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Potter's Abroad launch Aphrodite Triples in Cyprus

Potters Abroad’s new Cyprus Short Mat Bowls Holiday break, that included entry into the Aphrodite Triples, proved to be a great success which also gave UK bowlers the opportunity of playing two evening friendlies against players from teams that have been formed in Cyprus. Bowlers stayed at the fabulous Athena Beach Hotel in Paphos and competed in the tournament over four days which was hosted by Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith on behalf of Potters Abroad. After four days of play the winning triple were Richard Broad of Shropham in Norfolk and Chris Jeans & Celia Jeans of Templecoombe in Somerset who finished on 36 points. Just one point behind in second place were Bev Smith, Brendan Dickinson & Chris Collins of Cyprus club Coral Star. Both triples were awarded Potters Holiday Vouchers. Consolation prizes were awarded to the next three triples. In third place on 32 points were Colin Smith, Derek Lemmon & Dave Holt of Coral Star, fourth were Joan Tree, Ann Swaisland & Ray Offord of Kent with 31 points and fifth were Jimmy Allison, Catherine Allison & Savvas Stavrou of Shogun. The evening friendlies were played in great spirit with the more experienced UK bowlers winning on both nights but the results were less important than the enjoyment gained by all. A combined Cyprus side from Polis, Coral Star and Kiti, playing under the captaincy of Simon Pridham, played in the first friendly which the UK bowlers won 33-9. The second friendly saw bowlers from Shogun and Polis take part with the UK bowlers winning 35-7.     

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Final Result Table – Aphrodite Triples

1st Triple 8 Chris Jeans, Richard Broad, Celia Jeans 36 pnts +92 shots

2nd Triple 2 Bev Smith, Brenden Dickinson, Chris Collins 35 pnts +65 shots

3rd Triple 3 Colin Smith, Derek Lemon, Dave Holt 32 pnts +49 shots

4th Triple 6 Joan Tree, Ann Swaisland, Ray Offord 31 pnts + 31 shots

5th Triple 1 Catherine Allison, Jimmy Allison, Savvas Stavrou 30 pnts +28 shots

6th Triple 4 Billie Barker, Roger Steele, Melvyn Barker 28 pnts + 11 shots

7th Triple 5 David Knights, Gill Bunn, David Bunn 23 pnts + 22 shots

8th Triple 9 Betty Williams, Tony Oram, Marlene Steel 22 pnts -31 shots

9th Triple 13 Bob Smith, Val Cole, Barrie Cole 18 pnts -55 shots

10th Triple 10 Pauline Barsby, Elaine Oatway, Bob Oatway 17 pnts -17 shots

11th Triple 7 Keith Buck, Marian Taylor, Rev Badger 17 pnts -87 shots

12th Triple 12 Malcolm French, Pat French, Lynn Harris 16 pnts – 51 shots

13th Triple 11 Dave Sadler, Janette McLean, Malcolm Hughes 7 pnts -56 shots

Evening Friendlies

UK Bowlers 33 (212) v Polis/Coral Star/Kiti Select 9 (126) Friday 9-2-18

UK Bowlers 35 (268) v Polis/Shogun Select 7 (102) Sunday 11-2-18


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