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Wymondham are Summer Cup Winners

A sparkling first half performance by favourites Wymondham left Kirby Bedon reeling in the Summer Cup Final at St Faiths. Many believed that Wymondham’s win at Bob Carter in the semi-final had as good as guaranteed them the cup and that speculation proved to be correct as Kirby Bedon failed to put their opponents under any meaningful pressure. Neil Davidson, Jon Sparham & Chris Mann stormed to a 22-9 win against Teresa Goldsmith, Joan Costello & Selwyn Goldsmith with Davidson putting in a textbook performance at lead as he peppered the jack throughout the game. With Jon Sparham consolidating the head from the number two position the Kirby skip found himself in trouble throughout and was unable to stem the flow of shots against his triple. On the occasions when Kirby did get woods in the head Chris Mann was normally able to rectify the situation. Wymondham’s Roger Steele, Debbie Sparham & Jack Pye gradually pulled away from Carol Aggas, Joe Brown & John Aggas and an 18-7 win left Wymondham 4-0 up on points and 24 shots to the good at the interval. In the second half Wymondham felt confident enough to substitute Neil Davidson and put in John Jeffery at lead in Mann’s triple against John Aggas. This time the Kirby triple stopped Mann running away with the game and restricted his triple to a 14-11 score-line. On the other mat Jack Pye’s triple led Goldsmith’s triple by 11-8 with three ends to go but finished with a flourish to record a 16-8 win to earn maximum points for Wymondham. This match could prove to be the last ever played by Kirby Bedon. A meeting has been called for next week for club members to discuss the future of the club following declining membership.  

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Wymondham pictured after the Presentation Ceremony. Back row left to right Neil Davidson, Debbie & Jon Sparham, Chris Mann, Roger Steele. Front row  Jack Pye, Mark Linsdell, John Jeffery

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