"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norfolk Over 60's win in Kent

Norfolk Over 60’s travelled to Kent to play the first leg of their annual home and away challenge match against Kent Invicta with both teams consisting of twelve triples playing three games apiece on six mats. The opening three sessions were all drawn with three wins each for both teams in each of the three sessions. Norfolk made a breakthrough in session four with four wins from the six games to earn themselves a 26-22 points lead with two sessions remaining. This session was followed by a fish and chip lunch before the match recommenced for session five. This proved to be a pivotal moment in the game as Norfolk Over 60’s took control winning five of the six games to move 36-24 up on points. The session also worked wonders for Norfolk’s shot difference as they scored 72 shots against just 26. The results included a massive 23-0 win for Gill Coleman, Jill Davidson & Russell Davidson and a 15-1 win for Di Quadling, David Quadling & Robin Amos. Session six provided another drawn session leaving Norfolk Over 60’s returning to Norfolk with a 42-30 points lead and a 290-211 shots advantage to take into the second leg, a result that has pleased Norfolk Over 60's Organiser Teresa Goldsmith. Gill Coleman, Jill Davidson & Russell Davidson won their three games by 8-4, 14-0 & 23-0. Val Vardy, Sue Fox & David Crosby won their games by 8-4, 9-6 & 10-2.The return match at Hingham Sports & Social Club is scheduled to take place on Saturday July 22nd.  


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