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Fee increased passed at ESMBA EGM

An Emergency General Meeting, called by the ESMBA Management Committee for a vote to increase annual subscription fees by £1 per member to cover a personal insurance scheme negotiated with insurance brokers Sutton Winson, was supported by county delegates and the proposal was passed by 31 votes to 16. A similar proposal failed at the last AGM. The meeting, which counties had been informed would begin at 6.30pm, actually began around six o’clock and was over by 6.20pm. The Norfolk Management Committee had voted by a heavy majority to instruct their delegates to oppose the proposal as they thought it poorly thought out and would result in members paying out for personal insurance that many have already. After taking advice the NCSMBA decided that it would not be of any saving to the NCSMBA as it would still need to continue its current insurance policy with Axa that costs the NCSMBA almost £1,000 for the protection of its members. The NCSMBA had tried to persuade the ESMBA to negotiate an umbrella policy with Sutton Winson to enable the NCSMBA to discontinue this policy but were unsuccessful in that attempt. The fee increase will be effective as from 1-9-17. It was queried by one delegate whether it was unconstitutional for the vote to take place and some delegates claimed they had received no paperwork regarding the matter. The NCSMBA had already informed the ESMBA Chairman that in their opinion there is nothing in the Constitution that allows an EGM to be called, the Constitution only contains the options of Special General Meetings as well as AGMs but this advice was ignored. The result of the EGM will be discussed at a meeting of the NCSMBA being held on Monday evening at Thorpe Marriott.

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