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Classic all Halvergate final in Bure Triples Championship

It was a magnificent Bure Triples final between Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes & Gary Best against fellow Halvergate triple Ryan Fox, Josh Baxter & David Lamb but what will live in the memories of those privileged to have witnessed it will be the almost perfect last end played by Best’s triple. That final end of bowls earned them four shots to win a match they had trailed in throughout. But let us start with the first end where David Lamb’s triple started so well. Ray Lamb opened proceedings with a back bowl but it was Josh Baxter, probably the most naturally talented young bowler in Norfolk, who nailed the jack to take control of the end. After Gary Best missed with both his bowls David Lamb’s triple went on to take a two shot lead. On the second end new National Under 18's champion Ryan Fox won the battle of the leads against Ray Lamb to hold two shots and Josh Baxter quickly added a third. After Morgan Warnes played an attacking forehand bowl too tight David Lamb drew a lovely bowl onto the jack. Deep in trouble when it was his turn to play Gary Best played his trademark backhand attack shot which proved brutally effective driving the jack into the ditch with Best’s bowl laying shot a foot from the ditch line. After putting together such a great head of bowls David Lamb’s triple were visibly shaken to see it disappear so quickly. The third end saw David Lamb’s triple on the scoreboard again after Lamb took shot with a great backhand shot and took a 3-1 lead. The fourth end again saw Ryan Fox, Josh Baxter & David Lamb in super form. Ryan opened with a toucher and then added a second wood. Josh drew a superb bowl just behind the jack but Morgan Warnes managed to draw in to cut their count to just two. Josh Baxter then played a brilliant backhand bowl to make it three with all their three woods tight to the jack. Morgan Warnes was asked to fire by her skip but hit the block and David Lamb added to the pressure by drawing in a fourth bowl. It was left to Gary Best once again to get his triple out of trouble as he attacked on his forehand and finished up on the jack. David Lamb tried to tap Best’s bowl with his final wood but played too tight and his lead was reduced to 3-2. David Lamb’s triple were all too aware that without Best’s last woods on the second and fourth end they would by now have been out of sight and on their way to the title. But on the fifth end it was David Lamb under pressure when he stepped up to play his last bowl with Best’s triple having had their best end to date and holding four shots. Demonstrating great composure, probably learned in his many years of playing for England, Lamb attacked on his forehand and came out holding a single and a 4-2 lead. The fifth end saw Gary Best again having to resort to his trademark backhand attack shot but this time one of David Lamb’s bowls survived the onslaught to give his triple a 5-2 lead. On the penultimate end Ray Lamb drew in a super backhand just behind the jack. After an exchange of good bowls by both Morgan Warnes and Josh Baxter, Gary Best tried to improve the situation but failed and had to settle for a single to go into the last end 5-3 down. Ray Lamb’s two bowls from the lead position were just what the doctor ordered for Gary Best but Morgan Warnes was short with her first wood which would ultimately hinder David Lamb’s options. Josh Baxter drew in a great second bowl but was immediately countered by Morgan Warnes who drew in a fantastic second bowl. When it was Gary Best’s turn to play he drew in a third bowl. After David Lamb failed to improve the situation with his first bowl another superb wood by Best left David Lamb deep in trouble with just his last bowl to play. After a long discussion between Ryan Fox, Josh Baxter and David Lamb they made a decision that Lamb should attack the head and in truth that was his only option at that point. The England player made a fantastic effort to save the game but to no avail as Best’s triple came out with four shots to win the final 7-5. Best’s triple beat Halvergate’s Jason Woods, Robbie Lamb & Keith Cooke 7-4 in the semi-finals while David Lamb’s triple had romped to an 11-2 win against Hevingham’s Teresa Goldsmith, Pat Williamson & Selwyn Goldsmith. In the quarter finals Gary Best had beaten Jean Woods, John Turner & Melly Woods of East Tuddenham by 14-7 while David Lamb had beaten Avril Walker, Mally Woodhouse & Keith Halford of Windows by 9-3. In the other quarter-finals Jason Woods, Robbie Lamb & Keith Cooke beat Woodbastwick’s Willie Jefferies, Norma Jablonowski & Peter Jablonowski 14-5 and Teresa Goldsmith, Pat Williamson & Selwyn Goldsmith of Hevingham beat Brian Bunting, Ron Elliott & Derek Sheldrake by 6-4.

bure triples winners 2019 RS15  

Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes & Gary Best

bure triples ru 2019 RS15

Ryan Fox, David Lamb & Josh Baxter

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