"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norfolk Over 60's win Eastern England League

Norfolk Over 60’s won the East England Over 60’s League title with a 20-14 win at home to Northants in their final match of the campaign. They began the match in a comfortable position at the top of the table having won all their games this season and needed to score just seven points to secure the league title which they achieved with ease. Norfolk finished the season with 87 points, Northants runners-up with 61 points and Cambridgeshire third with 56 points. Four Norfolk triples scored maximum points. They were Billie Barker of Wymondham, Steve Easter of Harling & Mick Boswell of Windows, Alice Payne of Saxlingham, Graham Tweed of Hingham & Jane James of Horsford Heroes, Joan Costello of Hevingham, Geoff Payne of Saxlingham & John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott and Gillian Amos of Deaf Sports, David Blundell of Wortwell & Simon Willies of East Tuddenham.

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