"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norfolk Over 60's in fine form

Norfolk Over 60’s entertained Derek Barley’s Select for their annual challenge match at Hingham but the visiting team found Norfolk in good form and were unable to mount a challenge. The opening session set the tone for the day as Norfolk won on all four mats against a team comprising mainly of Carlton Colville players with others from various Waveney League sides. Keith Thomas, Graham Tweed & Mick Harris won 17-8, Alice Payne, Kerry Greenacre & Selwyn Goldsmith won 11-6, David Neal, Mike Greenacre & Mick Boswell won 16-2 and Val Harris, Steve Easter & Geoff Payne won 7-6. Derek Barley’s Select got their first two points on the board in the second session but Norfolk won on the other three mats with Margaret Poynter, Mike Smail & John Poynter winning 14-4, Sheila Redwood, Ted Redwood & Tony Oram winning 15-5 and Terry Thorpe, Will Townsend & John Jarvis winning 11-9. Another three wins in session three saw Norfolk move into a 20-4 lead on points at the interval as both Mick Boswell and Selwyn Goldsmith skipped their triples to 13-3 wins and Mick Harris won 15-3. Three wins and a draw followed in session four with John Jarvis winning 13-3, John Poynter winning 11-3, Andy George winning 17-3 and Tony Oram drawing 10-10. Session five saw Alice Payne, Jenny Walker & Kerry Greenacre produce the day’s biggest win of 19-3 while Geoff Payne’s triple won 13-7 and the other two games drawn. The final session saw three more wins for Norfolk as Tony Oram won 12-3, John Poynter won 9-8 and John Jarvis won 7-6 to complete a 39-9 win on points, 272-144 on shots in favour of Norfolk Over 60’s. The match was umpired by newly elected Norfolk Umpires Officer Peter Walker of Thorpe Marriott SMBC.

Suffolk 4 RS23 

Derek Barley of Carlton Colville, Suffolk

Suffolk 3 RS60

Norfolk's Over 60's Kerry Greenacre - Biggest win of the day

Suffolk 1 RS15

Norfolk Ladies produced another great lunch

Suffolk 2 RS15

Joan Costello ran the raffle

Suffolk 5 RS15

A bad day for Derek Barley's Select on the mats but they still smiled after enjoying a great day of bowls



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