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Thorpe Marriott triples book places on Finals Night

Three Thorpe Marriott triples have qualified for the City of Norwich League’s Triples Finals night. They are Tony Turner, Mandy Marshall & John Jarvis, Val Perkins, Richard Perkins & Kath Frost and Peter Walker, Trevor Pinchen & George Clarke. The other qualifiers are Horsford Heroes triple Peter Fox, Sue Fox & Jane James, First Bus triple Betty Cox, Rex Cox & Bob Oatway and Horsford Blue triple Dot Loftus, Barbara Russell & Pauline Strivens. Horsford Gold hold top spot in the City of Norwich League after seven straight wins with their latest a 10-4 away win at British Rail. Horsford Gold sit eleven points clear of second placed Costessey who won 11-3 at home to Deaf Sports after the clash between the two teams chasing Horsford Gold in the table. Deaf Sports fared much better at home to Framingham Earl reeling off a maximum 14-0 win. Jarrolds won 12-2 at home to Taverham while Horsford Blue won their first league game of the season, after six consecutive defeats, beating British Rail 8-6.

Tony Turner RS20

Tony Turner of Thorpe Marriott

Mandy Marshall RS50

Mandy Marshall of Thorpe Marriott

John Jarvis rs

John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott

Peter Walker rs20

Peter Walker of Thorpe Marriott

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