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Costessey defeat Horsford Gold in semi-final clash

Costessey visited Horsford Gold for the second leg of their City Shield semi-final defending a 6-2 lead from the first leg. It proved to be just enough as Horsford Gold had to settle for a 5-3 win on the night leaving Costessey the winners by 9-7 on aggregate. Christine Warnes, David Knights & Morgan Warnes got Horsford Gold off to a great start beating John Chapman’s triple 16-5 but Costessey’s Cynthia Powell, Graham Tweed & Sheila Bragg held John Bugg’s home triple to a 13-13 draw for a vital point. After the break Barbara Russell, Christine Walsgrove & Mick Dale earned the home side a 14-6 win against Mike Ottaway’s triple but a 13-9 win for Costessey’s Cyril Cole, Malcolm Southgate & Joy Townsend earned their side a place in the final where they will face British Rail. 

Graham Tweed

Costessey's Graham Tweed - a vital point away to Horsford Gold 

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