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Major Norwich Cup revamp announced

The Norwich Cup, a knock-out competition created by Norfolk Chairman Selwyn Goldsmith way back in 1989, was hotly contested for 31 years. It’s beginnings saw it launched with all member clubs of the City of Norwich League and the Wensum League (now defunct) entering in its first year with a total of sixteen clubs competing. Over the next few years it continued to grow as it attracted entries from other clubs across Norfolk with 32 clubs taking part at its peak making it by far the biggest short mat bowls club competition in the region. Sadly, over the last few years, a number of those clubs have ceased to exist with the list of causalities including former winners Coltishall and Kirby Bedon as well as Bob Carter who currently exist in name only. With covid bringing all short mat bowls to a complete stop for a period of time the Norwich Cup was left on hold when a limited comeback to competition was made. Now a relaunch of the Norwich Cup is being attempted for the 2023/24 season with a revolutionary new format in place making it possible for even teams with a small number of members to be able to enter. With teams of just eight players the new format provides one continuous triples game of 30 ends played on just one mat with team captains able to change any, or all, of their three players after any end they wish and as many times as they like. The only stipulation is that all of a team’s eight players must play a minimum of eight ends each over the course of the game. There is no limit to the number of times a player can be introduced, or substituted, during the course of the game by the team captain. They can be introduced in any playing position the captain wishes. It is permissible, if both teams agree, to have a short interval after 15 ends before the game continues. If the score is level after the 30 ends have been played each captain will nominate three of his players to take part in a deciding end to determine the winners. Another innovation is that each captain, prior to the match, will nominate three “wild card” ends when any shots scored by his team will be doubled. These end numbers will be entered on the match sheet before the game commences. The Norwich Cup will be played on a straight knock-out basis with a drawer being arranged by the Norwich Cup Organiser at the end of September when the draw will then be published. The eventual winners will be presented with the Norwich Cup which will be held for one year. No individual trophies will be awarded. The entry fee will be £8 per team, clubs are allowed to enter more than one team of course. The entry fee should be sent to Selwyn Goldsmith, 24 Blakes Court, Norwich, NR3 4DS with a cheque made payable to the Bure League. Once expenses are deducted any profits will be donated to a charity chosen by the eventual Norwich Cup winners. It is recognised that with only eight players taking part covering the cost of hall hire could be an issue for home clubs. It is therefore a condition of entry that the players of the team drawn away from home each pay a £2 playing fee to the home club on the night. Get your entries in now to join in the fun. The closing date for entry into the Norwich Cup draw is September 27th and the draw will be made soon after.   


Major Norwich Cup revamp announced by NCSMBA Chairman

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