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Halvergate win first leg

Kirby Bedon started well taking a 3-1 lead in the first session of their Bure Cup semi-final match at Halvergate. Carol Aggas, Tony Oram & John Aggas beat Michael Savage, Josh Baxter & Steven Lamb 10-2 while Phil Watson’s triple held Robbie Lamb’s triple to a 6-6 draw. From then on though the home side dominated proceedings with Kirby’s only other points earned in the final session when Shirley Brown, Gerald Chilvers & Joe Brown beat Steven Lamb’s triple 9-3. Unbeaten for Halvergate were Donna Lamb, Jacky Smith & David Lamb with wins of 6-5, 11-2 & 7-3 and David Knights, Jamie Forster & Jason Woods who won by 11-2, 5-2 & 8-2 as Halvergate built up a commanding 19-5 lead to take to Kirby Bedon for the second leg.

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