"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


David Blundell runner-up in the British Open Shield

The SMPT British Open took place over Saturday and Sunday at York. Steve Easter of Wymondham and David Blundell of Wortwell were the two Norfolk bowlers who had entered the event. It proved to be a long weekend of bowls for Blundell who finished as a worthy runner-up in the Shield section of the competition. Matty Worden lifted the British Open trophy after beating Michael Doorey 14-7 in the final of the main event. In the Plate section, for the bowlers finishing third and fourth in their groups, Steven Roberts beat Paul Doherty 11-6 in the final. The Shield section, for the bowlers finishing in the bottom two places in their groups, there was success for Roderick Dawson who beat David Blundell 13-9 in the final. 

Matty Worden  

SMPT British Open Champion 2024 Matty Worden

Photo courtesy of SMPT

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