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Bure Cup action sees East Tuddenham & Halvergate progress

East Tuddenham are through to the semi-finals of the Bure Cup after a comfortable win against Thorpe Marriott in the second leg at East Tuddenham. Thorpe Marriott travelled to East Tuddenham already 18-6 behind on points after their home leg and after four straight wins for the home side they conceded the match with the aggregate score 26-6 in favour of East Tuddenham. Chris Willies’ triple won 6-2, Mike Smail’s triple won 7-2, Robin Amos won 5-3 and Simon Willies won by 7-5. They will now meet Hevingham in the semi-finals and will be hot favourites to reach the final. Halvergate await the winners after completing a 26-14 win on aggregate against a plucky Horsford BC side. Horsford BC had secured a shock 14-10 win at home in the first leg but found Halvergate in uncompromising mood at their Upton venue. Halvergate won all eight games played on the night before Horsford conceded the tie. Keith Cooke’s triple won their games by 6-2 & 13-1, Ryan Fox won by 12-6 & 7-2, Jason Woods won by 9-2 & 9-3 and David Lamb’s triple won by 19-0 & 5-4.

chris willies 

Chris Willies of East Tuddenham won his game 6-2

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