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Halvergate claim emphatic second leg win to lift Bure cup

Halvergate won back the Bure cup from East Tuddenham in a one sided second leg that saw Halvergate win nine of the ten matches to see them ease over the finish line with a session to spare. The first leg at Tuddenham saw the home side make a good start as they took the opening two matches but Halvergate hit back in the second with a win and draw only for Tuddenham to repeat the same result in the third session to keep the four point lead. A drawn fourth session was then followed again by a draw and win for Tuddenham to see them now hold a six point lead at 13-7. But Halvergate rallied in the last session to again mirror the previous session results to secure a win and draw to give them only a 14-10 defeat. Jean Woods, Gerald Potter and Chris Mann were unbeaten on the night with wins of 10-2 and 13-0 and a 5-5 draw against Kevin Watson, Nigel Willard and Jason Woods, who were also unbeaten for Halvergate as they picked up four shots in their first game on the last end to win 6-5 and followed that up with a 9-2 win and then again came from behind picking up three shots to draw 5-5 with Mann. The second leg at Halvergate saw Tuddenham frustrated with close games not going their way but a shared first session bought hope as Tuddenham's Elaine Willies, John Jeffery and Melvin Woods beat Roy Walker, Nigel Willard and Jason Woods. But Halvergate's Ray Lamb, Jamie Forster and Robbie Lamb beat Jean Woods, Gerald Potter and Chris Mann. From there it was one way traffic as Halvergate's Steven Lamb, Simon Warnes and Morgan Warnes lead the way winning all three of their matches. Mike Tate, Keith Cooke and David Lamb also won the two matches they played as did Ray Lamb, Jamie Forster and Robbie Lamb as the final session was not needed to be played. East Tuddenham captain John Turner then congratulated the Halvergate team on their cup win as he presented the Bure Cup to Halvergate captain David Lamb. The league cup was then presented by David Lamb to John Turner as he congratulated the Tuddenham team on winning the leage this season.




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