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50/50 @ First Bus

A terrific match in the City of Norwich League at First Bus ended with both teams on 50 shots with visitors Horsford Blue only winning on one mat. But that result enabled them to limit First Bus to an 8-6 win as Janet Seaton, Ernie Mills & Dennis Seaton scored a creditable 17-8 win against Ken Holmes, Rex Cox & Chris Brooks to leave the match level on shots. In the first half Di Quadling, Lesley Crowe & Glennis Holmes of First Bus beat Dot Loftus, Pauline Strivens & Keith Ruddock 13-8 while the other game between Bob Oatway & Philip Mildon’s triples ended in an 11-11 draw. These results left First Bus in the driving seat. After the break Mac Carmen, David Sharpe & Steve Hall of First Bus beat Mike Doddington’s triple 18-14 before Dennis Seaton’s triples big win cut the deficit to just 8-6 on points.

Dennis Seaton

Dennis Seaton of Horsford Blue was in good form at First Bus


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