"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


SNL news

Wreningham clocked up two 6-4 home wins to improve their position in the SNL. Against Connaught they won three of the four games with Margaret Reynolds, Malcolm Reynolds & Glenda Adcock beating Joe LiRocchi’s triple 23-9. But a stunning 28-4 win for Connaught’s Michael Marlowe, Mike Smail & Mike Minshull against Karl Bunn’s triple earned the match points for the visitors. In their match against Hingham both teams won two games apiece but this time the match points were earned with a big 27-11 win for Wreningham’s Terry Thorpe, Graham Atter & Karl Bunn against Eileen Herbert’s Hingham triple. Horsford’s home match against Saxlingham also saw both teams win two games apiece but a 15-5 win for Horsford’s Carol Aggas, Richard Dix & John Aggas was crucial in securing a 6-4 home win.

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