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England Squad for 2023/24 named

The England Squad has been named for the 2023-24 season and includes several Norfolk bowlers. Chris Willies, Simon Willies, Gary Best, Jack Pye, Jason Woods, Morgan Warnes, as well as new Wymondham signing AJ Brown, are all named in the squad. The remainder of the squad are Adam Easthope, Craig Strong, Jon Pitcher, Josh Hale, Nathan Caines & Ross Dunkley of West Mids, Adam Smith, Andrew Carr, John Lax, Matty Worden & Paul Clegg of Cheshire, Alex Kley, Emily Thomas, Jack Knight, James Smith, Mark White, Michael Hall, Paul Pomeroy, Steve Stanton & Sam Harvey of Dorset, Bronagh Toleman, Lee Toleman & Lawrence Moffat of North Yorkshire, Danny Hogben, Glenn Harvey, Tim Harwood, Jody Frampton, Michael Doorey & Richard Stagg of Kent, Gareth Hill & Nick Wyatt of Devon, Jason McLean, Aiden Corrigan & Leah Durman of Hampshire, Ryan Knight & Saul Featherstone of Gloucestershire and Josh Burrow of Humberside.   

AJ Brown and Jack

Wymondham stars AJ Brown & Jack Pye named in England Squad 

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