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Halvergate favourites to reach semi-finals

Halvergate took a giant step towards a Bure Cup semi-final place after winning 18-6 at home to Hevingham in the first leg of their quarter-final clash. Anne Baker, Nigel Willard & Keith Cooke led the way notching up three wins of 10-0, 16-0 & 11-2 while David Lamb, Robbie Lamb (pictured) & Jason Woods’ triples all won two out of three games. Hevingham’s Steve Hall, Selwyn Goldsmith & David Sharpe skipped their triples to one win each for the visitors which keeps the tie alive but does not give them much of a foundation to build upon in the second leg. In the Bure League Horsford Heroes won 10-0 at home to Horsford BC with Carol Aggas, Richard Dix & John Aggas winning 20-9.

Robbie Lamb rs20

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