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Halvergate ease past Hingham

Halvergate made light work of progressing into the first round of the Challenge Cup after beating Hingham 30-10 on aggregate. The first leg at Halvergate saw a clean sweep in the first session with David Lamb beating Keith Thomas 16-5 while Robbie Lamb beat Will Townsend 11-8. The fours completed a 10-0 half time whitewash as Kevin Watson, Mike Tate, Ray Lamb and Steven Lamb beat Wendy Tweed, Janet Higgs, John Hunter and John Higgs 14-2 and Ryan Fox, Jackie Fortescue, Roy Walker and Keith Cooke beat Margaret Hunter, Terry Curry-smith, Graham Tweed and Eileen Herbert 8-7. Hingham collected two wins in the second half courtesy of an 11-9 win for Keith Thomas over Robbie Lamb while John Higgs' four beat Keith Cooke's block 10-8 leaving them to overturn a 16-4 deficit going into the second leg. Any hopes of a Hingham fightback were soon dashed in the second leg at Hingham as Halvergate's Robbie Lamb beat Keith Tomas 11-6 and David Lamb beat Will Townsend 12-5. Another first session whitewash was again had by Halvergate as Donna Lamb, David Knights, Roy Walker and Keith Cooke beat Wendy Tweed, Pat Roache, John Hunter and Gordon Wilcox 10-8 while Mike Tate, Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes and Steven Lamb beat Margaret Hunter, Graham Tweed, Terry Curry-smith and Eileen Herbert 11-5 which gave Halvergate an unassailable 26-4 lead with two sessions to spare which Hingham did win by 6-4.

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