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Summer Cup action begins

The NCSMBA Summer Cup has begun. Horsford Heroes romped to a massive home win against Watton winning the match by 8-0 on points and 100-32 on shots. Russell Hubbard, Sue Fox & Jane James started the onslaught by beating Malcolm Southgate’s triple 37-9 and Lyn Frank, Carol Kemp & Roger Frank beat Will Hogan’s triple 15-8. After the break Richard Hart, Mally Kemp & Chris Woodhouse inflicted a 27-7 defeat on Will Hogan while Nigel James, Vic Webster & Peter Fox beat Southgate 21-8 to complete a brilliant home performance by Heroes. Division Two side Windows entertained top flight opposition in the guise of Kirby Bedon. Jill Watson, Phil Watson & John Aggas started the match well for the visitors beating Mick Boswell’s triple 17-9 but the Division Two side hit back with Brenda Sizer, Pam Daynes & Diane Boswell beating Jimmy Dye, Gerald Chilvers & Joe Brown 16-7 to gain a one shot lead. In the second half Kirby’s Carol Aggas, Phil Watson & John Aggas earned a valuable 23-9 win against Keith Halford’s triple and despite Mick Boswell’s triple winning their second game by 13-5 against Joe Brown’s triple they were beaten on shots and it is Kirby Bedon who progress into the next round.

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