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Confusion at ESMBA?

ESMBA Administration Officer David Millington Jones has notified all County Association contacts of nominations received for Officer Positions of the ESMBA. Surprisingly the only nominations are for the positions of Development Officer, Competitions Organizer, Administration Officer and a Committee Member position. Elections will take place at the ESMBA AGM on the 7th July. The Administration Officer has also highlighted in his letter the section of the ESMBA Constitution that states that nominations must be received in writing by the Administration Officer on or before the last day of February. The same section that also states that where no valid nominations have been made nominations from the floor at the AGM may be made providing the nominee is present at the meeting. The Administration Officer’s e-mail was quickly followed by one from ESMBA Chairman Barry Hedges stating that “Committee nominations that were done at the last management meeting are missing and seems as though despite David being present to receive and take them has not and is not accepting them as always has been.”[sic} It is mystifying when even such a simple issue as Officer nominations can cause utter confusion at National level. The Constitution is crystal clear on this matter – either the Administration Officer received these “missing” nominations in writing by the end of February or he did not. If he did receive them in writing the nominations are valid, if he did not the nominations are not valid. Simples! Even Sergei the Meerkat could work that one out.   


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