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Secker, Bragg & Flatt win for Connaught

Connaught’s 8-2 home win against Wreningham leaves them in second place in the SNL. Owen Secker’s triple won 15-9, Sheila Bragg’s triple won 15-10 and David Flatt’s triple won 16-14. Debbie Bunn scored Wreningham’s only win with former Connaught bowlers Chris & Tyrone Musk at lead and two respectively. Margaret Reynolds, Malcolm Reynolds & Glenda Adcock scored a 23-8 win at Hingham as Wreningham won 8-2. Debbie Bunn’s triple won 21-9 and Karl Bunn added a 17-14 win. Keith Thomas scored Hingham’s only win of 20-8 to earn two consolation points for the home side.  

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