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Costessey SMBC win the City Shield

Costessey are the new holders of the City Shield after beating British Rail at Taverham last night 5-3 on points and 45-40 on shots. The outcome was not decided until the last end of the match with Costessey holding their nerve to win. Costessey won on two mats with Wendy Tweed, Roger Steele & Graham Tweed beating Martin Douglas, Lynn Couzins & Tony Moore 11-7 and Alan Bishop, Malcolm Southgate & Joy Townsend beating Liz Mason, Dawn Banham & Mark Baker 11-9. Costessey collected another point as Cynthia Powell, Mike Ottaway & Sheila Bragg drew 11-11 with Leslie Webber, Pat Baker & Caroline Banham. British Rail’s Peter Johnson, Rodney Brock & Mark Randell collected their teams only win beating Pam Chapman, Will Townsend & John Chapman 13-12.  

Costessey shield Winners

Costessey SMBC are the new holders of the City Shield 

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