Jon Sparham of Wymondham, who has served as Treasurer since Jill Watson resigned, was re-elected to that role as well as to his Assistant Competition Secretary position. Chris Mann of Wymondham was re-elected as Competition Secretary & Assistant Press & Web Secretary. There were no nominations from the floor for the position of Umpires Officer, previously held by Peter Smart of Jarrolds, and this post was not filled at the AGM.             

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