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Halvergate in the driving seat

Defending Bure League champions Halvergate entertained top of the table East Tuddenham in a match that could have decided the title race. A maximum 10-0 win for the visitors would have seen them clinch the title and it looked a definite possibility at half time when East Tuddenham led 4-0 after winning two close games. Robert Howlett, Elaine Willies & Melly Woods had beaten Jackie Smith, Ray Lamb & Keith Cooke by 15-11 and Melvyn Barker, Laura Hawksworth & Chris “Blazer” Mann had beaten Ryan Fox, John Norfolk & Jason Woods by 15-14. This set up the prospect of a massive second half, as the home side saw their title hopes under threat, but they responded magnificently. Nigel Willard, David Knights & Simon Warnes stormed to a 17-6 win against Gerry Potter, Gillian Amos & Robin Amos while Jamie Forster, Robbie Lamb & David Lamb did just enough beating John Turner, Jean Woods & Simon Willies by 14-13. The superb win by Simon Warnes’ triple made sure of the two bonus points earning Halvergate a 6-4 home win. East Tuddenham have now completed all their fixtures and are top of the table with 96 points but second placed Halvergate still have two home games to play and are just twelve points behind. Halvergate’s home form suggests that they are likely to collect the thirteen points needed to retain the title. The first of those games is this Friday when Hevingham provide the opposition and Halvergate’s final match of the season is on the 10th April when they face Windows. 

Simon Warnes RS15

Simon Warnes' triple made a difference

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