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Stunning wins for both Norfolk teams

Inter-County Championship action at Hingham saw both Norfolk teams put in excellent performances as their opposition struggled to compete. Norfolk Premier recorded a heavy 33-7 win against Northants Premier while Norfolk “A” swept Cambs away 35-5. Norfolk Premier took maximum points in both the pairs and triples disciplines. Owen Cranston & Keith Cooke won their pairs games by 24-9 & 18-9 while Nigel Willard & Simon Willies won 24-9 & 21-10. Robbie Lamb, Debbie Sparham & Jon Sparham won by 11-9 & 17-10 while Lesley Crowe, Morgan Warnes & Simon Warnes won by 10-8 & 12-11. Karl Newby, Jason Woods, John Turner & David Lamb won a rinks games by 17-3 and drew their other game 10-10. In the singles Neil Davidson of Hempnall drew both his games 11-11 & 10-10. Carter’s Gary Best beat Ed Sawbridge 16-7 but lost his other game by 12-10. Norfolk “A” took all ten points in the rinks against Cambs with Donna Lamb, George Clarke, David Sharpe & Steve Hall winning 22-3 & 16-13 while Jenny Walker, Steven Lamb, Mick Boswell & Bob Oatway won by 13-9 & 15-6. Wymondham’s John Jeffery will be delighted with wins of 12-11 & 17-5 in the singles. The pairs delivered nine points with Kerry Greenacre & Lewis Cranston winning 15-11 & 18-9 while Joan Costello & John Jarvis won 13-12 and drew 14-14. Janet Pinchen, David Blundell & Melvyn Barker won their triples games by 13-12 & 16-10. On Sunday both Norfolk teams travel to Essex for their first away games of the season.

Simon Willies resize

Happy Norfolk Manager Simon Willies after two big wins

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