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Wymondham triple win Keith Banks Comp


17 triples entered the annual Keith Banks competition held at Hingham on Sunday 20th November 2022.

It was played over 4 leagues 1 of 5 teams and 3 of 4 teams, with the league winners and runners up going into the pre drawn ¼ finals

League 1 winners were Forncett, M.Smail, B. Preece and T. Ottewell

League 1 runners up were Thetford David Brown, Linda Dixon and Jean Gardner

League 2 winners were Hingham J.Hunter, M.Hunter and M.White

League 2runners up were Thetford Kate Cranshaw, Caralyn Walker and Clive Eke

League 3 winners were Connaught A, Di Quadling, Owen Secker and Mike Minshull

League 3 runners up were Carleton Rode G.Mobbs, T.Newby and K.Newby

League 4 winners were Wymondham M.Fisher, H.Osborne and A. Jackson

League 4 runners up were Wymondham B.Barker, S.Easter and M.Barker

In the ¼ finals

Game 1, Winner league 1, played runner up league 4, Winners were Forncett 16-2

Game 2, Winner league 2, played runner up league 3, Winners were Carleton Rode 10-6

Game 3, Winner league 3, played runner up league 2, Winners were Thetford 12-4

Game 4, Winner league 4, played runner up league 1, Winners were Wymondham 10-8

In the semi final

Game 5 Winner game 1, played winner game 2 Winners were Forncett 10-4

Game 6 winner game 3 played winner game 4 Winners were Wymondham 15-2

In the final

Wymondham opened with a single, a 3 on the 2nd end, 2 to Forncett on end 3 and a single on end 4, 4- 3 to Wymondham at the half way stage. 2 to Wymondham on the 5th, Forncett took 1 on the 6th

Penultimate end Wymondham score a single, 7-4 to Wymondham.

Last end 2 to Forncett

Wymondham win 7-6.

Hazel Banks and daughter Debbie presented the trophy and awards.

Very pleasing to see the number of people staying to watch the final.

Many thanks to Hazel Banks for sponsoring the prize money and to Cynthia for Teas and coffee and to Elaine Oatway and Kathy for the raffle and to Hingham for hosting and to all who helped putting the equipment out and away and to Bob Oatway for organising.

Report submitted by event organisors

Keith Banks Runners up 2022

Winners - Wymondham

Keith Banks winners 2022

Runners-up - Forncett

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