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Connaught end poor run with a win at Hevingham

Connaught ended their run of defeats in the Tens League with an excellent 2-0 away win at Hevingham. The home side surprisingly failed to win any of the four games at their venue with only Pat Williamson & Steve Hall avoiding defeat in a 14-14 draw against Diana Adcock & Sylvia Parsons. The other pairs game was won by Connaught’s Elaine & Bob Oatway who beat Lesley Crowe & David Sharpe 13-12. Connaught’s triples were Di Quadling, Dave Quadling (pictured) & Joe LiRocchi who won 12-10 and Bill Adcock, Mike Parsons & Mike Minshull who won 16-12. In the Bure League Horsford BC have now suffered seven straight defeats since the season began but always knew that their chances of success were limited at East Tuddenham who have an array of talent to choose from. Chris Mann’s triple were in great form winning by 27-4 while Simon Willies’ triple won 18-6, Rob Howlett’s triple won 21-7 and Gary Best’s triple won 15-7. 

David Quadling RS


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