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Latest League News

Halvergate earned a solid 3-0 home win against Bob Carter in the Tens League in a hard fought and entertaining encounter. Morgan Warnes and Gary Best were the only Carter players to win beating Ray Lamb and Keith Cooke by 16-11 in the pairs while the other three games went Halvergate’s way. The home sides biggest win was clinched by Ryan Fox and David Lamb who beat John Turner and Jason Woods 15-5 while Robbie Lamb’s triple won 15-11 and Robin Amos’ triple won 19-10. In the Breckland League Wymondham beat Forncett 10-0 with Mary Fisher, Andrew Jackson and Chris Mann winning 33-5 in a one-sided match that saw Wymondham rack up 99 shots against 34. Second placed Carleton Rode beat Connaught “B” 8-2 with Graham Atter, Terry Newby and Karl Newby winning 25-6. Peter Harvey’s triple won 25-6 as Thetford won 8-2 at home to Connaught “B” while Peter Lock’s Forncett triple won 24-9 in an 8-2 win at Harling Griffins. Bure League action saw East Tuddenham score a maximum 10-0 home win against Hevingham with their  biggest win a 15-9 result for Jean Woods, Melvin Woods and Chris Willies.

Robbie Lamb rs20   

Robbie Lamb in winning form for Halvergate against Bob Carter 


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