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Norfolk Over 60's win in Kent

Norfolk Over 60’s returned from Snodlands in Kent with a 39-33 points lead, 275-259 on shots, from the first leg of their annual challenge match against Kent Invicta. With both teams fielding twelve triples the match was played to the same format as previous years. Six mats were in use with each triple playing three games of eight ends. The home side made a strong start with four wins and a draw to lead 9-3 on points. Norfolk’s only win came from Mike Tate, Richard Broad & Graham Atter. In the second session Norfolk hit back with five wins and just one defeat to take the lead by 13-11 on points. The biggest win for the visitors was a 16-0 result for Jenny Walker, Andy George & Andy Rawnsley. Kent bounced back to retake the lead in session three by 19-17 as Norfolk won on only two mats. The successful Norfolk triples were Pat Saunders, Teresa Goldsmith & Selwyn Goldsmith with a 10-5 win and Gill Coleman, Gill Davidson & Russell Davidson with a 7-2 win. The lead in this topsy turvy match changed again in session four as Norfolk reeled off five wins to move 27-21 up with Tony Ottewell, George Hume, Andy Rawnsley, Robin Amos & Melvyn Barker’s triples all winning. The last two sessions were both shared 6-6 to maintain Norfolk’s six point advantage for the second leg. Two Norfolk triples finished the day with three wins apiece. Captain Steve Easter, Billie Barker & Melvyn Barker won their games by 6-4, 11-2 & 13-2 and Val Vardy, Pat Hall & Tony Ottewell won by 9-4, 7-5 & 14-4. Pat Saunders, Teresa Goldsmith & Selwyn Goldsmith also finished the day unbeaten with wins of 10-5 & 14-3 following an opening session 8-8 draw. The second leg is scheduled to be played at Hingham Sports & Social Club on Saturday July 20th. Norfolk Over 60’s will be in action before then when they play Friends of Essex away on Sunday 23rd June.






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