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Breckland league stays at eighteen ends

The Breckland league held it's AGM and fixture meeting at Connaught bowls club earlier today with the main point of interest being if Hingham's proposal of reducing the number of ends from eighteen to fifteen would eventually get approval this time from the other club delegates. This is now at least the third AGM where the proposal has been put in by Hingham and has seen the vote get closer each time with last season's vote seeing the proposal quashed by just one. It was presumed that the vote for this AGM could see the proposal go through having seen the trend go towards fifteen ends but surprisingly it was rejected with three quarters of the vote. With ten clubs in the league and each having two votes the result saw 15 in favour and 5 against which sends out a clear message that eighteen ends is to stay with the league. Since the very early formation of the Breckland league it has adopted the eighteen ends which is by far the most of the other four major leagues in Norfolk. With the City of Norwich league playing twelve ends and the South Norfolk, Bure and Tens leagues all playing fifteen ends per match. The league constitution does state that games should commence at 7pm but with Hingham's venue not available till 7.30pm has seen visiting clubs in recent season's not leave till gone 11pm as they now play with just two mats and not four like they have done in the past. It is presumed that their proposal is based on this situation. 

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