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Bob Carter retain Norwich Cup

Bob Carter retained the Norwich Cup after Connaught “A” conceded the tie with the aggregate score at 19-5 after the second session of the second leg at Connaught had been completed. In truth the tie was as good as over after Bob Carter stormed to a 15-1 win in the first leg at Drayton. With a Connaught side that is used to playing on slow mats at their Attleborough venue the slick mats at Drayton were bound to pose them problems. Carter do not drop many points at home and were quickly out of the blocks as Steve Bridge, Robert Howlett & Jamie Forster stormed to a 23-1 win against Owen Secker’s triple while Eliane Willies, John Turner & Melly Woods beat Sheila Bragg’s triple 15-2. The opening pairs session saw the Carter onslaught continue as Nigel Willard & Jason Woods beat Diana Adcock & Sheila Parsons 15-2 and Simon Willies & Gary Best beat Bill Adcock & Lee Fallows 6-4. Melly Woods’ triple then beat Owen Secker 9-4 but Connaught collected their first point as Sheila Bragg’s triple drew 7-7 with Jamie Forster. The last session saw two more Carter wins as Simon Willies & Gary Best won 24-2 and Nigel Willard & Jason Woods won 7-4. The second leg at Connaught was a mere formality with Carter needing just one win to retain the cup. This came in the opening session as Steve Bridge, Rob Howlett & Jamie Forster edged a 7-6 win against David Quadling, Roy Taylor & Owen Secker. On the other mat Connaught’s Di Quadling, Richard Harrison & Sheila Bragg beat Elaine Willies, John Turner & Melly Woods 9-6. The captains decided to play the first pairs session to give everyone a game on the night and this saw Carter’s Simon Willies & Gary Best beat Diana Adcock & Sylvia Parsons 13-4 while Connaught’s Bill Adcock & Lee Fallows beat Nigel Willard & Jason Woods 9-4.

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