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Summer Cup 2003
1st Round by 31/05/03


Club PointsShotsvClubPointsShots
Wayland White40 Deaf Sports 71 
Diss B46 Wayland Blue 68 
Thorpe Marriott873 Hingham Blue 37 
Horsford A59 Framingham Earl 47 
Hingham Red43 Thorpe Marriott B 71 
Kirby Bedon B56 Hevingham B 40 
Bob Carter65 Hempnall A 42 
Sprowston77 Coronation 29 
Kirby Bedon A  Hevingham A  conc'd 
Yaxham56 Watton 59 
Firts Bus57 East Tuddenham 59 
British Legion45 Horsford B 53 

Byes: Mulbarton, Diss A, Hempnall B, Thurton


2nd Round by 28/6/03

Deaf Sports51 Watton 54 
Mulbarton43 Bob Carter 69 
Horsford B51 First Bus 53 
Wayland Blue47 Hempnall B 62 
Kirby Bedon B106 Thurton   126 
Kirby Bedon A54 Thorpe Marriott A 44 
Diss A74 Sprowston 37 
Horsford A41 Thorpe Marriott B 59 


Quarter FInal by 27/07/03

Kirby Bedon B94 Hempnall B 24 
Kirby Bedon A73 Bob Carter 247 
Horsford B58 Diss A 58 won on extra end 
Thorpe Marriott B54 Watton  56 


Semi Final by 23/8/03

Kirby Bedon A52 Kirby Bedon B 61 
Diss A45 Watton 59 


Final at East Tuddenham 26/8/03

Kirby Bedon B52 Watton 48 


Congratulations to Kirby Bedon B