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Windows gain 1st Leg advantage

Bure Cup action saw Windows gain a narrow two point advantage over Hevingham in the first leg of their Bure Cup clash. Two of Window’s triples scored four points each with Brenda Sizer, Di Boswell & Mick Harris winning games by 5-4 & 8-3 while Paul Brock, Andy Cheal & Melly Woodhouse won games by 11-0 & 9-2. But the top triple of the night was Hevingham’s Pat Williamson, Pat Hall & Steve Hall (pictured) who kept their team in the tie with three wins out of three winning their games by 4-2, 7-3 & 5-1. Windows take a 13-11 points lead, 68-45 on shots, into the second leg scheduled for the 1st November. In the Bure League Horsford Heroes earned a maximum 10-0 win from their home game against Horsford BC. David Brown, David Davitt & David Claxton led the way with a 17-4 win while Richard Dix, Jane James & Sue Fox won 20-8, John Aggas’s triple won 18-12 and Mick Dale’s triple won 17-14.  

Steve Hall new rs60

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