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Dennis Moore Tournament result

The Dennis Moore tournament was held on Sunday 19th March at Hingham. The morning session saw the singles and fours take to the mats, seven singles and five fours took part. The singles winner was Bill Francis of Banham, who won all his 4 games and the runner up was Chris Mann from Wymondham with 6 points and +39 shots. Mike Smail from Forncett also had 6 points but only +2 shots. The Fours was won by Wymondham's Hayley Stratton, Laura Hawksworth, John Jeffery and Mark Linsdell with 7 points, runner up was Connaught A's Mike Parsons, Dave Quadling, Sylvia Parsons and Richard Harrison with 5 points. The afternoon session saw the Pairs and Triples play, 8 Pairs in 2 leagues and 9 triples. Winners of Pairs league 1 were Banham's Val Hambling and Jim Delaney, winners of League 2 were Wymondham's Roger Steele and Debbie Sparham. In the final Banham took the first end by a single Wymondham hit back with a 2, 4 and two singles to lead 8-1. After five ends a single and a two to Banham kept their hopes alive with an end to play but it was not to be as Wymondham took a single to clinch the title.Triples winners were Banham’s Colin Smith, Kathy Girling and Will Hoggan with 7 points, Runner up was Wymondham's Billie Barker, Mary Fisher and Melvyn Barker with 6 points +9, Forncett's Jan Smail, Rob Boulter and Tony Ottewell were close with 6 points +8. The Dennis Moore trophy went to Wymondham with an impressive 162 shots, Connaught A were second with 106 shots.Thanks to Hingham for hosting the event and to Cynthia Powell for the tea's etc. Bob and Elaine Oatway were thanked for running the day.

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