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Norfolk AGM information


Earlier in the year all club contacts were notified that the Norfolk County Short Mat Bowls Association Annual General Meeting would be held on 28th June 2020 at North Wymondham. Due to the current government restrictions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic the NCSMBA Management Committee have made the following decisions. The AGM will not now be held on the 28th June, club delegates will be informed of a re-arranged date for the AGM when the Management Committee is in a position to set a new date. As an emergency measure the Management Committee has agreed that all current Officers will remain in their positions until the AGM is held and the election of Officers can take place. This will provide the NCSMBA with the ability to continue to function as a County, and as a member county of the ESMBA, and communicate as needed with the National Body. The action taken by the Management Committee is in line with Section 13 POWERS OF THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE which allows the Management Committee to deal with all matters not specifically provided therein. The Management Committee send all our bowlers our very best wishes during these difficult times and look forward to the time when we can meet on the mats once again and short mat bowls can once again be played.  

Notice issued by the NCSMBA Management Committee

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