"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


National Championship allocations

Norfolk, with Devon, Dorset, Essex & Hampshire, have been allocated the maximum four places in each of the four main disciplines which comprise of the National Singles, National Pairs, National Triples & National Fours. As usual there are 64 National Championship entry places in each of those disciplines. Because of the low entry in the Mixed Fours qualifier Norfolk has only one place this season in that discipline. Dorset, Devon & Essex have three places each in the National Mixed Fours while Hampshire receive two places and twenty-one counties have one entry each. There are again 32 National Championship places in the Mixed Fours event. Norfolk has received one of the 16 places available in the National Under 18’s. Sadly only twelve counties have entries in this event with Dorset receiving three of the places. Devon & Hampshire have been allocated two each while nine counties including Norfolk have one apiece. Neither of our neighbouring counties, Cambs and Suffolk, have an entry in the Under 18’s this season. The newest event on the calendar, the National Over 55’s Pairs, has proved a big success and has been allocated 64 places in the finals. Norfolk, along with Buckinghamshire, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Surrey have received the maximum four places each followed by Cambridgeshire, East Sussex, Gloucestershire, North Yorkshire, Oxfordshire & Somerset with three places apiece. Over the seven disciplines in the National Finals Dorset have the highest overall number of entries which total 26, Devon have 25 entries while Essex & Hampshire have 24 each. Norfolk has the fifth highest number of entries at 22 followed by Surrey with 17. At the other end of the scale Greater Manchester have just two entries in total, one in the National Singles and one National Under 18 entry. Wiltshire have just four entries while Avon have five. Cambridgeshire have eleven entries while Suffolk has seven. Despite their current dominance at I.C.C level West Mids have only ten entries in the National Championships, two each in the Singles, Pairs & Triples and one each in the Fours, Mixed Fours, Under 18’s and Over 55’s.

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