"I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so." Horatio Nelson


Norwich Cup 2023/24

Results supplied by Selwyn Goldsmith 

Preliminary Round by 17-11-23 

Harling Yellow  40   v Hingham  19  
Harling Blue  29   v Connaught  30  
Hevingham     v Bradwell conceded    
Wortwell     v Shropham conceded    
Second Round by 2-2-24 
Harling Yellow  38   v Hevingham  20  
  v Connaught  15  
Thetford  22   v Halvergate  46  
Taverham  24   v Wymondham  37  

Semi Finals 

Wortwell v Halvergate being played on Wed 28-2-24

Wymondham v Harling Yellow being played on Mon 25-3-24

Wortwell     v Halvergate    
Wymondham     v Harling Yellow    
Final - will be played at a neutral venue arranged by the Norwich Cup Organiser    
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