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Simon and Elaine Willies accident - Family Statement

Simon & Elaine Willies were involved in a serious road traffic accident on 12/01/2024. A lorry hit a tree and a branch came off and went through the windscreen of their car.

Elaine managed to stop the car safely and she walked away from the accident with cuts and bruises. However, Simon was struck in the abdomen area by the branch, and he suffered blunt force trauma injuries.

The emergency services of Norfolk were quick to respond sending a Fire crew, Police, Ambulance and the air ambulance. He was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital where he underwent an emergency operation to stop the bleeding and further trauma.

He then remained in a critical but stable condition under sedation for 3 days. Then on Monday afternoon he had a second operation to repair the injuries. This operation was a success. Simon is now awake following the surgery, but he remains in the High Dependency Unit. His progress since Wednesday has been positive with each day getting better.

Once Simon is moved to a ward which allows visitors, we will update you via a private message.

The family have asked that you message either Emma or Chris for an update or details of visiting when it is able to do so. You can contact them on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or by text message.

The family would like to thank the work of the emergency services, doctors, surgeons and nurses of Norfolk for their continuing work to help Simon to get to full health. Also the family would like to thank all the well wishes and messages of support they have received to date.

Elaine, Emma & Chris


Elaine and Simon Willies

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