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Norfolk Over 60's win back the shield

Norfolk Over 60’s entertained Kent Invicta at Hingham for the second leg of their annual challenge match for the shield with both sides fielding twelve triples and Norfolk led by their new captain Steve Easter. Norfolk were defending a 42-30 points lead from the away leg and extended their lead to 50-34 in the first session winning four of the six triples games played. Gill Coleman, Gill Davidson & Russell Davidson won their game by 12-10 and Mike Tate, Richard Broad & David Blundell won by 10-5 in what was to be the first of three wins for each triple during the course of the day. Kent Invicta replied in the second session by winning on four mats and the third session was tied leaving Norfolk 60-48 up on points. Kent reduced Norfolk’s lead to 64-56 in the fourth session before play stopped for lunch. The penultimate session saw Norfolk edge further ahead to 71-61 before the visitors stormed back in the sixth and final session to almost snatch victory. Norfolk slipped to defeat on five of the six mats but Harling’s Colin Hayman, Jill Hayman & George Hume won a tight game by just 10-9 to see Norfolk over the finishing line for victory by 73-71 on aggregate, 555-526 on shots. Norfolk Over 60’s Organiser Teresa Goldsmith afterwards thanked Mike & Jan Smail for providing an excellent lunch, Cynthia for her work in the kitchen, Joan Costello for running the raffle and George Hume of Norfolk and Trevor from Kent for umpiring duties.   

steve easter

New Norfolk Over 60's captain Steve Easter of Wymondham

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