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Northern stars shine brightly at Potters Resort

The fourth annual Potter’s East Coast Over 50s Week saw Northern bowlers enjoy a fabulous week winning both the East Coast Triples Cup and the East Coast Pairs. Paula McCallum of Murton Glebe, Durham & the irrepressible North Yorkshire star Arthur Jackson of Easingwold SMBC achieved a fantastic double picking up Potter’s Holiday vouchers worth up to £200 each. Bowlers arrived on site on Bank Holiday Monday and enjoyed a fabulous five course meal in the Garden Restaurant before heading into the Atlas Theatre to experience the popular touring show “A Night of Dirty Dancing.” East Coast Triples Cup action began in earnest on Tuesday morning in the International Arena with the biggest entry to date playing in two groups on a round robin basis scheduled to last three days. To qualify for the semi-finals stage on Thursday afternoon a top two place was required in each group and triples were focused on making a good start on the first day. Defending champions Gill Kent, Gerry Russell & Tony Kent of Sutton St Edmund in Cambridgeshire made a great start winning all their four games on the opening day in Blue Group but Sue Fox of Horsford Heroes with Margaret & Derek Barley of Carlton Colville in Suffolk finished just one point behind them after three wins and a draw. Two other triples in their group remained unbeaten with two wins and two draws apiece. They were Margaret & John Poynter of Sprowston playing with David Knights of Horsford BC and Elaine & Bob Oatway of First Bus who, due to Geraldine Potter being unable to play for medical reasons, had reserves David Chadwick of Norfolk Over 60s & Teresa Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon sharing lead duties as reserves. By the close of play on Wednesday Tony Kent’s triple and Derek Barley’s triple were level on thirteen points after the Camb’s triple had lost their opening game against Hingham’s Graham Tweed and drawn with Brian Holman’s triple. With just one group session left to play on Thursday Tony Kent’s triple led the group one point ahead of Derek Barley and with no other triple in contention they were both assured of a semi-final place. By a twist of fate they were due to play each other so the game became a decider to see who won the group and who came second. Tony Kent’s win of 8-4 decided that issue. In the Red Group Paula McCallum of Durham, Arthur Jackson of North Yorks and Mac McCallum of Durham were expected to feature strongly but they made a poor start going down 14-7 against Alice & Geoff Payne of Saxlingham playing with Thorpe Marriott’s John Jarvis at number two. Morris Taylor, Trish Taylor & Terry Newby of Carleton Rode made a flying start winning all their games on Tuesday to lead the group while Val Vardy of Norfolk Over 60s, Diane Boswell of Windows & Mike Boswell of Windows were one point behind as were Gwen Brown, Richard Brown & Colin Hadler from Kent. Terry Newby’s triple still held the lead after two days play with thirteen points but Mike Boswell’s triple and Mac McCallum’s triple were both just one point behind. With just one group session to play on Thursday four triples were still in contention for the top two places in Red Group and remarkably all four triples were on mats 13 & 14. Mike Boswell’s triple led the group on 16 points and faced third placed Mac McCallum who was two points behind him. The Northern triple came out on top winning 9-4 to finish level with Boswell on points but with a better shot difference. The result of the game between Terry Newby’s second placed triple and Colin Hadler’s fourth placed triple would decide Boswell’s fate as a win for Newby would see the Carleton Rode triple top the group with McCallum second but it did not work out that way as Newby’s triple were beaten 15-5 to see them fall from second to third in the group leaving McCallum and Boswell in the semi-finals. Tony Kent’s triple faced Mike Boswell in the semi-finals and they were level at 2-2 after three ends. The fourth end though proved to be a disaster for the Norfolk triple as they conceded six shots to trail 8-2. They fought back to 8-6 after six ends but Tony Kent’s triple went on to win 13-6 with the game conceded with an end to play. In the other semi-final McCallum’s triple were 8-1 up after three ends against Derek Barley’s triple and went on to win 11-3 with the last end left unplayed. The East Coast Triples Cup Final was played on Friday morning. The first end was quite loose as the players took time to get to grips with a repositioned mat one but Arthur Jackson found a good line and length with his last bowl. Tony Kent then grazed the jack with his first wood and was unlucky to see it run through. Mac McCallum drew in a good wood but moved the jack and it remained just one shot to his triple after Tony Kent went wide with his last wood of the end. A tentative second end saw the Cambs triple holding one shot when it was the skips turn to play. Tony Kent made it two with his first bowl but they had to settle for just one after Mac’s final wood had taken one shot out. Both leads and number twos struggled on the third end and the jack remained in the open when the skips went up to the delivery end. The last bowl by Mac McCallum was a significant one as he played a perfect forehand shot to give his triple a 2-1 lead. A great battle between Gerry Russell & Arthur Jackson on the fourth end left the Cambs triple holding two shots. Tony Kent drew in a third to put McCallum under pressure and to his dismay he drew short with his last bowl and Tony Kent drew in a superb fourth wood to move 5-2 up. A great wood by Paula McCallum put Gerry Russell in trouble but he responded with a great backhand to take shot. He was less pleased with his next bowl that went into the ditch but Jackson also lost his wood off the side of the mat. Solid bowling by Mac McCallum though earned his triple three shots and levelled the game 5-5. Two more good woods by Paula McCallum, one on the jack and one behind, was added to by Arthur Jackson with a third before Gerry Russell drew in second wood. A brilliant backhand by Tony Kent drew applause but Mac McCallum responded immediately with a super bowl to ultimately earn two shots and a 7-5 lead after six ends. Superb bowling by both Paula McCallum and Gill Kent on the seventh end left Kent’s triple holding shot but that only lasted until Arthur Jackson’s first bowl which finished to the side of the jack. Russell’s last wood took shot until Mac’s first bowl sat on the jack. Tony Kent attacked but was too tight and McCallum added a second but pushed the jack in the open near the ditch. Kent’s final wood was an attacking forehand which sent the holding wood into the ditch and the umpire was called for a measure. The result of the measure gave Mac’s triple one shot and anj 8-5 lead to take into the last scheduled end. Paula McCallum played a lovely first wood onto the jack and her second one behind while Gill Kent lost her first bowl and went long with her second. Arthur Jackson added a third and then a fourth after Gerry Russell went long with his first bowl and off the mat with his second. Mac McCallum added a fifth with his first bowl and Tony Kent could not get past the wall of opposition bowls with his first wood. The Durham skip drew in again forcing Tony Kent to fire but the situation was now hopeless and Mac McCallum’s triple had won the final 12-5 against the defending champions. The third placed play-off was won by Sue Fox, Margaret Barley & Derek Barley who beat Val Vardy, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell 12-7.   

The East Coast Pairs was played over just two nights and provided fast and furious action. In the semi-finals Red Group winners Terry Thorpe of Coronation in Norfolk and Paul Whitcombe of Great Ouseburn, North Yorks lost a close game by just 7-5 against Green Group winners Paula McCallum of Durham & Arthur Jackson of North Yorks. In the other semi-final Black Group winners John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott and Mike Boswell of Windows beat Blue Group winners David Knights of Horsford BC & John Poynter ofSprowston by 9-5. In the final the game opened with Paula McCallum drawing to the left of the jack and John Jarvis to the right but John Jarvis got the better of the first exchange between the leads with a great last wood. Arthur Jackson’s first bowl left the North Yorks skip holding two shots but Mike Boswell reduced the damage to just one. On the second end John Jarvis again won the battle of the leads leaving his second bowl sitting six inches behind the jack and Boswell drew a second with his last wood to take a 2-1 lead. A superb second bowl by Jarvis was bettered by a cracking wood played by Paula McCallum that took the jack back for two shots. After Jackson drew in a third wood Mike Boswell used weight to cut the damage to just one shot and the game was level at 2-2. Paula McCallum drew a nice wood close to the jack to open the fourth end but an inch perfect draw by John Jarvis took shot. Arthur Jackson promptly took it out with his first wood to hold two which quickly became just one after Mike Boswell attacked. Jackson drew in another for two which is how the end finished after Boswell attacked and missed and Paula McCallum & Arthur Jackson led 4-2. The great battle between the leads continued unabated on the fifth end with Jarvis ditching the jack after Paula McCallum had played two excellent woods. The skips failed to change the situation and Jarvis & Boswell reduced the deficit to 4-3. A super forehand draw by Paula McCallum took shot on the seventh and Jackson drew in a second. Boswell’s last attacking bowl then took shot but Arthur Jackson produced a superb winner to take the jack back for three shots and a 7-3 lead. Paula McCallum kept the heat on with two more nice woods to begin the penultimate end. Boswell was unlucky with his final attacking wood and was unable to stop his opponents taking three shots to lead 10-3 and win the East Coast Pairs. The East Coast Pairs third place play-off was won by David Knights & John Poynter who beat Terry Thorpe & Paul Whitcombe 11-5.

On Friday morning Popular Potters Resort entertainer Richard Beare conducted the Presentation Ceremony with Event Organiser Teresa Goldsmith. Richard Beare presented Potter’s Holiday vouchers to the first four places in both events. On behalf of the bowlers Richard Beare also presented gifts to both Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith in thanks for their work in running the event which included a Hensalite bowlers jacket to Teresa. Next Year’s Potters East Coast Over 50s Triples & Pairs Week will commence on 2-5-16 and details, fliers & entry forms etc can be obtained by contacting Teresa on 01603-403628.

                                                                                                                             Posted 8-5-15

                                 East Coast Triples Cup winners Arthur Jackson, Paula McCallum & Mac McCallum with Richard Beare

                                                           Runners-up Gerry Russell, Gill Kent & Tony Kent with Richard Beare

                                                                              Third placed Margaret Barley, Sue Fox & Derek Barley

                                        Fourth placed Mike Boswell, Val Vardy & Di Boswell with Potters entertainer Richard Beare

                                                                       East Coast Pairs winners Arthur Jackson & Paula McCallum

                                                                                      Runners-up John Jarvis & Mike Boswell

                                         Third placed David Knights & John Poynter                               

                                                                                   Fourth placed Paul Whitcombe & Terry Thorpe


Potters entertainer Richard Beare 


100% Halvergate in Tens League

Halvergate have clinched the Tens League title with a maximum 4-0 on points, 78-39 on shots, win against Bradwell. That gave Halvergate impressive stats of fourteen wins from fourteen games that they can be proud of. The visitors, who have finished bottom of the table, had little hope of competing at Halvergate and the game was as good as over by halftime after Ray Lamb, Roy Walker & Simon Warnes stormed to a 30-7 win against Mike Harvey’s triple and Donna Lamb & Keith Cooke won 15-9. Two more wins followed after the break as Robbie & David Lamb won 20-13 in the pairs and Michael Savage, Steven Lamb & Morgan Warnes won 13-10. Bob Carter finished as runners-up.

                                                                                                                                                                         Posted 3-5-15

One of Halvergate's winning skips Morgan Warnes

Melly Woods stars in Carter’s County Cup triumph

The County Cup Final between holders Bob Carter & Bradwell was held at Hevingham where Carter maintained their stranglehold on the trophy winning it for the fifth year in a row. Once again the entry numbers for the competition dropped but this did enable finalists Bradwell to field a number of guest players from non participating teams such as Halvergate & Horsford BC to strengthen their side in the absence of unavailable regulars. These included England regulars David Lamb & Keith Cooke of Halvergate and Morgan & Simon Warnes of Horsford BC. Following the loss of Trevor Brown & Kim Bridge, who have moved out of Norfolk, Bob Carter sprang a surprise of their own by naming former England international Steve Bridge who played his first game for around four years. It was obvious when the first half triples were announced that Carter had every intention of starting on the front foot. On mat one Carter’s Jean Woods, Nigel Willard & John Turner were named to play Anne Baker, Keith Baker & Keith Cooke while on mat two Frank Edy, Steve Bridge & Melly Woods were playing Margaret Newcombe, Shirley George & Robbie Lamb. Melly Woods’ triple drew first blood taking a single on the first end but Robbie Lamb impressively ditched the jack to give Bradwell a 2-1 lead on the second end. Bradwell’s Margaret Newcombe opened with a toucher on the third end but Frank Edy then drew shot in reply. A superb backhand by Melly Woods with his first bowl took shot and Carter moved into a 3-2 lead. On the next end a great backhand shot by Robbie Lamb took shot but Melly Woods had the last laugh taking shot for a 4-2 lead. The fifth end saw Melly Woods’ triple turn the screw on Bradwell. With his triple in terrible trouble Robbie Lamb elected to fire with both his woods but he missed with the first and hit the block with his second as Carter took a full house to move 10-2 up. Robbie Lamb’s triple pulled a single back on the sixth end but Melly Woods, in brilliant form on the night, produced another superb last bowl on the seventh end to stop Bradwell scoring another and Carter moved 11-3 up. Two more shots to Carter on the next end saw Lamb’s triple becoming to lose touch in the game. Frank Edy was winning the battle of the leads, Steve Bridge was becoming more and more influential with each end played after his long absence from the sport and Melly Woods was in sparkling form. Robbie Lamb drew in a perfect backhand bowl to save his triple on the ninth end and it was declared shot wood after the umpire was called in to measure. The pressure from Carter continued unabated on the tenth end as Frank Edy drew in a toucher and Steve Bridge drew in behind the jack. Robbie Lamb drew a wood in for Bradwell but Melly Woods again produced two great bowls to move his triple into a 15-4 lead. Carter were flying now and another four shots followed on the next end to make it 19-4. It was the same story on the next end as Bridge sent down two more fine woods forcing Robbie Lamb to attack again but to no avail as the score moved to 23-4 with the resulting damage to Bradwell’s fading cup hopes. A good wood by Shirley George sat in behind the jack on the thirteenth end and stayed for a while until Melly Woods again produced a bowl of quality to take his triple 25-4 ahead. Woods took shot with his final bowl on the next end and Robbie Lamb’s last wood dropped short leaving Carter 26-4 up. On the last end Shirley George drew in behind the jack and for once Carter failed to remove it and the match finished at 26-5 delivering a massive blow to Bradwell’s giant killing dream. On the other mat a drawn wood by Nigel Willard earned Carter a 1-0 lead on the opening end. After a somewhat loose start to the second end John Turner consolidated Carter’s position with his final wood to hold five shots. Keith Cooke’s last wood hit the block and Carter moved 6-0 up. Cooke’s triple got on the scoreboard with a single on the third end after a Keith Baker wood held on for shot. Two good opening bowls by Jean Woods kept the pressure on but it was Bradwell who took another single on the fourth but Carter did likewise on the fifth to lead 7-2. The umpire was called in to measure on the next end and Bradwell earned another shot to reduce the deficit to 7-3. When Carter skip John Turner stepped up to play his final wood on the next end Bradwell held two shots but he failed to change anything and Bradwell were now just two shots behind at 7-5. Keith Cooke played a weight shot to hold one on the eighth end but Turner drew in a perfect bowl to move 8-5 up but a single to Bradwell on the ninth reduced the lead to 8-6. Carter picked up singles on the next two ends but moved 12-6 up after scoring two shots on end twelve. With the shots mounting in Carter’s favour on the other mat John Turner was content to see his triple over the finishing line and with an end to go they led 13-7. Keith Cooke at least finished in style for Bradwell playing a great attacking wood on the final end to take three shots and reduce the score to 13-10 in Carter’s favour. This left Bob Carter 4-0 up on points and 39-15 up on shots at the interval leaving Bradwell a mountain to climb in the second half. The make-up of the triples looked more evenly matched with Carter’s Sue Hunt, Jamie Forster & Robert Howlett playing Bradwell’s Derek Humpheys, Morgan Warnes & Simon Warnes on mat one while on mat two Margaret Reynolds, Malcolm Reynolds & Jason Woods were playing Bradwell’s Donna Lamb, Mike Harvey & David Lamb. There was a rather loose start to the game on mat one until Morgan Warnes drewin on her back-hand for shot and Bradwell built on this to take three shots on the first end. Carter’s Sue Hunt delivered two good lead bowls on the second end but they had to settle for one shot by the finish of the end. Two excellent woods by Morgan Warnes forced Rob Howlett to attack and he took one of them out to hold second wood. This in turn was promptly removed by Simon Warnes with his next bowl. Howlett again attacked and forced the jack back between a Carter bowl and a Bradwell bowl. Simon Warnes elected not to play his final wood and the umpire was called in for a measure which went Bradwell’s way for a 4-1 lead. On the fourth end a Sue Hunt toucher sat near the jack early on while a Derek Humphreys bowl sat at the side of the jack. A good last wood by Simon Warnes took shot and Howlett’s final wood on the back-hand stayed straight and Bradwell moved 5-1 ahead. Both Humphreys’ bowls on the fifth end dropped short while Sue Hunt drew around them to put Carter in a good position which they held until a fluke bowl by Simon Warnes, followed by a much better second wood, added to Carter’s woes. Rob Howlett had to resort to an attacking wood with his final delivery of the end and it gave his triple shot wood to reduce the deficit to 5-2. Good bowling by Derek Humphreys & Simon Warnes earned two shots for Bradwell on the next end and it took an attacking wood by Howlett to restrict Bradwell to a single on the seventh. On the next end a good effort by Howlett with his last wood got him less than it actually deserved and Warnes’ triple moved 10-2 up. Despite two excellent woods by Morgan Warnes on the next end Robert Howlett, with one attacking shot and a great drawn bowl, earned Carter three shots and a single for Carter on the tenth end reduced Bradwell’s lead to 10-6. Morgan Warnes drew in behind the jack on the eleventh end and there it remained for an 11-6 lead but Howlett’s last wood on the next end made it 11-7. A surplus of short woods on the next end left Carter in trouble and Simon Warnes took full advantage as his triple increased their lead to 15-7. On the penultimate end Sue Hunt & Jamie Forster drew in good woods. With shots crucial if Bradwell were to stand any chance of an upset Simon Warnes decided to fire with his last wood but failed to stop Carter collecting three shots. On the last end, with Carter holding three,  Simon Warnes was somewhat fortunate with his last bowl to take shot as his triple completed a well earned 16-10 win against Rob Howlett’s triple. On mat two Jason Woods’ triple scored two on the opening end after David Lamb’s attacking last wood failed to stop them winning the end. On the next end though David Lamb produced a stunning last bowl to take shot. The umpire was needed on the next end to decide shot after Lamb hit the block with his last wood and the measure went Carter’s way to give them a 3-1 lead. The lead changed over the next two ends as Bradwell took a three followed by a single. David Lamb ditched the jack on the sixth end to hold two shots. After Jason Woods hit the block with his next bowl David Lamb drew in for a three and an 8-3 lead. Woods would have been more pleased with his efforts on the next end as he drew in to take two shots with his last bowl to cut Bradwell’s lead to 8-5. Margaret Reynolds put down two good bowls on the next end to give Carter the advantage but it all went sour as David Lamb’s triple scored four shots to move 11-5 up. Another three shots followed for Bradwell on the ninth end to give them a 14-5 lead and suddenly the possibility of Bradwell overhauling Carter’s first half lead seemed realistic. That was all to change though on a dramatic tenth end that turned the tide back in Carter’s favour. A super bowl by Malcolm Reynolds left Carter holding three shots but Mike Harvey played a solid wood to take shot for Bradwell. A great last wood from David Lamb left Bradwell holding three shots and appeared to leave Carter skip Jason Woods with little chance of retrieving the situation. Woods though had other ideas and he played a remarkable attacking shot that took Bradwell’s bowls out of the head while leaving Carter’s bowls all intact for four shots and cutting Bradwell’s lead to 14-9. Bradwell got back on track on the next end scoring two shots and moving 16-9 ahead but the heat was now off with them standing little chance of catching Carter up on shots. After Donna Lamb drew close to the jack on the next end Margaret Reynolds drew even closer to take shot for Carter. A tight end developed with David Lamb drawing in just behind the jack but Jason Woods countered by drawing onto the jack. David Lamb was wide with his last wood and Woods decided to take the shot without playing his final bowl. On the next end Jason Woods sent his final wood flying down the mat but Bradwell scored two shots to move 18-10 ahead. On the penultimate end the umpire was called in to measure and Carter scored two shots leaving Bradwell 18-12 up. Two more shots went to Carter on the final end leaving David Lamb’s Bradwell triple winning 18-14 on shots. The match was therefore level at 4-4  on points but Carter retained the cup with a shot advantage of 63 to 49. NCSMBA Chairman Selwyn Goldsmith presented Bob Carter captain Melly Woods with the cup and congratulated both teams on their performances. He also thanked Hevingham SMBC for hosting the final and Peter Smart for umpiring.   

                                                                                                                                                                            Posted 29-4-15       

County Cup winners Bob Carter


Carter Captain Melly Woods - Man of the Match


Wymondham end wait for Norwich Cup glory

Wymondham’s long wait to get their hands on the Norwich Cup finally came to an end as they beat Hempnall in a hotly contested two legged final. In truth the damage was done in the first leg at Hempnall where Wymondham enjoyed a fabulous first half. Both opening games went to the visitors with Pat Saunders, Melvyn Barker & Debbie Sparham beating Paul Baker’s triple 10-3 and Billie Barker, Andrew Jackson & Jon Sparham winning by 7-4 against Richard Harrowing’s triple. The pairs games saw Brian Saunders & Jack Pye winning 6-5 against Rob Cranston & Charlie Archer while Roger Steele & Chris Mann drew 9-9 with Roger Parker & Neil Davidson to leave Wymondham 7-1 up on points at the break. The second half was shared with Jon Sparham’s triple & Jack Pye’s pair winning for Wymondham while Richard Harrowing’s triple and Charlie Archer’s pair scored Hempnall’s only wins of the night. This left Wymondham defending an 11-5 points lead going into the second leg on their own mats but thoughts of an easy win were quickly dispensed with after a great start by Hempnall. Wins of 10-7 for Owen Cranston, Lewis Cranston & Paul Baker against Debbie Sparham’s triple and 8-4 by Bernie Cudden, Mike Pearce & Richard Harrowing against Jon Sparham’s triple narrowed the deficit to 11-9. The second session of pairs games saw two titanic battles as Hempnall attempted to build on their great start. Wymondham’s Brian Saunders & Jack Pye faced Rob Cranston & Charlie Archer and Pye made the difference on the first end as his pair took two shots. Rob Cranston produced three excellent woods on the second end to put Pye under pressure but the young Norfolk star responded well to take shot and make it 3-0. On the next end Charlie Archer drew in a good second bowl to restrict the home pair to another single. The Hempnall pair finally broke their duck on the fourth end. Charlie Archer produced a superb final bowl to complete an excellent end for him and Rob Cranston to cut the deficit to 4-3 and followed it up with a single on the fifth to level the game. Having done all the hard work disaster struck on the sixth end for Hempnall as Saunders & Pye put themselves in the driving seat taking four shots for an 8-4 lead which became 10-4 on the penultimate end. On the last end Rob Cranston drew in three good bowls while Brian Saunders failed to reach with his bowls. Even then the danger looked minimal for the Wymondham pair but Charlie Archer took full advantage of the situation. When he stepped up to play his final bowl Hempnall held five shots and Charlie drew in a sixth for a full house to earn an extraordinary and unexpected 10-10 draw and spark celebrations among watching Hempnall players. In the other pairs game Roger Steele & Chris Mann faced Hempnall’s formidable pairing of Roger Parker & Neil Davidson. The Hempnall pair took a single on the first end courtesy of a superb drawn wood by Parker. Mann drew to the jack with the last bowl of the end but it touched the jack and then fell away. Mann was forced to attack on the second end as Parker was winning the battle of the leads but could not stop Hempnall moving 3-0 up. The second end saw Parker again outdrawing Steele and Chris Mann was forced to attack and he killed the end to get the Wymondham pair out of trouble. On the replayed end Mann played three superb bowls to level the game and disrupt the visitor’s momentum. Roger Parker & Neil Davidson hit back with some great bowling on the next end to immediately restore their three shot lead and again put Steele & Mann on the back foot. The fifth end saw Steele finally get the upper-hand against Parker as he drew in two perfect backhand bowls. Davidson was three shots down when he played his last wood but kept a cool head to cut it down to just one while Mann’s final wood failed to change the head. The sixth end proved to be a big one as the jack was moved into a tempting position. Chris Mann elected to try and ditch the jack and he did so to perfection. Neil Davidson failed to improve the situation for Hempnall as his next bowl hit a short Wymondham toucher pushing it towards the ditch as well. As Mann drew in his other woods to the ditch line Davidson faced a very difficult situation that he found impossible to retrieve and the Wymondham pair collected five shots and moved into a 9-6 lead. On the penultimate end Neil Davidson took shot with his final bowl to leave Steele & Mann just 9-7 up going into the last end. The Hempnall pair got the early advantage on the last end as they attempted to save the game. After Mann’s last bowl of the end the Hempnall pair held one shot with a measure for two. Hempnall realized the importance of this measure and must have been deflated as the tape showed that Wymondham held the second bowl and had held on to win by just 9-8. In terms of the bigger picture this left Wymondham 14-10 up on points and now just three points from cup glory. This result appeared to boost Wymondham’s confidence in the next session which proved to be the last. On mat one Billie Barker, Andrew Jackson & Jon Sparham took four shots on the opening end against Paul Baker’s triple and never looked back as they stormed to a 13-1 win. On mat two Debbie Sparham’s triple started more conservatively taking a 4-1 lead after four ends but maintained the lead throughout to win 9-3 and end Wymondham’s long wait for Norwich Cup glory. With Wymondham now in an unassailable 18-10 aggregate lead Hempnall conceded and the presentations were made by NCSMBA Chairman Selwyn Goldsmith who presented the coveted Norwich Cup to Wymondham captain Melvyn Barker.

                                                                                                                                                                            Posted 28-4-15

Wymondham - Norwich Cup winners

Hempnall - Norwich Cup runners-up




Norfolk County Team Trials

Norfolk County Team Trials for the 2015/16 season are being held at Hingham Sports & Social Club on Sunday 10-5-15 and players are asked to arrive at 9-15am for a 9.45am start. Any NCSMBA registered bowler who wishes to trial on that day should contact the CountyTeam Manager, Selwyn Goldsmith, a.s.a.p by phoning 01603-403628. All squad players from the 2014/15 season should have already received details and do not need to contact the manager unless they are unable to attend.

                                                                                                                                                                          Posted 27-4-15



Halvergate win Bure for third time

Halvergate have won the Bure League title for the third time in a row after a 10-0 home win against Horsford Heroes. They started the match needing eight points to take the title with a match still to play and did so in style taking maximum points. Simon Warnes’ triple scored the night’s biggest win of 29-5 while young Morgan Warnes won 12-10. Keith Cooke’s triple won their game 19-13 while his England colleague David Lamb skipped his triple to a 19-5 win. The result means the top three are the same as last season with East Tuddenham finishing as runners-up two points ahead of third placed Kirby Bedon. Thorpe Marriott have made progress this season finishing fourth up from seventh last season.


Sprowston SSC look for new players

Sprowston SSC are looking for experienced players to join their club. They have struggled at times to put out a full team this year in the City of Norwich League and have decided that a recruitment drive is needed for the long term benefit of the club. Any player interested should contact George Munford on 01603-263874 or e-mail him on  

                                                                                                                                                               Posted 23-4-15


Horsford BC top City League

Horsford BC look to be on their way to a successful defence of the City of Norwich League title. A 12-2 win away to Taverham has moved them fourteen points clear at the top after a remarkable late season run of success. Second placed Costessey won 14-0 at home to Taverham but had to be content with a 10-4 away win at Sprowston SSC. Other results saw Sprowston win 12-2 at Framingham Earl, Windows win 8-6 at Felthorpe and County Council record an 11-3 home win against Horsford Heroes.

Halvergate on brink of first Tens title as Carter slip up

Tens League leaders Bob Carter were well beaten at Hempnall where the home side won by thirty shots. The first half was tight with Rob Cranston’s Hempnall triple beating Jason Woods’ Carter triple 16-13 with the away side replying with a 14-13 win for Frank Edy & Melvin Woods against Roger Parker & Neil Davidson. The second half though saw Carter’s title hopes take a massive hit as Chris East & Charlie Archer stormed to a 23-5 win against Chrissie & John Turner while Paul Baker’s triple beat Nigel Willard’s triple 17-7 for a maximum 4-0 home win. The result leaves Halvergate needing just one point from their remaining match at home to bottom of the table Bradwell. With a superb record of thirteen wins from thirteen games so far Halvergate look certain to complete a magnificent season by lifting the Tens title for the first time. A close match at Coltishall saw Hempnall slip to defeat by just two shots. Wins for Roly Sargant & Margaret Harman in the pairs and Peter Barnett, Les Harman & Vic Woods in the triples earned Coltishall a 2-0 win.

                                                                                                                                      Posted 21-4-15


Norfolk’s Jack Pye wins Plate in SMPT World Masters

Hempnall’s Neil Davidson & Wymondham’s Chris Mann & Jack Pye flew the flag for Norfolk in the SMPT World Masters in Belfast at the weekend. Playing in groups of six on a round robin basis a top two place was required to qualify for the knockout stages of the World Masters. A third or fourth place would qualify bowlers into the Plate Competition while the rest would be consigned to the Wooden Spoon section. With Ireland’s Mark Beattie starting the day as World Number One in the SMPT World Rankings followed by fellow Irishmen Jal Richardson, Andrew Morrison & Cecil Dillon in second, third & fourth respectively these were the four expected to set the pace. Hempnall’s Neil Davidson found himself in Group 18 and with Mark Beattie also in the group Neil knew he had little margin for error. Neil had the perfect start beating Ireland’s Ian Irwin 18-6 and remained unbeaten after drawing his second game 10-10 against Sweden’s Tommy Dahlgren ranked World number 21 prior to the event. The third game saw Neil score his biggest win in the group beating James Stewart of Ireland 21-6 but his fourth game was not to be so easy against Mark Beattie. Nevertheless it proved to be no walkover for the Irish ace as Neil kept in touch before going down by just 14-9. It was back to winning ways in Neil’s last group game as he beat Derek Shanks of Ireland 17-6 to finish runner-up in Group 18 behind Mark Beattie who took maximum points winning all his five games. Wymondham’s Chris Mann, drawn in Group 15, has tasted success at a major SMPT event and started the day ranked number 15. His day started poorly with a 13-6 defeat against Sam Harvey of Wales but he recovered well to win his second game by 22-4 against Moira McAdam who was one of four Irish players in the group. After that Mann reeled off three straight wins beating Andrew Robinson 10-6, Finbarr Boyle 13-4 & Phil McKeown 13-9 to earn the runner-up spot in Group 15. Wymondham’s Jack Pye began at number 17 in the rankings and was drawn in Group 25 that included World Number 7 Pauline Beattie. With Nicky Garvey of Ireland a non-starter the other five players were each awarded a 12-0 walkover for that particular match. Jack Pye did not have the start he hoped for as he went down 12-10 to Shane Roberts of Ireland and then lost his second game 14-8 to English bowler Peter Roberts. His third game was his toughest on paper against Pauline Beattie and it proved to be his third defeat of the day losing 10-8. Jack finally got a win in his last group game beating Ireland’s Brendan McCabe 18-4 and it proved enough to earn him a place in the Plate section while Pauline Beattie & Shane Hand finished first and second to qualify for the Main Competition. A major shock in the group stages was the failure of Irish aces Jal Richardson & Cecil Dillon to qualify through their groups, in fact their results left the World’s number 2 & number 4 both in the Wooden Spoon section. Richardson & Dillon would eventually meet in the quarter-finals of the Wooden Spoon where Cecil Dillon won their game by 10-4 before going on to win the Wooden Spoon event beating Ryan Cavan in the final.

After his good form in the group stage three time Norfolk Singles champion Neil Davidson would have been confident in his first knockout section game against Ireland’s George Crothers but that was to be as far as Davidson would get as he suffered a one shot defeat going down by just 10-9. Chris Mann’s first knockout round opponent was Ireland’s Alan McCombe and the Wymondham player emerged the winner by 13-9. Another Irish opponent came his way in the next round in the shape of Jackie Erskine and a 9-6 win kept Mann in the hunt for another major title. World number 8 Joseph Beattie of Ireland now stood in the way of Mann’s progress and a tremendous game ended all square forcing a tie break to settle the issue which Mann won. In the Last 16 Mann faced Chris Davies of Wales and itwas the Welsh bowler who came out on top beating Mann 10-5 to reach the last eight. Davies exited the competition in the next round in a quarter-final defeat to Paul Canning the eventually runner-up who lost the final by 14-4 to Mark Beattie. It was Mark Beattie’s third SMPT title which earned him the Henselite Order of Merit trophy for this season and a cheque for £250. The award is made to the player that finishes top of the rankings after the six ranked events are completed.

Having found himself playing in the Plate Competition instead of the Main World Masters young Jack Pye began a run of wins that were to make the day memorable for him. An easy 16-4 win against Ireland’s Sara Johnston was followed by a 14-5 win against Paul Duff also of Ireland. Joel Hager of Sweden was the next bowler in Jack’s sights and the young Wymondham star soon disposed of him by 13-5. Jack then met Ireland’s Gary Moore in the Plate quarter-final and earned himself a semi-final place winning 12-7. William Morrison of Ireland was Jack’s next victim as he reached the final with a 13-9 win. In the Plate Final Jack Pye met Derek McCann of Ireland and Jack continued his superb run with an 8-7 win to complete a great day on Irish soil.  

On 21-8-15 the SMPT are launching a SMPT World Cup event at Bromsgrove IBC. The top four players in the SMPT Rankings from each of England, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, The Isle of Man, Wales, Norway & Sweden will be invited to represent their countries. A Rest of the World team will also be invited based on the rankings. The top four English bowlers following the World Masters in Belfast are Chris Mann ranked 9, Dom Reed ranked 11, Jack Pye ranked joint 12 & James Trott ranked number 17.

For those readers unfamiliar to the SMPT it stands for the Short Mat Players Tour. Bowlers taking part in six specified SMPT events over the course of the season earn ranking points in the SMPT World Rankings. Obviously these rankings are not recognised by the official National Associations as they only relate to players who take part in SMPT events which are currently held in England, Ireland, Belgium & Sweden. The six ranking events are the UK Open and the English Masters both played at Bromsgrove IBC, the Irish Open and the World Masters both played at Belfast IBC, the European Masters played in Belgium and the Swedish Masters played in Sweden.   

                                                                                                                                    Posted 20-4-15


Craig Burgess of the SMPT presents Jack Pye with the Plate award in Belfast

Ireland's Paul Canning & Mark Beattie after Beattie's 14-4 win in the World Master's Final

Bob Carter finish third in Torquay

Bob Carter finished in third place in the Top Club Competition in Torquay at the weekend. The players who took part for Carter were Melvin Woods, David Lamb, George Clarke, Jean Woods, Jason Woods & Jamie Forster who are pictured below.

                                                                                                                                                             Posted 20-4-15

Bob Carter pictured after finishing third in the Top Club Competition Weekend in Torquay

Bure AGM at Woodbastwick

The Bure League AGM will take place at Woodbastwick on Tuesday 23-6-15 at 7.30pm. Any club not presently playing in the Bure who wish to apply for membership to join the league for the 2015/16 season should notify the Bure League Secretary Lianne Mills as soon as possible. Contact details can be found for Lianne by clicking on the Management Committee tab on this website.

                                                                                  Posted 17-4-15

Halvergate retain Bure Cup

Halvergate retained the Bure Cup after a repeat of last season’s thrilling final against East Tuddenham but only after a late recovery in the second leg. Halvergate travelled to East Tuddenham with a massive 19-5 points lead from the first leg but if they thought it was as good as over they soon found out otherwise as East Tuddenham took twelve of the first fourteen points to drastically cut Halvergate’s lead. The match started well enough for the visitors as the first session was shared. Linda Chadwick, Les Chadwick & Peter Smart scored a 6-5 win for the home side against Morgan Warne’s triple while David Knights, Ray Lamb & Simon Warnes replied with a heavy 8-1 win against Chris Mann’s triple. Halvergate then saw their lead disappearing before their eyes as East Tuddenham moved into top gear. Gillian Amos, John Jefferys & Robin Amos beat Keith Cooke’s triple 9-4 and followed that up with a 7-2 win against David Lamb’s triple. Albert Palgrave, Chrissie Turner & John Turner beat David Lamb’s triple 5-3 while Madge Meachen, Gerald Potter & Chris Mann returned to winning ways beating Morgan Warnes’ triple 6-1. Peter Smart’s triple then won their second game of the night beating Simon Warnes 6-2. But just as East Tuddenham were thinking a remarkable comeback was on the cards Halvergate hit back with a vengeance and it was England international Keith Cooke and his triple that did the damage. Cooke’s triple brought Tuddenham’s superb winning sequence to a sudden halt as they beat former England bowler John Turner 9-4 and immediately added a 7-1 win against Peter Smart’s triple while a 6-4 win for sixteen year old star Morgan Warnes against Peter Smart took Halvergate over the finishing line. In the last session East Tuddenham took three of the four points leaving Halvergate Bure Cup winners by an aggregate score of 28-20. Keith Cooke was without doubt the most influential player over the two legs skipping his triple to five wins out of six games while Morgan Warnes eight points contribution was a vital ingredient in Halvergate’s victory.

                                                                                            Posted 16-4-15

Keith Cooke - Man of the match

Horsford BC surge continues as they move top

Horsford BC surged to the top of the City of Norwich League after beating Horsford Heroes 13-1, Sprowston SSC 12-2 and Framingham Earl 14-0. The defending champions disappointing start to the season left them looking completely out of the title race but a superb run of success has seen them surge up the table. Thorpe Marriott won 14-0 at home to County Council and are fourteen points behind Horsford BC but have a game in hand. Costessey did not have a game this week and with three games still to play are still in the battle. In the week’s other games Horsford Heroes won 11-3 at home to Windows while Felthorpe bear Framingham Earl 12-2.  

                                                                                                              Posted 13-4-15



Terry Newby’s triple reach Last 16 in National Triples

The last day of the National Championships saw the triples in action but it proved another difficult day for Norfolk’s entries. Trish Taylor of Diss and Karl & Terry Newby of Carleton Rode were the last Norfolk triple to go out. Playing in Group 10 they opened with a fabulous 18-4 win and followed that up with wins of 13-7 & 8-6 to win the group with ease and qualify for the knock-out stages. Norfolk’s only other triple to reach this stage were Ollie Allen of Carleton Rode, Lee Fallows of Connaught & Neil Davidson of Hempnall. They won their opening Group 7 game 12-10 and then faced the top Essex triple consisting of Barry Hedges, Adam Sultana & Matt Dillon in a game that finished all square at 7-7. Davidson’s triple won their last group game 11-7 to finish level on points with the Essex triple but with an inferior shot difference. Unfortunately this meant that the two qualifying Norfolk triples would meet in the Last 32 stage, a replay of this season’s Norfolk County Triples Final with the prize a place in the Last 16. The result was a reverse of the Norfolk Triples Final with this time Terry Newby’s triple coming out on top with a 10-7 win. In the next round Newby’s triple had no luck with the draw with their opponents the highly rated West Midlands triple of Michael Tandy, Simon Willies & Chris Willies. The West Mids triple, none of them strangers to playing in the final stages of National Championships, proved too strong on the day winning by 9-1. Simon Warnes & Morgan Warnes of Horsford BC, playing with Halvergate & England player David Lamb, won their second game in Group 5 by 5-4 but lost their other games 8-7 & 11-4 to make an early exit. In Group 16 Chrissie Turner of East Tuddenham leading for Wymondham’s Jack Pye & Chris Mann had a tough group to contend with. They drew their first game 8-8 against Suffolk’s Derek Adams, Jo Clements & C Grabham but lost 9-6 to AJ Brown’s Oxfordshire triple and then lost 8-6 against Richard Payne’s Worcestershire triple to finish bottom of the group with one point. Oxfordshire's Roger Wiggins, Geoff Davies & AJ Brown were the eventual winners beating Gloucestershire's Ryan Knight, Jack Knight & Stephen Holdsworth 8-7 in the final. In the semi-finals Oxfordshire beat Chris Willies' West Mids triple 12-3 while Gloucestershire beat Barry Hedges, Adam Sultana & Matt Dillon of Essex 11-10. 

                                                                                                                                                                          Posted 10-4-15

Wymondham rink make it to Fours quarter-finals

Wymondham’s Jack Pye, Debbie Sparham, Jon Sparham & Chris Mann made it through to the quarter-finals of the National Fours Championships before going down by just two shots against West Mids. Mann’s rink started well winning Group 13 with three straight wins of 13-10, 9-6 & 16-6 before beating Kent 1 10-7 in the last 32 knock-out match. That earned them a match against Surrey 2 in the last 16 and they comfortably won that by 10-5. In the quarter-final they came up against a West Mids rink who were on a superb run of wins that had included scorelines of 22-1, 18-1, 17-3 & 13-0. The Wymondham rink gave West Mids plenty to worry about and the match went down to the last end before West Mids emerged with a modest 7-5 win. The West Mids rink went on to reach the final in which they were beaten 10-7 by Karen Watson, Luke Jolly, Ed Dyer & Tom Westlake of Cornwall. Norfolk’s other three rinks all failed to qualify out of the group stages. Ted Redwood’s Thorpe Marriott rink won two of their three Group 2 games but exited on shot difference when three rinks all finished level on points. Di Quadling, Dave Quadling, Elaine Oatway & Bob Oatway of Connaught won one game and lost two in Group 15. In Group 14 Jason Woods & Melvin Woods of Bob Carter, playing with East Tuddenham’s Chrissie & John Turner, lost their three games by 12-4, 17-1 & 9-5.

                                                                                                     Posted 11-4-15   

Bad day for Norfolk pairs in Nationals

Despite starting the day with high hopes Norfolk pairs made speedy exits from the National Pairs Championships in Derbyshire. Norfolk Pairs champions Mikey George & Jon Sparham of Wymondham successfully negotiated Group 14 as runners-up after losing their opening game 9-6 to Howard Cave & Keith Patrick. A 12-9 win against Alan Whiteleg & Fred Mills and a 13-4 win against Cliff Smedley & Brenda Mellor earned them a Last 32 place but a 13-5 defeat to Paul Goodman & Jason McLean of Hampshire ended their day. Ian Mills of Halvergate & Jean Woods of Bob Carter won Group 5 with identical 10-5 wins against Dave Coultas & Steve Danby as well as Dave Grout & Alan Walters. Their day also came to an end in the Last 32 with an 11-5 loss against Chris Kearns & Glyn Berrisford. Talented young bowlers Ollie Allen of Carleton Rode and Jack Pye of Wymondham & England were expected to do well but they lost all three games in a tough Group 6 that included Allan Williams & Alan Jones of Shropshire who had won the title for the past two seasons. The defending champions beat Ollie Allen & Jack Pye by 10-4 and a 12-10 defeat against Essex stars Craig Burgess & Mitchell Young and a 12-6 loss to Ellen & Ivan Lunn made it a less than perfect day for the young Norfolk pair. Halvergate’s Michael Savage & Ray Lamb were drawn in Group 8 and a 12-5 win against Linda & Peter Coker was their only success as they were eliminated early. Hopes of a third successive title for Williams & Jones came to an end in the Last 32 stage when they were beaten by Paul England & Ben Pay. The same round also saw the surprise defeat of Oxfordshire’s Roger Wiggins & AJ Brown who lost 11-7 to John Burton-Gow & Richard Jeffrey. In the Last 16 round Devon’s fancied pairing of Bronagh & Lee Toleman hammered Burton-Gow & Jeffrey 11-2. Two of the other favoured pairs clashed on mat 10 with Hampshire’s Paul Goodman & Jason McLean beating Craig Burgess & Mitchell Young of Essex 14-4. Another big game saw Phil Warr & Malcolm Follis beat Somerset’s Andy Cowling & Chris Shakeshaft 10-6. In the quarter-finals Devon’s Toleman pairing kept on course beating Richard Payne & Ian Davis 8-6 while Phil Warr & Malcolm Follis beat Ben Haulkham & Chris Page 9-3. Simon White & Grant Soller reached the semi-finals with a 12-5 win against Goodman & McLean and Paul England & Ben Pay scored a decisive 13-4 win against Gill Johnson & Stewart Minchew. The Toleman wagon kept on rolling in the semi-finals but it was a close thing as they reached the final with a 9-8 win against Paul England & Ben Pay. Cheshire’s Simon White & Grant Sollar claimed their place in the final with a 12-7 win against Phil Warr & Malcolm Follis. The Cheshire pair started well in the final leading Bronagh & Lee Toleman 5-1 after three ends. The next three ends saw a change though as the Devon pair came from behind to establish an 8-5 lead after six ends to set their sights on the title. After eight ends they still led by three shots on their way to the National Pairs title eventually winning 10-7. It was the second time Lee Toleman had won this particular title, he previously won it in 2010, while it was the first time for former North Yorks bowler Bronagh. There was one great example of sportsmanship during the game that will be remembered when Simon White declared that one of his pairs bowls had gone over the fender, something that Bronagh Toleman had apparently missed. The Tolemans were not the only winners in this game, the sport of short mat bowls will have been enhanced by Simon’s action.

                                                                                                                  Posted 10-4-15


Davidson goes out by one shot in National Singles

Hempnall’s Neil Davidson made it through to the last 16 in today’s National Singles Championships at Church Gresley IBC in Derbyshire before going out by just one shot against 2010 champion Lee Toleman of Devon. Starting the day in Group 4 Norfolk Singles Champion Davidson beat Somerset’s Keith Hawkins by 11-10 and Northant’s Chris Hopkins by 8-7 after opening with an 11-6 win against Anita Lambert. Hawkins qualified for the knockouts by beating Chris Hopkins 13-6 and snatching the runner-up spot in the group. Wymondham’s Jon Sparham won Group 7 with five points after beating James Clarke 9-6 & Andrew Pinkawa by 10-9. Jon drew his other group game 10-10 with Derek Coates. Norfolk’s other two singles qualifiers, Robin Amos of Deaf Sports & Melvin Woods of Bob Carter, failed to make it through the group stage. Robin Amos lost by 19-5 to 2012 champion Craig Burgess of Essex and by 9-8 to Brian McGivern but beat 1987 champion Malcolm Follis 9-5. Melvin Woods drew 10-10 with Derek Coates but lost 10-8 to James Bucknall & 14-5 to Chris Page.  In the first knock out round Jon Sparham went out by 13-6 to Ian Davies but Neil Davidson claimed a big scalp taking out Oxfordshire & England star AJ Brown with a stunning 13-6 result. Among other big names still in at that stage were Craig Burgess of Essex who beat Mark Jones 10-9, Lee Toleman of Devon who beat Jo Clements of Suffolk 14-2, Gloucestershire brothers Ryan & Jack Knight, Cornwall’s Nigel Nicholls & Allan Williams of Shropshire. Neil Davidson then faced his biggest test yet against Lee Toleman who as well as previously winning the Singles title has also collected the Pairs title in 2010, the Triples title in both 2005 & 2014 and the Mixed Fours title in 2006 & 2007. A narrow 8-7 defeat to Toleman saw Neil Davidson’s impressive run come to an end but one thing for sure is that Norfolk’s singles specialist, who has won the Norfolk Singles title in 2011, 2012 & 2015, will be back another year. In the quarter-finals Lee Toleman’s hopes of a second National Singles title came to an end as he suffered a 10-6 against Ben Pay of Hampshire. Ryan Knight progressed to the semi-finals beating Ian Davies 9-6, Allan Williams beat Josh Towey 8-6 and John Skelding beat Richard Nicholl 13-7. In the semi-finals Ryan Knight moved into top gear beating Allan Williams of Shropshire 13-4 while John Skelding beat Ben Pay 11-6. In the final Ryan Knight of Gloucestershire became the new National Singles Champion defeating Staffordshire's John Skelding 11-5 in the final.

                                                                                                                Posted 9-4-15

Melvin Woods & Neil Davidson after the Norfolk Singles Final


Halvergate take big lead in Bure Cup Final first leg

Halvergate made home advantage count big time in the first leg of the Bure Cup Final against East Tuddenham. Jackie Smith, Steven Lamb & Morgan Warnes were in great form beating John Turner’s triple 9-3, Chris Mann’s triple 6-3 & Robin Amos 9-3. Michael Savage, Roy Walker & Keith Cooke also collected maximum points beating Chris Mann 8-4, John Turner 10-1 & Peter Smart 10-2. Gillian Amos, John Jeffrey & Robin Amos were the pick of Tuddenham’s team beating Simon Warnes’ triple 4-3 and drawing 4-4 with David Lamb. East Tuddenham face a massive task to pull themselves back into this game in the second leg on Tuesday evening.

Tens League title battle continues

Bob Carter took a maximum 4-0 points win at home to Hempnall to move top of the Tens League. A massive 35-3 win for Sue Hunt, Jamie Foster & Kim Bridge against Rob Cranston’s triple wrapped this one up while Jason Woods’ triple beat Jack Pye’s triple 18-10 and Jean Woods & Trevor Brown beat Roger Parker & Neil Davidson 13-9. Hempnall’s only joy was an 18-15 win for Debbie & Jon Sparham against Frank Edy & Melvin Woods.


Hempnall complete another perfect season

The last fixtures of the South Norfolk League have now been played and Hempnall’s 6-4 home win against Horsford made it twelve wins from twelve games for the champions. In fact their domination of the league is such that they have only lost one match in the last six seasons, an 8-2 loss at Connaught at the back end of last season. Yet again Connaught finished in the runner-up spot, their final match saw them overpower Hingham 10-0.  Last season’s top three remained the same as Horsford took third place with a 6-4 home win against Watton.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Posted 8-4-15 



Norfolk Committee sets date & venue for Norfolk AGM

The Norfolk CSMBA Management Committee have set the date for this year’s NCSMBA Annual General Meeting. It will take place at North Wymondham Community Centre, Lime Tree Avenue, Wymondham, NR18 0HH at 10am on Sunday 28-6-15. No proposals for any Constitutional changes were received prior to the closing date. The Management Committee discussed correspondence received from the ESMBA relating to the ESMBA Annual General Meeting scheduled to take place on Sunday 26-7-15. After discussing proposals tabled by the West Sussex SMBA, and agreeing that the aim of the West Sussex proposals should be supported,  the Committee agreed on submitting five amendments to the West Sussex proposals which they hoped would improve the chances of the success of the proposals at the ESMBA AGM. The meeting also discussed various Constitutional changes put forward by the ESMBA. The meeting heard that only one ESMBA Officer position has more than one member proposed for the post and a vote was taken on which candidate should be supported for the Umpires Director role. Since the committee meeting though the ESMBA Administration Officer has informed all County Secretaries that John Hurst has now decided not to stand for the position of Umpires Director at the AGM. A long discussion took place on the subject of the Inter-County Championships following the decision of the ESMBA to reduce groups to three teams for the 2015/16 season. The financial implications for Norfolk were discussed and the increased travel costs now that Church Gresley IBC in Derbyshire is being used for most knockout rounds as the ESMBA equipment is stored there. The addition of West Mids to the Premier group was also discussed and with the loss of the Essex “double header” games from Norfolk’s groups the constant battle to balance the books will be more difficult to achieve. Following these discussions a decision was made to limit Norfolk’s expenditure by not competing in either optional Consolation competition or the new optional double rinks. Despite continued falling interest in the Norfolk County Cup it was decided to once again send out entry forms for the 2015/16 season and see how many entries the competition attracted this time around.  

                                                                                                                                               Posted 7-4-15




                                 Tens League title race reaches fever pitch at Halvergate

The battle for the Tens League title reached fever pitch at unbeaten Halvergate who entertained title rivals Bob Carter. Jamie Forster & Melvin Woods of Cater were level at 9-9 with Robbie & David Lamb after nine ends but the Carter pair won the last six ends for a 17-9 win but Halvergate hit back with Robin Amos’ triple winning 16-11. Morgan Warnes’ triple added an 11-9 win for the home side in the second half leaving the result of the last pairs match to decide the issue. Jean Woods & Trevor Brown scored a three on a replayed penultimate end to level the game against Donna Lamb & Keith Cooke and leave Carter 49-48 up on shots over-all. The outcome was decided on the final end as Lamb & Cooke picked up two shots to give Halvergate a 2-0 win, 50-49 on shots, and maintain their unbeaten record. Halvergate are now four points clear of Carter with one game left to play against bottom of the table Bradwell. Carter have two games to play, home & away against Hempnall. Carter will almost certainly need to score maximum points to take the title as Halvergate are unlikely to let any points slip against Bradwell.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 5-4-15

Late burst by Kirby Bedon takes title race to the wire

Kirby Bedon moved into second place in the Bure League after collecting eighteen points from a possible twenty against Thorpe Marriott & Woodbastwick. Two close first half games at Thorpe Marriott ended with visitors Kirby Bedon claiming a 4-0 interval lead on points. Teresa Goldsmith, Jan Hewitt & Selwyn Goldsmith started poorly against Dorothy Muttitt, Tony Hart & Ted Redwood but dug deep to fight their way back into the game after Jan Hewitt & Teresa Goldsmith switched playing positions and produced a 12-9 win. Kirby’s Billie Barker, Melvyn Barker & Phil Watson also found themselves in a battle against Margaret McPherson, Bob McPherson & Tony Turner but eventually won by 12-9. Joan Costello, Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers added a second half 13-7 win against Sylvia Turner’s Marriott triple but Sylvia Redwood, John Jarvis & Richard Perkins earned two points for the home side beating Joe Brown’s triple 20-12. Two nights later Kirby Bedon opened strongly at home to Woodbastwick. Teresa Goldsmith, Graham Tweed & Selwyn Goldsmith scored the night’s biggest win of 25-7 against Tony Wright’s triple while Jill Watson, Melvyn Barker & Phil Watson beat Lianne Mills’ triple 16-8. After the break two more wins earned Kirby Bedon maximum points as Billie Barker, Shirley Brown & Joe Brown beat Willie Jefferies’ triple 17-11 and Joan Costello, Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers beat Peter Jablonowski’s triple 14-10. With two games left to play third placed Halvergate are favourites to retain their title needing twelve points to guarantee success. Kirby Bedon travel to Coltishall to play their final match of the season and will need to collect seven points to make sure of overtaking East Tuddenham and at least finishing second.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Posted 3-4-15  


Breckland League completes fixture

The last results of the season in the Breckland League saw champions Wymondham complete their fixtures with an easy 8-2 home win against Connaught “B” as Debbie Sparham’s triple won 26-5, Jack Pye’s triple won 26-10 & Jon Sparham’s triple won 23-9. Runners-up Carleton Rode also won 8-2 at Forncett where Neil Davidson’s triple won 24-10 & Graham Mobbs’ triple won 20-10. Other results saw Banham win 6-4 at Harling Griffins with T Smith, Daphne Rhodes & Jim Delaney leading the way with a 24-13 win. Harling Unicorns won the local derby at Harling Griffins by 6-4 with Maureen Tarrant, Penny Lee & Mike Tarrant winning 27-5.  

                                                                                                                                                                                         Posted 3-4-15  



Tuddenham double defeats damages title hopes

With the Bure League title up for grabs East Tuddenham lost their final two league games of the season to leave Halvergate in the driving seat. Starting the week one point ahead of Halvergate, with both teams having two games to play, East Tuddenham knew good results at Woodbastwick and Kirby Bedon would turn up the heat on defending champions Halvergate whose title push had faltered badly in recent weeks. Unfortunately for East Tuddenham neither Woodbastwick or Kirby Bedon made life easy for Tuddenham as they both inflicted defeats on their visitors. At Woodbastwick both teams scored two wins apiece but the home side collected the bonus points as Michael Fox, Norma Jablonowski & Elaine Cole beat Peter Smart’s triple 20-10 and Peter Jablonowski’s triple added a 16-13 win against Chris Mann’s triple to earn a 6-4 home win. Things got worse for East Tuddenham at Kirby Bedon where a Peter Smart win was all they had to show for their evening’s work. Pat Saunders, Shirley Brown & Joe Brown beat John Turner’s triple 17-11, Jill Watson, Jan Hewitt & Phil Watson beat Chris Mann’s triple 13-11 and Peter Johnson, Joan Costello & Gerald Chilvers beat Robin Amos 13-11 as Kirby Bedon recorded an 8-2 win. These results leave Halvergate needing eight points from their last two games to overtake East Tuddenham and retain their title. In the weeks other games Hevingham beat HorsfordBC 6-4 with Gill Bunn, Alan Bunn & David Sharpe’s 26-7 win earning the match points. Woodbastwick beat Windows 6-4 with a 22-5 win for Michael Fox, Norma Jablonowski & Elaine Cole proving to be the vital result.

                                                                                                                                 Posted 1-4-15  



Perfect season for The Wise Owls of Woodbastwick

Woodbastwick Owls rounded off their Coastal Cup season winning 15-3 at Hemsby Beachcombers to make it fifteen wins from fifteen matches. Woodbastwick Eagles also completed their fixtures with a 12-6 away win at Bradwell Dynamos to finish in the runner-up spot and make it a double celebration for the teams from one of Norfolk’s most attractive villages. I am sure that their Coastal Cup triumph will give their players a good excuse to enjoy a pint of Nelson’s Revenge, Headcracker or Norfolk Nog at the renowned Fur & Feather pub nearby and I am sure it is richly deserved.


Robin Amos in action for Halvergate

Robin Amos, who regularly appears for Deaf Sports in the City League and East Tuddenham in the Bure League, made an appearance for Halvergate in their Tens League match at home to Hevingham. Skipping a triple with Michael Savage at lead and Roy Walker at two he enjoyed a 26-5 win against Joyce Vincent’s triple. With Robbie & David Lamb enjoying a massive 30-5 win against Betty Cox & Maurice Kemp the game was as good as over by the break. Hevingham had a better second half as Gill Bunn, Chris Brooks & Alan Bunn won by 15-10 against Steven Lamb’s triple while Rex Cox & David Sharpe lost a tight game against Donna Lamb & Keith Cooke but a 4-0 home win for Halvergate was already in the bag by the interval.

                                                                                                                                       Posted 30-3-15



Morgan Warnes loses on extra end in National semi-final

Morgan Warnes of Horsford BC was in great form in the National Under 18s Championships at Church Gresley IBC in Derbyshire where she reached the semi-finals before losing on an extra sudden death end to Devon’s Georgina Cleave after they finished level at 11-11. 16 year old Morgan won her group before defeating Jack Baker 16-2 and Ben Riley 12-8 to reach the last four. County Council’s Owen Cranston and Halvergate’s Ryan Fox also reached the knock-out stages before going out in the Last 32 stage.

                                                                                                                 Posted 29-3-15

Halvergate stumbles give Tuddenham a chance

After looking firm favourites to retain the Bure League title for much of the season defending champions Halvergate are struggling to cross the finishing line. Recent weeks have seen them go down by 8-2 at both East Tuddenham and Kirby Bedon but Halvergate’s 8-2 defeat at Horsford Heroes this week puts East Tuddenham in the driving seat. Horsford’s Lynn Frank, Peter Fox & Roger Frank opened with an 18-10 win against Robbie Lamb’s triple while Sue Fox, Russell Hubbard & ex Cromer skip Jane James inflicted a 16-10 defeat on England’s David Lamb. Nicky James, Carol Kemp & Mark “The Marvel” Tuttle added a 16-11 win against Simon Warnes while Keith Cooke’s triple scored the visitors only win beating Chris Woodhouse 20-6. The result leaves Halvergate one point behind East Tuddenham with both clubs having two games to play.   

                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 26-3-15

Roger Frank - 18-10 win


Wymondham close to perfect day

Last Sunday the Breckland Dennis Moore Tournament took place at Hingham with Wymondham once again winning the Dennis Moore trophy scoring 156 shots in total over four disciplines of singles, pairs, triples and fours. Each Breckland club can enter only one team in each discipline but disappointingly did not see every club represented in all of them. Wymondham reached all four finals with Jon Sparham beating Banham's John Williamson 9-6 in the singles final. Roger Steele and Chris Mann won all five of their matches as they too beat Banham in the final 9-4. In the fours Wymondham's Hayley Stratton, Mary Fisher, Brian Saunders and Melvyn Barker met Steven Hall's Connaught “A” four in a gripping final that saw Wymondham win a close measure on the last end! The triples final saw Wymondham lose their only match of the entire day as Michael White's Hingham triple beat Pat Saunders, Billie Barker and Debbie Sparham by a comfortable margin to agonisingly see Wymondham miss out on what would have been an incredible feat.

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Dennis Moore Trophy Champions again Wymondham!

Close contest in the fours final between Wymondham and Connaught A

Wymondham's Jon Sparham overcomes Banham's John Williamson in singles final

Strong finish by Northants sinks Norfolk Over 60s

Despite Norfolk Over 60s making a bright start in their Eastern Over 60’s League match at home to Northants at Hingham the home side suffered a second half collapse and went down 14-20 on points. The Norfolk team won three of the opening four triples games to give themselves a 6-2 points lead. Reg Wilson, Pauline Wilson & Jock Pollock scored a 20-12 win, Margaret Poynter, Shirley George & John Poynter won 17-9 and David Knights, Janet Pinchen & Trevor Pinchen won 12-10 while Will Townsend, Graham Tweed & Peter Fox were drawing 10-10 with three ends to go before going down by just 14-10. Norfolk maintained their four point lead in the pairs session where both teams picked up two wins apiece. John Jarvis & Colin Coman were trailing 13-10 with two ends to go before scoring three shots on each of the last two ends to win 16-13. Keith Halford & Sheila Bragg were also losing 12-10 with two ends remaining before taking three shots over the remaining ends to win 13-12. Norfolk suffered defeats on the other two mats with Trish Taylor & Terry Newby going down 11-19 and Kerry Greenacre & Mike Boswell suffering a surprise 8-17 defeat. Things began to unravel for Norfolk in the next triples session as Northants turned the tables on their hosts. John Poynter’s triple scored their second win of the day with a 19-18 victory but Norfolk went down on the other three mats. Jock Pollock’s triple found themselves 14-0 down after nine ends eventually losing 19-4. Trevor Pinchen’s triple also found the going tough trailing 12-5 after eleven ends and finished up losing 16-8. Peter Fox’s triple looked on course to win leading 11-2 after eight ends but after conceding ten shots over the final three ends they will be disappointed with a 16-14 defeat. This left the teams level on points at 12-12 with a session of pairs remaining although Northants were now well on course to collect the two bonus points for shots leading that particular race 175-152. Fielding four strong pairs Norfolk were confident of winning the last session but instead it was Northants who finished in style winning three of the four games. John Jarvis & Colin Coman delivered the goods for Norfolk winning their second game of the day by 21-9 but that was as good as it got for the home team. Keith Halford & Sheila Bragg found themselves 10-1 down after seven ends on their way to an 18-6 defeat. Kerry Greenacre & Mike Boswell were also suffered a bad start trailing 11-1 after eight ends and they went on to lose 21-11. Trish Taylor & Terry Newby’s game was level at 12-12 with four ends to go but lost their way as their Northants opponents picked up eight shots over the last four ends to win 20-12.


                                                                                                                                        Posted 20-3-15

Opposing Over 60s Managers Elernor Winters of Northants and Teresa Goldsmith of Norfolk


John Turner beats Mann in Bure Singles Final

John Turner won the Bure League Singles Championship title for the sixth time after beating East Tuddenham team-mate Chris Mann in an excellent final played at HorsfordBC. A great start to the final saw both players immediately surrounding the jack as would be expected with players of this class. A highly competitive end of bowls finished with John Turner taking one shot as spectators settled back to enjoy the final. The second end also went Turner’s way as he played a running wood with his last bowl to hold two shots while Chris Mann’s reply could only remove one of them leaving Turner 2-0 up. John Turner was looking at his most dangerous on end three as he drew in two superb opening woods to put Mann under further pressure. Mann decided to attack and took one of Turner’s bowls out which JT promptly replaced with his next bowl. Back came Mann to again take one of Turner’s woods out with his third bowl but yet again Turner replaced it with his final bowl of the end to hold two. With his last wood Chris Mann decided on a draw shot and it looked a certain winner as it rolled in to the jack but then, agonisingly for Mann, dropped away leaving Turner to collect another shot and a 3-0 lead. John Turner again got the upper hand at the start of the fourth end but left his two opening bowls side by side with the jack giving Chris Mann an attacking opportunity he did not squander. By the time John Turner stepped up to play his last bowl of the end Mann held one shot and it remained in place as Turner’s attacking wood missed its target. Chris Mann’s attempt to draw in his last bowl for two shots failed and he had to be content with at least getting on the scoreboard with a single. A poor opening bowl by Chris Mann on the next end dropped short which left perfectionist Mann less than pleased with his effort but John Turner was too tight with his reply and failed to make him pay for his error. Mann then drew in a toucher which encouraged Turner to attack but he missed the target. Mann quickly drew in a second and once again John Turner attacked and missed. Chris Mann’s last wood of the end mirrored his first in that it failed to achieve anything of significance. Turner again elected to attack with his last bowl and this time hit the head, this resulted in cutting Chris Mann down to just one shot and Turner’s lead was down to 3-2. Chris Mann’s two opening bowls on the sixth end left JT a target and he took full advantage sweeping the jack into the ditch to hold two shots but Chris Mann produced a great last wood to restrict Turner to just one shot. Turner drew in behind the jack with his opening bowl on the seventh end while Mann dropped short before John Turner generously pushed Mann’s bowl up towards the jack with his second bowl of the end. Mann did nothing with his next two bowls while Turner failed to improve his situation by pushing his best bowl away. Chris Mann took full advantage of this rare slip by JT to draw in a perfect bowl to take two shots and level the game at 4-4. The eighth end began with both players leaving their opening woods either side of the jack although Turner’s was a toucher. Chris Mann attacked and ditched the jack but Turner replied with a bowl of perfection sending his opening toucher arrowing into the ditch beside the jack which earned him a 5-4 lead in this intriguing final between two of Norfolk’s finest bowlers. John Turner played to a maximum length jack on the penultimate end. Chris Mann decided to attempt to ditch the jack and did so but to his dismay the jack went to the left of the ditch and his bowl went to the right. This left the players competing to draw to the ditch line and by the time Chris Mann stepped up to play his last bowl of the end John Turner held three shots. To Mann’s utter despair his bowl slipped through between Turner’s woods and into the ditch leaving Turner still holding three shots and taking an 8-4 lead into the last end. This left Mann needing a full house of four  if he was to force an extra end but against a player of the calibre of Turner this was a big ask. With both players down to their last bowl Chris Mann held two shots but John Turner drew in a great wood that ultimately proved fatal to Chris Mann’s hopes. Mann’s effort to remove two Turner bowls and force an extra end always looked to be a hopeless cause and so it proved as Turner’s bowl remained in place to give him a 9-4 win in a memorable Bure Singles final. In the semi-finals John Turner beat Peter Smart, also representing East Tuddenham, by 12-8 after a great comeback by Smart proved to be in vain. Turner led 9-4 with three ends to play but Smart proved to be a stubborn opponent scoring a pair of twos to cut the deficit to 9-8 with an end to play. Peter Smart had the opportunity to attack and inflict serious damage after Turner left him a clear target but on the difficult straight side of the Horsford mat Smart failed to cut his attacking bowl in enough and saw it sail through missing its intended target. In the other semi-final Chris Mann was always in control against Woodbastwick’s ormer Norfolk Premier bowler Peter Jablonowski as he won by a comfortable 16-2 margin. In the quarter-finals former Bure Singles champion Mike Boswell of Windows struggled to get into the game against John Turner and eventually went down 15-2.  Meanwhile the highly anticipated game between Chris Mann and Halvergate’s David Lamb turned out to be totally one sided as Mann cruised into a 14-1 lead with two ends still to play when the England & Halvergate player conceded and made his exit. Defending champion Gerald Chilvers of Kirby Bedon failed to produce the form that brought him title glory last season and went out by 10-7 to Peter Jablonowski. In the remaining quarter-final Peter Smart moved into an 8-1 lead after five ends against Woodbastwick’s Lianne Mills eventually winning by 12-3. The Presentation Ceremony was conducted by Bure League Chairman Selwyn Goldsmith who thanked Horsford BC for being excellent hosts for this event and providing markers as well as the interval refreshments.

                                                                                                                                          Posted 20-3-15

Bure Singles finalists Chris Mann & John Turner


Halvergate pair lift Bure Pairs title

Simon Warnes & David Lamb of Halvergate won the Bure Pairs Championship title at Coltishall after a one sided final against Sylvia & Tony Turner of Thorpe Marriott. Simon Warnes drew in three good woodson the opening end and when David Lamb drew in a fourth the Thorpe Marriott pair found themselves in trouble right from the start. After Turner hit the block with his second wood David Lamb took full advantage adding a fifth bowl into the head. Tony Turner managed to take out one wood with his final bowl but Warnes & Lamb were 4-0 up after just one end. Sylvia Turner got the better of Simon Warnes on the second end to hold at least two shots and David Lamb elected to attack the head but missed everything. Tony Turner was short with his next bowl and David Lamb drew in for shot. Turner was not finished yet though and a lovely drawn wood left the Marriott pair holding two. With his final wood David Lamb fired again and managed to get shot wood out of it. Turner also used weight with his last wood and forced a measure for shot which Halvergate won to lead 5-0. Sylvia Turner again won the battle of the leads on the third end but short woods made life difficult for the skips when it was their turn to bowl. A superb forcing wood played by David Lamb with his last bowl of the end left his pair holding four shots and Turner’s attempt to rectify the situation ended with his wood hitting the block and Warnes & Lamb led 9-0 after just three ends. With such a big early lead Warnes now began to play with more confidence from the lead position getting three touches on the fourth end. Despite a gallant effort by Tony Turner with his last bowl of the end the Halvergate pair moved 11-0 up. After Warnes was short with his opening wood on the fifth end Sylvia Turner drew shot. That didn’t last for long though as Warnes played a perfect forehand attack shot to ditch the jack. Sylvia Turner replied by pushing her toucher near the ditch line to give Tony Turner the opportunity of trying to clip it into the ditch for shot. He was unlucky with his attempt though sending the bowl into the ditch but the wrong way and Halvergate now led 13-0. A brilliant third wood by Warnes on the sixth end drew right in behind the jack to continue to make life difficult for the Turners. Tony Turner managed to force a change in the head with his second bowl but Halvergate still held one shot and that is how it stayed to give them a 14-0 lead and whatever happened now Warnes & Lamb had clinched the championship. The players elected to play the seventh end but of course the tempo now fell with the match effectively over. The Marriott pair finally looked like they were going to pick up a couple of consolation shots but Tony Turner’s last wood clipped a Halvergate bowl over for shot and the score was 15-0 and at that point the Marriott pair conceded so the final end was left unplayed. In the semi-finals Warnes & Lamb played Jan Hewitt & Selwyn Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon. The Kirby pair drew first blood taking two shots on the opening end. Five more tight ends followed in a tense battle with the Halvergate pair leading 4-3 after the sixth end when the Kirby skip was unable to remove Halvergate’s holding wood with his pair holding the next four woods nearest the jack. The penultimate end ultimately decided the game when Halvergate took three shots to move 8-3 up and added another shot on the last end. In the other semi-final Sylvia & Tony Turner were involved in a close game against Kirby Bedon’s Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers up to the fifth end when the score was 3-3. Then the Marriott pair scored five shots to lead 8-3 and two singles followed to give them a solid 10-3 win. In the quarter-finals Simon Warnes & David Lamb beat Woodbastwick’s  former Norfolk Premier players Norma & Peter Jablonowski 13-5. The score was level at 4-4 after four ends but a couple of twos and a five on the penultimate end sealed victory for Halvergate. Sylia & Tony Turner beat fellow Thorpe Marriott players Kath Frost & Richard Perkins 8-5 in their quarter-final clash while Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers overcame Alan Bunn & Maurice Kemp 9-4 after trailing 4-1 after three ends. In the other quarter-final Jan Hewitt & Selwyn Goldsmith edged past Bob Burrage & David Claxton 7-5 after winning five of the opening six ends. Former Bure League Vice-Chairman Peter Jablonowski   presented the trophies to the winners & runners-up and Bure League Chairman Selwyn Goldsmith thanked Coltishall for hosting the finals night.

                                                                   Posted 19-3-15

Simon Warnes & David Lamb - Bure Pairs Champions


Turner triumphs in all Tuddenham final

Chrissie Turner, Melvin Woods & John Turner came from behind to win the Bure Triples Championship on the last end of a riveting final against the fellow East Tuddenham triple of Geraldine Potter, Gerald Potter & Chris Mann. On the first end a forcing wood played by Melvin Woods opened up the end and with John Turner adding two good bowls his triple took two shots. Both leads lost a bowl off the mat in a messy start to the second end before Gerald Potter drew in two good bowls. John Turner missed the head with an attacking final bowl leaving Chris Mann to draw in another wood to take a 3-2 lead. The third end was a strange one with both leads and number twos failing to get anywhere near the jack before a fortunate wick by Chris Mann took shot. But lady luck was again in evidence and came to the aid of John Turner to help spring the jack for two shots and a 4-3 lead to Turner’s triple. The lead in this topsy turvy final changed once again on the fourth end after a good final wood by Chris Mann earned his triple three shots and a 6-4 lead. It was left to Gerald Potter  to get his triple out of trouble on the next end as they increased their lead to 7-4. An odd sixth end saw both triples drawing in their woods in a line about a foot behind the jack before Chris Mann drew in his last bowl for an 8-4 lead with two ends remaining.  Geraldine Potter opened with two good bowls on the penultimate end before Chrissey Turner drew in for shot but by the time the skips came to play the jack had been knocked out in the open. John Turner got the better of the battle of the skips playing two good woods to take three shots and reduce the deficit to 8-7 going into the last end. Chrissie Turner drew in an important wood on the deciding end while Geraldine Potter’s bowls sat just behind. Gerald Potter lost his wood off the mat while Melvin Woods drew in another good bowl to put Mann’s triple under increased pressure. Gerald Potter clipped the side of the jack with his second bowl but it left the jack in the head while his bowl ran through into the ditch. John Turner drew in a third bowl with his opening wood while Chris Mann missed the head with his first wood. With his eyes firmly on another title John Turner drew in yet another wood leaving Chris Mann in deep trouble with one wood left to play. Mann made a great effort to save the match with his final wood but only managed to cut Turner’s triple down to two shots leaving John Turner’s triple the new Bure Triples Champions with a 9-8 win. Both semi-finals were expected to produce tight games with Turner’s triple facing Halvergate’s Morgan Warnes, Ray Lamb & Simon Warnes and Chris Mann’s triple facing Halvergate’s Jason Woods, Robbie Lamb & David Lamb. The opposite happened though as the East Tuddenham triples blew away their opposition in both games. John Turner’s triple led 8-0 after three ends against Simon Warnes and despite Morgan Warnes moving to skip they could not stem the flow of shots as Turner’s went on to win 17-3. Defending champion David Lamb also found himself on the end of a heavy defeat against Chris Mann’s triple as the Halvergate three were well beaten by 15-1. In the quarter-finals John Turner saved his triple with a winning last wood against Brenda Sizer, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell of Windows. Turner went into the last end just 7-6 ahead but by the time he stepped up to play the last bowl of the mat Windows were holding four shots. Turner then played a perfect forehand delivery to take shot and an 8-6 win to the relief of his triple. In the other quarter-final games David Lamb’s triple beat Les Harman, John Aggas & Margaret Harman of Coltishall by 12-6 while Simon Warnes’ triple beat Piero Cognetti, Terry Raisbury & Bob Burrage of Horsford BC 14-2. Chris Mann’s triple received a bye due to the withdrawal of Donna Lamb’s Halvergate triple through illness.

                                                                                                                                Posted 18-3-15

Bure Triples Champions 2014/15 John Turner, Chrissie Turner & Melvin Woods


Defending champions reach final

Current County Cup holders Bob Carter breezed into the final yet again with a heavy win against visitors First Bus. The City of Norwich League side knew their chances of getting a win at Drayton were slim and despite their best endeavours all four games went Carter’s way by some margin. Melvin Woods’ triple beat Lesley Crowe 23-7, Trevor Brown beat Rex Cox 23-8, Rob Howlett beat Bob Patterson 23-8 and Jason Woods beat Colin Coman 19-6. Bob Carter will meet fellow Tens League side Bradwell in the final.  

                                                                                                                                     Posted 17-3-15



Hempnall are out of sight

Two maximum 10-0 away wins confirmed that Hempnall are South Norfolk Champions yet again. At Horsford Roger Parker’s Hempnall triple won by 24-4 against Mick Dale’s triple while Neil Davidson’s triple beat Keith Chapman 21-6. They continued their untroubled journey to the title with another 10-0 win at Watton where Chris Mann’s triple beat Roger Braham 22-9. Connaught also recorded two big wins to clinch the runner-up spot. Steve Hall’s Connaught triple beat Karl Bunn’s triple 24-8 as his side won 10-0 at Wreningham. A 9-1 home win against Saxlingham saw Steve Hall’s triple again leading the way beating Alan Banham 21-5 while Pat Meale’s triple secured Saxlingham’s only point drawing 12-12 with Derek Liles.


British Rail full steam ahead

British Rail head the City of Norwich League table after a hard fought 9-5 win at First Bus. Three of the title chasing clubs slipped up this week as Thorpe Marriott, title favourites, went down 13-1 at Jarrolds, Costessey were beaten 10-4 at County Council and Sprowston lost 11-3 at Felthorpe. Other results saw Horsford BC beat Deaf Sports 12-2 and Framingham Earl win 11-3 away to Taverham.

                                                                                                                                                            Posted 16-3-15



West Bletchley Short Mat Bowls team visit Potters Resort

A group of sixteen short mat bowlers from West Bletchley SMBC visited Potters Resort at Hopton-on-Sea for their first short mat bowls holiday this week where they enjoyed three days of bowling against Norfolk Over 60s teams selected by NCSMBA Over 60s organiser Teresa Goldsmith. Some confusion surrounded the booking which left the group arriving at Potters on an Indoor Bowls Week instead of a Short Mat Week but Teresa saved the day after being contacted by Potters Resort. Quickly arranging members of the Norfolk Over 60s to visit the resort she was able to provide the West Bletchley team with three days of bowls which seemed to be enjoyed by all. The West Bletchley team were inexperienced in terms of competitive bowling but the Norfolk players were glad to help them enjoy their holiday and also taught the visitors aspects of the rules that they did not know. Teresa presented the visiting team with a copy of the revised ESMBA rulebook and at the end of the holiday the two visiting rinks with the best results were rewarded with a presentation by Sally-Anne & Nathan of Potters Resort.


The West Bletchley Short Mat Bowls Team

West Bletchley & Norfolk Over 60s pose for the camera

West Bletchley bowlers at the Presentation Ceremony with Sallyanne Gooch & Nathan of Potters Resort

Rewards after a successful week of bowls!

Nathan on Presentation duties 

Action shot of Mick Boswell of Norfolk Over 60s

Back to winning ways for Halvergate as Kirby crumble

Halvergate got revenge for last week’s defeat at Kirby Bedon when they won the return Bure League fixture convincingly. A much changed Kirby side, with Les Hewitt making a rare appearance and Teresa Goldsmith playing in an unaccustomed skip position, were outgunned most of the evening. David Lamb’s triple romped to a 25-5 win against Gerald Chilvers’ triple, Keith Cooke’s triple also high scored beating Phil Watson’s triple 22-4 and Robbie Lamb’s triple beat Melvyn Barker’s triple 16-6. Teresa Goldsmith’s triple won seven of the fifteen ends against Morgan Warnes but still went down 17-11 in the closest game of the night.


Bradwell win at home

Bradwell overcame Hevingham in a tight Tens League match to gain a 2-0 home win. The biggest win of the night was scored by the pairing of Kerry Greenacre & Keith Baker who beat Alan Bunn & David Sharpe 18-8 while Mike Harvey’s triple added a 17-12 win.



                                                                                                                                                Posted 12-3-15



ESMBA Statement issued

The NCSMBA have received the following statement issued by the ESMBA in response to the previous e-mail sent to member counties by Brian Nelson. The statement appears below for the information of our membership.


ESMBA statement in response to the e-mail circulated by Brian Nelson:


Chris Hopkins has filed a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against Barry Hedges and the ESMBA claiming unpaid administration fees in the amount of £2,083, not for Chairman fees as is stated by Mr Nelson.


The papers were served on Barry and George Clarke, as the named President of the Association, and the ESMBA acknowledged service. Because we intended to file a defence and a counter claim the ESMBA was granted an extension of 28 days. Before we filed our papers defending the CCJ, we were contacted by a mediator on behalf of Chris Hopkins so the court process was put on hold.


After much prompting, Chris has finally agreed to a date for mediation with the ESMBA and this is set for Wednesday 11 March.


This matter is still subject to the court process so the ESMBA will not elaborate on all the details but we can categorically assure our member counties that the content of Mr Nelson’s e-mail is factually incorrect to the extent of being libellous and will be defended vehemently.


The ESMBA has never, as is being claimed, refused to pay Chris any amount legitimately due to him in respect of Admin fees but we do dispute the amount. These monies are not due out of the ESMBA funds but from our Insurance account, which is subject to audit by the insurance brokers and subject to FSA regulations. We have to produce an invoice for any monies paid out to keep the records in order and have requested this from Chris, with a breakdown of the work undertaken by him. To date, all of our requests, both by letter and e-mail have been ignored.


Our defence and counter claim have now been filed by our solicitor and, if mediation is unsuccessful, will be pursued.

                                                          Posted 11-3-15


Brian Nelson of Northants calls for EGM

Northamptonshire bowler Brian Nelson has circulated an e-mail to member counties of the ESMBA calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held regarding the current situation involving former ESMBA Chairman Chris Hopkins and the ESMBA. Since the Special Meeting was held late last year that appointed Keith Hawkins as Administration Officer, and therefore brought to an end the joint Administration duo of Hawkins & Hopkins, much appears to have happened behind the scenes. The suspension of Chris Hopkins from the England team that competed in the British Isles Championships was an indicator of the breakdown of relationships between people that had previously worked together and many had wondered just how this sorry saga would develop. The NCSMBA at this point in time do not intend fuelling the situation by commenting on the contents of the e-mail but the image of the ESMBA could well suffer if a solution is not found that brings this matter to a satisfactory conclusion. With the uncertainty that has been caused by next season’s revamped I.C.C, which appears to have resulted in some counties considering leaving the Competition,   the Association could well do without a long and protected legal battle further distracting them from the business of improving our National Competitions and events.

                                                                                                                                Posted 10-3-15



Wymondham prepare for another final

Wymondham have claimed their place in the Norwich Cup Final with a semi-final win against Coltishall. Following difficulties arranging what should have been a two leg home and away semi-final the cup organiser arranged for the tie to be played at the neutral venue of HorsfordBC. Breakland League giants Wymondham made the perfect start winning both opening games. Debbie Pye, Andrew Jackson & Jon Sparham beat Les Harman’s triple 7-5 while Pat Saunders, Melvyn Barker & Debbie Sparham beat Malcolm Reynolds’ triple 9-6. Roly Sargant & Margaret Harman scored Coltishall’s first win beating Brian Saunders & Jack Pye 12-3 but Wymondham maintained their four point lead as Roger Steele & Chris Mann beat Carol & John Aggas 9-6. The third session was also shared as Les Harman’s Coltishall triple won 8-6 and Jon Sparham’s Wymondham triple won 15-4. Wymondham finished as they started winning on both mats with Brian Saunders & Jack Pye notching up a 12-6 win while Roger Steele & Chris Mann collected an impressive 15-1 win. They will now face either Halvergate or Hempnall in the final.

                                                                                                                  Posted 10-3-15



Halvergate’s title push falters at Kirby Bedon

Defending Bure League champions Halvergate saw their push for the title take another knock as they went down 8-2 at Kirby Bedon. Wendy Tweed, Jan Hewitt & Selwyn Goldsmith were a new look triple for the home side and faced Donna Lamb, Jason Woods & Simon Warnes in the first half. The visitors found it difficult to get a foothold in the game as Wendy Tweed drew in a host of touchers at lead, Jan Hewitt put in some key woods when needed at number two and Selwyn Goldsmith kept the pressure on the opposition throughout. Jason Woods was in good form for the visitors at number two but that was not enough to stop the Kirby triple winning by 15-6. On mat two Kirby’s Billie Barker, Graham Tweed & Melvyn Barker found themselves involved in an excellent game against Mike Tate, Steven Lamb & Morgan Warnes. They went into the last end level on shots but Morgan Warnes played the winning bowl to win the game 15-14. After the break both games went Kirby’s way as Shirley Brown, Brian Saunders & Joe Brown beat Mike Harvey, Keith Baker & David Lamb 18-11 while Peter Johnson, Joan Costello & Gerald Chilvers beat Ryan Fox, Ray Lamb & Robbie Lamb 12-10.  In their other game last week Kirby Bedon went down 2-0 at Coltishall in the Tens League. In the first half Les Harman’s triple drew 16-16 with Selwyn Goldsmith’s triple after recovering from a slow start. A change of playing position paid off for Coltishall with Derek Sheldrake’s move to skip heralding a revival of home fortunes. In the other first half game Jean Barnett & Vic Woods won 13-8 and after the break Peter Barnett, Norma Jablonowski & Peter Jablonowski added a 14-12 win. Shirley & Joe Brown won the remaining pairs game 13-11 but that was not enough to save the visitors from defeat.

                                                                                                                                                      Posted 9-3-15


Norfolk “A” triumph in Daventry

Norfolk “A” won the I.C.C “A” Team Consolation Final in Daventry with a 28-12 victory against Gloucestershire “A”. A cagey first session was shared with David Dewing of Sprowston winning his singles game 15-9 while captain Mike Boswell of Windows lost by an identical score-line against the impressive Gill Johnson. The pairs were also shared with Halvergate’s Ian Mills & County Council’s Rob Cranston winning 10-8 and Halvergate’s Ray & Steven Lamb going down 15-8. This pattern was continued as the triples & fours played their opening games with Ted Redwood, Graham Tweed & John Jarvis winning 10-7 and Wymondham’s Roger Steele, Melvyn Barker & Andrew Jackson losing 8-6. Jean Woods of Carter, Gerald Chilvers of Kirby Bedon, Trevor Pinchen of Marriott and George Clarke of Marriott were in great form winning their game 13-5 while Sheila Redwood, John Jeffrey, Karl Newby & Terry Newby pulled back from a disappointing start to lose by just 11-9. Just as in last week’s win against Oxfordshire the Norfolk “A” side grew in confidence after the interval and took the lead. Both pairs games went Norfolk’s way with Ian Mills & Rob Cranston scoring their second win of the day by 12-10 while Ray & Steven Lamb added a 14-10 win to clinch the pairs bonus points. In the singles Gill Johnson was again the thorn in Norfolk’s side beating David Dewing 13-8 but Mike Boswell won his game 13-11 but Johnson’s wins gained the singles bonus points for Gloucestershire. This left Norfolk needing five points from the final session to win the match and the triples & fours responded to the pressure in admiral fashion winning all four games. John Jarvis’ triple won for the second time, this time by 12-9, while Melvyn Barker skipped the Wymondham triple to a 10-6 win. In the rinks George Clarke’s four never looked in any danger as they scored their second win by 12-8 and Carleton Rode’s Karl Newby skipped the other rink to an 11-5 win. The team were presented with their trophies by ESMBA Chairman Barry Hedges. The choice of venue was certainly better for Norfolk in terms of distance when compared to the semi-final venues of Bromsgrove & Church Gresley and efforts were certainly made by the venue to cope with the 160 players plus officials, assorted wives & husbands and supporters. Unfortunately the quality of food fell well below the standard provided at both Bromsgrove IBC & Church Gresley IBC and one hopes that lessons will be learned if the venue is to be used again for large ESMBA events.


Norfolk "A" at Daventry after winning the I.C.C Consolation Final against Gloucestershire

Shock defeat for Cheshire as proud run comes to an end

After an incredible eight year long run of Inter-County Championship success Cheshire Premier finally suffered defeat at the hands of Hampshire Premier at Daventry Eagles Indoor Bowls Club in this year’s final and sent a wind of change blowing through the sport of short mat bowls. Cheshire had built up a lead and looked on their way to make it nine years in a row but just like against Norfolk in the semi-finals and against West Mids in the quarter-finals Hampshire Premier roared back to send their supporters ecstatic in a breath-taking final session. Just like grass is green and ice is cold it seemed just normal for Cheshire to be I.C.C Champions but their reputation as being invincible in this competition is now at an end. Never-the-less it should be recognized that their achievement in winning the title for so many years may never be surpassed and they should be congratulated on taking the sport to a new level. But Hampshire will be jubilant in finally ending Cheshire’s stranglehold on the title and their celebrations are well deserved.

                                                                                                                                                               Posted 8-3-15


Halvergate lose at Tuddenham

The top of the table clash in the Bure League saw defending champions Halvergate go down 8-2 at East Tuddenham. Keith Cooke’s Halvergate triple were the only winners for the visitors beating John Turner’s triple 17-11 but the home side won the other three games with Peter Smart, Gerald Potter & Robin Amos the winning skips. Halvergate had to settle for a 5-5 draw at Hevingham where Keith Cooke & Robbie Lamb both won for them while Maurice Kemp & David Sharpe skipped the winning Hevingham triples. East Tuddenham needed to win at Horsford Heroes to keep their title bid on track but instead went down by 6-4. Peter Smart’s Tuddenham triple opened with a 13-10 win against Vic Webster but Chris Woodhouse replied for the home side beating John Jeffrey 20-12. Melvin Woods scored a second half 19-9 win for the visitors but Peter Fox made sure of the match points for Horsford Heroes with a 17-7 win against John Turner’s triple. Horsford Heroes also beat Coltishall 8-2 with Vic Webster’s triple beating Margaret Harman 21-7 and Peter Fox beating Malcolm Reynolds 19-8. Coltishall scored a 6-4 home win against Woodbastwick but a  17-6 win for Peter Jablonowski against George Munford’s triple earned the visitors their four points despite losing on the other three mats. HorsfordBC won 8-2 at home to Woodbastwick and also beat Windows 8-2 with Piero Cognetti’s triple beating Keith Halford 15-8. In the weeks other match Thorpe Marriott took maximum points at home to Horsford Heroes.

                                                                                                                         Posted 6-3-15



Warnes' triple save the day

Despite losing on three mats at Hevingham Tens League title chasers Halvergate snatched a 2-0 away win after a superb 24-5 win for David Knights, Robin Amos & Simon Warnes. The home side won both pairs games with Rex Cox & David Sharpe beating John Jefferys & David Lamb 16-11 and Betty Cox & Maurice Kemp beating Jackie Smith & Keith Cooke 17-13 while Aleck Haynes’ triple added a 17-13 win against Robbie Lamb’s triple.

                                                                                                                  Posted 5-3-15



Woodbastwick Owls make it ten out of ten

Woodbastwick Owls are now 137 points clear at the top of the Coastal Cup table after winning 11-7 at Hemsby Harvesters. Their nearest rivals, Hemsby Beachcombers, kept up the chase beating Martham 13-5. Third placed Bradwell Beacons achieved a double over South Walsham beating them 11-7 at home and 14-4 away. Other results saw South Walsham win 16-2 at home to Bradwell Dynamos and then win 12-6 away to Woodbastwick Eagles. The Eagles achieved a better result at home to Bradwell Dynamos scoring a 15-3 win. Dynamos fared better at home to Hemsby Harvesters winning 17-1.



Cambs announce Roy Everitt Trophy

Cambridgeshire CSMBA has announced a new annual event to be held in memory of their former Chairman Roy Everitt. The triples competition will be held at their county venue, March Indoor Bowls Club, on Sunday 12th April. An annual challenge trophy will be presented to the winners in addition to cash prizes of £60, £45 & £30 for the first three triples. Entry fees will be £19.50 per triple and an entry form can be found on the Open Competitions web page of this website.

                                                                                                               Posted 4-3-15  



British Rail win top of the table clash

British Rail won 14-0 at home to Thorpe Marriott in their top of the table clash in the City of Norwich League. Marriott are one point ahead though with three games in hand after beating Old Bonds 12-2. British Rail did their title hopes no good at all going down 12-2 at the tricky County Council venue. Third placed Costessey lost ground losing 10-4 at Felthorpe. Sprowston went down 12-2 at old rivals Horsford Heroes while Jarrolds beat HorsfordBC 12-2. There were mixed fortunes for First Bus who won 12-2 at home to County Council but lost 12-2 at Windows.



No change in Breckland

With the leading pack all winning there is little change in the Breckland League this week. Leaders Wymondham collected maximum points while significantly increasing their shot difference at home to Harling Unicorns. Hayley Stratton, Brian Saunders & Jack Pye were the nights biggest winners by 40-2 while Mary Fisher, Roger Steele & Chris Mann won 30-4, Pat Saunders, Melvyn Barker & Debbie Sparham won 31-10 and Debbie Pye, Andrew Jackson & Jon Sparham won 19-15. Carleton Rode won 9-1 at Banham Jill Davidson, Michael Newby & Neil Davidson won 32-8 aided and abetted by Morris Taylor, Karl Newby & Terry Newby who won 25-14. Connaught “A” won at home to Hingham but dropped points in a 6-4 result. Chris Musk, Mike Parsons & Lee Fallows led the way winning 27-5 and Sylvia Parsons’ triple won 13-12 but Hingham hit back with Wendy Tweed, Graham Tweed & Keith Thomas winning 16-12 and Pat Roache, Colin Short & John Higgs winning 18-15. Other results saw Watton beat Banham 6-4 with Daphne Braham’s triple beating Will Hoggan 20-8 and Roger Braham’s triple winning 34-10. Hingham beat visitors Connaught “B” 6-2 with John Higgs’ triple winning 23-12.


Halvergate, Hempnall & Kirby win at home in Tens

Hempnall romped to an easy 4-0 home win against struggling Bradwell. Roger Parker & Neil Davidson won 28-8 in the pairs while Richard Harrowing’s triple won 28-6. Kirby Bedon won 3-0 at home to Connaught with Jill Watson, Brian Saunders & Melvyn Barker winning 20-9. Halvergate beat Connaught 2-0 in a tight match thanks mainly to an 18-9 win for Michael Savage, Ray Lamb & Keith Cooke.   



All roads lead to Daventry for I.C.C Finals

Daventry Eagles Indoor Bowls Club in Browns Road, Daventry is the destination next Sunday for the eight county teams who have reached the finals of the Inter-CountyChampionships this season. Obviously for Norfolk the “A” Team Consolation Final is the only one that matters for local bowlers following their win against Oxfordshire “A” at the weekend. Hopes of both NorfolkCounty teams being involved were crushed on Sunday when the Premier team suffered a disappointing defeat at the hands of Hampshire Premier. Norfolk Manager Selwyn Goldsmith has named an unchanged Norfolk “A” team for the final against Gloucestershire. He said that he had used a big squad again this season and could understand the disappointment of those left out but the performance of the team that beat Oxfordshire in the semi-finals made his team choice inevitable. In the final of the Premier I.C.C Cheshire will start favourites to win the title for an incredible nine years in a row. Their opponents, Hampshire Premier, will go into the final with confidence though after coming from behind at the halfway stage to beat Norfolk in the semi-finals and West Mids in the quarter-finals. Somerset Premier will play Dorset in the Premier Consolation final. In the main “A” Team final Essex will play Devon.

                                                                                                                                                       Posted 3-3-15



Norfolk Premier’s great run ended by Hampshire

After enjoying their best Inter-CountyChampionship season in years Norfolk Premier suffered defeat against Hampshire Premier in their semi-final clash in Derbyshire. Hampshire took a narrow 5-3 lead in the first session of singles & pairs. Wymondham’s Jack Pye lost a close encounter 11-10 while Hempnall’s Neil Davidson was beaten 15-8. Connaught’s Sheila Bragg & Halvergate’s David Lamb scored Norfolk’s first win taking the last five ends to win 16-10 while Horsford’s Simon Warnes & Norfolk Captain Jon Sparham drew their game 13-13 scoring three shots on the last end. Norfolk then moved into a halftime lead as the all Bob Carter triple of Jamie Forster, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods won 13-5, Kerry Greenacre, Debbie Sparham & Keith Cooke won 8-6 and Owen Cranston, Teresa Goldsmith, Phil Watson & Selwyn Goldsmith won 9-6. Hampshire’s only win in that session was a 10-6 result against Lewis Cranston, Brian Saunders, Peter Walker & Robbie Lamb. Norfolk opened the second half leading 9-7 but Hampshire regained the lead once again in the singles & pairs session. Simon Warnes & Jon Sparham’s pair drew once again, this time 12-12, and that was Norfolk’s only point from a session that saw Hampshire move into a 13-11 lead. The final session of rinks & triples was Norfolk’s last chance to save the match but it was not to be as a 13-5 win for Keith Cooke’s triple was their only success leaving Hampshire earning a place in the final against defending champions Cheshire by winning 24-16 on points. Manager Selwyn Goldsmith praised his team’s efforts throughout a great season but said the loss of former European Masters champion Chris Mann through illness and the unavailability of regular rinks skip Bob Oatway damaged the team’s chances of reaching the final.

Norfolk “A” beat Oxfordshire to reach the final

There was success for Norfolk “A” in the I.C.C Consolation semi-finals at Bromsgrove against Oxfordshire “A” as they recovered from a poor start to win the match 28-12 and earn a place in the final against Gloucestershire on Sunday at Daventry. “A” team captain Mike Boswell of Windows was the only winner in a bad first session winning his singles game by 17-8. Norfolk “A” were level at 8-8 by the interval though after a great second session. Thorpe Marriott’s Ted Redwood, Hingham’s Graham Tweed & Marriott’s John Jarvis won 18-7, Wymondham’s Roger Steele, Melvyn Barker & Andrew Jackson won 13-9 & Bob Carter’s Jean Woods, Kirby Bedon’s Gerald Chilvers, Marriott’s Trevor Pinchen & George Clarke won 16-4. This seemed to instil much needed confidence into the singles & pairs as Norfolk forged a 14-10 lead to take into the final session. Horsford’s David Dewing won his singles game 19-12 while Halvergate’s Ian Mills & County Council’s Rob Cranston won 15-8 and Ray & Steven Lamb of Haalvergate won 12-11. Norfolk “A” finished in style as Andrew Jackson’s triple won 23-2, John Jarvis’ triple won 10-7, George Clarke’s rink won 16-4 and Thorpe Marriott’s Sheila Redwood, Deaf Sports John Jeffrey, Carleton Rode’s Karl Newby & Terry Newby joined in the fun winning 15-2.

                                                                                      Posted 1-3-15

Norfolk "A" pictured after their superb victory

Mann’s triple lead the way at Banham

Breckland League leaders Wymondham won at Banham as they appear to be on their way to another title. Top triple were Hayley Stratton, Roger Steele & Chris Mann who won 23-7 as the visitors won 8-2. Second placed Carleton Rode won 10-0 at Connaught “B” with Neil Davidson’s triple winning 24-11 and Ollie Allen’s triple winning 22-11. Connaught “A” are in third place eleven points behind the Rode but with a game in hand. They won 9-1 at Harling Unicorns with Lee Fallows notching up a 28-7 win and Sylvia Parsons winning 22-7. Other games saw Watton win 6-4 at Harling Griffins, Forncett beat Harling Griffins 8-2 and Connaught “B” beat Forncett 6-4. The South Norfolk League title race is as good as over as Hempnall beat Connaught 10-0. Connaught look favourites to finish as runner-ups after winning 7-3 at Horsford. Watton pulled off a 6-4 win at Hingham and also won 6-4 at home to Horsford. They suffered a surprisingly heavy 10-0 defeat at Saxlingham though. Hingham moved into third place beating Saxlingham 7-3.

                                                                                                                                                                Posted 25-2-15



Carter hit back with a vengeance

A couple of Tens League games played last night produced some massive scorelines with both home teams recovering from first half deficits to win their matches 4-0. Bob Carter found themselves in the unusual position of having to chase the game at home to Kirby Bedon after the visitors established a first half lead. Peter Johnson, Teresa Goldsmith & Melvyn Barker did the damage beating Carter’s Kim Bridge, Malcolm Reynolds & Jason Woods by 18-9. Billie Barker & Brian Saunders also won the majority of ends against Jean Woods & Trevor Brown but a dropped six contributed to the Kirby pair losing narrowly by 14-16 to leave the visitors leading by seven shots at the break. After the break though it was a different story as Carter’s Sue Hunt, Jamie Forster & Rob Howlett romped to a remarkable 43-6 win against Jill Watson, Jan Hewitt & Gerald Chilvers while Frank Edy & Melvin Woods beat Shirley & Joe Brown 22-8 to earn Carter a 4-0 home win. Connaught entertained Hevingham and yet again there were high scoring games. The home triple of Chris Musk, Carolina Lirocchi & Joe Lirocchi opened with a 23-5 win against Gill Bunn, Eddie Hayward & Pat Williamson but Hevingham countered with a 29-5 win for Rex Cox & David Sharpe against Bill Adcock & Tyrone Musk to give themselves a six point interval lead. This triggered a stunning Connaught comeback in the second half as Diane Quadling & Bob Oatway beat Betty Cox & Maurice Kemp 18-5 and Diana Adcock, Dave Quadling & Alison Rush beat Janet Kemp, Chris Brooks & Alan Bunn 19-5 to leave Connaught celebrating a 4-0 win.

                                                                                                                                                                     Posted 25-2-15



The “Two Gs” are Coastal Pairs Champions!

Kerry Greenacre & Shirley George of Bradwell Beacons are the new Coastal Pairs Champions after winning the title at Hemsby Village Hall. The annual Coastal Pairs event attracted sixteen pairs from Coastal League clubs who fought through the round robin rounds to find the semi-finalists. Greenacre & George found themselves outnumbered by home pairs with two from Hemsby Beachcombers and one representing Hemsby Harvesters in the semi-finals with them. Both Beachcomber pairs were beaten in the semis leaving Fred Frost’s Hemsby Harvesters pairing facing Norfolk Premier regular Kerry Greenacre and Norfolk Over 60s bowler Shirley George in the final. Fred Frost had been in good form throughout the day but found the Bradwell ladies just too good as they won the final and retained the unbeaten run they had been on all day.

Kerry Greenacre & Shirley George



Two defeats for Tuddenham spell success for Halvergate

Defending Bure League champions Halvergate are now odds on favourites to retain the title as East Tuddenham slipped up at home to Kirby Bedon before going down at Halvergate. At home to Kirby Bedon Tuddenham’s Linda Chadwick, Les Chadwick & Peter Smart were beaten 17-11 by Teresa Goldsmith, Jan Hewitt & Melvyn Barker in the first half. It would have been even worse for the home side if it wasn’t for a superb take out shot by Chris Mann on the penultimate end of his triples game against Phil Watson. It enabled his triple to win the game 14-10 that they had looked set to lose. After the break though Kirby kept up the pressure with Peter Johnson, Brian Saunders & Jimmy Dye beating John Turner’s triple 15-13 and Gerald Chilvers’ triple holding Robin Amos to a draw as the visitors earned a creditable 7-3 away win. After this setback East Tuddenham travelled to Halvergate in need of a big win but Halvergate were in no mood to give ground in the title race. Both first half games went Halvergate’s way with Mike Harvey, Jason Woods & David Lamb beating Chris Mann’s triple 17-10 while Keith Cooke’s triple beat Peter Smart 19-8. Mike Tate, Ray Lamb & Robbie Lamb added a 20-10 win after the break against Robin Amos leaving John Turner’s triple to record the only Tuddenham win of the night beating Simon Warnes 17-12 as Halvergate won the top of the table clash 8-2. Kirby Bedon lost ground with a poor performance at Woodbastwick. One way traffic saw Elaine Cole’s triple beat Melvyn Barker 12-9, Lianne Mills beat Phil Watson 12-7, Willie Jefferies beat Joe Brown 22-6 and Derek Sheldrake beat Gerald Chilvers 18-10. East Tuddenham returned to form with a 10-0 win at Hevingham. Chris Mann’s triple scored the biggest win of the night by 21-11 while Peter Smart, John Turner & Robin Amos all skipped their triples to wins. Horsford BC won 6-4 at home to Thorpe Marriott but Margaret McPherson, Bob McPherson & Tony Turner of Marriott scored the games biggest win beating T Flack’s triple 22-3. This win earned four points for the visitors as Horsford won the other three games by 16-11, 16-13 & 18-8 leaving the visitors to earn the bonus points for shots.  

                                                                                                                                                                            Posted 24-2-15

Norfolk Premier are the first half destroyers

Norfolk Premier blew Gloucestershire out of the water with a superb first half showing in the I.C.C Quarter-Finals in Surrey. Almost before Gloucestershire knew it the match was as good as over with Norfolk leading 16-0 on points at the break. As expected Gloucestershire played England internationals Jack & Ryan Knight in the singles. Hempnall’s Neil Davidson took on Ryan Knight and built up a 10-3 lead after ten ends and despite Ryan Knight winning four of the last five ends Davidson held on for a 12-10 win. Wymondham’s former European Masters winner Chris Mann found himself in a great battle against Jack Knight before winning 12-10. Norfolk’s pairs made it a perfect first session with David Lamb of Halvergate & Jack Pye of Wymondham winning 18-6 and Horsford’s Simon Warnes & Wymondham’s Jon Sparham winning 16-8. Things rapidly went from bad to worse for the talented Gloucestershire side as Norfolk built on their perfect first session with an equally perfect second session. Bob Carter’s Jamie Forster, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods won the last four ends of their match to win 10-6. Haddiscoe’s Kerry Greenacre, Wymondham’s Debbie Sparham & Halvergate’s  Keith Cooke added a second triples win by 12-11. The rinks joined in the fun as County Council’s Owen Cranston, Halvergate’s Robbie Lamb & Kirby Bedon’s Phil Watson & Selwyn Goldsmith came back from 7-3 down to win 13-9. The final piece of the jigsaw was added by Lewis Cranston of County Council, Sheila Bragg of Connaught, Peter Walker of Thorpe Marriott and Bob Oatway of First Bus who won 9-8. After the halftime interval Norfolk assured themselves of a place in the semi-finals in Derbyshire next Sunday as both pairs won again. David Lamb & Jack Pye stormed to an 18-9 win against an opposition pair skipped by England’s Jake Attrill while Simon Warnes & Jon Sparham were equally impressive winning 17-7. Gloucestershire finally got some points on the board as both the Knight brothers won in the singles but by then it was all over for their side. With all the adrenalin now gone from the match the final session was played out with Melvin Woods’ triple adding a superb 19-2 win while Gloucestershire won on the other three mats to give the score some respectability for them at 26-14 to Norfolk but in truth Norfolk were now focused on the next match. Their opponents at Church Gresley IBC in Derbyshire will be Hampshire who beat West Mids 21-19 in a very close match. Defending champions Cheshire finished well to beat Kent 25-15 after a great match. In the other semi-final Essex beat Cornwall in a play-off after their match finished level on points at 20-20. It will be a busy weekend for the Norfolk County Manager as Norfolk “A” face Oxfordshire “A” in the Consolation semi-final on Saturday at Bromsgrove IBC. 

                                                                                                                                                                                            Posted 22-2-15  

Norfolk Over 60s recover to beat Cambs

Norfolk Over 60s recovered from a disappointing first session to overhaul Cambridgeshire Over 60s and win 19-15 in their Eastern Over 60s league match at Hingham. Billie Barker, Keith Thomas & Mel Barker opened with a 15-11 win for Norfolk but triples skipped by Tyrone Musk, Geoff Payne & Gerald Chilvers all went down as the visitors moved into an early 6-2 points lead. The second session of pairs produced the exact opposite as Ted Redwood & Colin Coman won 18-8, Sheila Redwood & Terry Newby won 13-9 & Shirley & Joe Brown cruised to a 22-5 win. Norfolk’s only defeat was on mat two where Will Townsend & Gordon Wilcox lost 7-19. Back out came the triples looking for revenge for their first session defeat and got it as they collected seven out of the eight points available. Mel Barker’s triple recorded their second win of the day in style as they racked up a superb 23-7 win. Dave Quadling, Di Quadling & Ty Musk won their game 14-9, Alice Payne, John Jarvis & Geoff Payne won 13-12 while Sue Fox, Peter Fox & Gerald Chilvers drew their game 12-12 to leave Norfolk with a 15-9 points lead. Cambs needed to win all the final session pairs games to get something out of the match and made a brave attempt winning on three mats. Will Townsend & Gordon Wilcox saved the day for Norfolk though with a 16-9 win, and with Norfolk scoring 210 shots to Cambs 199 the home side also collected the two bonus points for shots. On the catering side Teresa’s band of ladies did an excellent job in the kitchen providing meals for all the players. I understand the jacket potatoes went down exceedingly well as Norfolk Over 60s raised the bar on the hospitality front.

                                                                                                                                                               Posted 20-2-15



Halvergate suffer first leg defeat at Hempnall

Hempnall won the first leg of their Norwich Cup semi-final match against Halvergate by 12-4 with only sixteen year old Morgan Warnes and her triple keeping the visitors in the tie. The opening session of triples saw Hempnall’s Bernie Cudden, Ollie Allen & Paul Baker beat Robbie Lamb’s triple 5-4 but Jackie Smith, Steven Lamb & Morgan Warnes replied for Halvergate with a 6-5 win against Richard Harrowing’s triple. Hempnall then established a 6-2 points lead in the first pairs session with Roger Parker & Neil Davidson beating Simon Warnes & David Lamb by 11-1 and Joan Cann & Charlie Archer beating Roy Walker & Keith Cooke 7-6. Morgan Warnes’ triple returned to the mat to beat Paul Baker’s triple 10-7 but Colin Stevenson, Mike Pearce & Richard Harrowing maintained Hempnall’s four point lead by beating Robbie Lamb’s triple 7-6. The final pairs session saw Hempnall win on both mats with Joan Cann & Charlie Archer beating Simon Warnes & David Lamb 5-4 and Roger Parker & Neil Davidson beating Roy Walker & Keith Cooke 7-5 in another close game. Despite Hempnall winning the first leg 12-4 they will be aware that they only have a 54-42 lead on shots and will need to get points on the board early on in the return leg against a Halvergate side who will fight to the bitter end.

                                                                                                                                               Posted 19-2-15

Paul Baker & Joan Cann featured in the Hempnall team against Halvergate

Thorpe Marriott take giant step towards title

Thorpe Marriott took a giant step towards the City of Norwich League title with a 12-2 away win at Felthorpe as all three clubs below them slipped up badly. Second placed British Rail won at home to Jarrolds but lost valuable ground losing 10-4 away to a Jarrolds side from the bottom half of the table. Third placed Costessey suffered a disastrous 14-0 defeat at seventh placed HorsfordBC while fourth placed Sprowston suffered the biggest shock defeat of all losing 8-6 at home to an Old Bonds side who are fourth from the bottom and had only won three games all season. Other results saw Framingham Earl win 10-4 at Deaf Sports, Horsford Heroes win 9-5 at First Bus while First Bus hit the road to win 12-2 at Old Bonds.Windows won 12-2 at home to Taverham while defending champions Horsford BC beat County Council 14-0.

Norfolk “A” will face Oxfordshire in semi-finals

Following the comfortable win achieved by Norfolk “A” against Northants “A” in Cambridgeshire the team now face a journey to Bromsgrove IBC to play Oxfordshire “A” on Saturday 28th February. Oxfordshire earned their place in the semi-finals of the I.C.C “A” Team semi-finals by beating East Sussex “A” by the narrow margin of 22-18 at Westergate. The other semi-final will be between Gloucestershire “A” and Hertfordshire. Gloucestershire beat Shropshire 30-10    in Bristol while Hertfordshire overcame London by 22-18 in Westergate.

                                                                                                                                   Posted 16-2-15

Norfolk “A” cruise to victory against Northants “A”

Putting the disappointment of missing out on qualifying for the main I.C.C “A” Team knock-outs by such a slender margin, Norfolk “A” applied themselves to the task in hand with gusto as they swept to a 29-11 win against Northants “A” in their Consolation quarter-final tie at March IBC in Cambridgeshire. In the first session Robin Amos of Deaf Sport found himself involved in a tremendous battle against Alan Lodge in the singles. The Northants bowler made a great start moving 7-0 up after four ends. Amos then hit back winning the next five ends to establish an 11-7 lead. But once again the game turned on its head as back came Alan Lodge to win the next four ends and retake the lead by 13-11. On the penultimate end Robin Amos took two shots to level the game at 13-13. By the time the bowlers had just one bowl each to play the jack was out in the open at the back of the mat. Robin Amos drew in for shot with his final wood but his bowl went to the inside of the jack still leaving it open. Every eye was on Alan Lodge as he played his final wood which looked on course for the jack all the way. Unfortunately for the Northants bowler he brushed the jack to the right while his bowl ran away towards the ditch leaving Robin Amos holding three shots and a 16-13 win. It was a great game of singles to start the day off with. Team captain Mike Boswell of Windows added a second win in the singles beating B Smith 15-7 after a tight start which left the score tied at just 2-2 after five ends before Boswell took control. Halvergate father & son pair Ray & Steven Lamb took their club form out onto the mat winning their opening game 18-10. The only losing game for Norfolk in the first session was on mat four where Maureen & George Munford went down to a narrow 12-10 defeat against G Dormer & J Lawson. In the next session Norfolk moved further ahead as Kirby Bedon’s Joan Costello, Hingham’s Graham Tweed & Thorpe Marriott’s John Jarvis continued their great county team form winning 16-7 while Wymondham’s Roger Steele, Melvyn Barker & Andrew Jackson scored four shots on the final end of their game to snatch a 12-12 draw. In the fours Elaine Oatway & Colin Coman of First Bus and Karl & Terry Newby of Carleton Rode won their opening game by a fantastic 18-1 margin which more than compensated for a 3-15 defeat suffered by Carter’s Jean Woods, Kirby’s Gerald Chilvers and Thorpe Marriott’s Trevor Pinchen & George Clarke. This left Norfolk leading by 11-5 at the halfway stage. The third session was drawn with Ray & Steven Lamb putting in a great performance winning their second game of the day by 18-4 which secured the pairs bonus points as Maureen & George Munford lost but only by 14-10. In the singles Mike Boswell completed a brilliant day for him as he won his second game by 24-4. This clinched the singles bonus points as Robin Amos lost but only by 10-16 after B Smith won seven of the last nine ends of their match. Norfolk were well in control now and displayed their superiority over Northants by winning three of the last four games ensuring that they earned the bonus points in all four disciplines. John Jarvis’ triple won their game by 15-7 while Andrew Jackson’s triple won 13-9. In the rinks George Clarke’s four won by 15-4 with the only loss suffered by Terry Newby’s rink who went down 10-5.  
                                                                                                                                                      Posted 15-2-15

Two super wins for Ray & Steven Lamb

"A" Team captain Mike Boswell - wins of 15-7 & 24-4 in the singles

Robin Amos & Alan Lodge pictured after their tremendous singles match

ESMBA President George Clarke presented Terry Newby with his County Squad plaque prior to the match

Morgan magic sinks Carter

Another stunning result for young Halvergate star Morgan Warnes and her triple settled a titanic battle between previously unbeaten teams Bob Carter & Halvergate at Drayton. Both defending champions Bob Carter and relative newcomers Halvergate had won their opening seven games with Halvergate holding a slender one point advantage prior to this match. Carter gained what looked a match winning eight shot lead at the interval after Jean Woods & Trevor Brown had beaten Roy Walker & Keith Cooke 15-6. Robbie Lamb’s Halvergate triple had beaten home favourite Jason Woods but by just one shot. Four Norfolk Premier regulars met in the pairs game after the break and a great battle ended with Halvergate’s Simon Warnes & David Lamb beating the home pairing of Jamie Forster & Melvin Woods by 17-14. The second half triples game was to decide the match though as Jackie Smith, Steven Lamb and 16 year old skip Morgan Warnes stormed to a 23-10 win against Sue Hunt, Malcolm Reynolds & Robert Howlett to earn a vital 2-0 away win for the side that only entered the league last season. Morgan Warnes’ form this season aptly demonstrates why England manager Brandon Whittaker invited her into the England squad at the beginning of the season and why he was so disappointed when Morgan turned down the invitation to concentrate on her studies in this important year for her. This result leaves Halvergate three points clear but Carter will be keen to retrieve these lost points when they visit Halvergate later in the season.     

                                                                                                                                                          Posted 13-2-15



Tight at top of Tens

A bullish performance by visitors Coltishall restricted Bob Carter to just a 2-0 home win in their Tens League clash leaving Halvergate still occupying top spot by one point. Vic Wood’s Coltishall triple opened with a 14-9 win against Jason Woods’ triple but Carter replied with a 13-10 win for Jean Woods & Trevor Brown against Carol & John Aggas leaving Coltishall leading by 24-22 on shots at the break. Roly Sargent & Margaret Harman produced an excellent 19-11 win for the visitors after the break against Frank Edy & Melvin Woods but Sue Hunt, Jamie Forster & Rob Howlett saved the day for Carter with a 21-7 win against George Munford’s triple to leave Carter four shots up at the close of play.


Neutral venue for Wymondham v Coltishall cup clash

Following difficulties arranging the Norwich Cup semi-final clash between Wymondham & Coltishall the cup organiser has arranged for the tie to be played at a neutral venue on Monday 9-3-15. HorsfordBC have kindly offered their venue for the match and both captains have agreed to this solution to a problem that threatened to seriously disrupt the competition. Captains will toss prior to the match for the choice of being “home” or “away” and the tie will be decided over just one night instead of the two legs normally used for Norwich Cup semi-finals. Norwich Cup organiser Selwyn Goldsmith has expressed his gratitude to Dennis Seaton of Horsford BC for his assistance in arranging the match and praised the Horsford club for their assistance in resolving the issue.  

                                                                                                                                                      Posted 12-2-15



Carleton Rode shot happy at home

Carleton Rode, in second place in the Breckland League, strengthened their position with an away win at Harling Griffins and a home win against Harling Unicorns. At the home of the Griffins the visitors did not have everything their own way as Harling Griffins won two of the games. Anne Biddulph, Mike Elflain & George Cody beat Graham Mobbs’ triple 17-10 while E Talbot, Jill Hayman & Colin Hayman got themselves a major scalp beating Gill Coleman, Ollie Allen & Neil Davidson 16-12. Carleton Rode earned themselves a 6-4 away win though with wins of 19-18 & 30-13 in the remaining games. At home to Harling Unicorns Carleton Rode went “shot happy” as Jill Davidson, Ollie Allan & Neil Davidson romped to a 43-1 win while Graham Mobbs’ triple weighed in with a 33-9 win. Terry Newby added a 16-15 win while Arthur Snelling’s Unicorn’s triple beat Russell Davidson leaving Rode with an 8-2 win. Third placed Connaught “A” won 8-2 at Forncett with Steve Hall winning 23-13, Lee Fallows winning 20-10 & Bob Oatway winning 17-15. Connaught “A” would also have hoped to pick up the lions share of the points at home to Watton but instead their visitors inflicted a damaging 8-2 defeat on the Attleborough based side. Connaught found themselves without the Oatways, the Seckers and Lee Fallows for this match but even then would not have expected this disastrous result. Diana Adcock, Dave Quadling & Steve Hall were four shots up going into the last end against Doreen Paffey, Pat Groombridge & Daphne Braham but dropped five shots to lose 18-17. In the other first half game Dennis Gower, Don Paffey & Roger Braham could do no wrong beating the usually ultra reliable Sylvia Parsons 21-6. Margaret Hunter’s triple added to the home sides gloom after the break beating Ralf Ramm’s triple 24-10 leaving Sheila Bragg to collect a consolation 17-14 win for the home side. Two nights later Watton visited Forncett but could not recapture the same form. Mary Boulter, Keith Humphreys & Peter Lock beat Margaret Hunter’s triple 26-7 and Mervyn Boulter, Tony Ottewell & Martin Humphreys beat Roger Braham 28-5 to record a 6-4 home win. In the other match played Hingham beat Banham 10-0 scoring 93 shots against 44. The nights biggest win was a 32-9 result for Pat Roache, Jan Higgs & John Higgs while Keith Thomas won 22-10, Mike White won 23-15 & Eileen Herbert won 16-10.

                                                                                                                                Posted 10-2-15



Halvergate move top of Tens League after early setback

Halvergate moved top of the Tens League with a 4-0 home win against Kirby Bedon after pulling back from five shots down at the interval. The opening game between the home pairing of Donna & David Lamb and Kirby’s Jan Hewitt & Phil Watson was a close affair for the first eleven ends with the Kirby pair leading 10-7. The home side then suffered a shock as Hewitt & Watson scored full house sixes on both the twelfth and thirteenth ends to move 22-7 up before the home pair pulled back four shots to limit the damage to a 22-11 defeat. Things went better for the home side in the triples game as Ryan Fox, Ray Lamb & Robbie Lamb finished well to beat Wendy Tweed, Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers 17-11. The second half pairs game was tight up to the eleventh end with Roy Walker & Keith Cooke leading Kirby’s Shirley & Joe Brown by one shot but a spirited finish by Walker & Cooke earned them a 17-11 win. The real damage was inflicted on the visitors in the closing triples game where David Knights, Steven Lamb & Morgan Warnes carved out a big 32-9 win against Graham Tweed’s triple to secure the 4-0 home win and a top of the table place. Bradwell remain at the foot of the table after losing 4-0 at Hevingham after a heavy second half defeat in the triples. A close first half saw the visiting pair of Kerry Greenacre & Keith Baker hold Hevingham’s David Sharp & Rex Cox to a 16-16 draw but David Young, Pat Hall & Aleck Haynes gave the home side a four shot interval lead beating Shirley George’s triple 15-11. After the break Betty Cox & Maurice Kemp increased Hevingham’s lead beating Mike Harvey & John Sargent 18-14 but the biggest win of the night, a 32-7 result for Eddie Hayward, Alan Bunn & Pat Williamson against Jackie Fortesque’s triple, saw Hevingham safely over the finishing line with maximum points.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Posted 9-2-15

Bure League action - Kirby beat Marriott

Kirby Bedon scored an 8-2 home win against Thorpe Marriott. The opening session saw Peter Johnson, Teresa Goldsmith & Melvyn Barker beat Richard Perkins’ triple 18-7 while Phil Watson’s triple beat ex Kirby bowler George Clarke and his triple by 14-12. Joe Brown’s triple scored the home sides third win of the night beating Tony Turner’s triple 13-7 while Ted Redwood’s triple earned Marriott their only win beating home captain Gerald Chilvers by 19-16. Horsford Heroes had to settle for a 6-4 win at home to Hevingham despite winning on three mats as visiting triple David Young, Ian MacLean & David Sharpe beat Andy Drummie’s triple 17-9. Horsford skips Chris Woodhouse & Vic Webster both won by one shot while Mick Dale’s triple won 13-6.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 9-2-15

Tight at the top in City League

Its tight at the top of the City of Norwich League with half a dozen clubs still in contention. League leaders Costessey beat Horsford Heroes 12-2 to overtake Thorpe Marriott who were not in action this week. British Rail are still on track after taking all fourteen points at home to struggling Windows. Sprowston SSC, with games in hand, continue to look serious contenders after beating First Bus 12-2 while Deaf Sports beat bottom of the table Old Bonds 14-0. Framingham Earl’s recent excellent results against the top teams seem to have given them more confidence and they won 10-4 away to Jarrolds and 10-4 at home to Taverham. Fifth placed County Council won 14-0 at home to Taverham. Felthorpe continue to struggle losing 14-0 away to Horsford Heroes.

                                                                                                                                           Posted 7-2-15  

Jon Sparham tops Norfolk rankings

An excellent year in the Norfolk  County Championships has propelled Wymondham & Norfolk bowler Jon Sparham to the top of the Norfolk rankings. With a win in the County Pairs, a runner-up spot in the County Fours and third place finishes in both the County Singles & Mixed Fours Jon Sparham has taken over the coveted top spot after moving up from number eight in the County Points Table. Bob Carter’s former England player Melvin Woods moved up two places to number two thanks to a CountyTriples title and a great run in the CountySingles where he finished runner-up. Just one point behind Woods in the third spot is that talented young man Jack Pye of Wymondham who has been in superb form all season. Top lady is Debbie Sparham of Wymondham who moves up four places to number four. Players who have significantly improved their ranking places include Jason Woods of Bob Carter, who moved up eleven places to number five, and Hempnall’s Neil Davidson who moved up ten places to number eight after securing his third County Singles title. Chris Mann of Wymondham and East Tuddenham’s John Turner easily maintain their top ten places at six and seven respectively. Sprowston’s Peter Smart makes a huge leap up the Points Table from thirty-one to number nine after winning the CountyMixed Fours. Wymondham’s Mikey George completes the top ten after lifting the CountyPairs title with Jon Sparham. A place in the Top 30 guarantees players a Norfolk County Squad invite for next season and eight names join Peter Smart in earning a County call-up by either re-entering the Top 30 or forcing their way in for the first time. They are Ted Redwood of Thorpe Marrott who enters at number 13, Ollie Allen of Carleton Rode who has been tempted back to short mat bowls and enters at number 20, and Thorpe Marriott’s Janet Pinchen, Wymondham’s Debbie Pye, Halvergate’s Ray Lamb, Simon Warnes of Horsford BC, Melvyn Barker of Wymondham and Gerald Chilvers of Kirby Bedon.

Top 30 Jon Sparham, Melvin Woods, Jack Pye, Debbie Sparham, Jason Woods, Chris Mann, John Turner, Neil Davidson, Peter Smart, Mikey George, Morgan Warnes, Robert Howlett, Ted Redwood, Nigel Willard, David Lamb, Selwyn Goldsmith, Josh Baxter, George Clarke, Jean Woods, Ollie Allen, Keith Cooke, Kerry Greenacre, Janet Pinchen, Debbie Pye, Ray Lamb, Bob Oatway, Elaine Oatway, Simon Warnes, Melvyn Barker,  Gerald Chilvers.

                                                                                                                                                      Posted 6-2-15

Jon Sparham in action at the Potters Cup Weekend


East Tuddenham looking for revenge

The second leg of East Tuddenham’s Bure Cup semi-final clash at Kirby Bedon went down to the final session before the visitors pulled off two great wins to ensure a re-run of last year’s final against Halvergate and a chance of revenge for their shots defeat when the teams finished level on points. Tuddenham went to Kirby Bedon holding a 16-8 first leg lead but a 6-2 win for Joe Brown’s triple against John Jeffery’s triple and a 5-5 draw between Phil Watson and Peter Smart saw the deficit shrink to 17-11. East Tuddenham dug in though and shared the next three sessions to maintain a six point lead until the fifth session. Kirby Bedon gave themselves a great chance of snatching the tie on the penultimate session as Joe Brown’s triple beat John Turner’s triple 5-2 and Melvyn Barker’s triple beat John Jeffery’s triple 8-3. This left East Tuddenham leading by only 23-21 with just the final session to play and as neither Tuddenham triple taking to the mats had scored a point up to now the home side must have felt an upset was on the cards. Kirby failed to take their chance though while the triples skipped by Robin Amos and Peter Smart both stepped up to the mark to seal victory for East Tuddenham. Gillian Amos, Madge Meachen & Robin Amos stormed to an 11-2 win against Phil Watson’s triple while Linda Chadwick, Les Chadwick & Peter Smart beat Gerald Chilvers’ triple 6-4. On the night Albert Palgrave, Chrissie Turner & John Turner were the top Tuddenham triple collecting four points while Kirby Bedon’s Shirley Brown, Brian Saunders & Joe Brown were the evening’s best triple with five points out of six. 


Wymondham stroll on to semi-finals

Framingham Earl entertained Wymondham in the CountyCup quarter-finals but found their visitors, despite fielding a below strength side, too hot to handle. Wymondham’s Hayley Stratton, Mikey George & Chris Mann led 10-0 after six ends against Ethel Pash, Glenda Kidd & Debbie Bunn and went on to win 19-5. In the other first half game Mary Fisher, Brian Saunders & Jack Pye also opened strongly against Ron Pash, Brian Sayer & Glenda Adcock and were 14-1 up after eight ends on their way to an eventual 17-5 win. Wymondham made sure of a semi-place after the break with Melvyn Barker’s triple winning 17-11 against Karl Bunn and Andrew Jackson’s triple winning 17-7 against Colin Emms. Wymondham will travel to Bradwell in the semi-finals while Bob Carter entertain First Bus.  

                                                                                                                                  Posted 5-2-15



Framingham Earl shock the title contenders!

Despite being positioned in the lower half of the City of Norwich League table Framingham Earl have inflicted painful defeats on the top two in the table. Title favourites Thorpe Marriott suffered an 11-3 home defeat against Framingham Earl and not content to damage just  the league leaders title hopes they went on to win 10-4 at home to second placed Costessey. Thorpe Marriott achieved a much better result away to First Bus where they collected all 14 points and are seven points clear of Costessey in the table. Third placed British Rail won 12-2 at home to Felthorpe but have played one game more than the leading pair. Other results saw Horsford Heroes win 12-2 at home to County Council, Jarrolds win 12-2 at home to Felthorpe and County Council beat Felthorpe 12-2. Windows won for just the third time this season in the City League beating Jarrolds 12-2. Runaway Breckland League leaders Wymondham suffered their first league defeat of the campaign away to second placed Carleton Rode where they went down heavily on two mats in a 6-4 loss. Pamela Rush, Karl Newby & Terry Newby gave the home side a great start beating Pat Saunders, Mary Fisher & Debbie Sparham 27-5 but the visitors won on the other mat with Debbie Pye, Andrew Jackson & Melvyn Barker beating Russell Davidson’s triple 17-13. After the break Rode’s Jill Davidson, Ollie Allen & Neil Davidson made sure of a home win beating Hayley Stratton, Roger Steele & Chris Mann 21-11 but Billie Barker, Brian Saunders & Jon Sparham limited the damage beating Graham Mobbs 20-17. Third placed Connaught “A” kept the pressure on Carleton Rode by winning 6-4 at Harling Griffins but will be disappointed not to have picked more ponts up away to the bottom club. Bob Oatway’s triple won 22-10 and R Ramm’s triple won 18-11 but Sheila Bragg’s triple lost 15-12 to Gerald Palframan’s triple and Steve Hall lost 17-15 to Colin Hayman. Hingham took maximum points at home to Harling Griffins while Watton beat Connaught “B” 6-4 and Forncett won 9-1 at home to Harling Unicorns. Coastal Cup action saw leaders Woodbastwick Owls win 16-2 at home to Martham and 12-6 at home to Bradwell Beacons. Hemsby Beachcombers are in second place after away wins at both South Walsham and Bradwell Dynamos and a 9-9 draw at Martham. In the Tens League Coltishall’s visit to Hevingham produced four big wins, two for Hevingham in the triples games and two for Coltishall in the pairs games. Hevingham won the match by just five shots for a 2-0 win. For the home side Rex Cox skipped his triple to a 23-6 win and Pat Williamson’s triple won 23-8. Coltishall replied with pairs wins of 21-6 for Roly Sargent & Margaret Harman and 22-10 for Carol & John Aggas. In the South Norfolk League Hempnall are running away with the title again and have now won eight games out of eight. Hempnall beat Saxlingham 8-2 with Geoff Briggs' triple earning the visitors two points. Hempnall then won 6-4 at Hingham where Roger Parker's triple won 19-5. The league leaders then won 10-0 at home to Wreningham with Neil Davidson's triple winning 21-5. Connaught look on course for the runner-up spot after beating Watton 10-0. Horsford beat Hingham 6-4 with Ken Buller's triple starring for Hingham with a 19-7 win. 

                                                                                                                                                                             Posted 2-2-15


Welsh wizard Williams wins English Masters

The SMPT English Masters, held at Bromsgrove IBC, attracted a strong entry which included Wymondham’s Chris Mann & Jack Pye as well as Hempnall’s Neil Davidson. Former European Masters champion Chris Mann was again in impressive form and reached the quarter-finals before going out by just 10-9 against Irish ace Mark Beattie. Mann led 9-8 going into the last end but Beattie scored two shots to win the match. In the knock-out stages Mann beat Robert Martin 16-9 and Chris Davies of Wales 12-10. Beattie lost his semi-final clash against Stephen Williams of Wales who went on to lift the title beating Essex bowler Paul Bax in the final while Devon’s Bronagh Malone won the third place play-off beating Mark Beattie. Jack Pye made it to the last 16 before losing 12-6 to Dom Reed of Essex. In the group stage Pye played defending champion Cecil Dillon of Ireland and made a remarkable comeback from 10-1 down to draw 10-10 and win his group after beating Lars Hilton of Sweden 18-8. Neil Davidson failed to qualify through his group into the Main Competition but made it into the Plate event where he enjoyed a great run of wins to reach the Plate Final before being beaten 13-7 by Nigel Nicholls of Cornwall. Davidson’s run included an 18-3 result against Bent Nielson of Denmark and a 12-10 win against Sweden’s Tommy Dahlgren. The results leave Mark Beattie still top of the SMPT World Rankings well clear of fellow Irishman Jal Richardson in second place. Irish bowlers also fill the next two places with Andrew Morrison in third place in the rankings and Cecil Dillon fourth. Jonathan Payne of Belgium is fifth with Dimitri Payne of Belgium sixth. Pauline Beattie of Ireland is seventh with Joseph Beattie of Ireland ranked number eight. Sweden's Joel Hager is ninth with Dom Reed of Essex the top ranked English player at number ten. Wymondham's Chris Mann is ranked number fifteen with his team-mate Jack Pye at number seventeen.

                                                                                                                           Posted 2-2-15

Craig Burgess of the SMPT with Neil Davidson, Plate runner-up at the English Masters


Will 3 of Norfolk’s brightest stars shine in Bromsgrove?

This weekend a selection of Europe’s best short mat bowls players will be heading to Bromsgove where the SMPT English Masters is being held. Norfolk hopes will rest on the shoulders of three time Norfolk Singles Champion Neil Davidson of Hempnall, talented young Wymondham star Jack Pye and former European Masters Champion Chris Mann also of Wymondham. Looking at the draw former England international Chris Mann seems to have come out best of the Norfolk threesome and he will start as hot favourite to win his group which includes Martin Craig & Diane Bell of Ireland and Royston Lewis, Brian Baker & Brad Hallowes.  


Jack Pye’s group includes the brilliant Irishman Cecil Dillon who won the Swedish Masters and is currently ranked number 5 in the SMPT World Rankings. Lars Hilton makes the trip from Sweden to play in this group as does Isle of Wight’s Bernie Durcan. Richard Ivings of Devon & James Corns of Somerset will also provide strong competition for Pye.    


Neil Davidson will face a stiff test in his group which includes Nick Evans of Wales & Montgomery, a player who has tasted success in the British Isles Championships. Talented Devon bowler James Trott will also fancy his chances as will experienced West Sussex player Marc “Bomber” Lancaster, a Beatle fan who will try his best to send Davidson on the long and winding road back to Norfolk at the earliest opportunity. Neil “Sheep” Davidson though has built a fearsome reputation as a singles specialist in Norfolk over the past three or four years and need fear no-one. Victor Andersson of Sweden and Somerset’s Pauline Mannell complete the group.


There is certainly no shortage of talent in the other groups. Group 5 will see a mighty battle between Jonathan Payne of Belgium, John Manley & Martin Simcock while Bronagh Toleman will be looking to progress from Group 4. Malcolm Follis & Lee Toleman will meet in Group 8 while Chris Page & Michael Ivings are both in Group 13. Group 14 should be one to provide plenty of thrills with SMPT World ranked No 1 player Mark Beattie, Joseph Beattie who is ranked No 6 and Robert Ivings all included. Irish star Jal Richardson, who is ranked number 2, should dominate Group 16. Scotland’s Lawrence Moffatt is in Group 6 as is John Lax. But whoever the winner turns out to be one thing for sure is that we are set for a great weekend of short mat bowls in Bromsgrove.

                                                                                                                            Posted 29-1-15



Halvergate into the final

Taking an 18-6 lead into the second leg of their Bure Cup semi-final at Coltishall made life easier for cup holders Halvergate. Coltishall needed to make up ground early on if they were to stand any chance of reaching the final. The determined visitors though had other ideas and shared both opening sessions with Jason Woods & Keith Cooke’s triples both winning while Vic Woods & Malcolm Reynolds replied with wins for Coltishall. The result was put beyond doubt in the third session as Jason Woods & David Lamb both won for Halvergate and at that point Coltishall conceded the tie.

Bradwell win at last in Tens

After six defeats in six games Bradwell finally registered their first Tens League win of the campaign at home to third placed Kirby Bedon. With the visitors fielding a much depleted side Bradwell still struggled to build a good first half lead. Bradwell’s Anne Baker, Derek Humphreys & Shirley George beat Peter Johnson, Eddie Costello & Jimmy Dye by 13-10 but Kirby’s Jan Hewitt & Teresa Goldsmith beat John Sargent & Mike Harvey 13-11 when Teresa Goldsmith, playing in a unaccustomed skip position, earned three shots with the last bowl of the final end. This left Bradwell just one shot up at the interval and after the break Claire Baker, Margaret Newcombe & Jackie Fortiscue were held to a 13-13 draw by Carol Johnson, Joan Costello & Gerald Chilvers. The home victory was finally secured by Kerry Greenacre & Keith Baker who beat Shirley & Joe Brown by 19-13 when they pulled away on the closing ends of what had been a close game.

                                                                                                                    Posted 29-1-15



Halvergate book Challenge cup final with Wymondham

Halvergate are through to the first Challenge cup final after making short work of the six points required at Bob Carter which they achieved after the first two sessions 9-1 (39-26). In the singles David Lamb produced a solid 10-6 win against John Turner while Keith Cook recovered well from a dropped four on the first end to draw 9-9 with Trevor Brown. The tie was made sure of when both Halvergate fours produced wins. Michael Savage, Mike Tate, Ray Lamb and Roy Walker beat Margaret Reynolds, Frank Edy, Malcolm Reynolds and Melly Woods 11-5 while Donna Lamb, David Knights, Steven Lamb and Simon Warnes beat Sue Hunt, Jean Woods, Jamie Forster and Jason Woods 9-6. Some of the Halvergate team would of been a little surprised by how quickly they managed to get their target which now see's Carter only left in the County Cup. For Halvergate they are still currently in contention for every league and cup this season but Wymondham stand in their way for the first name to be put on the Challenge cup!

Sexism row erupts in Shropshire Premier Crown Green League

One of the great things about short mat bowls in Norfolk and in England as a whole is how the sport is played by men & women together with no quarter given or asked. Since the sport has been played competitively a number of ladies have carved their names into the Norfolk record books, some on multiple occasions such as Chrissie Turner with twelve County titles, Teresa Goldsmith with eleven County titles and Sue Hunt with eight. Illustrious names such as Angela Mortimer, Carol Aggas & Jill Watson also feature strongly with five titles each followed by Pat Saunders, Jean Woods & Kim Bridge with four titles apiece. Now of course young Morgan Warnes is building a reputation as a formidable opponent on the mats and looks certain to be a future county champion. Anyone who watched the classic Norfolk Singles Final between Kim Bridge and Nigel Willard a year ago knows for certain that when a man and a woman play each other at short mat bowls they are playing on strictly equal terms. Just a few days ago I watched Lianne Mills of Woodbastwick defeat four men in a row to win a Bure Singles heat, and they included last years runner-up Maurice Kemp and England international David Lamb. Not all branches of the world of bowls though are quite as forward looking in their outlook. I refer of course to the story that broke over the last few days involving crown green bowls. Seemingly determined to keep the sport of bowls with its feet firmly rooted in the past the Shropshire Premier Bowling League voted by ten votes to three against a proposal to allow women bowlers to compete in their league. The move followed the promotion of Burway Crown Green Bowls Club to the County’s Premier League aided by the form of Claire Williams who had been one of their star players. Steve Rogers of Burway, who had proposed a change to the rules, said he was “disappointed but not surprised" at the vote that ensured the league would remain a male only competition. Mike Hinton, who stepped down as president of the league at the meeting, did not pull any punches when talking about the issue saying that the ban of women players should stay in place because female players are “not as good as men” and “the plain fact is we don’t think they are good enough”.  He also said "I will be fighting vehemently to make sure women are not allowed to join our league”.  The captain of Burway, Duncan Pressley, said it was time the sport caught up with the times. On the subject of gender it seems that the E.S.M.B.A are persisting with the idea of an England Ladies team. The Norfolk Committee has in the past discussed the subject and their firm opinion was that the sport should remain totally mixed in terms of gender. Just because some other bowls codes persist with the idea of having separate mens & ladies teams the NCSMBA see no reason for short mat bowls to pander to these sexist inclinations.

                                                                                                                                                                    Posted 28-1-15



Norwich Cup semi-final draw

The draw for the semi-finals of the Norwich Cup was made at Bradwell tonight conducted by NCSMBA Records Officer Teresa Goldsmith. Mike Harvey of Bradwell was asked to do the draw which resulted in Bure League champions Halvergate being paired with South Norfolk League giants Hempnall while Breckland League champions Wymondham will face Coltishall of the Bure League. Both matches will be played over two legs with a play-by date of 6-3-15.
                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 27-1-15


First Bus overcome stiff Harling resistance

First Bus came away from Harling with a 7-1 win after their CountyCup quarter-final match but it was far from being an easy ride for First Bus. The cup-tie produced four close games with the visitors grabbing a narrow 3-1 first half lead as Colin Coman’s triple edged home by 14-12 against John Court’s triple and  Rex Cox drew 13-13 with Mike Tarrant. After the break First Bus clinched their place in the semi-finals with Bob Oatway’s triple winning 14-13 against Brian Knappett while Elaine Oatway beat Colin Hayman 14-11. In the Norwich Cup quarter-finals Hevingham’s trip to Wymondham was always going to be a daunting task and so it proved to be as they conceded a total of 107 shots while scoring just 27 in a resounding 14-2 home win. All the four pairs games went Wymondham’s way with Roger Steele & Chris Mann winning 14-6 & 20-1 and Brian Saunders & Jack Pye winning 10-5 & 13-3. Hevingham’s Chris Brooks, David Young & Eddie Hayward denied Wymondham the chance of winning every game when they beat Debbie Sparham’s triple 7-5 in the second half but by then the home side was already safely through to the semi-finals. The draw for the semi-finals of the Norwich Cup has paired Wymondham against Coltishall. In the other semi-final Halvergate face Hempnall.

                                                                                                                                                                        Posted 26-1-15


Funeral details

Trevor Hallett’s funeral will take place at Little Plumstead Church on Wed 18-2-15 at 1pm and afterwards at Woodbastwick Village Hall. Flowers or donations for either Papworth or the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.


Marriott push Tuddenham all the way

Bure League leaders East Tuddenham won 8-2 at home to Thorpe Marriott but the visitors pushed Tuddenham all the way losing two of the games by just one shot. Tony Turner’s triple opened for Marriott with a 16-11 win against Peter Smart’s triple but Chris Mann’s triple beat Sylvia Turner by 16-15 to share the points in the first half. After the break Robin Amos scored another one shot win for East Tuddenham beating Ted Redwood 14-13 but John Turner’s triple beat George Clarke by a comfortable 13-5 margin. Defending champions Halvergate won 6-4 at Woodbastwick where Keith Cooke’s triple beat Peter Jablonowski 15-11 and Simon Warnes’ triple beat Lianne Mills 19-9. Woodbastwick won both second half games with Elaine Cole beating David Lamb 15-13 and Derek Sheldrake beating Robbie Lamb 15-12. Kirby Bedon won 8-2 at Hevingham with Melvin Barker’s triple winning 14-12, Jimmy Dye’s triple winning 15-10 & Gerald Chilvers’ triple winning 17-15. Hevingham also lost 7-3 at Horsford BC where Barbara Ayres, Pauline Strivens & Ray Ayers won 22-4 against Rex Cox.  


Bure Championship Finals dates & venues

Following the completion of all the Bure Championship heats the Bure League Competition Secretary has announced the dates of the three Finals Nights. The Bure Triples Finals will be played at Woodbastwick on Tuesday 17-3-15, the Bure Pairs Finals will be played at Coltishall on Wednesday 18-3-15 and the Bure Singles Finals will be played at Horsford BC on Thursday 19-3-15. The names of all the finalists can be found on the Bure Singles, Pairs & Triples pages under the League Tables tab.


I.C.C latest

The I.C.C preliminary rounds were played at the weekend and West Mids Premier won the battle against Devon Premier finishing 26-14 ahead. West Mids Premier will now face Hampshire Premier in the quarter-finals. The result was of great interest to Norfolk who, if they overcome Gloucestershire Premier in the quarter-finals, face the winner of the Hampshire Premier v West Mids Premier tie in the semi-finals. In the other I.C.C Premier Main Competition tie Kent Premier blew away Herefordshire Premier 38-2 and now face the mighty Cheshire Premier in the quarter-finals. The winner of that tie will play the winner of the Cornwall Premier v Essex Premier match.

In the “A” Team Consolation section Oxfordshire “A” beat the Stockport Metro League team 25-15 and now face East Sussex “A” in the quarter-finals. The winners of that tie will play the winner of the Norfolk “A” v Northants “A” quarter-final.

In the main “A” Team Competition Suffolk were beaten 26-14 by West Mids “A” while Essex “A” beat Herefordshire “A” in a sudden death play-off after their tie finished level at 20-20.


I.C.C Premier Main quarter-finals

Gloucestershire v Norfolk (at Surrey)

Hampshire v West Mids (at Bristol)

Cheshire v Kent (at Surrey)

Cornwall v Essex (at Bristol)


I.C.C Consolation quarter-finals

Gloucestershire v Shropshre or Cambs (at Surrey)

Hertfordshire v London (at Westergate)

Norfolk v Northants (at March IBC)

East Sussex v Oxfordshire (at Bristol)

                                                                                                                                                        Posted 26-1-15

Costessey keep winning but Marriott ready to pounce!

City of Norwich League leaders Costessey kept the pressure on fellow title chasers with 12-2 home wins against both Old Bonds & Jarrolds but Thorpe Marriott are perfectly positioned in second place, just six points behind, and with a game in hand. Marriott pulled off an excellent 10-4 away win at Sprowston SSC to dampen Sprowston’s title hopes and also won 12-2 at home to Deaf Sports. Third placed British Rail suffered a heavy 14-0 defeat at Horsford BC and have played more games than both the top two. Last year’s champions Horsford BC also beat Taverham 12-2 but lost 12-2 at County Council and another title win looks out of  their reach this season. In the bottom half of the table First Bus beat Framingham Earl 12-2 and Horsford Heroes won 10-4 at Felthorpe.

                                                                                                                                                       Posted 25-1-15

Defending Bure Singles champ shows true grit

Gerald Chilvers of Kirby Bedon is through to the Bure Singles Finals night once again after emerging unbeaten from the preliminary heat held at Horsford BC, the venue where he pulled off his amazing comeback in last year’s final to lift the coveted title. Chilvers did not have the perfect start after he was forced to settle for a 7-7 draw against Coltishall’s Margaret Harman but showed true grit to win his remaining matches. A straightforward 11-3 win against Mike Boswell of Windows put Chilvers on course and two wins against former Kirby team-mate George Clarke and John Jeffries of East Tuddenham won him the heat. Boswell made sure of second place, and a best runner-up place, beating Clarke 11-5, Jeffries 12-5 & Harman 12-7.

Former Norfolk County player-manager Lianne Mills of Woodbastwick was in outstanding form in the heat at Kirby Bedon. In her opening game she faced Halvergate star David Lamb and shocked the England international as she effortlessly cruised into a 5-1 lead after four ends. Lamb hit back on the fifth end taking three shots to cut the deficit to 5-4 but that was as good as it would get as Lianne Mills stamped her authority on the game scoring five more shots without reply to win 10-4. Mills hardest game of the night proved to be her second game against last year’s runner-up Maurice Kemp of Hevingham but a single shot on the final end earned her an 8-7 win. After that there was no stopping Lianne Mills as she beat Chris Brooks of Hevingham by 15-3 and Mick Dale of Horsford Heroes by 14-5. Meanwhile David Lamb recovered from his early defeat to hold off Hevingham’s Chris Brooks to win his second game 12-10. A massive 21-2 win against Dale gave Lamb valuable shots in his third game and he clinched second place with an 11-6 win against Maurice Kemp in his final game to qualify for Finals Night along with Lianne Mills.

Its many years since Woodbastwick star Peter Jablonowski played for Norfolk Premier in the I.C.C but he proved that he continues to be a dangerous opponent on the mat as he proved as he went through the heat at Hevingham unbeaten. Three wins against Coltishall players Vic Woods & Jean Barnett and Halvergate’s Keith Cooke, and a draw against East Tuddenham’s Peter Smart, saw the man they call Jabby win the heat. Peter Smart did enough to earn a best runner-up spot and a place on Finals Night with two wins and two draws for six points. England’s Keith Cooke will be disappointed to have accumulated just two points as will three time Norfolk County Singles champion Vic “Quiet Man” Woods who both had an evening to forget.  

East Tuddenham’s John Turner took maximum points at Coltishall where the former England player began with an 11-8 win against John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott. A 15-3 win against Kirby’s Billie Barker came next followed by a 9-6 win against Dennis Seaton of Horsford BC and an 11-8 win against Avril Walker of Windows. John Jarvis grabbed the runner-up spot with four points ahead of Billie Barker on shot difference but failed to qualify.

Chris Mann, representing East Tuddenham, blazed his way through the heat hosted by Woodbastwick. The 2013 SMPT European Masters winner opened with a 20-2 win against Paul Isgate of Horsford BC and in his second game, against Joyce Vincent of Hevingham, he repeated the feat again with an identical 20-2 victory. Peter Fox of Horsford Heroes was his third victim although Fox restricted Mann to a 12-4 scoreline. In his last game of the night Chris Mann had to settle for a modest 11-8 win against Kirby Bedon’s Jimmy Dye. Paul Isgate finished in second place with four points which would not prove enough to get him through the heat.

Bure Singles Championship Finalists

Gerald Chilvers (Kirby Bedon), Lianne Mills, Peter Jablonowski (both Woodbastwick), Chris Mann, John Turner, Peter Smart (all East Tuddenham), David Lamb (Halvergate) & Mike Boswell (Windows)

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Defending Bure Singles Champion Gerald Chilvers of Kirby Bedon


Hempnall pair are the comeback kings

Hempnall collected maximum points at home to Coltishall in the Tens League despite Vic Woods’ triple beating Paul Baker’s triple 13-11 in a tight first half. Rob Cranston & Roger Parker gave the home side a halftime advantage of just three shots after a fantastic comeback against former England players Carol & John Aggas. The home pairing trailed 9-0 at one point and looked to be heading for a damaging defeat before storming back to win 16-11. After the break Hempnall took control as Neil Davidson & Charlie Archer won 16-9 and Richard Harrowing’s triple won 20-7.       

                                                                                                                         Posted 23-1-15  


Rest in Peace Alan Williamson

The Norfolk Short Mat Bowls Association is saddened to learn that Alan Williamson of Windows, formerly Anglian Windows, passed away yesterday at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. We would like to express our condolences to Alan's family and all his friends at Windows Bowls Club.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Posted 22-1-15

Rest in Peace Trevor Hallett

The Norfolk Short Mat Bowls Association is saddened to learn that popular Woodbastwick member Trevor Hallett passed away on Sunday at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital after a lengthy illness. We would like to express our condolences to Trevor’s family and all at Woodbastwick Bowls Club.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Posted 21-1-15

Norwich Cup wins for Halvergate & Coltishall

Halvergate eased their way into the semi-finals of the Norwich Cup with a comfortable home win against Connaught “A”. Jackie Smith, Steven Lamb & Morgan Warnes led the way with wins of 8-2 & 8-6 and the visitors conceded at 10-2 down with a session remaining. A solid team performance by Coltishall saw them come from behind to win 9-7 at First Bus. The City League side started well enough winning the first session with Bob Oatway’s triple beating Malcolm Reynolds 9-3 while Bob Pattison’s triple drew with Les Harman’s Coltishall triple. The second session was shared as the home pair of Betty Cox & Colin Coman beat Roly Sargant & Margaret Harman 10-9 and Coltishall’s Carol & John Aggas beat Elaine Oatway & Rex Cox 13-4. Leading 5-3 on points at the interval First Bus looked set to make home advantage count but the third session saw Coltishall move into the lead by 7-5 as Vernon Bunn, Jean Barnett & Malcolm Reynolds beat Bob Pattison’s triple 10-6 and Jeff Sandell, Peter Barnett & Les Harman beat Bob Oatway’s triple 8-4. That left Coltishall just needing one win in the last session of pairs and Roly Sargant & Margaret Harman duly obliged beating Elaine Oatway & Rex Cox 14-5.

                                                                                                                                         Posted 20-1-15



Coltishall on the way up

After a sequence of four straight Tens League defeats Coltishall are now on the way up the table after successive home wins against Bradwell & Connaught. Against Bradwell Carol & John Aggas romped to an impressive 26-6 win to send Coltishall on their way to a 4-0 victory. Jeff Sandell, Peter Barnett & Les Harman won 23-6 to do their shot difference figures a world of good in a match that saw Coltishall accumulate 80 shots against the visitors 30. Two nights later Coltishall entertained Connaught but this time found their visitors a much tougher proposition. The Aggas pairing again won beating Chris & Tyrone Musk 20-14 but the unchanged Les Harman triple went down 15-14 to Bill Adcock, Steve Hall & Alison Rush. After the break Connaught’s Diane Quadling & Bob Oatway kept the result in doubt beating Jean Barnett & Vic Woods 19-16 but a one shot win for Maureen Munford, Roly Sargant & George Munford against Diana Adcock, David Quadling & Elaine Oatway saw Coltishall safely over the finishing line by 63-60 on shots for a 2-0 win. These results lift Coltishall up to fifth place above Connaught, Hevingham & Bradwell.

                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 19-1-15


Heroes stop British Rail getting up steam

British Rail missed out on a chance to move top of the City of Norwich League when they went down 12-2 at Horsford Heroes and remain in second place one point behind Costessey. Sprowston SSC enhanced their title chances with a resounding 14-0 home win against bottom of the table Windows who also lost 10-4 at Framingham Earl. Deaf Sports though achieved greater success at Framingham Earl as they carved out a 12-2 away win that leaves them in fifth place. Other games saw Felthorpe beat County Council 12-2 and First Bus beat Jarrolds 10-4. In the City Shield quarter-final first leg match Sprowston SSC drew 4-4 at Framingham Earl and look favourites to reach the semi-final stage. Hempnall suffered a 3-0 away defeat to Halvergate in the Tens League where Roy Walker & Keith Cooke clinched the points beating Jack Pye & Chris Mann 18-9. Despite fielding a star studded side it was Hempnall’s third defeat in five Tens League outings.

                                                                                                                                                        Posted 18-1-15

11 up for Wymondham

There appears to be no stopping defending Breckland League champions Wymondham as they made it eleven wins in a row beating Forncett 10-0. Despite Forncett’s best efforts they found themselves outgunned by the powerful Wymondham team who scored 90 shots against the visitors 48. Pat Saunders, Melvyn Barker & Debbie Phillips scored the night’s biggest win of 25-11 followed closely by Billie Barker, Brian Saunders & Jack Pye who won 26-13. Second placed Carleton Rode won 9-1 at home to Watton but are now 30 points adrift of the leaders. Jill Davidson, Ollie Allen & Neil Davidson led the way for the Rode with a 22-8 win while Morris Taylor, Karl Newby & Terry Newby weighed in with a 21-10 win. Other results saw Banham win 8-2 at home to Forncett & Connaught “B” beat Harling Unicorns 8-2.

                                                                                                                                                         Posted 16-1-15


Funeral details

Gordon Crowe’s funeral will take place at St Faiths Crematorium on Tuesday 3rd February at 3.30pm. Family flowers only please. The funeral will be followed by a get together to remember Gordon at the Bob Carter Centre in Drayton.

Hevingham break Tens League duck

Hevingham moved off the foot of the Tens League table with a maximum 4-0 home win against Connaught. Joyce Vincent, Eddie Hayward & Aleck Haynes led the way with a big 27-6 win while both Hevingham pairs also delivered the goods. Gill Bunn & David Sharpe scored a 21-8 win and Rex Cox & Maurice Kemp won 20-9.

Bure League action

A flurry of Bure League fixtures early in the New Year have left East Tuddenham sitting at the top with 65 points with Thorpe Marriott in second place twelve points behind them. Defending champions Halvergate sit in third place just three points behind Marriott but have three games in hand over the top two. Kirby Bedon have moved up to fourth just one point behind Halvergate but have two games in hand over East Tuddenham & Marriott. Halvergate stormed to a 10-0 away win against Windows where David Knights, Steven Lamb & Morgan Warnes won 26-6. East Tuddenham won 6-4 at Coltishall where Geraldine Potter, Gerald Potter & Chris Mann won 23-6. Kirby Bedon won 8-2 at home to Coltishall with Gerald Chilvers, Selwyn Goldsmith & Joe Brown all skipping their triples to victory while Vic Woods scored the visitors only win. Kirby Bedon repeated the feat beating Horsford Heroes 8-2 with Phil Watson, Selwyn Goldsmith & Gerald Chilvers all winning their games. Coltishall won 10-0 at home to Hevingham with Vic Woods’ triple winning 26-6 & Margaret Harman’s triple winning 24-7.

                                                                                                                                                                 Posted 13-1-15

Norfolk “A” quarter-final venue & date change

The Inter County Championship Consolation quarter-final match involving Norfolk “A” has been brought forward one day to Saturday 14th February and the venue has been changed to March Indoor Bowls Club in Cambridgeshire instead of the Church Gresley Indoor Bowls Club in Derbyshire. In the original draw, announced on the E.S.M.B.A website, Northants “A” were down as having a preliminary tie against East Sussex “A” but that match will no longer take place and Northants will go straight into the quarter-finals to face Norfolk “A”. The E.S.M.B.A deserve praise for taking the common sense route of switching the tie to Cambridgeshire halfway between the two counties. The change will save some Norfolk players from making a 368 mile round trip which the Derbyshire venue would have meant.

                                                                                                                       Posted 12-1-15


Wymondham into first Challenge Cup final

Wymondham produced another solid win at Hempnall with a repeat scoreline of 14-6 to the visitors. Roger Parker gave Hempnall their first points of the night with a 15-4 win against Chris Mann but Jack Pye hit back for Wymondham as he convincingly beat three time county singles champion Neil Davidson 14-4 with the current champ having no answer to Pye's blistering performance. The rinks did the damage for Wymondham and had the tie won by the first session as Pat Saunders, Billie Barker, Melvyn Barker and Debbie Sparham beat Owen Cranston, Lewis Cranston, Ollie Allen and Will Hoggan 8-5 while Mary Fisher, Brian Saunders, Andrew Jackson and Jon Sparham beat Syd Harman, Joan Cann, Chris East and Rob Cranston by a resounding 14-7 scoreline to give Wymondham the bonus points for an 8-2 first session win. Roger Parker was Hempnall's star player of the night as he won his second match against Jack Pye 10-6 while Neil Davidson beat Chris Mann 8-5. Both Wymondham rinks won again with Jon Sparham's four winning a tight match 6-3 and four shots picked up on the last end by Debbie Sparham's rink meant they picked up the bonus points again by three shots with a 14-7 win. Bob Carter entertain Halvergate in the other semi final on the 27th Jan with Bob Carter needing to turn over a substantial 15-5 scoreline.

East Tuddenham on course for final

East Tuddenham put themselves in the driving seat to claim a place in the Bure Cup Final by establishing a 16-8 first leg lead over Kirby Bedon in their semi-final first leg clash. Making home advantage count two home triples scored maximum points with Geraldine Potter, Gerald Potter & Chris Mann winning by 7-0, 6-5 & 5-4 while Albert Palgrave, Chris Turner & John Turner won 9-3, 10-0 & 6-3. Top scoring triple for the visitors were Billie Barker, Shirley Brown & Joe Brown who won two of their games by 5-3 & 6-3. Tens League action saw Kirby Bedon win 4-0 at home to Bradwell and move to third place in the table just one point behind Halvergate & Bob Carter. In the pairs Teresa Goldsmith & Melvyn Barker won 17-10 and Shirley & Joe Brown won 20-7. In the triples Jan Hewitt, Joan Costello & Brian Saunders won 16-10 & Billie Barker, Pat Saunders & Gerald Chilvers won 19-10. The result leaves Bradwell on the foot of the table without a point after five defeats. Costessey are top of the City of Norwich League table after taking maximum points in a 14-0 win at home to First Bus. British Rail beat Sprowston SSC 10-4 in a tough match between two of the other title contenders that leaves Rail in second place just three points behind the leaders. Thorpe Marriott saw their title hopes take a hit after a surprise 10-4 defeat away to Taverham. Defending champions Horsford BC won 12-2 at home to Windows but still have a lot of ground to make up on the leading pack after a disappointing start that has seen them lose five of their ten matches. In the remaining game County Council beat Old Bonds 12-2.

                                                                                                                                                                            Posted 11-1-15

Rest in Peace Gordon Crowe

The N.C.S.M.B.A is saddened to learn that Gordon Crowe has passed away and wishes to express their condolences to Lesley and the family. Gordon was a top player for First Bus in the City of Norwich League for many years and was a highly valued player in the Norfolk County Squad. Gordon won the Norfolk County Pairs Championship title in 2008/09 playing with George Clarke and in 2000/01 was runner up in the National Fours Championships at Kettering Leisure Centre playing with First Bus team-mate Bob Oatway, Lianne Cole of Woodbastwick & Alistair Hunter of Kirby Bedon. He will always be remembered fondly by all that played with him and against him. Rest in Peace Gordon.

                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 10-1-15

Neil Davidson wins third Norfolk Singles title

Neil Davidson lifted the Norfolk County Singles crown for the third time in five years after a superb performance in the final against Melvin Woods of Bob Carter. Neil Davidson started strongly on the first end drawing in two bowls forcing Melvin Woods to attack the head. Woods managed to take out one of Davidson’s bowls but the Hempnall star drew in his final wood to take a 2-0 lead. The Bob Carter bowler got the better of a replayed second end with a couple of perfect bowls and when Davidson missed his attack shot the game was level at 2-2. Neil Davidson re-established his two shot lead on the third end however by drawing in three great bowls. Melvin Woods was again forced to attack but could not stop Davidson taking two shots. Neil Davidson piled on the pressure on the fourth end drawing in three excellent woods again forcing his opponent to attack. After removing one of Davidson’s bowls with his third wood he gave himself a chance to draw in with his last bowl but to his anguish saw his backhand draw shot roll through a gap in the head leaving Davidson leading 6-2. The fifth end saw Davidson take a firm grip on the game as he drew in four bowls to hold a full house with just Melvin Woods’ final bowl to play. Woods again attacked the head but was only able to take out one shot to leave Davidson with a commanding 9-2 lead. Melvin Woods refused to give up yet though and held two shots on the next end before a glorious attacking bowl by Davidson drove both his opponents woods out to take another shot. With Neil Davidson now in complete control of the game he scored another three shots on the seventh end to lead 13-2 and at that point the result was inevitable and the Bob Carter player conceded as Neil Davidson celebrated his third Norfolk County Singles victory. In the third place play-off Wymondham’s Jon Sparham defeated Robin Amos of Deaf Sports 12-7. Neil Davidson reached the final with a 9-4 semi-final win against Robin Amos which followed a 9-7 quarter-final win against Wymondham’s Melvyn Barker which he won by scoring four shots on the last end. Melvin Woods beat Jon Sparham 11-2 in the semi-finals after defeating Thorpe Marriott’s George Clarke 11-1 in the quarter-finals. In the other quarter-final games Jon Sparham knocked out fellow Wymondham bowler Chris Mann 8-7 after an extra end was needed and Robin Amos beat Morgan Warnes of Horsford BC by 12-7.    

                                                                                                                                    Posted 6-1-15

Neil Davidson is Norfolk's Singles Champ for the third time

Runner-up Melvin Woodsof Bob Carter

County team-mates Melvin Woods & Neil Davidson with their trophies

Melvin & Neil with Norfolk President Brian Saunders

Inter-County Knock-out Draw announced

The E.S.M.B.A has announced the draw for the knock-out rounds of the Inter-CountyChampionships. In the I.C.C Premier quarter-finals Norfolk Premier, winners of group 2, will face group one winners Gloucestershire Premier at Wye Valley IBC in Surrey on 22-2-15. In the “A” Team Consolation quarter-finals Norfolk “A” will play the winners of the qualifying round tie between Northamptonshire “A” & East Sussex “A” but will face a 328 mile round trip to Church Gresley IBC in Derbyshire to play the match. With three games still to play to complete groups 3 & 5, West Mids entertain champions Cheshire on 11-1-15, it is still uncertain who Norfolk would be likely to face in the semi-finals if they overcome Gloucestershire.

The full Premier Quarter-Final draw is;

Gloucestershire v Norfolk in Surrey 22/2/15, Kent or Hampshire v Devon, West Mids or Cheshire in Bristol 22/2/15. Cheshire or West Midlands v Hants, Kent or Herefordshire in Surrey 22/2/15. Cornwall v Essex in Bristol 22/2/15.

The full “A” Team Consolation Quarter-Final draw is;

Norfolk “A” v Northants “A” or East Sussex “A” in Church Gresley 15/2/15. Gloucestershire “A” v Shropshire or Cambridge in Surrey 14/2/15. Hertfordshire v London or Dorset “A” at Westergate on 14/2/15. East Sussex “A” v Stockport Metro League or Oxfordshire “A” in Briston 15/2/15.

In recent years any qualifying, or quarter-final ties involving Norfolk, have tended to be set in Northamptonshire which although a tidy distance of around 120 miles from Norwich was considered drivable by team members. Surrey’s WyeValley venue did not cause Norfolk Premier many problems when Surrey shared Norfolk’s group the previous season and the journey was accomplished without complaint on the morning of the match. The use of Church Gresley IBC by the ESMBA though will entail still longer journeys for the Norfolk team with the “A” Team now facing a 328 mile round trip to play their quarter-final tie. If Northants “A”, as some expect, beat East Sussex in the qualifying round their journey to Derbyshire from Northants will be just 54 miles. If the match had been played at Cambridgeshire’s county venue Norfolk would have to travel just 50 miles and Northants 60. The increased distances involved this season will make budgeting more of an issue for the NCSMBA County Team Management.

                                                                                                                         Posted 2-1-15


Bucks lament poor umpiring, Willies asks if ESMBA are power mad and Irish salute Ryan O’Neil

As we reach the end of another year I thought it might be interesting to check out the various short mat bowls websites to see what news is being reported. The first one I checked raised an issue that is often spoken about and that is the standard of umpiring in our sport. Buckinghamshire’s county website carries a report of an I.C.C “A” team match against Surrey “A” on 13-12-14 at Wey Valley IBC in which they were, to say the least, critical of the umpiring. They even went as far as publishing two photos with captions to make their point. Whether the report accurately reflects the standard of umpiring on the day or not is something we can’t comment on but many bowlers over the years have expressed concern over the general standard of umpiring. Having played in the National Championships for Norfolk for many years I can say that there are some excellent umpires out there who give their time up for the sport they love. Sadly there are also umpires whose standards fall short of what is acceptable. The question is what can be done to improve the situation in a sport where umpires are sometimes thin on the ground and hard to obtain?

The new ESMBA I.C.C format is raised on the The Julian Haines Bowls Forum site where West Mids Chairman Chris Willies states that reducing the groups to just three teams each is a good idea but calls for more changes as he feels the I.C.C has gone stale. Willies also asks the question as to if the ESMBA are trying to force out the Short Mat Players Tour (SMPT) and poses the question as to if the ESMBA are going “power mad” and “stamping their power on short mat bowls.”

The Irish site highlighted the incredible achievement of Ryan O’Neill who won the British Isles Singles title in November. By doing so he became the first player to win the Irish Singles, Pairs, Triples & Rinks titles as well as the British Isles Singles, Pairs, Triples & Rinks. 

Cambridgeshire’s website carried reports on the Cambs County Championships held on the 14th & 21st December. The always smiling Joe Peters lifted the Cambs Singles title beating Barry Fox by five shots in the final. Joe had his work cut out as he also faced the talented young Cambs bowler Robert Spriggs in the semi-finals in a match that Joe won 6-4 and showed that he is not yet ready to yield to the young generation. Spriggs also reached the Cambs County Pairs final and this time he was able to celebrate with his pairs partner Margaret Rea as they beat the experienced pairing of Barry Newton & Maureen Fyson by 7-3. Robert Spriggs made it three finals as, with Gill & Tony Kent, he faced J Bridgestock, D Buck & C Buck but it was Bridgestock & the Bucks who lifted the trophy winning 7-5. More success followed for the winning triple as J Bridgestock, D Buck, Craig Buck & Colin Buck won the County Fours beating J Retchless, B Waling, D Retchless & C Waling by 13-3.  

Devon’s website reported on their County Fours & County Triples Championships. Michael Ivings, Paul Pomeroy, James Trott & James Smith raced to a 20-2 win in the final of the Devon County Fours and James Trott, Paul Pomeroy & Michael Ivings also won the County Triples. They beat Simon Pridham, Bronagn Toleman & Lee Toleman 10-8 in what they described as a “pulsating and tense final” and with those six players involved I am sure that it was!

North Yorkshire’s website also focussed on their County Championships with the news that Danny Langdon lifted the Under 18s title for the third year in a row beating Cameron Breeze 13-4. Francis Boatman & Steve Duffyn won the Pairs title while Ben Render, Emma Burrows, Jane Rudd & 15 year old Jamie Trigg won the Fours title. They also reported that their National Championship entries were down 20% this year while the number of registered players in the NYSMBA was down by 4%.

The West Sussex site reports that their County Secretary & their County Competition Secretary have both indicated that they will not be standing for re-election at their next AGM and that volunteers are sought to fill the vacancies.

                                                                                                                                                                                Posted 31-12-14

Robert Spriggs of Cambs

Norfolk's Nationals allocation announced

The E.S.M.B.A have announced the allocations for the National Championships in 2015 which reveal that Norfolk have received the second highest number of allocations in the Association reflecting Norfolk’s support of the championships. Only Essex has received more entries than Norfolk with Somerset the third highest. The failure of some counties to enter the National Championships is evident as Shropshire, Merseyside, London, Lancashire, Isle of Wight, Avon, CountyDurham & Cambridgeshire do not receive a single allocation between them. Shropshire have been successful in the National Championships collecting no less than fifteen titles over the years including the National Pairs for the last four years so it is particularly sad to see them unrepresented. Norfolk receive the maximum four entries in each of the four main National competitions, the Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours. Norfolk has been allocated two entries in the National Mixed Fours and five entries in the National Under 18s event.

                                                                                             Posted 29-12-14



League Round-up


City of Norwich League

Thorpe Marriott took over the top spot in the City of Norwich League over the festive break with two excellent wins. George Clarke’s triple won 23-2 as Marriott won 12-2 at home to Taverham and they followed this up with a 14-0 maximum win at Deaf Sports. Title contenders Sprowston SSC kept up the pressure with a 12-2 home win against Windows while defending champions HorsfordBC beat First Bus 14-0 with Simon Warnes’ triple winning 25-1. Framingham Earl enjoyed a comfortable 12-2 home win against County Council.                                                                                                                                   

Breckland League

Wymondham reached the season’s break with an 8-2 win at Forncett. Peter Lock’s triple scored Forncett’s only win beating Jack Pye’s triple 21-14 but Wymondham skips Andrew Jackson, Chris Mann & Melvyn Barker all won to leave Wymondham ten points clear at the top with a game in hand. Second placed Connaught “A” took maximum points at home to Harling Griffins with Diane Quadling, Elaine Oatway & Bob Oatway winning 30-12 and Rita Secker, Dave Quadling & Owen Secker winning 26-8. Harling Unicorns won 6-4 at home to Connaught “B” and also won their local derby against Harling Griffins by 8-2. Unicorn’s Mike Tarrant skipped his triple to wins of 26-6 & 26-13 over the two games. Forncett beat Banham 10-0 while Hingham won 6-4 at Harling Griffins.  

Tens League

Connaught won by three shots at Bradwell to complete a double over their Tens League rivals despite only winning on one mat. Diane Adcock, Dave Quadling & Elaine Oatway scored the vital win of 20-7 to earn their team a rare victory on the road. Halvergate & Bob Carter are locked together at the top of the table on eighteen points each with Kirby Bedon in third five points behind.

South Norfolk League

Connaught moved into second place in the South Norfolk League with a convincing 10-0 home win against Wreningham followed by a 7-3 away win at Hingham. Hempnall remain top of the table with five straight wins in a league that they continue to dominate. Other results saw Horsford Heroes beat bottom of the table Wreningham 8-2 and also beat struggling Saxlingham 10-0.                                                                                

Coastal League

Its Woodbastwick all the way in the Coastal League where their two teams made it a two horse race. Woodbastwick Owls, with only one defeat, have already made sure of the title with Woodbastwick Eagles in the runners-up spot.

Bure League

East Tuddenham hold the top spot over the Christmas break thirteen points clear of second placed Horsford Heroes. Defending champions Halvergate though have remarkably only played three games so far so have five games in hand over the top two.

                                                                                                 Posted 27-12-14



Sprowston score a City League maxmum

Sprowston SSC kept in contention for the City of Norwich League title with a resounding 14-0 home win against defending champions HorsfordBC. Second placed British Rail suffered a 14-0 defeat at Deaf Sports who also won 11-3 at Felthorpe. Mid table County Council proved too strong for visitors Windows as they recorded a 12-2 win. Windows fared better at home to Horsford Heroes where they won 10-4.  


HorsfordBC end Tuddenham’s unbeaten run

Bure League action saw East Tuddenham’s unbeaten record come to an end at HorsfordBC where the league leaders suffered a surprise defeat. Tuddenham’s Linda Chadwick, Les Chadwick & Peter Smart won 22-15 and Chris Mann’s triple added a 16-15 win but it was not enough as B Ayers, Terry Raisbury & A Ayers won 14-9 and Tim Flack, Malcolm Makins & Bob Burrage won 16-9 to earn Horsford BC a 6-4 win, only their second victory of the campaign. East Tuddenham returned to winning ways with a 9-1 home win against Woodbastwick as Chris Mann’s triple won 18-9, Robin Amos won 16-13 & John Turner won 15-10. Windows did well to come away from Thorpe Marriott with a 6-4 win.

                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 22-12-14

Wymondham pair win dramatic final on extra end

In one of the most dramatic finishes to a Norfolk County Pairs Final in recent years Wymondham’s Mikey George & Jon Sparham snatched the title out of the grasp of Carleton Rode's Ollie Allen & Wymondham’s Jack Pye on a sudden death extra end. Jack Pye, who had played brilliant attacking bowls all through the day, took a single on the first end when he fired Jon Sparham’s holding wood off the jack. Ollie Allen, who lifted the County Triples crown last week, held shot on the second end before Jon Sparham drew in. Back came Jack Pye though with another attacking wood to hold three shots which Jon Sparham failed to remove with his final wood. The third end belonged to Jon Sparham as two perfect bowls retrieved a difficult situation to cut the deficit to 4-2. A couple of loose woods from Mikey George left his skip in all kinds of trouble on the fourth end as Ollie Allen drew in both his bowls. Sparham was forced to attack taking one opposition bowl out of the head but Jack Pye immediately drew in another great wood. Sparham attacked again but this time he missed leaving Jack Pye an easy draw with his final bowl to take three shots and a 7-2  lead. On the next end Mikey George played a good take out shot to remove an Ollie Allen bowl off the jack and then drew in a good back wood. Sparham drew in a second wood to take two shots after Jack Pye failed to change anything in the head and they were now just three shots behind. A great battle of the leads on the sixth end was won by Ollie Allen as he drew an inch perfect bowl behind the jack. Sparham made a great effort to remove it but was somewhat unlucky and Jack Pye played a lovely last bowl to take three shots and a commanding 9-4 lead with just two scheduled ends to go. Mikey George took advantage of two loose woods by Ollie Allen on the penultimate end by drawing in both his woods before Jon Sparham added a third. With the pressure mounting young Jack Pye responded with an excellent second wood to cut the damage to one shot. Going into the last end 9-5 up Ollie Allen & Jack Pye simply had to avoid dropping a full house of four to lift the title and when Allen drew in shot wood things were looking good. Jon Sparham was not done yet though and he responded by trailing the jack down the mat to Mikey George’s two back woods to hold three shots. Jack Pye drew in second wood to again put him in the driving seat but a fabulous final bowl by Jon Sparham sent Pye’s wood rolling out of the head to score four shots and level the match at 9-9. An extra end was now needed to decide the championship. Mikey George went long with his opening bowl while Ollie Allen drew in just behind the jack. A great forehand reply by Mikey George took shot while Allen lost his last wood off the side of the mat. Sparham added to the pressure with a toucher forcing Jack Pye to again resort to firing and he drove the jack back into the ditch but failed to go with it leaving Mikey George’s opening back bowl now holding shot. Sparham’s last bowl dropped short and it was left to Jack Pye to play the last wood of the final. Pye’s determined effort failed to save the match leaving Mikey George & Jon Sparham celebrating winning the Norfolk County Pairs title by 11-9 after a remarkable comeback. It is Jon Sparham's second County Pairs title. The third place all Halvergate play-off was won by Ian Mills & Roy Walker who scored four shots on the last end of their match to beat Michael Savage & Ray Lamb 8-7. In the semi-finals Mikey George & Jon Sparham beat Michael Savage & Ray Lamb 9-2 while Ollie Allen & Jack Pye beat Ian Mills & Roy Walker 13-2.

                                                                                                                                                Posted 21-12-14

Newly crowned Norfolk County Pairs Champions Jon Sparham & Mikey George

Jack Pye & Ollie Allen, County Pairs runners-up

Hempnall see off Carter in Norwich Cup classic

Every now and again the Norwich Cup, still the biggest club knock-out competition in Norfolk short mat bowls, delivers a classic encounter and this week’s tie between Hempnall & Bob Carter will go down as one of the best. Cup holders Bob Carter were aware of the danger that a team of Hempnall’s class can pose but following two dreadful Tens League defeats in a matter of days against Halvergate & Kirby Bedon you could have expected Hempnall’s confidence to be pretty low. As it was Hempnall choose to bounce back with a gritty performance against the cup favourites in a match that ended in a sudden death one end play-off involving six of Norfolk’s best bowlers. The first three sessions were all drawn so going into the final session the score was level at 6-6 on points but with Bob Carter just one shot ahead. Roger Parker & Neil Davidson, fresh from skipping a triple to victory in the County Championships the day before, faced Bob Carter’s Chrissie Turner & Melvin Woods and the Carter pair won the game by two shots. Hempnall’s Chris East & Charlie Archer had to beat Jean Woods & John Turner by three shots to force a sudden death play-off and four shots to win outright but their game was level at 6-6 with one end to go and Carter looked set to reach the quarter-finals. East & Archer had other ideas though and somehow managed to take three shots on the last end to leave the teams level on both points & shots. This left Hempnall captain Paul Baker frantically looking around for the Norwich Cup rules which he finally found. Hempnall choose Roger Parker, Charlie Archer & Neil Davidson to play the sudden death extra end while Carter sent Melly Woods, Robert Howlett & John Turner into action for them. All the woods were around the jack and Hempnall held one shot with just the skips left to play their bowls and decide the issue. John Turner fired his first wood sending his bowl one way and the jack towards the ditch but it pulled up a foot short leaving Carter holding two shots although the jack was still out in the open. Neil Davidson was faced with the choice of drawing shot or trying to ditch the jack and he choose the latter. A controlled wood by the man they call “Sheep” deposited the jack two inches over the ditch line but left his toucher breaking the line and vulnerable to attack. John Turner fired his final wood in an attempt to force Davidson’s bowl to the other end of the ditch but missed by inches leaving Hempnall celebrating a dramatic cup victory. I am told by Neil Davidson that during the extra end Hempnall captain Paul Baker was unable even to watch and hid in the kitchen until it was all over! Hempnall’s reward is a home game in the quarter-finals against Woodbastwick. The other Norwich Cup match played the same night also went into the last session all square but First Bus avoided the agony of a sudden death end by winning both final games to beat Kirby Bedon 10-6. Betty Cox & Colin Coman were the home team’s heroes winning both their pairs games. Bob Oatway’s First Bus triple opened with a 10-4 win against Shirley Brown’s triple while Kirby replied with a 9-5 win by Gerald Chilvers’ triple against Bob Pattison’s triple. The second session was also shared as Kirby’s Teresa Goldsmith & Phil Watson beat Elaine Oatway & Rex Cox 16-5 while for First Bus Betty Cox & Colin Coman beat Peter Johnson & Joe Brown 8-5. Both third session games were drawn as the triples produced results of 8-8 & 6-6 leaving the teams level at 6-6 on points and just the final pair’s games to play. It was First Bus who rose to the occasion with Betty Cox & Colin Coman winning 11-2 and Elaine Oatway & Rex Cox winning 8-7 to earn their side a quarter-final tie at home to Coltishall. The other quarter-final ties are Wymondham at home to Hevingham and Halvergate at home to Connaught “A”. 

                                                                                                                                 Posted 16-12-14


Bad night for Hempnall at Kirby Bedon

Hempnall hoped to recover their confidence after their 4-0 home defeat against Halvergate in their previous Tens League match but their visit to Kirby Bedon ended in yet another 4-0 defeat that leaves their title hopes in tatters. The game was as good as lost by halftime as the home side built up a 23 shot lead by the interval. In the pairs game Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith were always in control as they beat Rob Cranston & Chris Mann 20-9 while Jan Hewitt, Pat Saunders & Phil Watson beat Colin Stevenson, ex Kirby player Will Hogan & Neil Davidson by 21-9. After the break Shirley Brown, Brian Saunders & Joe Brown scored the evening’s biggest win beating Charlie Archer’s triple 23-7. Young Norfolk County bowlers Owen Cranston & Jack Pye scored a consolation 17-10 win for the visitors against Melvyn Barker & Gerald Chilvers but in the league where shots count for everything it was not near enough to avoid a maximum points defeat. Halvergate moved top of the table on shot difference after a 4-0 win at Coltishall leaving the home side till searching for their first league points of the campaign. Jackie Smith, Steven Lamb did the early damage beating George Munford’s triple 25-6 while Donna & David Lamb edged an 11-8 win against Jean Barnett & Vic Woods. After the break Roy Walker & Keith Cooke beat Roly Sargant & Margaret Harman 19-5 while Ian Mills, Ray Lamb & Robbie Lamb beat Les Harman’s triple 17-11.

                                                                                                                               Posted 16-12-14


Davidson’s triple are the new Champs

There are three brand new names on the Norfolk County Triples Championship trophy after Ollie Allen of Carleton Rode, Lee Fallows of Connaught & Neil Davidson of Hempnall beat Trish Taylor of Diss and Karl & Terry Newby of Carleton Rode 7-4 in a close fought final. The finalists, despite being registered with various clubs, play together at Carleton Rode so a tight final was almost inevitable as they know only too well how each other play. Neil Davidson’s triple earned a single on the opening end to take the lead. A messy start to the second end saw both triples losing bowls off the mat before Davidson drew shot. Terry Newby though took Davidson’s shot wood out with his last bowl to earn his triple a 2-1 lead. Trish Taylor, Karl Newby & Terry Newby piled on the pressure on the third end and held four shots but to Neil Davidson’s great relief he killed the end with his final bowl by driving the jack off the side of the mat. On the replayed end a great bowl by Terry Newby gave his triple a 3-1 lead. Trish Taylor won the battle of the leads on the next end to take shot from Ollie Allen. After Karl Newby drew in a second bowl Lee Fallows attacked but only succeeded in sending the jack down the mat where Trish Taylor’s back wood sat. Terry Newby attempted to consolidate their position but was unlucky to spring the jack leaving Davidson’s triple to pick up a shot. On the fifth end Davidson killed an end for the second time but ditched the jack on the replayed end to score two shots and take a 4-3 lead. When his triple promptly picked up another two shots on the sixth end they were in the driving seat at 6-3 up. An impressive wood by Karl Newby on the penultimate end cut the deficit to 6-4. Needing two shots to force an extra end or three to win Terry Newby’s triple badly needed good positional woods on the final end but it wasn’t to be. Ollie Allen, Lee Fallows & Neil Davidson drew their woods into key positions and Terry Newby was unable to stop them collecting another shot and a 7-4 win to lift the title. Nevertheless it was an excellent performance by Trish Taylor, Karl Newby & Terry Newby who started the day as outsiders but tore up the form book to claim the runners-up spot and a place in the National Championships representing Norfolk. For Ollie Allen, after finding success at the long game, it was a triumphant return to short mat bowls which has earned him a County Squad invitation for next season while Lee Fallows & Neil Davidson will be delighted with their first Norfolk County Triples title. Defending champions Jack Pye & Chris Mann of Wymondham, this year playing with Costessey’s Shirley Brown as lead, had to be content with third place after beating Simon & Morgan Warnes of Horsford BC and David Lamb of Halvergate 12-9 in the third place play-off. Mann’s triple stormed into a 10-0 lead before a remarkable comeback saw just one shot separating the triples with an end to go. Mann’s triple took two shots though to clinch the win. In the semi-finals Neil Davidson’s triple beat Chris Mann’s triple by 8-4 after winning the last three ends. Terry Newby’s triple reached the final with a 6-5 win against England international David Lamb after they went into the final end level on shots.   

                                                                                                                                                   Posted 14-12-14

Lee Fallows, Neil Davidson & Ollie Allen are the new Norfolk Triples Champions

Karl Newby, Trish Taylor & Terry Newby Norfolk County Triples Runners-up

Mike makes the difference

Bure League action saw Windows earn their second win of the season beating Horsford BC 6-4 courtesy of a big 20-6 win for Maurice Curchin, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell. A great second half recovery saw Hevingham snatch a 6-4 win at Kirby Bedon. A 21-6 first half win for Gerald Chilver’s triple and a 15-8 win for Selwyn Goldsmith’s triple were wiped out as Hevingham hit back with Janet Kemp, Betty Cox & Maurice Kemp winning 23-5 for the visitors.

                                                                                       20-6 win for Mike Boswell 

 Costessey are the Homeboys!

City of Norwich League leaders Costessey won 14-0 at home to Horsford BC but slipped to a 12-2 defeat at Jarrolds. Thorpe Marriott continued to impress with a 9-5 win at Horsford Heroes where George Clarke’s triple won 26-1. First Bus won 12-2 at home to Felthorpe and Old Bonds went down by the same score at Taverham. County Council remain in mid-table despite a 12-2 home win against Felthorpe. 

                                                                                                                                                       Posted 13-12-14

East Tuddenham top

East Tuddenham lead the Bure League after a 7-3 home win against second placed Horsford Heroes in an extremely close encounter. Roger Frank’s triple opened for the visitors with a 14-11 win against Peter Smart’s triple while Keith Chapman’s triple held home skip Chris Mann and his triple to a 13-13 draw. After the break Tuddenham’s Robin Amos edged to a one shot win against Peter Fox but John Turner’s triple broke the deadlock beating Mark Tuttle’s triple 20-13. Windows suffered a 10-0 home defeat against Kirby Bedon as the visitors notched up 76 shots against 29. Former Langley bowler Jimmy Dye skipped his triple to a 23-6 win while Phil Watson’s triple won 21-6, Gerald Chilvers won 17-8 and Joe Brown won 15-9. Hevingham won 6-4 at home to Windows with Gill Bunn, Alan Bunn & Pat Williamson winning 27-3 & Rex Cox winning 21-9. Russell Daynes replied for Windows with a 14-13 win while Alan Williamson’s triple beat David Sharpe 21-20. Woodbastwick were held to a 5-5 draw at home by Coltishall. Ex County star Peter Jablonowski and his triple finished with a 17-10 win to earn a share of the points for the home side. British Rail’s great start to the City of Norwich League season continued with a 12-2 home win against Taverham which leaves them nine points clear at the top but second placed Costessey have two games in hand. Thorpe Marriott are close behind them after beating Felthorpe 14-0 and pose a definite threat. Sprowston SSC won 14-0 at Jarrolds and have now won six of their opening eight games. Defending champions Horsford BC won 14-0 at Old Bonds while Old Bonds recovered to beat Horsford Heroes 10-4. It’s all Woodbastwick so far in the Coastal League. Woodbastwick Owls beat Bradwell Beacons 12-6 to make it twelve wins out of thirteen games and remain top while Woodbastwick Eagles are in second place. In the Breckland League Carleton Rode have now won six out of six games, the same as leaders Wymondham. Dropped points though have allowed Wymondham to create a nine point gap over their rivals. Carleton Rode would have been hoping for maximum points against Connaught “B” but had to settle for a 6-4 win with Neil & Russell Davidson the only winning skips for the Rode. At Harling Unicorns Carleton Rode won 7-3 with Neil Davidson leading the way with a 29-10 win and Graham Mobbs not far behind with a 23-6 win but Harling’s Mike Baker hit back with a 23-13 win while the remaining game ended in a 15-15 draw. Connaught “B” won 9-1 at home to Watton but slipped to a 6-4 defeat at Forncett.

                                                                                                                                 Posted 10-12-14

17-8 win for Kirby Bedon captain Gerald Chilvers

Norfolk Premier top Group 2

Norfolk Premier have finished top of their group for the first time in several years despite losing a highly competitive match 21-19 against Northants at Hingham. After Norfolk’s stunning 30-10 win away to Northants they needed fourteen points to move ahead of the strong Essex Premier team and did it with points to spare. The match was not an easy one as Northants had gained confidence since snatching a 20-20 draw away to Essex. They were determined to finish on a high although they must have known they had little chance of gaining enough points to finish in the top two which they needed to do to qualify for the knock-out stages of the Inter-County Championships. The first session was shared with the singles going Northants way and Norfolk winning both pairs games. England internationals Leigh Hall & Ed Sawbridge got the better of Wymondham’s Chris Mann & Hempnall’s Neil Davidson with Hall beating Mann 19-13 and Sawbridge beating Davidson 16-9. Connaught’s Sheila Bragg  & Halvergate’s David Lamb hit back with a 16-9 win and Horsford’s Simon Warnes & Wymondham’s Jon Sparham won 12-10 to level the match. Another drawn session followed with Haddiscoe’s Kerry Greenacre & Wymondham’s  Debbie Sparham & Jack Pye winning 15-6 and Owen Cranston & Rob Cranston of County Council, Halvergate’s Robbie Lamb & Kirby Bedon’s Phil Watson winning 12-7 for Norfolk. Doubt began to creep in as a poor third session saw Chris Mann lose 12-10, Neil Davidson lose 18-13 & Sheila Bragg & David Lamb lose by 25-11. Warnes & Sparham scored two valuable points though with a 13-10 win, their second of the day. Four points were still needed in the final session if Norfolk were to top the group but a 14-3 win for Thorpe Marriott’s Trevor Pinchen & Peter Walker, County Council’s Lewis Cranston and First Bus player Bob Oatway gave them a massive boost. Phil Watson’s rink added an 8-8 draw as Norfolk also collected the rink’s bonus points and Halvergate’s Ray Lamb and Bob Carter’s Jason & Melvin Woods scored an 11-7 triples win to see Norfolk well and truly over the finishing line as Group 2 winners. 
                                                 Norfolk "A" miss out by a whisker!

They will now look forward to the knock-out draw being announced by the ESMBA to see who their next opponents will be. Norfolk “A” had a mountain to climb if they were to overtake Suffolk to earn second place in their group. No less than 27 points were needed in their last match at home to Cambridgeshire but they started with a bang taking seven points in the first session as Windows star Mike Boswell won 21-8, Jenny Walker & Colin Coman won 22-8, Maureen Munford & John Jarvis won 15-12 and Deaf Sports’ Robin Amos drew 12-12 with the talented young Cambs’ star Robert Spriggs. A shared second session saw Debbie Pye, Gerald Chilvers & John Jeffrey win 11-6 & Elaine Oatway, Melvyn Barker, Karl Newby & Terry Newby win 11-4. Another shared session followed with Robin Amos winning 17-6 and Jenny Walker & Colin Coman winning big again, this time by 21-9. Norfolk went into the final session with their hopes still alive and John Jeffries’ triple did well winning by 13-7 to earn the triples bonus points as well. Janet Pinchen, Sheila Redwood, Ted Redwood & George Clarke pulled off a 14-8 rinks win leaving one match still in play with Norfolk still in with a chance of earning the 27 points they needed. Terry Newby’s rink needed to score three shots on the final end to earn the rinks bonus points and they held one shot on the mat when Terry Newby stepped up to play the last wood of the match. With three Norfolk bowls eighteen inches or more behind the jack Newby needed to trail the jack back to see Norfolk leapfrog Suffolk into second place. You could have heard a pin drop in the hall as Newby’s bowl headed towards the jack but instead of taking it back it brushed the jack aside and ran on leaving Norfolk “A” missing out on second place by a whisker despite winning the match 25-15.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Posted 7-12-14

Kirby complete the job at Marriott

After Kirby Bedon’s massive 22-2 first leg victory against Thorpe Marriott in the Bure Cup they went into the second leg needing just three points to progress and wrapped up the tie winning the opening two games. Jimmy Dye, Shirley Brown & Joe Brown started in brilliant form beating Richard Perkins’ triple 12-0 while Billie Barker, Pat Saunders & Phil Watson edged a 4-3 win against Ted Redwood’s triple to earn Kirby Bedon a semi-final place where they will play East Tuddenham. All six sessions were still played though with Marriott winning a close match 13-11 although Kirby scored 62 shots against 61. The aggregate score was Kirby Bedon 33 Thorpe Marriott 15. Joe Brown’s triple notched up three wins of 12-0, 7-4 & 11-2 for the visitors while Jenny Walker, Kath Frost & Sylvia Turner were Marriott’s top triple winning their games 8-4, 9-5 & 5-3.

                                                                                                                                 Posted 5-12-14


New Challenge Cup makes debut

Chris Mann of Wymondham SMBC introduced the start of the new Challenge Cup this season but as a precaution has only invited four teams to participate which are Bob Carter, Halvergate, Hempnall and Wymondham. The cup comprises of two singles and two fours playing over two sessions with overall shots counting in both sessions which means a total of twenty points are on offer. Mann's idea for the cup was to get all forms of the game involved in the county and he hopes this will be answer. Speaking he said "Singles and Fours are where there is a big gap in the county with there being no games of this format anywhere at present. Obviously the reasons are mostly a timing one but if the match's can start early at around 7 and a rolling tea break put in place then this would help. It's all about variety for the bowlers and I hope if the feelers of these match's are successful then the majority of clubs will back this for next season." The first legs of the semi finals were played this week as home advantage gave Wymondham and Halvergate big leads to take into their second legs in the new year. Breckland champions Wymondham hosted South Norfolk champions Hempnall where Wymondham in the end came out with a 14-6 win. Neil Davidson was the only success story of the afternoon for Hempnall as he firstly beat fellow county premier team singles player Chris Mann 10-4 and followed this up in the second session by holding off the challenge of another county premier team bowler Jack Pye winning 11-8. However Jack Pye had given Wymondham a big shots boost in the first session as he comfortably beat Hempnall legend Roger Parker 17-4. The fours were shared also in the first session as B. Barker, D. Pye, A. Jackson and J. Sparham wrapped up the first session win with a resounding 10-1 win against R. Harrowing's rink. M. Fisher, R. Steele, M. Barker and D. Sparham found it much tougher against L. Cranston, O. Cranston, O. Allen and P. Baker as they lost 4-8 but won the first session 6-4. Second session saw Chris Mann having to figthtback from 0-4 down to eventually beat Parker 13-8 as the singles were shared again. But in the final session of the afternoon Wymondham hit top form to win both fours with another win for J. Sparham's block winning 10-7 against P. Baker while D. Sparham's four performed much better to win 12-5 and seal a second session win of 8-2 and 14-6 overall.

Tens league champions Bob Carter visited Bure League victors Halvergate as they looked to take some reasonable points back to the Carter Centre but this never materialized as Halvergate again made home advantage count at their new Upton venue to win 15-5. The first singles session saw David Lamb beat John Turner 11-4 while a dramatic last end saw Trevor Brown claim four shots against Keith Cooke to snatch a 9-10 win. It was one way traffic in the fours for Halvergate as D. Lamb, R. Lamb, R. Walker and R. Lamb won by a resounding 15-1 scoreline while another sizeable win was had by M. Savage, S. Lamb, S. Warnes and M. Warnes as they won 14-5 to leave the home side 8-2 up at the break. More drama unfolded in the second session of the singles as another dropped four on the last end this time by John Turner gifted Keith Cook a 10-10 draw much to the disgust of the recent six time county fours champion. A great battle between David Lamb and Trevor Brown saw Lamb come out on top for the second time of the night, this time with a 12-9 win. A dropped six on the first end and a five further into the match were Bob Carter's undoing in one of the fours match's in the second session as R. Lamb's rink secured their second win of the night also for Halvergate. Carter chalked up their second and only win of the night as S. Hunt, F. Edy, G. Clarke and M. Woods won 10-4 which saw them narrowly miss out on overall shots for the second session by one at 38-37 which again saw Halvergate take the second session 7-3 with the score 15-5 overall. Both Hempnall and Bob Carter have big jobs to do in the second leg but both clubs are usually strong at home as Carter will hope that Jamie Forster and Jason Woods will be available for their second leg after being unavailable in the first leg.

                              Halvergate v Bob Carter at Halvergate's new venue in Upton

                                                                      Posted 5-12-14

Stunning victory for Halvergate at Hempnall

Hempnall’s Tens League title hopes suffered a severe blow as they slumped to a 4-0 maximum home defeat to Halvergate. The first half was evenly balanced as the home pairing of Roger Parker & Neil Davidson won a close game by 18-14 against Jackie Smith & David Lamb and Halvergate replied with a 13-9 win for Michael Savage, Ray Lamb & Robbie Lamb against Richard Harrowing’s triple. The second half was a different story though as Halvergate raced away with the game. Roy Walker & Keith Cooke inflicted a 21-5 defeat on Lewis Cranston & Chris Mann while Steven Lamb, Simon Warnes & Morgan Warnes crushed Paul Baker’s triple 21-6 to leave Hempnall reeling from a rare home defeat.   

                                                                                                                                    Posted 4-12-14



Lakeside closes its doors to bowlers

When the N.C.S.M.B.A Management Committee made its decision to move all their activities out of Lakeside Country Club in Lyng at the end of last season it was against the general trend that has seen County Associations moving towards using indoor bowls clubs as County venues. The Committee’s fears for the future of bowls at Lakeside though have proved sadly correct as the local press carried the story this week of Lakeside Bowls Club being told to leave its home premises where it has been since 1995. The report in the Eastern Daily Press says that “Norfolk Leisure Ltd, which owns Lakeside Country Club, ordered the bowlers to leave because of rising energy costs and because, the company claims, the bowlers are not contributing enough money to keep it going.” Cheryl Gallant, from Lakeside Country Club, was quoted in the newspaper as saying “It is very sad that the bowls club is leaving but unfortunately the members weren’t spending enough money in the bar and with rising costs we couldn’t afford to keep them here.” This is disputed by the bowls club members. Bowls Club Chairman Frank Haverson was quoted as saying “With eight rinks this has become the biggest indoor bowls club in East Anglia and one of the biggest in the country.” Norfolk C.S.M.B.A used Lakeside for all its County Team matches, County Championships and its fortnightly Over 60s Squad days for several years and enjoyed an excellent relationship with Alex Manson of Lakeside Bowls Club who arranged all rink bookings with the N.C.S.M.B.A. Unfortunately in the last two or three years of its time there the Association experienced problems with arrangements of food for visiting teams and decided that they could no longer justify using the venue and re-located to Hingham Sports & Social Club. CountyChairman Selwyn Goldsmith said “I feel terribly sorry for the members of Lakeside Bowls Club and especially for Alex Manson who spent so much of his time working for the club. Norfolk Short Mat Bowls had some great years at Lakeside when it was a pleasure to visit and play at the venue. It’s so sad to see it all come to an end like this.” He added “I am just relieved that we made the decision to leave when we did as this season’s short mat bowls fixtures schedule would have been left in utter chaos by what has happened at Lakeside.”

                                                                                                                             Posted 3-12-14

Norfolk “A” win away to Suffolk

Wholesale changes to the Norfolk “A” side through illness on the morning of the visit to play Suffolk didn’t seem to unduly affect the team as they pulled off a 24-16 away win to gain revenge for the home defeat by Suffolk earlier in the season. The triples proved to be a huge factor in their success as Jenny Walker, Joan Costello & late addition Malcolm Reynolds won their games 12-6 & 8-7 while Margaret Reynolds, George Munford & John Jarvis won by 12-5 & 8-7. Mike Boswell of Windows was in great form in the singles beating David Baker 11-9 & Scott Sampson 14-7. Maureen Munford, Brian Saunders, Karl Newby & Terry Newby will be pleased with wins of 10-5 & 8-4 while Elaine Oatway, Janet Pinchen, Trevor Pinchen & George Clarke added a 12-3 win. Kerry Greenacre & Peter Walker scored a hard fought 13-9 win against Lee & David Andrews in the pairs. Manager Selwyn Goldsmith congratulated the players on their victory and thanked the players who responded so quickly to early morning phone calls to replace the players forced to withdraw.  

County Cup

Last season’s Norfolk County Cup runners-up Hempnall made it through to this year’s quarter-finals with a maximum 8-0 home win against Hingham. The visitors found themselves in trouble at the interval after a 15-9 win for Paul Baker’s triple and an 18-9 win by former County star Roger Parker gave Hempnall a flying start. After the break Charlie Archer’s triple won by 16-8 and Richard Harrowing’s triple won by a big 21-3 margin to end Hingham’s hopes. The draw for the quarter-finals has kept last season’s finalists apart. Cup holders Bob Carter have been drawn away to Coltishall while Hempnall are drawn away to Bradwell. Harling entertain First Bus while Breckland League giants Wymondham visit Framingham Earl.

Norwich Cup

In the Norwich Cup Wymondham proved too hot for Forncett to handle as the visitors ran out 12-4 winners. The first session was shared with M Smail, J Rumsby & Derek Rumsby winning 10-4 while Billie Barker, Brian Saunders & Jack Pye replied with a 12-3 win for Wymondham.  The next four games all went Wymondham’s way though to leave them 10-2 up to seal victory.

Bure Cup

Kirby Bedon entertained Thorpe Marriott in the first leg of their Bure Cup Quarter-Final tie and a great home performance saw them build up a huge 22-2 points lead to take to Marriott for the second leg in a few days time. The visitors had a night to forget after Kirby Bedon won game after game, a late 5-4 win for John Jarvis, Trevor Pinchen & ex Kirby bowler George Clarke earned them their only points. For Kirby Bedon Billie Barker, Pat Saunders & Phil Watson were in excellent form winning by 13-0, 13-3 & 10-0. Jan Hewitt, Joan Costello & Selwyn Goldsmith won 9-1, 4-3 & 6-2 while Jimmy Dye, Melvin Barker & Joe Brown won 8-2, 10-3 & 7-4. Wendy Tweed, Graham Tweed & Keith Thomas won 6-1 & 7-3 before losing to George Clarke by one shot. In the semi-finals the eventual winners of the tie will play last year’s runners-up East Tuddenham while Coltishall face cup holders Halvergate. 


League Results

Coastal League leaders Woodbastwick Eagles continue to fly high after winning 15-3 at Martham, 10-8 at home to South Walsham and 17-1 at home to Hemsby Beachcombers. Defending South Norfolk champions Hempnall brushed second placed Watton aside 10-0 as they opened up a twelve point gap at the top. The biggest win of the night was a 22-5 result for Chris Mann’s triple against Daphne Braham’s triple. A busy time for Watton saw them beat Saxlingham 8-2 & Wreningham by 6-4 while Connaught won 6-4 at Saxlingham. In the Bure League Horsford Heroes beat Woodbastwick 6-4 but the night’s biggest win was by Woodbastwick’s Peter Jablonowski whose triple earned all four points for the visitors. East Tuddenham won 8-2 at Windows where Linda Chadwick, Les Chadwick & Peter Smart won 22-3. Coltishall won 8-2 at Hevingham where Vic Woods scored a 16-7 win against his former club. Breckland League action saw Connaught “A” move closer to leaders Wymondham by beating Harling Unicorns 10-0 with Sheila Bragg winning 36-7 & Sylvia Parsons winning 34-10. Third placed Watton beat Harling Griffins 8-2 with Daphne Braham’s triple winning 31-7. Carleton Rode made it four wins in a row beating Banham 8-2.

                                                                                                                                            Posted 30-11-14

Major changes announced by E.S.M.B.A

The E.S.M.B.A have announced the new Inter-CountyChampionship programme for the 2015/16 season which is supplemented by two additional CountyTeam Competitions. For several years some in the sport have called for changes to the Inter-County format and this major revamp is obviously designed to address these views. Initially the plans were just to reduce the I.C.C Premier groups to three teams each and leave the “A” Team section unchanged, but after a rethink both Premier & “A” Team Inter-County Championship groups will only comprise of three teams each. Norfolk Premier has been named in Group 2 with Northants & West Midlands so a visit to Tamworth IBC to play the highly rated West Midlands team can be looked forward to. Norfolk “A” has been named in Group 2 of their section and will face their traditional local rivals Suffolk & Cambridgeshire. The reduced groups bring an end to Norfolk’s traditional double header against Essex Premier & Essex “A”.   

The reduction in I.C.C fixtures has obviously been made to allow space in the ESMBA Diary to launch the two new optional CountyTeam events for those counties wishing for more bowls. The first of these events is a “Double Rink” KO competition, Counties will be able to enter a maximum of two double rinks. The second KO competition is a 5’s event with teams consisting of a pair and a triple. For this event Counties will be allowed to enter up to four 5’s teams. Preliminary rounds for both the Double Rinks and the 5’s events will be held regionally followed by a Finals Day at a central venue.   

The ESMBA have also announced that they are to hold three new open pairs competitions, two with prize money and one with holiday vouchers.

Some feel that the rapid growth of the SMPT, the Short Mat Players Tour, was partly fuelled by the failure of the E.S.M.B.A to revitalize the I.C.C and the Diary of Events earlier. Certainly these additional events will give players even more choice of competitions to enter but some will fear that any clash of dates will further aggravate any tension between the two bodies. Many bowlers who have developed a taste for the SMPT events could possibly view the new E.S.M.B.A open events as too little too late. Others may be encouraged that the E.S.M.B.A appears to be finally listening to the more competitive bowlers who will relish the challenge of top competitions. Whatever view you hold, the 2015/16 season looks set to be an exciting one.

                                                                                                                                                          Updated  29-11-14

Norfolk Over 60s slip to defeat in Northants

Traditionally Norfolk Over 60s struggle away to Northants Over 60s but for a while this season’s Eastern England Over 60s League match looked like it could go Norfolk’s way until the home side gained the advantage in the second half. The first session was shared with Joan Costello of Kirby Bedon, Trish Taylor of Diss & Carleton Rode’s Terry Newby putting on a great show beating Brian Stephenson’s triple 21-12 in an entertaining and high scoring game.   Hingham’s Wendy Tweed, Graham Tweed & Keith Thomas added a 16-13 win against David Robbins’ triple with Keith Thomas playing some vital final woods during a solid performance by the Hingham player. The home side took the other two games with Eddie Costello of First Bus & Thorpe Marriott’s Ted Redwood & John Jarvis going down by a narrow 11-9 margin against David Robbins’ triple while Sprowston’s Maureen Munford, George Munford & Colin Coman of First Bus lost 15-8 to Brian Smith’s triple. The same pattern continued in the second session featuring the pairs as again the session was shared although Norfolk did build up an eleven shot lead. Haddiscoe’s Kerry Greenacre & Mike Boswell of Windows won by 18-9 against Margaret Counsell & Ann Onan-Read and Kirby Bedon’s Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith beat Jenny Cross & Alan Leslie 18-10. Windows’ Keith Halford & Costessey’s Joe Brown lost a close game by 14-11 against Margaret Jones & Clive Younger while Sheila Redwood of Thorpe Marriott & Connaught’s Sheila Bragg lost by 16-10 to Northants Premier players David Bibey & Colin Barnes. The triples came back out with Norfolk hopes rising but it was Northants who took a 14-10 points lead winning three of the four games. Terry Newby’s triple completed their second win of the day beating David Robbins 15-8 but Colin Coman’s triple lost 25-11, John Jarvis lost 18-12 & Keith Thomas went down 14-11 in a close game.  This session also cost Norfolk their shots lead as Northants now led by five shots. The final session of pairs was Norfolk’s last chance to avoid defeat. Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith renewed their battle with Northants Premier pairs player Colin Barnes, who they beat a couple of weeks earlier at Northampton IBC when he was paired with England’s Callum Beale, and a terrific match ended with the Kirby Bedon pair winning 15-10. Sheila Redwood & Sheila Bragg were 10-3 down after six ends but came back well to draw 13-13 against Jenny Cross & Alan Leslie. That was as good as it got for the visitors though as Kerry Greenacre & Mike Boswell lost 12-8 and Keith Halford & Joe Brown lost 16-12 despite leading 12-4 after ten ends. The final score was 21-13 on points, 216-208 on shots, to Northants Over 60s but Norfolk Over 60s will be pleased with their overall performance on the day. The start of the day proved difficult for Northants Over 60s organiser Eleanor Winters whose car was blocked in by a works van illegally parked on yellow lines for several hours meaning that Eleanor had to borrow her daughter’s car and arrived at the venue slightly late but an excellent days bowls was had by all with both sides enjoying a competitive match played in great spirit.

                                                                                                                    Updated  24-11-14



Opposing Over 60s Managers! Eleanor Winters of Northants & Norfolk's Teresa Goldsmith

Action from Cosgrove at the Northants v Norfolk Eastern England League match

Steve Proctor & Rachel Pedley resign from ESMBA Committee

Cheshire star Steve Proctor and Rachel Pedley of Northants have both resigned from their positions on the ESMBA Management Committee this week. It is believed that Steve Proctor, formerly Vice-President, has resigned because work commitments mean that he is unable to devote enough time to the Development Officer role that he has on the Committee. Rachel Pedley of Northants has resigned for personal reasons. These follow the resignation of Chris Hopkins as National Championship Organiser in August. The ESMBA have announced that Herbie Bowden has agreed to rejoin the Committee with responsibility for Promotion & Press. It is understood that the ESMBA have also approached one other member to take on a vacant role on the Management Committee.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Updated  28-11-14


Turner’s sixth County Fours title

John Turner of East Tuddenham won his sixth Norfolk County Fours Championship title this time skipping a rink with Bob Carter’s Jason Woods, Melvin Woods & Robert Howlett. In the final they faced Wymondham’s Jon Sparham, Jack Pye, Debbie Sparham & Chris Mann who despite a good start faded away to lose 8-6. Wymondham controlled the opening end until John Turner attacked with his first wood which ultimately earned his rink two shots. Undeterred by this Wymondham continued to impress on the second end and took three shots to take the lead. Former European Open Champion Chris Mann ditched the jack on the third end but to no avail as Turner’s rink scored two shots. A cagey fourth end saw a John Turner bowl move his rink into a 5-3 lead and they added another shot on the next end. Jason Woods, Melvin Woods, Rob Howlett & John Turner were now playing with more fluency with a three shot lead under their belts while inconsistency crept into Wymondham’s game. Chris Mann attacked with his last wood on the sixth end but failed to pick up the jack cleanly and Turner’s rink led 7-3. The penultimate end had to be replayed and a fiercely competitive end left Turner taking an 8-3 lead into the last end. Wymondham now had a mountain to climb but Jon Sparham opened with two excellent woods to give them hope of a dramatic comeback. It was not to be though as Turner’s rink did enough to restrict the damage to three shots to win the title. In the third place play-off Sheila Redwood, Trevor Pinchen & Ted Redwood of Thorpe Marriott, playing with Sprowston’s Peter Smart, beat Di Quadling, Dave Quadling, Elaine Oatway & Bob Oatway of Connaught & First Bus by 8-6.

Groups, Qualifying Round & Semi-Final round-up

Thirteen rinks had entered the County Fours this year so prior to play a draw was made to determine the three groups, two groups of four teams and one group of five. Two rinks would qualify from each group. As so often happens one group was quickly christened the “group of death” with four of the expected contenders in it along with outsiders Wortwell who must have realized they were in for a difficult day. The group comprised of defending champions Gerald Chilvers, George Clarke, Phil Watson and six times fours champion Selwyn Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon, Wymondham’s Jon Sparham, Jack Pye, Debbie Sparham & Chris Mann, Bob Carter’s Jason Woods, Melly Woods, Robert Howlett skipped by East Tuddenham’s five times fours champion John Turner, and the all county squad rink of Ray Lamb, Robbie Lamb, Simon Warnes & Keith Cooke. Wortwell made up the group skipped by Ron Saitch. Former European Open Champion Chris Mann’s rink opened with an 11-7 win against Wortwell but then met the defending champions with Goldsmith’s rink inflicting an 11-3 defeat on Wymondham while John Turner’s rink beat Keith Cooke. Mann’s rink recovered from their loss to beat John Turner’s rink and went on to win their next two games to finish on six points. Keith Cooke’s rink beat Wortwell, as did John Turner’s rink & Selwyn Goldsmith’s rink, and then a crunch game between Turner & Goldsmith’s rinks finished in an 8-8 draw. The last group game began with Cooke’s rink, now out of contention with two points, and Goldsmith’s rink on five points needing just a draw to qualify. Cooke’s rink produced their best performance of the day while Goldsmith’s rink struggled with the number three & skip too often left trying to salvage difficult situations as the lead and number two struggled to find any consistency. A close game ended with Cooke’s rink inflicting the first defeat of the day on Goldsmith’s rink by 10-8. This left Mann’s rink as group winners with six points. Turner’s rink were runners-up with five points and plus 11 shots while Goldsmith’s rink with five points and plus 9 shots saw the defending champions eliminated. In Group One Neil Davidson’s latest effort to put the perfect block together saw the Hempnall ace playing with England’s David Lamb and the young talented duo of Morgan Warnes & Josh Baxter. Other rinks in this group were Di Quadling, David Quadling, Elaine Oatway & Bob Oatway of Connaught & First Bus, Eddie Costello, Joan Costello, Margaret Reynolds & Malcolm Reynolds of First Bus/Kirby Bedon/Bob Carter and Hingham’s Wendy & Graham Tweed playing with Connaught’s Chris & Ty Musk. This group went to form with both Lamb’s rink and Oatway’s rink beating Reynolds & Musk and with Lamb & Oatway drawing their game they both finished on five points. David Lamb won the group with plus 16 shots and Bob Oatway was second with plus 8 shots. The other group comprised of Sheila Redwood, Ted Redwood & Trevor Pinchen of Thorpe Marriott skipped by Sprowston’s Peter Smart, a mixed club rink of Rob Cranston, Andrew Jackson, Donna Lamb & Anne Baker, Steven Lamb, Keith Baker, Roy Walker & Mike Harvey of Halvergate & Bradwell and Wymondham’s Mel & Billie Barker playing with Sprowston’s Maureen & George Munford. Smart’s rink won the group with four points and plus 12 with Jackson’s rink second also on four points but with plus 8 shots. Two preliminary games now had to be played to reduce the numbers to four rinks for the semi-finals with the three group runners-up and one group winner. Once again the draw produced a high profile clash as David Lamb’s rink came out of the hat to play John Turner’s rink. The game was surprisingly one-sided as Jason Woods, Melly Woods, Rob Howlett & John Turner overpowered Morgan Warnes, Neil Davidson, Josh Baxter & David Lamb beating them by 10-2 with Josh Baxter withdrawing from the game after six ends for medical reasons. In the other preliminary match Bob Oatway’s rink led by 9-0 after just four ends against Donna Lamb, Rob Cranston, Anne Baker & Andrew Jackson on their way to a big 16-2 win. Both semi-finals also proved to be one-sided affairs as John Turner’s rink beat Peter Smart’s rink by 14-5 and Chris Mann’s rink beat Bob Oatway’s rink by 13-2. 

                                                                                                                                                               Updated  24-11-14

Norfolk County Fours Champions John Turner, Robert Howlett, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods

Runners-up Chris Mann, Jack Pye, Debbie Sparham & Jon Sparham

Halvergate grab three Bure Triples Finals Night spots

The five Bure Triples Championship heats were played leaving Halvergate celebrating after bagging three of the eight Finals Night places. Halvergate’s Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes & Simon Warnes won all their games at the Horsford BC heat with Morgan & Simon’s knowledge of the mats proving a big advantage. Coltishall’s Les Harman, Roly Sargant & Margaret Harman finished second and their 6 point haul, with a shot difference of +10, also earned a Finals Night place. There was another Halvergate triumph at Woodbastwick where Jason Woods, Robbie Lamb & David Lamb scored six points and +25 to win with Horsford’s Piero Cognetti, Terry Raisbury & Bob Burrage second with six points and +1 shots just enough to snatch them a spot on Finals Night. Brenda Sizer, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell of Windows were in good form at Thorpe Marriott where they finished on maximum points. Halvergate’s Donna Lamb, Josh Baxter & Roy Walker only lost one game and also qualified as a best runner-up with 6 points and +21. At the Horsford Heroes venue East Tuddenham’s Chris Turner, John Turner & Melvin Woods didn’t put a foot wrong winning all their games scoring 42 shots and only conceding 5. Thorpe Marriott’s Sheila Redwood, Ted Redwood & John Jarvis were second but failed to accumulate enough points to qualify. The last heat was played at Kirby Bedon where the seeded triple from East Tuddenham of Geraldine Potter, Gerald Potter & Chris Mann were easy winners with wins of 8-6, 8-1, 10-1 & 11-1. Triples skipped by Woodbastwick’s Peter Jablonowski & East Tuddenham’s Robin Amos finished level on four points apiece and identical shot difference but their points tally was insuffienct to progress further.

City of Norwich League

British Rail pulled off two maximum 14-0 wins away from home at Sprowston & Old Bonds to move top of the City of Norwich League and now sit eleven points clear of second placed Costessey. Deaf Sports also won 14-0 away to Windows and also won 12-2 at home to Windows to leave the Hevingham based side bottom of the league. Windows did manage to draw 7-7 at home to County Council though. Framingham Earl beat Felthorpe 12-2, County Council beat First Bus 12-2 and Horsford BC beat Jarrolds by the same margin.

Breckland League

Two wins in four days left defending Breckland League champions Wymondham 22 points clear at the top of the league. They won 10-0 away to Harling Unicorns where Debbie Phillips’ triple won 22-6 and Jack Pye’s triple won 19-9. Chris Mann’s triple added a 23-17 win against Mike Tarrant’s triple but Jon Sparham’s triple were taken to the wire by Val Hester, Brian Knappett & Matt Cunningham who went down to the Wymondham triple by just one shot. In their next game Wymondham won 8-2 at home to Banham with Chris Mann’s triple top scoring with a 29-11 win against Bill Francis. Second placed Connaught “A” also won twice. Chris Musk, Ty Musk & Lee Fallows won by 20-6 as Connaught won 6-4 at Watton. Another 6-4 win followed at Hingham where Chris Musk, Ty Musk & Sheila Bragg scored the nights biggest win of 31-14. A very close match at Connaught “B” saw Hingham win 6-4 on points and 64-62 on shots. A 24-4 win by Hingham’s Wendy Tweed, Colin Harris & Keith Thomas proved vital in Hingham picking up the win. Watton won 6-4 at Banham to put themselves level on points with Connaught “A” but with an inferior shot difference.

Norfolk County Cup

Bradwell visited Connaught “B” in the County Cup where they won 6-2 with Clair Baxter, Morgan Warnes & Simon Warnes winning 13-5.
Tens League

Bob Carter continued their great start to the Tens League season. They won 2-0 at Coltishall where M Reynolds, Jamie Forster & Robert Howlett beat Vic Woods’ triple 26-9 to win a game that could have gone either way. Roly Sargent & Margaret Harman beat Frank Edy & Melvin Woods 19-4 but it was in vain as the visitors clinched a four shot win. Carter had a much easier time at Kirby Bedon where they collected all four points with Margaret Reynolds, Jamie Forster & Jason Woods leading the way with a 24-6 win. Connaught collected their first points of the season beating Bradwell 3-0 with Diane Quadling & Bob Oatway’s 17-9 win against Kerry Greenacre & Mike Harvey the nights biggest win.

                                                                                                                                                  Posted 23-11-14

Runners-up trophy for Minty Lamb

David Lamb & Keith Cooke of Halvergate and Jack Pye of Wymondham were in action for England in the British Isles Championships held in Wales but Irish eyes were again smiling as the world’s top short mat bowls nation picked up six of the ten titles on offer. David Lamb was part of the England “A” line-up in the British Isles “A” Team event and collected a runners-up award as England finished second behind Ireland. Lamb was playing at number two in Derek Johns’ rink as England achieved two big wins against Scotland but won one and lost one against Wales although they did finish two shots up over-all. Ireland proved too hot to handle though as England went down 37-31 & 42-25. Jack Pye & Keith Cooke were selected to play in the “A” Team Pairs event and opened brightly beating Scotland 25-9. But that was to be their only win as they went down 24-10 to Wales and 17-7 to Ireland who won the title ahead of Wales. Other results in the “A” section saw Ireland win the Singles & Fours events while England’s Calum Beale, Dan Winmill & Darren Cookson won the Triples event ahead of Ireland. In the British Isles Premier event Ireland again triumphed in the Team event with England finishing as runners-up. Ireland also won the Singles event ahead of Scotland. There was much for England to celebrate in the other individual events though as the Pairs, Triples & Fours were all won by England. Alan Jones & Allan Williams won the Pairs, Bronagh Toleman, James Smith & Lee Toleman won the Triples and Leigh Hall, Chris Weston & Edward Sawbridge, playing with substitute AJ Brown of Oxfordshire, won the Fours. It is understood that Chris Hopkins of Northants, who skipped the Northants rink to the National Fours title earlier in the year, was banned by  England prior to the British Isles Championships. Hopkins lost his position as ESMBA Chairman at the Annual General Meeting and was appointed Nationals Organiser but later resigned from that position.      

Jack Pye, David Lamb & Keith Cooke on England duty

League & Cup news

Norwich Cup action saw Connaught “A” beat Horsford Heroes 10-6 winning both games in the last session. Chris Musk, Ty Musk & Sheila Bragg won both their triples games by 11-5 & 8-7 while Rita & Owen Secker added two pairs wins of 9-3 & 13-3 as home advantage proved crucial in a tough encounter. Coltishall are through to the next round of the Bure Cup after home and away wins against Horsford BC. In the first leg Carol Aggas, Jean Barnett & John Aggas led the way with wins of 11-1, 5-2 & 10-1 as Coltishall built a 17-7 lead up from their home leg. Horsford BC conceded after four sessions of the second leg with Coltishall leading 28-12 on aggregate after the John Aggas triple had won their opening two games. Costessey lead the City of Norwich League by ten points after a 10-4 away win at First Bus. Sprowston SSC are second after beating Taverham 10-4 despite bowling with a player short. British Rail are third after winning 13-1 at home to First Bus and 11-3 away to Framingham Earl. In the South Norfolk League Hempnall made it four wins in a row after a 10-0 victory away to Connaught in which Jon Sparham’s triple won 22-6 against Steve Hall. Other results saw Wreningham win for the first time this season beating Saxlingham 8-2 with Mike Smail’s triple winning 30-3 while Geoff Payne’s triple scored Saxlingham’s only win of the night. Hingham are second in the table after a 6-4 win at Saxlingham and an 8-2 home win against Wreningham. Bob Carter continued their good run in the Tens League with a 4-0 home win against Hevingham. Betty & Rex Cox started well for the visitors beating Jean Woods & Trevor Brown 16-15 but Carter hit back with a vengeance with three wins of 21-9, 22-9 & 22-7 to secure maximum points. Hevingham also went down 4-0 at Hempnall where Neil Davidson & Roger Parker earned valuable shots beating Maurice Kemp & Pat Williamson 26-4. Gill Bunn & David Sharpe had given Hevingham a great start beating Chris Mann & Colin Stevenson 19-9 but little else went right for Hevingham on the night. In the Bure League East Tuddenham chalked up their third win in three games winning 7-3 at Thorpe Marriott. Only one shot separated the teams at the interval as Chris Mann’s Tuddenham triple won 13-11 against Richard Perkins’ triple and Tony Turner’s Marriott triple replied with a 13-10 win against Peter Smart. After the break East Tuddenham gained the advantage as Robin Amos beat George Clarke 16-8 while the remaining game was drawn 10-10. Woodbastwick won 8-2 at Windows where Elaine Cole’s triple won 16-8 and Horsford Heroes won their local derby at Horsford BC by 6-4 after a superb second half comeback.

                                                                                                                                            Posted 16-11-14

Norfolk turn up the heat in I.C.C 

I.C.C action saw top of the table Norfolk Premier score a stunning 30-10 away win against Northamptonshire Premier as the home team were brushed aside by a rampant Norfolk side. Norfolk made the perfect start winning all four opening games and never looked back. Chris Mann was again in superb form beating Leigh Hall 12-8 and Ed Sawbridge 16-10 as Northant’s England internationals failed to cope with the Wymondham ace. Jack Pye added a 17-5 win against Chris Weston as the singles collected eight from ten points. The same tally was earned by Norfolk’s pairs with Kirby Bedon’s Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith winning both their games by 12-11 & 14-12 while Simon Warnes & Jon Sparham added a 15-9 win. An exciting finish to the triples games saw Norfolk snatch the bonus points with Bob Carter’s Jamie Forster, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods returning to winning ways with a 20-3 second half win & Kerry Greenacre of Haddiscoe, Debbie Sparham of Wymondham & Halvergate’s Keith Cooke scoring a first half 16-9 win. Eight more points were earned in the rinks as Jenny Walker, Lewis Cranston, Peter Walker & Bob Oatway won by 12-1 & 11-10 and Owen Cranston, Karl Newby, Robbie Lamb & Phil Watson won their second half game 8-5. The result leaves Norfolk six points clear at the top of group two with Essex Premier in second place. Essex Premier won 31-9 at home to an Oxfordshire side who have failed to impress this season. Norfolk Manager Selwyn Goldsmith later said that this was one of the best Norfolk Premier performances he had seen and that the team spirit in his side was at an all time high.  

                                                                                Posted 7-11-14

Good Norwich Cup start for Woodbastwick

Bradwell found visitors Woodbastwick too hot to handle in the Norwich Cup as they suffered a 12-4 defeat to make an early cup exit. Woodbastwick’s Peter Johnson, Norma Jablonowski & Derek Sheldrake opened with a 7-4 win against Jackie Fortesque’s triple and added an 11-4 win against Shirley George’s triple for maximum points. Brian Bunting & Willie Jeffries combined well in the pairs as the former Coltishall bowlers drew 6-6 against Kerry Greenacre & John Sargent before scorching their way to a 10-2 win against Derek Humpreys & Mike Harvey. Brian Frost & Peter Jablonowski added another good pairs win for the visitors as they beat Derek Humpreys & Mike Harvey 13-5 but slipped to a 9-5 second half defeat against Kerry Greenacre & John Sargent. Mick Fox, Derek Oakes & Tony Wright opened with a 6-6 draw before beating Jackie Fortesque’s triple 6-5.  

                                                                                                                     Posted 7-11-14

Death announced of Brian Potter MBE

Potters Resort have announced that Brian Potter MBE, sadly passed away yesterday, 4th November. Their statement said that Brian, Chairman of Potters Resort, spent over fifty years building Potters into what you enjoy today and one of his last wishes was to express his thanks to all the staff and guests who helped him to fulfil his dream. Rest in Peace Brian.

                                                                                                                      Posted 5-11-14



Marriott march on!

Thorpe Marriott travelled to Horsford Heroes for the second leg of their Bure Cup clash defending a commanding 18-6 lead from their home leg. Horsford needed to make a good start to stand a chance of cutting the deficit and did so by winning both opening games as Chris Woodhouse’s triple beat George Clarke 6-2 and Roger Frank’s triple won 7-3 against Richard Perkins. Marriott dug deep to keep their lead as the next three sessions finished all square leaving them leading 24-16 on aggregate with four games to play. Horsford needed to win all four games to level the match on points and kept their hopes alive on session five as Vic Webster’s triple stormed to a 14-1 win against George Clarke’s triple and Chris Woodhouse secured his third win of the night beating Sylvia Turner’s triple 7-5. A dramatic final session saw Roger Frank win the first of the two wins needed as he beat Tony Turner’s triple 7-5 but Margaret McPherson, Trevor Hart & Richard Perkins finally saw Thorpe Marriott over the finishing line first beating Mark “The Marvel” Tuttle’s triple by just one shot. This left Thorpe Marriott’s winning margin 26-22 on points while the shots were level on 128-128 and they progress through to the next round where they meet Kirby Bedon.  


All the Bure Pairs news

The Bure Pairs Championship heats were played with eight Finals Night places up for grabs for the five heat winners and the three best runner-ups. Janice Hewitt & Selwyn Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon won the Woodbastwick heat after getting off to a great start beating Halvergate’s Josh Baxter & Morgan Warnes 12-0 in their first game. The nights seeded pairing followed this up with a 7-1 win against Mandy Marshall & Marjorie Hall of Thorpe Marriott and a 7-2 win against Coltishall’s Roland Sargent & Peter Barnett. Hevingham’s Alan Bunn & Maurice Kemp clinched the runner-up spot beating the Kirby pair 5-4 in the last game of the night which would prove enough to clinch them a Finals Night place as the second best runners-up across the five venues. Novice Mandy Marshall of Thorpe Marriott played really well as lead for Marjorie Hall as they pulled off a surprise 7-2 win against the Halvergate pair in the last game of the night to break their duck. For a bowler who has only recently taken up the sport Mandy was impressively consistent in her first Bure Pairs appearance. The heat at Coltishall was decided by a low scoring 4-3 win for Bob Burrage & David Claxton of HorsfordBC against former county team stars Norma & Peter Jablonowski of Woodbastwick. The Horsford BC pair finished the evening unbeaten with three wins and a draw that included a heavy 13-2 win against Nigel & Jane James of Horsford Heroes. The Jablonowskis won all their other games to secure second place on six points and with a shot difference of +15 they would finish as the best runners-up and qualify. The only pair to take a point off the winners was Avril & David Walker of Windows who held them to a 3-3 draw in their opening game. The night’s seeded pairing, Jenny Walker & John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott, failed to make it through picking up just one point. Last years runners-up, Simon Warnes & David Lamb of Halvergate, took maximum points at Thorpe Marriott with Kirby Bedon’s Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers second with six points. They met in the last game of the night with the Halvergate pair storming to a 9-1 win but the Kirby pairs total of 6 points and +6 saw them also qualify as the third best runners-up. Chris Mann & John Turner of East Tuddenham would have been expected to be contenders but lost their opening game 5-3 to Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers and then went down 10-2 in their second game to Warnes & Lamb. Only four pairs competed at East Tuddenham following the withdrawal of Woodbastwick. Defending champions Keith Cooke & Robbie Lamb of Halvergate suffered a surprise defeat in their opening game which they lost 8-3 to Lyn & Roger Frank of Horsford Heroes. The Franks then beat Ray & Steven Lamb of Halvergate 12-3 while Cooke & Lamb won their last two games by 7-3 & 13-2. The Franks lost their last game 5-2 to Hevingham’s Eddie Hayward & David Sharpe but won the heat on shots of +11 while Cooke & Lamb finished on +10 in second place. With one pair missing at the venue the runners-up total was adjusted accordingly leaving them on 5.3 points and a shots difference of +13 but this was not enough to see them through to defend their title. At Hevingham it was Thorpe Marriott all the way as Sylvia & Tony Turner finished as heat winners with 6 points and +8 shots while Kath Frost & Richard Perkins finished second on 6 points but with their shots totalling 25 for and 25 against they would not claim a best runners-up spot. The Marriott pairs met in the last game of the night with the Turner pair having won three straight games but it was Frost and Perkins who won the game 8-7.

The full Bure Pairs Finals Night line-up is Robert Burrage & David Claxton (Horsford BC), Jan Hewitt & Selwyn Goldsmith (Kirby Bedon), Lyn & Roger Frank (Horsford Heroes), Simon Warnes & David Lamb (Halvergate), Sylvia & Tony Turner (Thorpe Marriott), Norma & Peter Jablonowski (Woodbastwick), Alan Bunn & Maurice Kemp (Hevingham), Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers (Kirby Bedon).


Sprowston joy at First Bus

City League action saw Sprowston SSC win 10-4 at First Bus to keep in touch with leaders Costessey who were without a match this week. Thorpe Marriott look certain to be title contenders and they won 12-2 at home to Jarrolds. Felthorpe scored their third win of the season beating Taverham 12-2 while Framingham Earl beat Old Bonds 12-2. Coastal League leaders Bradwell Dynamos made it five wins from six games beating local rivals Bradwell Beacons 12-6. Woodbastwick Owls won 13-5 at Hemsby Harvestors while South Walsham won 12-6 at home to Martham.

                                                                                                                          Posted 4-11-14



Essex Premier defeated at Hingham

Norfolk Premier enjoyed their best result for a long time against old rivals Essex Premier as they won their I.C.C match 25-15 on points at Hingham. Although Essex picked up nine out of ten points in the rinks Norfolk dominated the other three disciplines earning eight out of ten points in the singles, pairs & triples. Wymondham’s former European Masters champion Chris Mann beat Adam Sultana 17-8 before adding a 13-10 win against Matt Dillon. Hempnall’s Neil Davidson produced a 16-12 win against Dillon adding to the former Kent stars misery. Thorpe Marriott’s Jenny Walker and Wymondham & England’s  Jack Pye opened with a 17-15 win against Mo Binstead & Barry Hedges before beating Babs Morokutti & Dom Reed 18-11 as Pye produced two class performances as skip. Simon Warnes & Jon Sparham lost their opening game to a stunning last wood by Dom Reed but bounced back with a 15-9 win against Hedges. Kerry Greenacre, Debbie Sparham & Keith Cooke took maximum points with wins of 11-7 & 13-4 with Greenacre already establishing herself in the Premier team in her first county season. Carter’s Jamie Forster, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods recorded a 15-10 win against Fred Gudgin’s triple. Norfolk “A” have failed to fire on all cylinders so far this season and once again looked below par as they slipped to a 22-18 defeat against Essex “A”. Top performers were Roger Steele, Peter Walker, Rob Cranston & Sheila Bragg as they won their games 11-10 & 16-7. Elaine Oatway, Graham Tweed & John Jarvis were also unbeaten with a 11-5 win followed by an 8-8 draw. In the pairs Colin Coman & John Jeffrey won their first game 12-9 which proved to be Norfolk’s only points in that discipline. Robin Amos of Deaf Sports collected three points in the singles with a 13-11 win and a 15-15 draw in which his opponent scored seven shots over the last two ends to earn a point. Before the match seven new Norfolk players were presented with plaques to mark them having played three games representing Norfolk in the Inter-County Championships. ESMBA President George Clarke was asked to make the presentations to Kerry Greenacre, Roger Steele, Karl Newby, Jason Woods, Owen Cranston, Lewis Cranston & John Jeffrey.

Kerry Greenacre with George Clarke

Roger Steele with George Clarke

Karl Newby with George Clarke

Jason Woods with George Clarke

Owen Cranston with George Clarke

Lewis Cranston with George Clarke

John Jeffrey with George Clarke


Norfolk Over 60s win in Carlton Colville

Norfolk Over 60s staged a strong recovery to defeat Derek Barley’s Carlton Colville Select in their friendly challenge match in Suffolk. The home side made a good start winning the first session 8-0 and failed to reduce the arrears in the second session which was shared. Norfolk Over 60s then started their revival winning the next two sessions by 6-2 on points to level the score at 16-16 on points. The penultimate session was shared at 4-4 but Norfolk then clinched victory with a 5-3 last session win to finish 25-23 ahead on points and 181-176 up on shots. Top Norfolk triple were John Poynter, Billie Barker & Keith Halford who won 10-7, 13-8 & 8-7 while Richard Stevens, Kerry Greenacre & Mike Boswell won 8-6 & 11-5 and drew their other game 7-7.

                                                                                                                                                             Posted 1-11-14



England Calls

David Lamb & Keith Cooke of Halvergate and Jack Pye of Wymondham have been selected to represent England in the British Isles “A” Team Championships being held on the weekend of 15th & 16th of November. David Lamb will compete in the Team Event playing number two with Joseph Newsome of North Yorks, Jake Atrill of Gloucestershire & Derek Johns of Surrey. Keith Cooke & Jack Pye will play pairs in the Individual Event.

                                                                                                                                       Posted 1-11-14

Oxfordshire Premier beaten twice

Norfolk Premier enjoyed a unique double victory in the Inter-County Championships as they beat Oxfordshire Premier twice at a neutral venue in Bedfordshire leaving county captain Jon Sparham a very happy man. Following Oxfordshire’s extreme reluctance to make the journey to Norfolk the ESMBA offered the compromise of a midway venue with both home & away matches being played consecutively. This resulted in an extremely long day with some bowlers having to play sixty ends but Norfolk emerged tired but victorious winning the first match by 27-13 and the second match by 23-17. In the first match Hempnall’s Neil Davidson started with a 10-9 win against the highly rated AJ Brown before cruising to a massive 19-3 win against Gareth Davies. With Wymondham star Chris Mann adding a 20-13 win against Davies Norfolk collected eight points from the singles. Norfolk’s rinks took all ten points as Owen Cranston, Robbie Lamb, Phil Watson & David Lamb won 13-4 & 11-7 while Lewis Cranston, Sheila Bragg, Bob Oatway & George Clarke won 11-6 & 9-8. Robin Amos & Jack Pye delivered pairs wins of 20-12 & 18-7 with Simon Warnes & Jon Sparham adding a 14-12 win. Only the triples failed to find success with just one point being earned by Roger Steele, Debbie Sparham & Keith Cooke. After a short break for lunch the teams came out for battle again and this time Oxfordshire turned the tables on Norfolk in the singles with a 15-10 win for Chris Mann against Gareth Davies earning his team just two points in this discipline. The pairs though were again dominated by Norfolk with Simon Warnes & Jon Sparham winning 15-10 & 12-9 and Robin Amos & Jack Pye winning 20-7 and drawing their other game 13-13. The triples did better in this match with Melvyn Barker, Debbie Phillips & Keith Cooke winning 12-10 & 11-8. In the rinks both David Lamb & George Clarke collected a win each to secure six points to see Norfolk over the finishing line. These results give Norfolk Premier a great chance to qualify from the tough group they are in especially after just a narrow defeat away to Essex Premier last week.   

                                                                                                                                           Posted 26-10-14

Jon Sparham, Norfolk Premier Captain

Wymondham beat Connaught “A”

Wymondham won 6-2 at home to Connaught “A” in the CountyCup chalking up three big wins on the way. Mary Fisher, Andrew Jackson & Jon Sparham led the way beating Owen Secker’s triple 25-5 while Debbie Sparham’s triple won 21-12 and Jack Pye’s triple won 24-8. Caroline Li-Rocchi, Joe Li-Rocchi & Lee Fallows scored Connaught’s only win beating Chris Mann 14-8.


E.S.M.B.A switch to laminated cards

It looks like the end of the road for the old type membership cards as the E.S.M.B.A have decided to switch to laminated cards. When the E.S.M.B.A have received all memberships in from all the counties they will then order the cards and then send them out. This will mean that clubs will not receive them as early as usual. If any Norfolk team has any queries over the membership of any N.C.S.M.B.A player or club please contact either Lianne Mills, Membership Secretary, or Teresa Goldsmith who is the Assistant membership Secretary. Their contact details can be found on the Management Team page of this website.  

                                                                                                                                                                           Posted 24-10-14

Mark Beattie puts first Irish name on SMPT European Title

Mark Beattie won his first SMPT title of the season defeating Joseph Beattie 10-9 in all Irish final at the European Maters in Herentals, Belgium last weekend. The Irish were clearly intent on putting their name on the trophy that had until now alluded them after they brought over a big contingent which included the top six ranked players currently in the world. Five of the eight players in the quarter finals of the main knockout were Irish with only Nigel Reed from England, Dick Almen of Sweden and the 2012 champion Jonathan Payne of Belgium. Payne had another strong tournament as he knocked out two Irish bowler's in the main knockouts, who were Jal Richardson and Nathan Haire before but coming up against one Irishman too many in the quarter finals as he lost a tight match 12-11 to three time SMPT champion Joseph Beattie. There were two all Irish quarter finals as Pauline Beattie defeated William Morrison 11-9 while Mark Beattie beat Lisa Douglas 16-5. The other quarter final saw Dick Almen beat Nigel Reed 9-5. In the semi finals it was Husband vs Wife as Joseph Beattie comfortably beat Pauline Beattie 14-2 while Mark Beattie beat Dick Almen 11-6. The final between both Beattie's was a re-run of the group match they played on Saturday where Joseph was the victor but this time Mark got his revenge and also for his defeat at the Swedish Masters last season. Pauline Beattie claimed a Beattie one two three as she beat Dick Almen in the third place play off match. Last season's winner Chris Mann found himself very unlucky not to have qualified into the main after having won four of his five match's in the groups after beating Jal Richardson in his first game 15-14, where Mann had lead 15-8 with two ends remaining. Dropping two three's over the last two ends effectively cost him a top two finish after losing to Dick Almen 12-10. Jal Richardson beating Dick Almen 11-10 meant that Result put Mann into third position on -1 in the mini head-to-head for all three players as all of them had won there other group match's which left Dick Almen and Jal Richardson going through. Mann still showed his single credentials by winning all four of his knockout games against Saskia Schaft, Karl Hudson, Dimitri Payne and Steve Puttock in the final. England and Norfolk's young talent Jack Pye now tops the England rankings with 180 points after collecting 85 more valuable ranking points after storming to five wins out of five in his group. He will however be disappointed not to have made it further than the last 32 after being knocked out by Essex Premier team bowler Nigel Reed who bowled a lot of last wood saves in the match to frustrate Pye. Devon bowler James Trott occupies second place in rankings behind Pye with Mann's 67 points last weekend putting him in third for the race to the world cup!

Chris Mann receiving his plate winners trophy by tournament director Craig Burgess

                                                                                        Posted 21-10-14 by CM    

Halvergate win at home

Defending Bure League champions Halvergate won 8-2 at home to Thorpe Marriott after a stunning first half show but the visitors competed much better in the second half with Ted Redwood’s triple beating Keith Cooke’s Halvergate triple 16-9. Ryan Fox, Simon Warnes & David Lamb stormed to a 21-2 win while Josh Baxter, Steven Lamb & Morgan Warnes weighed in with a 21-6 win. They took their foot off the pedal though in the second half although Robbie Lamb’s triple won 15-10. In their next match Thorpe Marriott finished as 8-2 winners at home to Woodbastwick with John Jarvis, Trevor Pinchen & George Clarke leading the way winning 17-5. Tony Turner & Richard Perkins skipped their Marriott triples to wins while Willie Jefferies’ triple scored Woodbastwick’s only win. Horsford Heroes won 8-2 at home to Kirby Bedon with Lynn Frank, Richard Dix & Jane James winning 13-9 and Andy Drummie, David Foster & Chris Woodhouse winning by the same margin. Mick Dale’s triple added a 13-11 win for the Heroes while Kirby Bedon’s only win was collected by Teresa Goldsmith, Jan Hewitt & Selwyn Goldsmith who won 17-11. East Tuddenham won 8-2 at home to Horsford BC with Madge Meachen, Gerald Potter & Chris Mann winning 28-2, John Turner’s triple winning 27-5 & Peter Smart’s triple winning 16-11. Paul Isgate’s triple scored Horsford’s only win with a 13-9 victory.


Eagles take flight

Woodbastwick Eagles top the Coastal League after a 14-4 away win at Bradwell Dynamos and a 12-6 home win against Bradwell Beacons. Their locals rivals Woodbastwick Owls did not aid the Eagles title hopes though as they inflicted a 12-6 defeat on the high flying Eagles. Its been a bad season so far for Hemsby Beachcombers who have now lost four games in a row, their latest a 13-5 loss at Bradwell Dynamos who also beat them 14-4 at Hemsby. Bradwell Beacons ran out 15-3 winners away to Hemsby Harvesters.


Three City teams still unbeaten

There are now only three unbeaten teams in the City of Norwich League this season. County Council are one of them after winning 12-2 at home to Deaf Sports and defending champions Horsford BC are another after winning 10-4 at First Bus. The third unbeaten team is Costessey who did not play this week. Three teams recorded maximum wins with Sprowston beating Framingham Earl 14-0, British Rail beating Old Bonds 14-0 and Old Bonds winning 14-0 at home to Felthorpe.Jarrolds won 12-2 at home to Horsford Heroes, Thorpe Marriott won 10-4 at Windows while Horsford Heroes won 10-4 at home to Jarrolds.

                                                                                                                                                         Posted 21-10-14

Norfolk Premier push hosts all the way in Essex

Norfolk Premier opened their Inter-County Championship campaign away to Essex Premier where the home side has been unbeatable in recent years. Visiting county teams have struggled to collect more than half a dozen points there but Norfolk achieved their best result in Essex for years losing a highly competitive match by a narrow 23-17 margin. In fact Norfolk finished the match believing that they were worth at least a draw after losing three games by just one shot and a feeling that Essex had the rub of the green throughout a terrific battle. Haddiscoe’s Kerry Greenacre made her Premier debut as lead

 for Wymondham’s Debbie Sparham & Halvergate’s Keith Cooke and will be delighted as the new look triple won both their games by 13-10 & 10-7. The all Carter triple of Jamie Forster, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods added a 10-7 win as Norfolk’s triples collected eight from ten points. The pairs discipline provided four quality games which ended with both counties collecting five points each and the aggregate score level at 56 shots apiece. Kirby Bedon’s Teresa Goldsmith made an impressive return to county bowling with Selwyn Goldsmith and they beat ex Kent star Matt Dillon and former World Pairs champion Babs Morokutti 14-11 after losing by just one shot to Barry Hedges’ pairing after the Essex skip won the last end with a double wick that left even his own players raising their eyes to the sky. No less fascinating were the new look pairing of Horsford’s Simon Warnes & Wymondham’s Jon Sparham who joined in the fun beating Barry Hedges 15-14 after losing a tremendous opening battle against Dillon & Morokutti by 16-13. Hempnall’s Neil Davidson looked a class player as he beat Peter Fautley 11-9 after losing by 13-9 to Adam Sultana while Robin Amos was unlucky to lose by one shot to Fautley. Sheila Bragg, Bob Oatway, Phil Watson & David Lamb started with a superb 15-4 win but that proved to be Norfolk’s only win in the rinks. Sadly it was a different story in the Essex “A” v Norfolk “A” match as the home side hammered the visitors 31-9. The triples finished all square as Thorpe Marriott’s Janet Pinchen, Trevor Pinchen & George Clarke won 13-8 against Paul Cairn’s triple while Kirby’s Joan Costello, Hingham’s Graham Tweed & Thorpe Marriott’s John Jarvis beat Cairns 9-7 but Tony Hayes’ Essex triple won both their games. Sprowston’s David Dewing scored a 13-6 win in the singles while Owen Cranston & Lewis Cranston of County Council, Melvyn Barker of Wymondham & Mike Boswell of Windows won their last rinks game by 7-6. After losing at home to Suffolk the previous week Norfolk “A” now face an up-hill battle to finish in a top two group position. Next Sunday Norfolk Premier travel to Bedfordshire to play a double match against Oxfordshire at a neutral venue following their opponent’s complaints about having to travel to Norfolk in the group stages. The ESMBA offered the venue as a compromise solution although the Norfolk Manager has stated that this is the first and last time that Norfolk will agree to play a match in these circumstances.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Posted 19-10-14

First Bus overhaul Framingham

Norwich Cup action saw First Bus pull off a sensational last session victory at Framingham Earl. First Bus had got off to a perfect start with two wins in the triples as Julia Cummins, Lesley Crowe & Bob Patterson won 14-4 and Betty Patterson, John Cummins & Bob Oatway won 6-5. Framingham Earl immediately hit back to level the match winning both pairs games as Veronica Copland & Karl Bunn beat Elaine Oatway & Rex Cox 10-6 and Glenda Kidd & Debbie Bunn beat Betty Cox & Colin Coman 7-4. The second triples session was shared with Bob Oatway’s First Bus triple winning their second game 11-8 but Framingham Earl hit back with Ron Pash, Ray Kidd & Colin Emms winning 10-3. Remarkably this left both teams tied at 6-6 on points and also level on shots at 44-44 with just the final pair’s session to play. Having won both opening pairs games Framingham Earl seemed to have the upper hand but First Bus had other ideas as Elaine Oatway & Rex Cox produced a thumping 14-3 win while Betty Cox & Colin Coman saw them over the finishing line with a solid 10-4 win. Thorpe Marriott started well at home to Hempnall as Janet Pinchen, Trevor Pinchen & George Clarke won 7-5 and John Jarvis, Ted Redwood & Tony Turner won 7-3 but the visitors hit back quickly in the pairs. Colin Stevenson & R Pearce won a high scoring pairs game 13-8 while Adam Cann & Paul Baker won 10-5. The third session was shared as George Clarke’s triple won 8-5 for Marriott with Charlie Archer’s triple replying with an 8-6 win. With one session to play the points were level at 6-6 but Marriott held a slim three shot lead. This failed to help them though as Hempnall took maximum points for a 10-6 win with Stevenson & Parker winning 8-7 and Cann & Baker winning 9-8.


Wymondham kick-off with a win

Wymondham began their defence of the Breckland League title with an 8-2 win at Connaught “B” where Abi Jackson, Mikey George & Chris Mann top scored beating G Wilcox 28-7. Andrew Jackson’s triple weighed in with a 19-15 win while Jack Pye won a tight game against Peter King’s triple by two shots. Derek Liles’ triple picked up Connaught’s only win of the night beating Melvyn Barker’s triple 15-11. Carleton Rode enjoyed their best season last year for a while and have now added ex Connaught "A"  player Ollie Allen to their team. As fate would have it Carleton Rode opened their campaign at home to Connaught “A” and Ollie Allen, playing number two in Neil Davidson’s triple, enjoyed a winning debut against his old team as they beat Sylvia Parsons’ triple 15-9. The Rode displayed their title credentials as they took maximum points winning 10-0 as Russell Davidson’s triple won 17-12, Terry Newby’s triple won 16-13 & Graham Mobbs’ triple won 15-13. In their second match Carleton Rode beat Forncett 8-2 with Terry Newby winning 22-6, Graham Mobbs winning 20-12 and Neil Davidson winning 26-8. Dennis Rumsby’s triple stopped the Rode collecting all the points as they beat Russell Davidson’s triple 17-16. Banham struggled to compete at Connaught “A” where they found themselves on the end of a 10-0 on points, 87-35 on shots, defeat. Elaine Oatway, Di Quadling & Bob Oatway romped to a 30-9 win while Rita Secker, Dave Quadling & Owen Secker added a 22-9 win. Banham were more comfortable on their own mats as they beat Connaught “B” 8-2 with Valerie Hambling, Peggy Bertram & Jim Delaney winning 24-8. A close match at Forncett saw the home side win 6-4 against Hingham. A nine shot win for Tony Ottewell, Merv Boulter & Martin Humphreys was the difference between the sides. The Breckland League comprises of ten teams, the same as last year, but Harling “A” & “B” have been renamed Harling Griffins & Harling Unicorns.  


Heroes top City League

Horsford Heroes top the City League after beating Old Bonds 10-4 but dropped points at British Rail where they were defeated 10-4. Sprowston beat Felthorpe 14-0 while Windows beat British Rail 12-2. County Council won their opening game of the campaign 12-2 at home to Framingham Earl while Jarrolds were beaten 12-2 at Taverham. In the City Shield Sprowston won 12-2 at home to Deaf Sports. The City of Norwich League has reduced to fifteen teams this season after RG Carter were voted out of the league at the League’s AGM.


Harvesters reap rewards of double victory

Hemsby Harvesters have started the Coastal League season well with a 13-5 win against Hemsby Beachcombers in their local derby and a 10-8 home win against Woodbastwick Eagles. Another local derby saw Bradwell Beacons lose 14-4 at home to Bradwell Dynamos. Martham lost their opening match 13-5 at Woodbastwick Eagles.   


Big Amos win in Bure

Horsford Heroes are top of the Bure League after an 8-2 home win against HorsfordBC. Former Cromer bowler Jane James skipped her triple to a resounding 18-2 win while R Hart, D Crosby & Mick Dale got the night’s biggest win of 23-5. HorsfordBC fared better at home to Coltishall as they chalked up an 8-2 win in a match that finished with only two shots separating the two teams. Coltshall’s John Aggas got the evenings biggest win of 16-9 but narrow wins for home triples skipped by David Downing, John Bugg & David Claxton clinched victory.   East Tuddenham won 10-0 at home to Windows with Russell Flint, John Jeffery & Robin Amos leading the way with a 25-9 win.  



Slow start to South Norfolk campaign

Just two matches have been played so far in the South Norfolk League. Defending champions Hempnall started with a win but not in their accustomed style as they dropped two points at near neighbours Saxlingham and had to settle for a 6-4 win. The home side were given a lift in the first half as David Beamish, Margaret McCluskey & Alan Banham beat Paul Baker’s triple 11-7 but Chris Mann’s Hempnall triple gave the visitors a sixteen shot interval lead by beating Geoff Payne’s triple 26-6. It was almost a re-run in the second half as Saxlingham’s Pat Meale, Sheila Hook & Geoff Briggs snatched a dramatic 13-12 last end win against Neil Davidson and Hempnall’s Mick Pearce gathered more shots for the visitors beating Mike Razzell’s triple 19-5.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Posted 13-10-14


Wymondham retain Keith Banks Memorial Triples Title

Mary Fisher, Roger Steele and Chris Mann retained the Keith Banks Memorial Triples at Hingham today beating Connaught A's Diane and David Quadling with Sheila Bragg 7-5. Mann's triple got ahead early on to lead 7-2 and hung on to retain the trophy they won last year. In the semi finals Mann's triple had to overcome the other Connaught A triple comprising of Diana Adcock, Joe Li-Rocchi and Steve Hall who they had beaten in their group earlier but finished as best runner's up. The scoreline of 10-3 in the semi final did not reflect how close the match was as Steve Hall was cursing his luck at skip with many shots hitting the target but not getting the desired result. The other semi final saw Bragg's triple breeze to a 14-2 win over Daphne Braham's Watton triple who both won their respective groups earlier in the day, with Mann also winning his group.


                                    Trophy retained! - Chris Mann, Hazel Banks (presenting the trophy), Mary Fisher and Roger Steele

                                         Runner's up - Diane Quadling, David Quadling and Sheila Bragg with Hazel Banks

                                                                                                                                                                            Posted 12/10/2014 by CM

Anglia Bowls Centre in Norwich  

We are delighted to acknowledge that the Anglia Bowls Centre showroom in Norwich, the biggest retail & mail order company specializing in the sport of bowls, is still fully open for business and supplying their comprehensive range of bowling goods & services to bowlers. They have now been in business for over 25 years and can be found at 1 Beckham Place, Edward Street, Norwich, NR3 3DZ. Owner Mark Hedges, who recently retired from Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea, was largely responsible for the rapid growth of short mat bowls in Norfolk in the late 1980s when his company promoted the sport in village halls. He was also Chairman of the N.C.S.M.B.A from 1988 to 1990.     

Anglia Bowls Centre Showroom in Norwich

Norwich Cup wins for Coltishall & Kirby Bedon

Early action in the Norwich Cup saw both Kirby Bedon & Coltishall take full advantage of being on home mats as they both produced 14-2 wins. Coltishall and their visitors Sprowston SSC shared the first session as L Chadwick, David Dewing & Terry Fletcher powered their way to a 12-3 win against Vernon Bunn, Peter Barnett & Vic Woods but Jeffrey Sandell, Jean Barnett & Les Harman hit back by beating Peter Smart’s triple 10-3. The second session saw Coltishall’s pairs earn a 6-2 points lead as Carol & John Aggas won 14-2 and Roly Sargent & Margaret Harman won 8-3. The remaining games all went Coltishall’s way as they kept an iron grip on the match. Kirby Bedon won both opening triples games against Connaught “B” with Jill Watson, Jan Hewitt & Gerald Chilvers winning 8-7 against Derek Liles’ triple and Peter Johnson, Joan Costello & Jimmy Dye beating Alan Marshall’s triple 7-3. Teresa Goldsmith & Phil Watson won their first pairs game by 15-2 against John Winup’s pair, and by adding a 14-3 second half win, they became the night’s high scorers. Shirley & Joe Brown won their games by 8-4 & 10-5 while Connaught’s only win was earned by Moira Eades, Steve Barclay & Derek Liles with a 6-3 win against Jimmy Dye’s triple.

                                                                                                                               Posted 7-10-14


Norfolk "A" lose at home to Suffolk

Norfolk “A” suffered a rare defeat at the hands of Suffolk as the local derby finished with the visitors winning by 23-17 in their Inter-County Championships clash. In the opening session Robin Amos impressed with a 19-13 win but his Deaf Sports team-mate John Jeffrey, making his Norfolk debut, went down 15-9 to Dennis Miller. Margaret & Malcolm Reynolds of Coltishall added a great 22-8 win against the experienced pairing of Pam Fayers & Derek Adams but Suffolk hit back with a 15-7 win against Connaught’s Chris & Ty Musk. The second session saw Suffolk move ahead with Norfolk’s only win coming from Ray Lamb, Steven Lamb & Colin Coman in the triples against Michael Rice. John Jarvis’ triple slipped to an 11-6 defeat while both David Dewing and Gerald Chilvers lost in the rinks. The singles & pairs came back on and again shared the points. Norfolk’s man of the match Robin Amos rattled off a 17-8 win & subs Kerry Greenacre & Mike Boswell resumed their pairs partnership with a 14-9 win. John Jeffrey lost by 15-11 but kept the game close to ensure the singles bonus points came Norfolk’s way but the pairs points went to Suffolk. An incredibly close finish in the triples saw the bonus points shared as Elaine Oatway, Graham Tweed & John Jarvis won 13-10 & the Lamb, Lamb & Coman triple lost by just one shot. In the rinks Ted Redwood, Melvyn Barker, John Poynter & David Dewing won 10-6 but in the remaining game Gerald Chilvers’ rink went down 17-2 leaving Suffolk picking up eight of the ten rinks points. 

                                                                                                                       Posted 5-10-14

Costessey early leaders

Costessey are the early leaders in the City League after two home wins, they beat Sprowston SSC 12-2 and Windows by 11-3. Thorpe Marriott are sitting in second place after winning 14-0 at home to British Rail but they suffered a 10-4 home defeat at the hands of First Bus. Jarrolds won by a narrow 8-6 margin at home to First Bus but their journey to Felthorpe ended in a 12-2 defeat. Horsford Heroes opened their campaign with a 12-2 home win against Framingham Earl while Taverham’s opening match saw them crash to a 13-1 loss at Old Bonds.

                                                                                                                                   Posted 4-10-14

Best wishes Debbie & Jon

The N.C.S.M.B.A would like to send their very best wishes to Jon & Debbie on their very special day! 

                                                                                                      Posted 3-10-14

Just 13 teams enter County Cup

Efforts to encourage more clubs to enter the County Cup appeared to have failed as the draw was made this week with just thirteen team names going into the hat. The competition has never been universally popular among Norfolk clubs and the number of teams entering has steadily declined from a high of 23 in the 2008/09 season to its present level. Cup holders Bob Carter visit Tens League rivals Hevingham in the first round while last year’s runners-up Hempnall of the South Norfolk League entertain Breckland League side Hingham. The tie of the round is probably that between Breckland League giants Wymondham & Connaught “A” with Wymondham’s home advantage likely to make them favourites to progress. City League side Sprowston SSC face a trip out to play Harling while Connaught “B” are drawn at home to Bradwell. Delegates at Norfolk’s Annual General Meeting in June discussed whether to pull the plug on the competition but decided to continue it for this season. With the event losing money the question looks certain to be asked again.  

                                                                                                                                              Posted 2-10-14


Mary Jarvis – Funeral arrangements

The Funeral service for Mary Jarvis will take place at St Faith's Crematorium on Tuesday, October 14th at 2 p.m. Family flowers only please, donations made payable to Marie Curie Cancer Care may be sent c/o Gordon Barber Funeral Home,

317 Aylsham Road, Norwich, NR3 2AB

                                                                                                                                            Posted 30-9-14  

Opening day victory for Norfolk “A”

Norfolk “A” made a great start to the new Inter-County Championship season as they won 28-12 in Cambridgeshire. Six players made their debut for Norfolk. Haddiscoe’s Kerry Greenacre, Carleton Rode’s Karl & Terry Newby, Roger Steele of Wymondham and the young County Council brothers Lewis & Owen Cranston all appeared in Norfolk colours for the first time as they delivered an identical score-line to last season’s visit to March IBC. The roll-up was delayed when Cambs realized that they had forgotten to bring their jacks to the venue but luckily March Braza SMBC was close by and saved the day. When the opening line-up took place ESMBA President George Clarke, skipping a Norfolk “A” triple on the day, was asked to present a Cambs County Badge to Margaret Rea. This was followed by a minutes silence in memory of former Cambs Chairman & County Team Manager Roy Everitt who passed away recently. Norfolk “A” captain Mike Boswell won the toss and gave Cambs the jack and the action began. Hempnall’s Neil Davidson was in superb form in the singles as he opened with a 14-8 win against Cambridgeshire’s talented young star Robert Spriggs before crushing Roly Fincham 23-6 in his second game. It was glory all the way for the triples as Norfolk completed a clean sweep to collect all ten points. Joan Costello of Kirby Bedon, Graham Tweed of Hingham & John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott won their games by 8-7 & 13-6 while Thorpe Marriott’s Janet Pinchen, Trevor Pinchen & George Clarke won by 8-7 & 11-7. In the pairs Haddiscoe’s Kerry Greenacre made an impressive debut leading for Mike Boswell of Windows and wins of 16-7 & 19-9 demonstrated the strength of this pairing. Jenny Walker & Peter Walker of Thorpe Marriott playing with Carleton Rode’s debut boys Karl Newby & Terry Newby also hit a winning streak in the fours by beating Tony Kent’s rink 10-4 and then beating ex England international Joe Peters and his rink by 8-5. Maureen & George Munford of Sprowston SSC added a 17-16 pairs win as Cambs struggled to handle the lively Norfolk side who were runaway group winners last season. Next Sunday Norfolk “A” play their first home game of the campaign when they entertain Suffolk at Hingham Sports & Social Club.

                                                                                                                                                    Posted 28-8-14   

Cambs Joe Peters with Norfolk's Neil Davidson who was in superb form

ESMBA President George Clarke presents Margaret Rea with a Cambs County Badge

Robert Spriggs & Neil Davidson after 12 ends of their game

Cambridgeshire's County Team 

Two wins for father & son debut boys Karl & Terry Newby


Other results on the first weekend of I.C.C action saw Essex Premier win 24-16 away to Oxfordshire Premier in Group 2 which also includes Norfolk Premier & Northants Premier. In the “A” Team Group 2 Essex “A” won 24-16 away to Suffolk which left Norfolk “A” sitting top of the group after their 28-12 win at Cambs.























East Sussex










West Sussex




















































West Sussex















Stockport Metro






Carter win opening Tens League match

The Tens League season kicked off with defending champions Bob Carter winning 4-0 at Bradwell. There was little to choose between the two sides in a tight first half. Sue Hunt, Kim Bridge & Jason Woods held the home triple of Margaret Newcombe, Kerry Greenacre & Shirley George to a draw while Carter’s Jean Woods & Trevor Brown won by just one shot against Anne Baker & John Sargent. The second half belonged to the visitors though as Jamie Forster & Melvin Woods won 15-7 in the pairs while Robert Howlett’s triple clinched the match with a 27-6 win.  

                                                                                        Posted 26-9-14  


                                 SMPT  confirms ESMBA licence for World Pairs/Fours

A source at the top of the SMPT have contacted the N.C.S.M.B.A to confirm that they received a letter from the E.S.M.B.A dated 11th September in respect of a Licence for four events including the World Pairs & World Fours on 22-11-14 & 23-11-14. This would appear to put an end to the speculation that players taking part would risk disciplinary action for playing in an unlicensed competition. It is difficult to understand why speculation has surrounded this event and why sources at the E.S.M.B.A appear to have contradicted each other.  Over the last week our web site has received requests from bowlers requesting information about the status of the World Pairs/Fours Weekend and whether they are allowed to enter it and we have attempted to clarify the situation.


SMPT Irish Open Results

The Irish Open attracted a large entry of over 150 bowlers and was won by PJ McCrossan who beat Jal Richardson 13-2 in the final. Joe Beattie clinched third place by beating Sean Conroy on a tie break. Pauline Beattie won the Plate Final beating William Morrison. The result moves Jal Richardson to the number one spot in the SMPT World Rankings as the Irish continue to dominate. The event featured 139 Irish players with just 15 entering from outside Ireland. The remainder comprised of five English players, four from Belgium, two each representing Sweden & Wales, one Isle of Man bowler and one Italian. The next SMPT event is set for 18-10-14 when the European Masters is played at the Sporthal Vossenberg in Belgium. Previous winners of the event are Norfolk’s own Chris Mann and Jonathan Payne of Belgium. The next advertised SMPT event scheduled to take place in England is the World Fours & World Pairs Weekend at Bromsgrove IBC on 22-11-14 & 23-11-14. The entry fee for the World Fours is £84 per rink and entries are limited to 32 rinks. The World Pairs, won last season by Ireland’s William Morrison & Jal Richardson, is limited to 64 pairs with an entry fee of £42.  This is set to clash with an E.S.M.B.A I.C.C weekend  although the only matches taking place are the Group 3 games between Surrey & West Sussex and Hampshire & East Sussex. It would appear to be unclear at the moment as to if the E.S.M.B.A will grant the SMPT a licence to hold this event. If the World Pairs & Fours does go ahead without a licence then the sport of short mat bowls could shortly be entering stormy waters. 

                                                                                                                                                           Posted 23-9-14 



Smart dedicates Mixed Fours title win to memory of Mary Jarvis

Haddiscoe's Kerry Greenacre, Thorpe Marriott's Janet Pinchen and Ted Redwood with Sprowston's Peter Smart had never tasted mixed fours victory before but have now changed that after they beat Wymondham's Hayley Stratton, Billie Barker, Roger Steele and Melvyn Barker in a dramatic final on an exta end. The first end saw Kerry Greenacre produce two close woods to the jack which stayed there until Melvyn Barker produced a superb final wood to draw shot on the edge of the mat to give Wymondham a 1-0 lead. The second end saw a congested head develop but a misjudged wood by Ted Redwood gave Wymondham another shot to lead 2-0. Hayley Stratton produced two solid woods on the third end to give Wymondham a healthy start but by the end Peter Smart took two Wymondham woods out the head to give his four a foot hold in the match as they now trailed by only 2-1. The fourth end saw an open head with the skips to bowl but it was Melvyn Barker this time who came out on top with shot to lead 3-1. Another close head started to develop on end five until good woods played by both Ted Redwood and Peter Smart proved decisive as they took five shots to take the lead for the first time at 3-6. End six again saw Melvyn called upon to keep Wymondham in the match and he replied with shot wood to cut the deficit to two at 4-6. The pressure was on Peter Smart to get his team out of trouble on the seventh end with Wymondham holding two shots but missed with both woods as Melvyn Barker also failed to build on the advantage which meant the final went to an extra end with the scores tied at 6-6. Kerry Greenacre, Janet Pinchen and Ted Redwood piled on the pressure in the extra end as Melvyn Barker was again faced with trying to get Wymondham out of trouble. With his first wood not doing much damage he was then forced to try and take the jack back into the ditch with his last but narrowly missed to leave Smart's rink taking five shots to win by 6-11. After the match Peter Smart dedicated the win to the memory of Sprowston's Mary Jarvis, a close friend of Pat & Peter Smart, who died just days before the event. The third place play-off was won by Jon Sparham’s rink who beat Melvin Woods’ rink by 7-1. In the semi-finals it was an all Wymondham affair in one of the match's as last season's defending champions Debbie Pye, Debbie Phillips, Jack Pye and Jon Sparham lost to Melvyn Barker's rink by 8-7. In the other semi-final Peter Smart's rink overcame Bob Carter's Margaret Reynolds, Jean Woods, Jason Woods and Melvin Woods 9-7. In the groups Peter Smart's four topped their group with three wins out of three while Melvyn Barker's rink claimed runners up spot on shot difference with just one win. In the other group there were five teams with the defending champions topping it after three wins from four while Melvin Woods' rink came through in second on shot difference as Ann Baker, Morgan Warnes, Josh Baxter and Keith Cooke went out as both teams were tied on five points each after both drew their group game. 

                                                                                                                                         Posted 21-9-14 by CM

New names on the mixed fours trophy! - Peter Smart, Ted Redwood, Kerry Greenacre and Janet Pinchen

Wymondham's Roger Steele, Billie Barker, Hayley Stratton and Melvyn Barker with their runner's up trophy's

Mary Jarvis – Rest in Peace

The N.C.S.M.B.A are saddened to learn of the death of Sprowston's Mary Jarvis and send our condolences to all at the club.

E.G.M votes on Administration Officer

The long running saga involving the E.S.M.B.A Constitution and the Management Committee’s plan to include Administration finally came to a conclusion although not without a few hiccups on the way. It seems like, and is, years since the E.S.M.B.A announced plans for a radical change to the way the sport is run but the E.G.M at Northampton saw county delegates vote to include an Administration Officer in the Constitution in line with Norfolk’s views put forward at July’s A.G.M. Initial plans to pay third parties to carry out admin for short mat bowls have long been abandoned in the face of opposition from member counties and at the end of the day the changes will ultimately mean some Officer positions being deleted while the Administration Officer takes over their roles. As expected Keith Hawkins was elected to the new position until the next A.G.M in 2015. If only this simple route had been taken in the beginning many hours of meetings, and the costs involved, could have been avoided. Barry Hedges first full meeting since being elected Chairman proved difficult. The Committee yet again look ill-prepared when delegates pointed out errors in the revised wording of the Constitution but the possibility of yet another meeting having to be called was not an attractive option. Frustrated delegates, keen to put the issue to bed, voted the Constitutional changes through anyway on the understanding that the errors would be corrected at a later stage by the Management Committee. Proposals will need to be put forward by the Management Committee for next year’s A.G.M to deal with these anomalies in the Constitution. The meeting also agreed that registration fees for the 2015/16 season would remain unchanged. 


Pye & Cooke join Lamb on England duty

It was the beginning of what they both hope will be a long and successful England career for Keith Cooke of Bradwell & Jack Pye of Wymondham as the new England squad met for the first time at Northampton I.B.C. Both Norfolk players have been selected to play for England this season along with seasoned international David Lamb of Halvergate and the annual President’s Weekend marked the start of the winter season at International level.

                                                                                                                                                               Posted 14-9-14  

Jack Pye, David Lamb & Keith Cooke on England duty

Norfolk Squad at Hingham for Pre-Season Day

The Norfolk County Squad for the 2014/15 season met up for the first time for the County Team Pre-Season Day held at Norfolk’s county venue at Hingham on Sunday. For several years Norfolk have used Indoor Bowls Clubs for their home matches spending several years at Roundwood IBC in Taverham and then Lakeside IBC in Lyng but last year the NCSMBA Management Committee decided to switch to Hingham Sports & Social Club. This means that instead of playing “mat on mat” which slows down the speed of the bowls, Norfolk will now be playing on their fast Verde mats on a hard floor, which is favoured by many leading players in the game. The County Team Manager Selwyn Goldsmith welcomed the new members of the squad and introduced his new look Management Team to the players for the new season. Squad members who also play in the Norfolk Over 60s have already got the feel of the mats in recent games against teams from Essex & Yorkshire but for a lot of the squad it was a useful day for getting used to the mats and the venue. Wymondham star Chris Mann looked in great form as he won all his games on the day while new Squad members Kerry Greenacre, Karl Newby & Terry Newby won all their games. Other players who won all their games were Keith Cooke, John Jarvis & Graham Tweed. Young County Council players Owen & Lewis Cranston played well as did John Jeffrey of Deaf Sports.

                                                                                                                                                Posted 9-9-14  

Squad day action at Hingham

First day on county duty - Karl & Terry Newby

Bowls legend Greg Harlow opens shop at Potters Resort

Greg Harlow, whose array of World, British Isles & National Championship triumphs in bowls are too numerous to list, has opened a new shop at the famous Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea in Norfolk. After many years as the face of bowls at the world famous bowls venue Mark Hedges of the Anglian Bowls Centre has retired so it is the end of one era and the start of another. Last weekend was a hive of activity at Potters with an extension to their shop in the Bowlers Bar being completed as well as Greg preparing for the opening of the Potters Bowls Shop. On hand to help were popular Potter’s Group Holiday personalities Megan Oakes & Leah Key and Greg quickly found his first customer as Norfolk Over 60s Organiser Teresa Goldsmith was on site running the ever popular Potters Short Mat Cup Weekend.    

                                                                                                                                               Posted 3-9-14  

Megan Oakes, Teresa Goldsmith, Greg Harlow & Leah Key

Gerald “True Grit” Chilvers happy as bowls ruled legal

Over the many years he has played for Kirby Bedon & Norfolk Gerald Chilvers fellow bowlers have occasionally joked about Gerald’s big bowls but in a recent match opposing bowlers queried the legality of the woods that Gerald has used at league, county and in National Competitions since 1988. The umpire on duty, George Munford, generously took the time to take one of the bowls home to accurately weigh and measure it and to Gerald’s delight declared that the bowls were legal and within the weight and measurement limits listed in the ESMBA Rule Book. The Eastern Evening News did a story a few years back on the men who gritted Norfolk’s icy roads in winter and Gerald was featured. The headline “Man of True Grit” led inevitably to Gerald immediately becoming known as “True Grit” Chilvers to his Kirby Bedon team mates. We are sure that if in future anyone else questions Gerald about the legality of his bowls they are sure to find him living up to his nickname.  

                                                                                                                                                   Posted 3-9-14

Gerald Chilvers and his big bowls

Potters Cup action at Potters Resort

The annual Potters Cup Weekend took place at Potters Resort in Hopton-on-Sea where Wymondham’s Debbie Pye, Jack Pye & Chris Mann successfully defended the Potters Cup with a faultless display of bowling. In the final they faced  Pauline McCallum & Mac McCallum of Durham who again played with Sprowston star Peter Smart at number two. Mann’s triple started the final with a bang taking four shots on the opening end and with singles following on the next two ends and two shots on the fourth they established an 8-0 lead. On the fifth end Chris Mann & Mac McCallum exchanged shots with McCallum coming out on top to reduce the deficit to 8-2. Pauline McCullum’s opening bowls put the Wymondham triple under pressure on the sixth end but after Jack Pye took shot Mac McCallum earned his triple another shot to make it 8-3. All three Wymondham players did the business on the next end and McCallum was forced to attack but it all went badly wrong and Wymondham took four shots to move 12-3 up. The game was as good as over now and the triples earned one shot each over the last two ends leaving Mann’s triple the Potters Cup winners by 13-4. The Wymondham triple beat Kath Carrol, Al Colman & Peter Smith by 10-6 in the semi-finals while McCallum’s triple reached the final with a 12-5 win against Suffolk’s Terry Cook, Doreen Cook & Derek Barley. The Potters Shield Final produced another Wymondham triumph as Mikey George, Debbie Phillips & Jon Sparham beat Hempnall’s Joan Cann, Bernie Cudden & Paul Baker 8-4 in an all Norfolk final. Sparham’s triple beat East Tuddenham’s Geraldine Potter and Elaine & Bob Oatway of First Bus by 8-4 in the semi-finals while Baker’s triple beat Wymondham’s Hayley Stratton, Billie Barker & Melvyn Barker 8-3. The Most Relaxed Triples award was presented to East Harling's Phyllis Rigby, Val Hester & Penny Lee. The Potters Cash Pairs event saw Wymondham complete a hat-trick of successors as Hayley Stratton & Chris Mann emerged as outright winners on eleven points. Seven pairs were tied on ten points and shots were used to determine the other three places. Suffolk’s Terry Cook & Derek Barley snatched second place by one shot ahead of Barbara & Colin Hadler of East Kent who finished third and Wymondham’s Mikey George & Jon Sparham who were fourth. Kerry Greenacre of Haddiscoe & Gerald Chilvers of Kirby Bedon lost out on the cash positions by just one shot. 

                                                                                                                                                                  Posted 2-9-14  

Potters Cup Winners Chris Mann, Debbie Pye & Jack Pye with Mark Brewer of Potters Resort

Potters Cup Runners-Up Peter Smart, Pauline & Mac McCallum with Mark Brewer

Potters Shield Winners Jon Sparham, Debbie Phillips & Mikey George with Mark Brewer

Potters Shield Runners-Up Paul Baker, Joan Cann & Bernie Cudden with Mark Brewer

Potter Cash Pairs Winners Chris Mann & Hayley Stratton with Mark Brewer

Potters Cash Runners-Up Derek Barley & Terry Cook with Mark Brewer

Potters Cup action in the famous International Arena

Presentation Table

Before the action begins

7.30am in the International Arena

Chris Hopkins resigns from ESMBA Management Committee

In a surprise move Chris Hopkins has resigned as National Championship Organiser on the ESMBA Management Committee. Since losing his position as Chairman at the Annual General Meeting in July, and then being nominated and appointed as National Championship Organiser, Hopkins appears to have become an increasingly isolated figure on the Committee. New Chairman Barry Hedges is thought to have tried to persuade Hopkins to stay on the Committee but the former Chairman was thought to be unhappy when it emerged that a meeting took place, without his knowledge, between some members of his Committee when Hopkins was still Chairman. He apparently only learned of this at the ESMBA seminar weekend, held two weeks after the AGM, where Hopkins refused to sign off expense claims relating to that meeting. Long serving ESMBA President George Clarke has long been a supporter of Hopkins and a possible consequence of Hopkins resignation could be Clarke considering his own position.  

                                                                                                                                                    Posted 28-8-14   

Chris Hopkins

Mann & Davidson battle to third round in UK Open

Ten Norfolk players entered the latest SMPT event, the UK Open at Bromsgrove, with Chris Mann of Wymondham & Neil Davidson of Hempnall making it through to the third round of the main competition. In the group stages players had to finish in the top two of their group to qualify for the UK Open and six Norfolk bowlers were successful. Chris Mann of Wymondham will have been pleased with the draw and was favourite to win Group 11 and did so in style winning all his five games. His hardest was a narrow 12-11 win against Alan Thompson. His Wymondham team-mate Jack Pye was also fortunate with the draw and made no mistakes as he reeled off five straight wins including a 17-3 victory against Germany’s Erica Wachholz. Another Wymondham player, Mark Linsdale, also missed out on the big names in Group 6 and won four games and drew the other. Neil Davidson of Hempnall was in good form in Group 15 where he finished level on points with Italy’s Antonio Rinaldi with four wins and just one defeat. On paper Richard Payne looked a threat but he had to be content with a third place finish while Rinaldi & Davidson progressed in first and second place respectively. David Lamb of Halvergate & England had a tough fight on his hands to qualify from Group 8 which Sweden’s Joel Hager dominated with five straight wins. Lamb and John Lax both finished with three wins and two defeats apiece but Lamb’s 13-8 win against Lax claimed him second place in the group. The sixth Norfolk player to qualify was Bob Carter’s ex England player Melvin Woods who finished in second place in Group 18 behind Craig Strong, an 11-7 win against James Trott was the vital win that saw Woods through. As for the other Norfolk players Keith Cooke of Bradwell won three of his games in Group 16 but an 18-12 defeat to Gethin Davies of Wales and a 10-7 loss to Ireland’s Andrew Morrison left Cooke in third place. Carter’s Jean Woods finished fourth in Group 19 with two wins and three defeats. Mikey George of Wymondham was drawn in a strong Group 7 that included eventual winner Robert Martin and England’s Chris Page & Nigel Reed of Essex. Mikey George’s only win was a 13-9 result against Kevin Dwyer. Young Ryan Fox of Halvergate was drawn in Group 9 and suffered five heavy defeats against class opposition. In Round One of the main UK Open competition both Chris Mann & Mark Linsdell received byes into Round Two. Neil Davidson progressed with a 7-6 win against Sweden’s Dick Almen, Jack Pye beat Ireland’s Paddy McElvaney 12-11 while David Lamb romped to a 23-6 win against Matt Chapman. Melvin Woods was the only Norfolk player to exit at this stage after losing 17-5 to Ireland’s Mark Beattie. With five players through to the Second Round proper Norfolk hopes were now high but only two of them survived the round. Chris Mann showed his class in a 12-9 win against Chris Williams while Neil Davidson beat Ireland’s Andrew Morrison 9-8. David Lamb lost 12-5 to Robert Martin, Mark Linsdell lost 13-5 to Essex bowler Peter Fautley and Jack Pye’s involvement ended in a 12-6 defeat to Allan Williams. In Round Three Chris Mann faced Peter Fautley but the Essex bowler edged his way to a narrow 10-9 win to bring Chris Mann’s UK Open to a premature end. Neil Davidson faced Irish ace mark Beattie but put up a creditable performance before losing 10-7. The eventual winner of the UK Open was Robert Martin of England who defeated Ireland’s Mark Beattie 11-8 in the Final.

                                                                                                                               Posted 27-8-14  


Norfolk Over 60s Anniversary victory

Norfolk Over 60s celebrated the fourteenth anniversary of their first ever competitive match by beating a Friends of Essex Over 60s team by 84-44 on points and 598-450 on shots at Hingham Sports & Social Club. It was a rare victory against a team that in the past have proved a tough nut to crack but the visitors found the fast Verde mats at Norfolk’s new venue difficult to handle. Each side fielded 48 players made up of sixteen triples, each playing four games apiece over eight sessions. Two Norfolk triples won all their games on the day with Billie Barker, Roger Steele & Mel Barker winning by 11-8, 17-2, 10-6 & 16-5 and Barry Barsby, Kerry Greenacre & Selwyn Goldsmith winning by 10-5 & 11-3, and with Teresa Goldsmith substituting for Barry Barsby, went on to win their last two games by 15-6 & 10-7.  Gordon Wilcox’s triple were also unbeaten winning three games and drawing the other. Norfolk Over 60s Organiser Teresa Goldsmith thanked the Norfolk players for their work that made the day such a success not just on the mats but off them as well providing meals for over 100 people.

                                                                                                                                                                        Posted 25-8-14

                                                                             Tony Hayes of Friends of Essex in action at Hingham

                                                                             Norfolk Over 60s v Friends of Essex at Hingham

Kirby Bedon win relegation clash

The fixture list left the last remaining Division One match, Kirby Bedon v Thorpe Marriott “A”, as effectively a relegation play-off game. A 4-4 draw would have been enough to ensure Thorpe Marriott’s survival in the top flight while Kirby Bedon needed to win by a minimum of 5-3 to stay up. As it was home advantage proved crucial as Kirby Bedon swept to an 8-0 home win to send Marriott down after just one season in Division One. In the first half Shirley Brown, Jimmy Dye & Joe Brown hit top form as they beat Marjorie Hall, Janet Pinchen & Trevor Pinchen by 25-3 while Carol Aggas, John Aggas & Phil Watson won by 16-5 against Jenny Walker, Peter Walker & Ted Redwood. Kirby Bedon went into the second half needing just one more point but Phil Watson’s triple won 23-9 and Joe Brown’s triple won 16-5 as Kirby Bedon collected maximum points.  


Roy Everitt Funeral details

We can now advise that Roy's funeral will be at 11.30am on Thursday 4th September at The Fenland Crematorium Knights End Road, March PE15 0YJ (just off the A141 Isle of Ely Way). Family flowers only please. Any donations to Roy's memory may be made to The Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice. As a token of our respect to Roy and with the agreement of Roy's daughters Julie and Rosalyn, Cambridgeshire County players are requested to wear their County regalia. Julie and Rosalyn also invite mourners to The March Golf Club after the service for refreshments. 

                                                                                                                                               Posted 23-8-14

Wymondham win Summer Cup

Wymondham beat Deaf Sports 8-0 to lift the Summer Cup for the first time last night after the Division One side overcame brave resistance put up by Division Two side Deaf Sports. St Faiths was the neutral venue for the final with Wymondham starting as hot favourites and fielding a strong line-up but it was Deaf Sports who won the first end in both opening games. On mat one Gillian Amos, Richard Sutton & John Jeffrey of Deaf Sports took a single despite Chris Mann running at the head with his final bowl while Caroline Mohamad, Laura Hawksworth & Robin Amos took two shots against Jon Sparham’s Wymondham triple. Mikey George, Debbie Phillips & Chris Mann hit back with a vengeance on the next end as a superb weighted wood from ex England player Chris Mann took the oppositions holding bowl out of the head for a count of five while on the other mat Jon Sparham also played an attacking bowl to earn two shots. By the finish of the fifth end Chris Mann’s triple had moved into a commanding 9-2 lead after an unfortunate last wood from the Deaf Sports skip had handed them two more shots. Sparham’s triple were involved in a closer match with only the Wymondham skips last bowl moving them 5-3 up after a lovely forehand draw by young Deaf Sports number two Laura Hawksworth put the pressure on. The sixth end saw Deaf Sports hit back as the Robin Amos triple levelled their game at 5-5 while a great attacking bowl by John Jeffery took out Wymondham’s shot bowl to reduce the deficit to 9-4 on mat one. Jeffrey’s triple were now growing in confidence and singles followed on the next two ends leaving them just three shots behind. Their good work was undone on the next end though as Mann’s triple upped their game and after Jeffreys missed with a running wood Chris Mann drew in to take four shots and a 13-6 lead. Jeffrey’s triple pulled back two shots on the next end but a terrific take-out shot by Chris Mann scored another four shots for Wymondham and at 17-8 they were now cruising and the end result inevitable. The final score of 22-10 to Mikey George, Debbie Phillips & Chris Mann was a fair reflection of their superiority. On mat two Wymondham’s Roger Steele, Jack Pye & Jon Sparham were finding the experienced Robin Amos and his triple a tough nut to crack but counts of 1, 1 & 2 on ends 7, 8 & 9 edged them 9-5 up. Great bowls by Jon Sparham on the tenth end earned another three shots and Deaf Sports were now up against it at 12-5 down. With the game slipping away from them both Laura Hawksworth & Robin Amos were forced into using weight on the next end but both missed and Sparham’s triple moved 14-5 up. There was no way back from there as the Wymondham triple finished in style with five shots on the last end to win 21-7. With Wymondham 4-0 up on points and 43-17 up on shots at the interval the Division One side had achieved their objective of practically putting the game to bed early on. Deaf Sports made two changes for the second half bringing in Rosemary Hall for Caroline Mohamad and John Robertson for Gillian Amos while the Wymondham triples remained unchanged and just as in the first half won the opening ends as Robin Amos took two shots against Chris Mann and John Jeffery took a single off Jon Sparham’s triple. Chris Mann’s triple hit back with a vengeance as Mann took the jack through setting them up for four shots on the second end. Mann then produced his trademark take-out shot to move 6-2 up after three ends. After good woods from both Rosemary Hall & Laura Hawksworth on the next end Chris Mann knocked the jack off to kill the end. A lovely backhand by Debbie Phillips on the replayed end forced Robin Amos to attack which he did with precision to reduce the deficit to 6-3. This gave Deaf just a brief respite as Norfolk star Debbie Phillips twice took Deaf Sports woods out of the head on the fifth end as the Wymondham triple increased their lead to 11-3 which became 13-3 after six ends. Deaf pulled a single back on the next end but were unlucky on the eighth end as an attacking bowl by Robin Amos slammed the jack into the ditch but failed to take shot as it ran along the back of the fender leaving a Wymondham bowl holding shot. Mikey George was a model of consistency for Wymondham and his lead woods laid the foundation for another shot on end 11 as his triple moved 15-7 up and a winning bowl by Chris Mann made it 16-7 after 12 ends. Another single on the next end took Mann’s triple 17-7 up while Robin Amos’ triple took singles on the last two ends leaving Wymondham 17-9 winners. On mat two Roger Steele, Jack Pye & Jon Sparham had taken two shots on the second end to take the lead and after John Jeffrey missed with a running wood on the third end Sparham’s triple moved 5-1 up. Another single was added on the next end before Jeffrey’s triple reduced the deficit to 6-4 after six ends. With all three Wymondham bowlers playing well the Deaf Sports triple were up against it and after eleven ends were played Sparham’s triple led 13-5. With Mann’s triple well up on the other mat the final was now effectively over and the last few ends were played out in a subdued atmosphere. John Robertson, Richard Sutton & John Jeffrey began to eat away at Sparham’s lead winning the next two ends reducing Wymondham’s lead to 13-9. A super wood from Jack Pye was the major factor in Wymondham taking a single on the penultimate end before Deaf took four shots on the last end leaving Sparham’s triple 14-13 winners.  

                                                                                                                                          Posted 19-8-14

NCSMBA Summer Cup winners Wymondham

NCSMBA Summer Cup runners-up Deaf Sports

Fabulous Five for Bob Carter

Bob Carter’s 6-2 win against Thorpe Marriott “A” confirms them as Summer League champions for the fifth year in a row. Jamie Forster, Jason Woods & David Lamb were in unstoppable form for Carter as they opened with a 19-9 win against Jenny Walker, Ted Redwood & Tony Turner and in the second half they beat Trevor Pinchen’s triple by 19-5. John Turner’s Carter triple won by 24-6 against Kath Frost in the first half but Tony Turner’s triple scored a consolation win for Thorpe Marriott beating John Turner 15-9 after the break. Wymondham made sure of the runners-up spot with two 8-0 home wins. Against Halvergate Chris Mann’s triple won by 17-7 & 18-16 for Wymondham while Jon Sparham’s triple added wins of 29-4 & 19-12. Thorpe Marriott “A” were Wymondham’s next victims as Chris Mann won by 20-7 & 16-11, Jon Sparham won by 17-13 & Jack Pye won by 17-8. Halvergate were held to a 4-4 draw by visitors Kirby Bedon. Carol Aggas, Gerald Chilvers & John Aggas of Kirby Bedon beat Steven Lamb’s triple 19-12 before beating Keith Cooke’s triple 16-9. Halvergate salvaged a home draw as both Lamb & Cooke beat Joe Brown’s Kirby triple. In Division Two Diss Green missed out on the chance of moving top after being held to a 4-4 draw by visitors Hingham. A very close match saw Hingham’s Keith Thomas skip his triple to a 14-12 win against Keith Buck’s triple while Graham Mobbs’ Diss triple replied by beating Gordon Wilcox 16-14. Rita Oliver, Graham Tweed & Keith Thomas added a second win for Hingham beating Graham Mobbs 17-10 but Keith Buck’s triple earned a draw for Diss beating Gordon Wilcox 13-5.    

                                                                                                                                                                                Posted 17-8-14

Roy Everitt has passed away

It is with much sadness that we have learned of the death of Roy Everitt of the Cambridgeshire S.M.B.A. Roy passed away in the early hours today, Saturday the 16th August 2014. Roy was a larger than life figure in the world of short mat bowls and had many, many friends throughout the sport. His passing will mark the end of an era for short mat bowls in Cambridgeshire and indeed the South-East where he was an influential figure for many years. The N.C.S.M.B.A wish to send their condolences to his family and the Cambs S.M.B.A.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Posted 16-8-14 

David Fuller – Rest in Peace

The N.C.S.M.B.A are saddened to learn of the death of Sprowston SSC & former Bonds bowler David Fuller who passed away suddenly this morning. The NCSMBA would like to send our condolences to his family and all his friends at Sprowston SSC.

                                                                                                                                                Posted 11-8-14 

RG Carter voted out of City League

At the City of Norwich League Annual General Meeting today three time champions RG Carter were voted out of the league by delegates following a discussion concerning an unplayed game in the 2013/14 season. Carter, league champions three years in a row from 2010/11 to 2012/13, failed to complete their fixtures and delegates voted heavily in favour of RG Carter losing their league status. Peter Smart of the City League says that “Carter breached City League rules and refused to commit to following the City League rules in future.” RG Carter finished the league in third place just two points behind Thorpe Marriott but still with a game to play. It is believed that Thorpe Marriott have decided to donate the prize money awarded for the runner-up spot back to the league.

                                                                                                                                                             Posted 10-8-14 


Deaf Sports get that Final Feeling

Deaf Sports have reached the final of the Summer Cup for the first time after beating Diss in the semi-finals. The two Second Division sides met at Deaf Sports where home advantage proved crucial in an intriguing encounter. League form would have predicted a win for a Diss side who are undefeated in the league this season while Deaf Sports have failed to record a single league victory. But Deaf Sports have saved their best form for the cup this year and Gillian Amos, Richard Sutton & John Jeffery gave them a good start beating Colin Smith, Bill Francis & Graham Mobbs 15-8. Morris Taylor, Trish Taylor & Terry Newby hit back for Diss beating Robin Amos 21-8 to leave the match level on points at the interval. After the break it was all Deaf Sports though as John Robertson, Richard Sutton & John Jeffery won 18-6 & Caroline Mohamad, Laura Hawksworth & Robin Amos won 20-14 for a 6-2 points win. Deaf Sports now face Division One giants Wymondham at St Faiths in the final. 

                                                                                                                                                     Posted 9-8-14



Defending Champions Carter crush Kirby

Bob Carter kept up their push to retain the Summer League Championship title with an emphatic 8-0 home win against Kirby Bedon. John Turner’s triple won by 23-7 against Joe Brown before beating John Aggas by 22-7 in the second half. David Lamb’s triple added a 19-11 win against Aggas before beating Joe Brown by 23-5. In Division Two Diss & Thorpe Marriott “B” continued their battle for the title. Thorpe Marriott “B” won 6-2 at First Bus with Simon Warnes’ triple winning by 16-10 against Colin Coman & 20-10 against Bob Oatway with their other points earned by Margaret McPherson, Bob McPherson & Keith Chapman who beat Bob Pattison’s triple by 25-7. Diss won 6-2 at home to Sprowston SSC with Colin Smith, Bill Francis & Graham Mobbs beating John Poynter’s triple 22-13 and in the second half Mobbs’ triple beat Terry Fletcher 15-10. Deaf Sports were held to a 4-4 draw at home to Hingham where Keith Thomas skipped his triple to wins of 17-16 & 15-9.

Charles Weikert – Rest in Peace

The N.C.S.M.B.A are saddened to learn of the death of former Taverham & Norfolk Over 60s bowler Charles Weikert and send our condolences to Jean and all his friends at Taverham SMBC.


Summer League title & relegation battles heat up

Wymondham kept the Summer League title battle alive with an 8-0 home win against third placed Halvergate. Wymondham enjoyed a superb first half as Roger Steele, Jack Pye & Jon Sparham cruised to a big 29-4 win against Donna Lamb, Steven Lamb & Keith Cooke. There was little relief for the visitors on the other mat as Mary Fisher, Debbie Phillips & Chris Mann beat Ray Lamb, Ralf Savage & Robbie Lamb 17-7. After the break, with Hayley Stratton substituting for Mary Fisher, Chris Mann’s triple produced a solid 18-10 win against Keith Cooke’s triple but Robbie Lamb’s Halvergate triple almost stopped Wymondham taking maximum points as they lost by just one shot to Jon Sparham’s triple. At seven ends Lamb’s triple led 13-2 but a change of playing order, with Jack Pye now skipping, did the trick for Wymondham and they survived a worrying final end to win 19-18. Kirby Bedon’s fight for survival in the top flight continues as they won 6-2 at home to Anglian Windows. An effective display of attacking bowling by Mike Boswell earned the visitors their only win of the night that could prove costly for a Kirby Bedon side looking for every point they can get. This win though means that Kirby Bedon are now just three points behind Thorpe Marriott “A” with a game in hand as the dogfight to avoid relegation hots up.

                                                                                                                                                         Posted 6-8-14

Norfolk Over 60s defeat White Rose League

North Yorkshire’s White Rose Summer League visited Norfolk for a weekend of bowls at Hingham Sports & Social Club where they were given a warm welcome by Norfolk Over 60s Squad. The match between the two sides on Saturday saw Norfolk Over 60s storm to a decisive 72-28 win on points, 564-366 on shots, as the visitors struggled on the fast Verde mats at Norfolk’s new county venue. Norfolk dominated in the pairs games collecting 31 of the 40 points up for grabs. Jenny Walker & Mike Boswell, Kerry Greenacre & Selwyn Goldsmith and Doreen Stearman & Ty Musk all won four games out of five each while Pauline Wilson & Jock Pollock scored three wins and a draw. In the triples Mally Woodhouse of Anglian Windows, Graham Tweed of Hingham & John Jarvis of Thorpe Marriott were in great form winning all their games by 19-6, 11-4, 20-4, 11-10 & 10-6. Reg Wilson, Shirley Brown & Joe Brown scored eight points out of ten as the triples collected 41 points against the Yorkshire’s triples total of 19. After the game Arthur Jackson, organiser of the White Rose League team, presented Norfolk Over 60s organiser Teresa Goldsmith with a shield that will be played for on an annual basis. On Sunday a Friendship Triples event was held with each triple containing either two Norfolk players and one White Rose bowler or two White Rose and one Norfolk. The winners were Alan Meek, Margaret Manfield and Mike Boswell with Moira Stevens, Maureen Munford & Keith Hughes in second place. Norfolk Over 60s will pay a return visit to North Yorkshire next year where the White Rose League will no doubt be determined to win back the shield. 

Popular North Yorks star Arthur Jackson presents Teresa Goldsmith with the Shield

The winners of the Friendship Triples - Mike Boswell, Margaret Manfield & Alan Meek

Norfolk's newest umpire George Munford on duty all weekend

Action at Hingham 

Diss chasing promotion

Summer League Division Two action saw Diss win 6-2 at Hingham as Morris Taylor, Trish Taylor & Terry Newby won their games by 16-15 & 13-9. The result puts Diss in second place just seven points behind Thorpe Marriott “B” but with two games in hand. A solid 7-1 home win for Bradwell keeps them in the Division Three promotion race. Allan Collins’ triple were in great form winning by 28-6 & 24-8 and they are now in third place four points behind Watton with a game in hand.


Brian Saunders back home

The NCSMBA is delighted to inform bowlers that Norfolk President Brian Saunders is now back home after his recent spell in hospital. Early fears that he had suffered a heart attack have now been discounted. Brian wishes to convey his best wishes and sincere thanks to all for their visits and messages of support during a worrying time for both him & Pat.


Wymondham hope for third time lucky

Wymondham proved too strong for Division Two side Thorpe Marriott “B” in their Summer Cup semi-final tie and with the Division One side also having home advantage the match was as good as over at half time. Roger Steele, Jack Pye & Jon Sparham gave Wymondham a great start beating Dorothy Muttitt, John Jarvis & Keith Chapman 24-5 while Mikey George, Debbie Phillips & Chris Mann delivered a solid 18-6 win against Morgan Warnes, David Knights & Simon Warnes. At 4-0 down on points and 42-11 behind on shots there was little hope of a second half recovery for Thorpe Marriott and it was no surprise as Wymondham earned their third Summer Cup final place. Chris Mann’s triple, with Hayley Stratton replacing Mikey George, won by 18-4 against Margaret McPherson, Bob McPherson & Keith Chapman while Mary Fisher, Jack Pye & Jon Sparham were held to a 16-16 draw by Morgan Warnes, David Knights & Simon Warnes. Wymondham will now look to put the disappointment of their two Summer Cup final defeats, against Kirby Bedon & Bob Carter, behind them as they prepare for the final at St Faiths on the 18th August. In the quarter-finals Deaf Sports knocked out Thorpe Marriott “A” beating them 6-2 and now face Diss Green in the semi-finals to battle for the right to play Wymondham at St Faiths on the 18th August.

                                                                                                                                                                              Posted 1-8-14

Diss Green are in the semi-finals

Diss Green claimed a Summer Cup semi-final place after a 6-2 home win against Watton. Morris Taylor, Trish Taylor & Terry Newby led the way beating Daphne Braham’s triple 16-10 and Roger Braham’s triple by 18-12 while a 19-7 win for Colin Smith, Keith Buck & Graham Mobbs against Roger Braham made sure of victory. Diss Green will now visit the winners of the Thorpe Marriott “A” v Deaf Sports tie. Anglian Windows remain at the foot of Summer League Division One  and are now certain to be relegated. They lost 8-0 at Halvergate where Ray Lamb, Ralf Savage & Robbie Lamb beat Keith Halford 27-18 and Mike Boswell by 23-14. Windows did earn a 4-4 draw at Thorpe Marriott “A” though where Mike Boswell skipped his triple to wins of 20-12 & 12-8. Marriott skips Tony & Sylvia Turner won a game apiece in reply. Kirby Bedon won 6-2 at home to Halvergate with Shirley Brown, Jimmy Dye & Gerald Chilvers beating Robbie Lamb 16-9 and Keith Cooke 19-14 while Carol Aggas, John Aggas & Joe Brown added a 19-16 win against Robbie Lamb. Halvergate’s only win was courtesy of Steven Lamb, Roy Walker & Keith Cooke who beat Phil Watson’s triple 16-9. In Division Two the battle for the title is between Thorpe Marriott “B” & Diss Green with both teams still unbeaten. Marriott moved thirteen points clear at the top with a 6-2 home win against Sprowston but Diss have three games in hand.  For Thorpe Marriott Morgan Warnes, David Knights & Simon Warnes top scored with a 27-6 win against county player David Dewing while Richard Perkins beat Dewing 14-10 and Keith Chapman beat John Poynter 15-7. Sprowston’s only win was gained by John Poynter’s trple who beat Simon Warnes 13-11 in the first half.  
                                                                                                                                                       Posted 26-7-14

Norfolk President taken ill

The N.C.S.M.B.A wish to send their best wishes to the President of the Norfolk Association Brian Saunders of Wymondham who is currently ill in hospital. We would like to wish him a speedy recovery.


Wymondham into semi-finals

Wymondham were in superb form in their Summer Cup Quarter-Final match at Bradwell where they put the home side to the sword winning 8-0. Having already put out cup holders Bob Carter in the previous round Wymondham have their eye firmly on capturing a trophy that has so far eluded them after twice being beaten finalists against Bob Carter & Kirby Bedon “A”. Roger Steele, Jack Pye & Jon Sparham opened for the visitors with a 21-7 win against Anne Baker, Mike Harvey & Jackie Fortescue and Mikey George, Debbie Phillips & Chris Mann added a second win beating Allan Collins’ triple by 16-9. The second half saw Wymondham wrap up a maximum win as Jon Sparham’s triple won by 16-13 against Allan Collins’ triple and Chris Mann’s triple beat Mike Harvey’s triple 26-7. In the semi-finals Wymondham are at home to Division Two side Thorpe Marriott “B” while Diss Green will visit the winners of the Thorpe Marriott “A” v Deaf Sports tie. Wymondham also have their sights set on a first ever Summer League Championship title after winning 7-1 at third placed Halvergate. It was so nearly another 8-0 win but Halvergate’s county star Keith Cooke came back from 12-7 down to draw 12-12 against Chris Mann’s triple in the first half. Wymondham’s Roger Steele, Jack Pye & Jon Sparham were in no mood to match their team-mates generosity as they beat Robbie Lamb’s triple 18-6. After the break Mann’s triple did not repeat the mistake of letting their opponents into the game as they won by 16-8 against Ray Lamb. Cooke’s triple again found themselves well down and again launched a comeback but this time ran out of ends and lost 16-14 to Jon Sparham.      

                                                                                                                                                          Posted 24-7-14

Wymondham move closer to Bob Carter

In Division One of the Norfolk Summer League Wymondham have closed the gap on defending champions Bob Carter to just five points. Maximum 8-0 wins against the bottom two sides, Anglian Windows & Kirby Bedon, have kept the title race alive. Against Anglian Windows Mary Fisher, Debbie Phillips & Chris Mann raced to wins of 22-14 & 17-5 while Roger Steele, Mark Linsdell & Jack Pye won by 18-11 & 15-6. In their next game against Kirby Bedon Chris Mann’s triple won by 15-9 & 16-11 and Jack Pye’s triple won by 16-10 & 18-6. Bob Carter were held to a 4-4 draw at Halvergate where Keith Cooke’s home triple beat Melvin Woods’ triple 18-12 and Ray Lamb, Roy Walker & Robbie Lamb of Halvergate beat Carter’s Jean Woods, George Clarke & John Turner 21-6 in the first half. Carter recovered to draw the match with second half wins of 22-6 for David Lamb’s triple & 20-12 for Melvin Woods’ triple. There is a great battle for the Division Two title between Thorpe Marriott “B” & Diss Green who are both still unbeaten. Marriott “B” beat Deaf Sport 8-0 with Simon Warnes winning 19-12 & 17-10, Richard Perkins winning 18-12 & Keith Chapman winning 15-7 which left Deaf Sports still without a win this season. Diss Green was held to a 4-4 draw at Deaf Sports where Robin Amos earned Deaf Sports a share of the points winning by 17-7 & 14-11. Forncett are still unbeaten in Division Three with just two games left to play and have already secured the title as they beat Framingham Earl 8-0. Peter Lock’s triple won by 20-5 & 15-10 and Martin Humphreys won by 13-7 & 14-11.

                                                                                                                                                Posted 20-7-14





It was an eventful day at the E.S.M.B.A Annual General Meeting that finally started just over half an hour late at the Northampton Indoor Bowls Club. Barry Hedges of Essex was elected as the new Chairman of the Association replacing Chris Hopkins of Northants who had held the post for the last seventeen years. Hedges attracted 32 votes while Hopkins total of 24 saw him lose his position. The Management Committee’s proposal for a revised Constitution to include the Administration Officer roles was not voted on after the Norfolk Chairman Selwyn Goldsmith spoke at the meeting. After praising both Keith Hawkins & Chris Hopkins for their work in carrying out administration roles over the past season, he said that the Administration roles should be included in Section 5k of the Constitution as Office Bearers so that County Delegates could elect them at each AGM. He also pointed out contradictions in the proposed wording of the revised Constitution that needed changing. The meeting then agreed that the Management Committee would look again at their proposed changes and call a Special General Meeting on the President’s Weekend in September to deal with the matter. Various minor cosmetic changes to the Constitution proposed by the Management Committee that did not include any reference to the Administration roles were passed at the meeting. There was much discussion regarding the Treasurer’s Report but the report was finally adopted with 42 voting in favour of adopting the Treasurer’s Report, 5 voting against and 12 abstaining. Roger Green of the North Yorkshire SMBA had voiced his displeasure over the long wait for replies to queries that he had submitted regarding the Treasurer’s Reports. The Hampshire proposal to revise the deadline for submission of proposals to the end of February was incorrectly worded but it was ruled that the wording could be changed before a vote took place. After some discussion the proposal was defeated. There was no nomination for the position of Vice Chairman but a delegate asked if Chris Hopkins would be willing to accept a nomination from the floor, this suggestion was declined by Chris Hopkins but he did accept a nomination from the floor for the vacant post of Nationals Organiser and was duly elected. There had been three nominations for the post of Umpires Director but it was announced that both Martin Davies & Steve White had withdrawn their nominations so John Hurst was duly elected. Barbara Mills was elected as Treasurer following John Jackson’s decision to stand down. Officers re-elected were George Clarke as President, Stephen Proctor as Vice-President, Carol Hawkins as Minutes Secretary & Keith Hawkins as I.C.C Secretary. Brandon Whittaker & Rachel Pedley were re-elected as Committee members while Roy Duke was nominated from the floor and elected as a third Committee member. The positions of Vice-Chairman, Membership Secretary & Coaching Director were left vacant.

The Rules Revision Meeting, which is held once every five years, began at 3pm with the newly elected Barry Hedges in the chair. A raft of proposals had been submitted by the North Yorkshire SMBA and were dealt with first. Their first proposal concerned the colour of short mats and called for the sentence “It shall be coloured green” to be deleted from the rule A1(a). This proposal was passed therefore allowing the use of other coloured mats such as blue to be legally used in future. A proposal to enable young players with small hands to legitimately use Taylor Junior Ace bowls was supported by 43 votes with 21 against and 3 abstentions but the proposal failed narrowly as it did not receive the two thirds majority as required by the Constitution. Two proposals regarding the rules concerning the restoring of bowls, or the jack, after displacement were heavily defeated after delegates expressed fears that the proposed new wording could lead to bowlers deliberately disturbing heads to gain advantage. North Yorkshire’s proposal to rewrite Rule D9 regarding foot faulting was discussed at length as it gave umpires the right to call foot faults in all disciplines. The proposal was passed with 50 votes in support, 2 against and 3 abstentions. The next North Yorkshire proposals involved minor changes for the sake of consistent wording throughout the laws and the “The Last Word” statement on the back page of the rule book to be given a more prominent position, both were passed. The next proposal from North Yorkshire was a somewhat controversial one calling for the option of black trousers, skirts or culottes to be accepted. Many delegates, as well as Officers, choose to speak on this issue and various opinions were expressed for and against. When the proposal went to the vote it was defeated leaving the current “mid grey” rule in place. Another proposal from North Yorks was for Rules D1 & D2 to be deleted entirely and replaced with new wording, this proposal was heavily defeated. The final proposal from North Yorks was a change to Rule E3(f)  to correct an obvious error that currently made it possible for the 2nd second to visit the head before bowling their final wood, this proposal was passed. Two proposals from West Sussex were next on the agenda but were both withdrawn as the issue of umpires calling foot faults in all disciplines had already been covered in an earlier North Yorkshire proposal. Bob Weafer’s proposal on “Following the bowl up the rink mat” was also not put to the meeting as the former England manager was not in attendance. Chris Hopkins proposal on the colour of rink mats was withdrawn as the issue had already been covered in an earlier proposal. There was then discussion over proposals that had been received late by some counties, and not at all by others, which had been submitted by retiring Umpires Director Graham Foote on the subject of “Running, Forcing & Firing” bowls. It was ruled that these could not be discussed or voted on. The Open Forum began at 4.21pm with a discussion on Countdown Discount Cards introduced last year to members. Discussions then took place on ABC and Safeguarding issues. The item on the agenda called “Discipline Procedure – West Sussex Concerns” was not discussed after the West Sussex delegates said that this was a letter to the ESMBA asking for answers to specific questions and not intended as an item for discussion at the Open Forum. The Hampshire CSMBA had sent a proposal calling for counties to be allowed to opt out of the I.C.C Consolation Plate competition after the round robin stages were completed without any penalty. There was some surprise, from not only delegates but some Officers, when I.C.C Secretary Keith Hawkins indicated that he had no problem with this. It was suggested that a section could be included on the I.C.C entry forms for counties to indicate if they did not wish to play in the Consolation Plate. Hampshire withdrew their proposals for the cut-off dates for National Qualifier competitions run by county organisers to be revised as well as for the deadline date for the submission of National Qualifier entrants to be put back. There was then a long discussion on ESMBA Licences for Competitions which branched out into other subjects including playing against unregistered leagues or teams. Chris Hopkins then drew attention to the fact that the fees for 2015/16 had not been agreed at the AGM as required under the Constitution. It was agreed that this would be added to the Agenda for the Special General Meeting in September.

                                                                                                                                                    Posted 15-7-14

                              Wymondham denied summer club finals victory by Partington

Cheshire based club Partington lifted the ESMBA Sumer club championship title after coming through a hard fought tie against Norfolk giants Wymondham by 7-2 with +5 shots. The first session saw Chris Mann lose his singles match in the last two ends to Stephen Proctor by 5-13 with the fours also on the losing end by 2-8. With the club starring down the barrel being 0-4 down and a shot difference of -14, Wymondham fought back admirably with Mikey George and Chris Mann blowing away Keith Lackford and Steve Proctor 12-2. After six ends were played in the triples Wymondham were just one shot behind with Jack Pye, Debbie Phillips and Jon Sparham leading 6-3 but a dropped three on the penultimate end saw them eventually lose 6-7. In the semi finals Wymondham finally overcame Bob Carter after their third attempt in this competition. The first session saw nothing separating the sides as David Lamb beat fellow Norfolk premier team singles player Chris Mann 8-7 but Hayley Stratton, Jack Pye, Debbie Phillips and Jon Sparham replied with a tight 5-4 victory. The second session saw two sizeable victory's as Jason and Melly Woods beat Mikey George and Chris Mann 8-14 but a 12-3 win for Jack Pye, Debbie Phillips and Jon Sparham against Jean Woods, John Turner and David Lamb clinched the tie for Wymondham. The club only just managed to come through their group on shots. A strong start saw them beat East Hanningfield 5-4 on points and by three shots, this was followed up with a 7-2 win over Halvergate but at this stage East Hanningfield topped the group after beating Bellingdon 9-0. Wymondham inflicted the same scoreline on Bellingdon which meant they had to rely on Halvergate taking something from East Hanningfield which they did as Roy Walker and Ray Lamb drew 9-9 in their pairs game which meant Wymondham went through by eight shots. Bob Carter made it through their group and into the semi finals with three straight wins. They came through a tight match against the powerful Gloucester Knights with a 5-4 victory but a 4-11 defeat in the pairs saw them lose overall shots by 29-31. Hazelbry Bryan were Carter's next victims as they won 7-2 and they made sure of the group win as they beat Burton Wood by a convincing 9-0 on points and 42-29 on shots. Halvergate opened up their group with a strong 8-1 win over Bellingdon, but a 2-7 defeat to Wymondham and a 1-8 defeat to East Hanningfield left them third in their group.

                                                                                                                                                     Posted 15-7-14

Thorpe Marriott "B" Giant Killers

Summer League Division Two side Thorpe Marriott “B” pulled off a giant killing in the Summer Cup quarter-finals after beating Division One side Kirby Bedon on shots. The match had finished level on points at 4-4 but home advantage proved vital as Marriott scored 57 shots against Kirby’s 53. The first half was shared as Marriott’s Dorothy Muttitt, John Jarvis & Richard Perkins beat Jill Watson, Phil Watson & John Aggas 19-11 with Kirby’s Gerald Chilvers, Jimmy Dye & Joe Brown replying with a 16-14 win against Morgan Warnes, David Knights & Simon Warnes. Joe Brown’s triple earned a second win after the break beating Margaret McPherson, Bob McPherson & Keith Chapman 18-11 but Simon Warnes’ triple helped Marriott clinch a semi-final place beating Carol Aggas, Phil Watson & John Aggas 13-8. Division Two action saw Thorpe Marriott “B” move three points clear of second placed Diss after beating First Bus 5-3. George Munford’s triple earned First Bus their only win of the night beating Keith Chapman’s triple 15-10 while Bob Oatway’s First Bus triple held Simon Warnes’ to a 15-15 draw. A decisive 15-6 win for Dorothy Muttitt, Val Perkins & Richard Perkins against Bob Pattison and a 13-10 win for Simon Warnes against Colin Coman made sure of victory for Marriott. Sprowston SSC achieved their first league win of the campaign beating Hingham 6-2. Margaret Poynter, John Poynter & David Dewing were the heroes of the home team with a 14-12 win against John Higgs’ triple and a 14-10 win against Keith Thomas while Terry Fletcher’s triple weighed in with a 23-9 win against John Higgs. In a sadly depleted Division Three Forncett won 7-1 at home to Bradwell with Peter Lock’s triple winning by 25-9 & 15-9.

David Knights of Thorpe Marriott "B"

Bure League AGM News

The Bure League Annual General Meeting was held at Woodbastwick where it was confirmed that Cromer has withdrawn from the league leaving ten teams taking part in the 2014/15 season. Following the closure of Anglian Windows Social Club the Anglian Windows team has been renamed Windows and will venue share with Hevingham. Much discussion revolved around the subject of where Halvergate, who are playing their Summer League fixtures at Bradwell, will play their Bure League fixtures. David Lamb told the meeting that he was not in a position yet to confirm where they would be playing as he was still investigating possible alternative venues for the club. Delegates also discussed the subject of Presentation Night following the cancellation of the 2014 event for the first time. In his Chairman’s Report Selwyn Goldsmith explained that the event was cancelled because of indications that some clubs would once again not attend and that the Officers felt it pointless to organise it when it was a struggle to get enough people to attend to make it worthwhile. After much discussion delegates voted to do away with Presentation Nights and present the Bure League & Bure Cup trophies at the AGM. The Bure Singles, Pairs & Triples Championship trophies will continue to be presented on Final’s Nights as before. Delegates also discussed the issue of the two unplayed league fixtures, delegates were told that under the league’s constitution all fixtures must be completed and that there was no provision in the rules for awarding points for unplayed matches. Clubs were reminded that according to the rules fixtures should be completed by the end of March, April can be used if needed but only with the agreement of both clubs involved. Delegates re-elected Selwyn Goldsmith as Chairman, Competitions Secretary & Cup Secretary, Jill Watson as Treasurer and Lianne Mills as Fixtures Secretary. Following the announcement that Norma Jablonowski was stepping down as Secretary and Peter Jablonowski was stepping down as Vice-Chairman the Chairman asked for volunteers to put forward their names from the floor. Lianne Mills of Woodbastwick was then elected as the new Secretary and Keith Cooke of Halvergate was elected as Vice-Chairman. The Chairman made a presentation to the retiring Officers on behalf of the Bure League for their work over the years on behalf of members and their clubs. Norma Jablonowski presented Bure League & Bure Cup winners Halvergate with their trophies & cheques as well as East Tuddenham who were runners-up in both events. The Bure Cup draw for 2014/15 set up the possibility of a repeat of this season’s final when Halvergate & East Tuddenham were drawn out in opposite sides of the draw. In the first round holders Halvergate were drawn against Woodbastwick while this season’s runners-up East Tuddenham face Windows. Bure League Singles Champion Gerald Chilvers of Kirby Bedon will face bowlers from East Tuddenham, Coltishall, Windows & Thorpe Marriott in his first defence of the title at Horsford BC on 22-1-15. Horsford BC was the scene of his triumph in last season’s Bure Singles Final. Last season’s runner-up Maurice Kemp of Hevingham is the seeded player in the preliminary heat at Kirby Bedon on 19-1-15. Defending Bure Pairs Champions Keith Cooke & Robbie Lamb of Halvergate are seeded at East Tuddenham on 28-10-14 where they will face pairs from Woodbastwick, Horsford Heroes & Hevingham as well as a pair from their own club. In the Bure Triples Championships defending champions Robbie Lamb, David Lamb & Keith Cooke of Halvergate are seeded in the preliminary heat at Woodbastwick where they will play triples from Kirby Bedon, Hevingham, Horsford Heroes & Horsford BC. The Final’s Nights for all three events will be held between 16-3-15  & 20-3-15 at neutral venues that will be named in January following the Bure Singles heats.  

                                                                                                                               Posted 11-7-14

Roy Everitt of Cambs seriously ill

The N.C.S.M.B.A wish to send prayers & best wishes to Roy Everitt of Cambridgeshire who is seriously ill in hospital.

Wymondham & Carter draw

Division One leaders Bob Carter visited second placed Wymondham in a top of the table clash that finished all square at 4-4. Mervyn Barker, Jack Pye & Jon Sparham gave Wymondham a first half win by beating George Clarke, John Turner & David Lamb 20-13 but Carter’s Jamie Forster, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods hit back beating Mikey George, Andrew Jackson & Chris Mann 13-9. Woods’ triple did more damage after the break beating Jon Sparham’s triple 15-12 but Mikey George, Brian Saunders & Chris Mann earned the home side a draw inflicting a second defeat on Clarke, Turner & Lamb. Bob Carter strengthened their firm grip on the Division One title the following night as they inflicted an 8-0 maximum defeat on bottom of the table Anglian Windows. Carter built up a massive shots lead in the first half as Jamie Foster, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods stormed to a 23-5 win against Keith Halford’s triple while Jean Woods, Nigel Willard & John Turner did even better beating Mike Boswell’s triple 33-5. Another 32-4 win for Turner’s triple followed after the break while Woods’ triple added a 21-11 win leaving Carter as hot favourites to retain the title. Wymondham suffered a shock reverse at Thorpe Marriott “A” later in the week where they were beaten 5-3. An extremely tight first half saw Marriott’s Marjorie Hall, Trevor Pinchen & Sylvia Turner beat Debbie Pye, Jack Pye & John Sparham by just one shot while Tony Turner’s Marriott triple drew 15-15 with Chris Mann’s triple. After the break Mikey George, Mark Linsdell & Chris Mann scored Wymondham’s only win of the night beating Sylvia Turner’s triple 15-8 but Marriott’s Janet Pinchen, Jenny Walker & Tony Turner beat John Sparham’s triple 15-13 to secure a valuable home win. In Division Two Sprowston SSC are still without a win after four games after being held to a 4-4 draw by visitors Thorpe Marriott “B”. Marriott’s winning triples were Dorothy Muttitt, Val Perkins & Richard Perkins who beat David Dewing’s triple 20-13 & Bob McPherson, Margaret McPherson & Keith Chapman who won by 21-7 against Terry Fletcher’s triple. Sprowston’s wins came from Terry Fletcher’s triple with a 15-12 win against Simon Warnes and David Dewing’s triple who beat Morgan Warnes 18-7. Hingham Yellow beat Deaf Sports 5-3 with Reg Wilson, Graham Tweed & Gordon Wilcox winning their games by 14-11 against John Jeffery and by 17-16 against Robin Amos. Deaf Sports earned their three points with a 22-9 Robin Amos win and an 11-11 draw by John Jeffery. Division Three action saw Watton move to within three points of leaders Forncett by beating Bradwell 8-0. Roger Braham’s triple opened with a heavy 24-5 win against Mike Harvey while Daphne Braham’s triple beat Allen Collins 17-6. Bradwell failed to improve after the break as Roger Braham beat Allen Collins 20-10 and Daphne Braham beat Mike Harvey 20-8. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Posted  6-7-14


Norfolk County Cup reprieved for another year

The Norfolk County Cup competition was the subject of much discussion at the Norfolk C.S.M.B.A Annual General Meeting before the decision was made to keep the competition in place for the 2014/15 season. Because of the uncertainty surrounding whether it would go ahead this season the closing date has now been extended and clubs interested in taking part are asked to contact Norfolk Competition Secretary Peter Smart. Various suggestions were made by club delegates as to if a change in format would increase entry numbers but no consensus could be reached so the format will remain the same. New entry forms for the County Cup will be sent to clubs with their registration details in July or August and clubs are asked to discuss with their members if they should support the competition by entering it. In his report at the Annual General Meeting Peter Smart reported falling entry numbers in the County Cup and that the cup was not financially viable at present. Strange though it may be he also reported that the entry numbers for the County & National Qualifiers were the best in years in Norfolk.


Jane Frary steps down after eleven years as Secretary

Hingham bowler Jane Frary carried out her final duties as N.C.S.M.B.A Secretary at the Annual General Meeting held at Wymondham this weekend after nearly eleven years in the role. Delegates were told that Jane and her husband Eric are moving house and relocating in Carlton Colville, Suffolk so Jane will no longer be able to continue in the position. N.C.S.M.B.A Chairman Selwyn Goldsmith paid tribute to Jane in his Chairman’s Report which culminated in him presenting the retiring Secretary with a gift on behalf of the Association in gratitude for the service she has put in on behalf of members. N.C.S.M.B.A President Brian Saunders also highlighted the work Jane did on behalf of Norfolk’s short mat bowlers and asked the Vice-President Bob Oatway to present Jane with the President’s Award for Service to the Association.


Jenny Walker & Jon Sparham appointed to Management Committee

With the retirement of Jane Frary as Secretary and Assistant Treasurer two new members were appointed to fill the positions at the Norfolk A.G.M. Jenny Walker of Thorpe Marriott was appointed as Secretary and Jon Sparham of Wymondham was appointed as Assistant Treasurer. Contact details of both new Officers can be found on the Management Page of this website.

                                                            Jenny Walker of Thorpe Marriott, newly elected Secretary of the Norfolk C.S.M.B.A

Membership Secretary warns of declining numbers in sport

Membership Secretary Lianne Mills of Woodbastwick warned of the declining number of members in her Annual Report after the Chairman, Selwyn Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon had also urged clubs to do what they could to try and recruit new members in his Annual Report to the meeting. The worrying trend, mirrored across the sport nationally, has seen membership numbers decline year on year as less people take up short mat bowls. Among the suggestions made at the meeting was for clubs to have a “take a friend day” where members would ask a friend or family member to their club for a free taster session.


Joe Brown’s triple win Dave Durrant Memorial Shield

It took a dramatic extra end to decide the winners of the Dave Durrant Memorial Shield at Thorpe Marriott. The score was level at 7-7 after all the scheduled ends were played and Shirley & Joe Brown of Costessey, playing with Thorpe Marriott’s own Richard Perkins, emerged as winners on the extra end. The runners-up were Chris Musk, Tyrone Musk & Sheila Bragg of Connaught. The raffle held at the event raised £75 for EACH, Quidenham Childrens Hospice. 


Richard Perkins, Joe & Shirley Brown with George Clarke

Cambs announces Triples Comp at March I.B.C

Cambridgeshire Short Mat Bowls Association have announced a Silver Jubilee Cash Triples Competition at March Indoor Bowls Club with a first prize of £90, second prize of £60 and a third prize of £45. The event will take place on Saturday 16th August 2014 with a book on time of 9am for a 9.30am start. The entry fee is £7 per player (£21 per triple) and all cheques should be made payable to the C.S.M.B.A and sent to Tony Hart, 25 Newgate Street, Doddington, March, Cambs, PE15 0SR. Entries should reach Tony no later than Thursday 7th August. Tea, coffee & biscuits will be available during the event. Entry forms are available to print off by clicking on the “Open Competitions” tab on the left and then clicking on “Cambs Cash Triples.” The full address of the venue is March Indoor Bowls Club, Robingoodfellows Lane, March, Cambs, PE15 8HS.

                                                                                             Posted  1-7-14

Wymondham end Carter’s 4 year hold on Summer Cup

Bob Carter’s four year hold on the Summer Cup came to an end as they lost by 6-2 away to big rivals Wymondham in their first round encounter. Wymondham have suffered a run of defeats against their Division One rivals in recent years but turned the tables after winning both first half games. Mark Linsdell, Jack Pye & Debbie Phillips opened with a 15-13 win against Melvin Woods’ triple while Mikey George, Jon Sparham & Chris Mann beat David Lamb’s triple 14-10. One more win was needed to secure victory and Chris Mann’s triple saw the home team over the line beating Melvin Woods by 12-9 while Lamb’s triple collected a consolation win for Carter in the remaining game. Division Three team Forncett entertained Division One side Thorpe Marriott “A” but failed in their efforts to cause an upset. The first half was tied as Forncett’s Mary Boulter, Rebecca Humphreys & Linda Preece lost to Marriott’s Peter Walker, Jenny Walker & Tony Turner by 21-8 but Keith Humphreys, Mike Smailes & Martin Humphreys fought back for Forncett beating Sylvia Turner’s triple 16-14. After the break the Division One side took control with Tony Turner winning 14-9 and Sylvia Turner winning 20-7 for a 6-2 win. The all Division Two tie saw Deaf Sports win 6-2 at Sprowston. John Jeffery’s triple won their games by 18-11 & 18-8 while Robin Amos’ triple added a 15-9 win to make it a good night for Deaf Sports. In Division One Wymondham took maximum points at Kirby Bedon with Chris Mann’s triple winning by 18-15 & 18-10 and Debbie Phillips winning by 17-8 & 11-10. Thorpe Marriott “A” will be pleased with a 4-4 draw at Halvergate where Marriott’s Peter Walker, Jenny Walker & Tony Turner beat Donna Lamb, Steven Lamb & Keith Cooke by 17-6 and, with Janet Pinchen subbing for Peter Walker, went on to beat Ray Lamb, Roy Walker & Robbie Lamb 16-12. One win each for Robbie Lamb’s triple and Keith Cooke’s triple earned a draw for Halvergate. Diss Green are now nine points clear at the top in Division Two after an impressive 8-0 away win at First Bus. Bill Francis skipped his triple to wins of 23-13 against George Munford and 21-6 against Colin Coman, both county squad players. Terry Newby’s triple joined in the fun winning by 13-8 & 19-13 as Diss continued their push to regain their place in Division One after several years out. First Bus had a better result at Deaf Sports where they drew 4-4. The first half was shared as Bob Pattison’s First Bus triple won by 14-12 against John Jeffery and Robin Amos skipped his Deaf Sports triple to a 17-5 win against Bob Oatway. After the break Bob Oatway beat John Jeffrey 22-7 but a 22-5 win for Robin Amos left the points level. There was another draw at Hingham Yellow where the home side were held by Thorpe Marriott “B”. Keith Thomas’ triple were the heroes for Hingham winning both their games but one win apiece for Simon Warnes & Richard Perkins earned Marriott “B” a share of the points. In Division Three action leaders Forncett maintained their unbeaten record winning 5-3 at Watton. Martin Humphries’ triple scored a 15-8 win and an 11-11 draw for Forncett while Linda Preece added a 14-13 win.
                                                                                                                                                          Posted 29-6-14

Watton Giant Killers stun Halvergate

Division One side Halvergate have crashed out of the Summer Cup as Division Three side Watton pulled off a giant killing beating the top flight side by 6-2. The home team enjoyed a dream start as Bryan Dibble, Don Paffey & Roger Braham stormed to a 22-10 win against Ryan Fox, Ian Mills & Robbie Lamb while Jacqueline Capell, Joan Bebee & Daphne Braham narrowly beat Donna Lamb, Steven Lamb & England international Keith Cooke by 13-12 to earn Watton a 4-0 interval lead. Daphne Braham’s triple sealed victory after the break beating Robbie Lamb’s triple 14-11 leaving Keith Cooke to pick up a consolation 16-9 win against Roger Braham. Any hopes Division Two side Hingham Yellow had of a similar giant killing at Kirby Bedon were dashed as the hope side won both first half games. Carol Aggas, John Aggas & Phil Watson won 17-7 and Shirley Brown, Jimmy Dye & Joe Brown won 14-10 as Kirby were quick off the mark and two more second half wins gave the home side an 8-0 win. Defending Division One champions Bob Carter have already opened up a fourteen point lead at the top with an 8-0 home win against their biggest rivals Wymondham putting them in the driving seat. David Lamb’s triple beat Mark Linsdell’s triple 16-10 while Melvin Woods’ triple beat Debbie Phillips 19-9 and two more wins of 16-10 & 14-8 were bad news for Wymondham’s title hopes. Carter also swept to an 8-0 away win at Thorpe Marriott “A” where Melvyn Woods won 28-3 & 23-10 and David Lamb won 22-11 & 17-11. Anglian Windows already look favourites for relegation after five games without a win. Windows lost 8-0 at home to Wymondham with Jon Sparham’s triple winning 22-6 & 16-10 and Mark Linsdell’s triple winning 18-9 & 12-10. Diss Green head Division Two after an 8-0 home win against First Bus in which Terry Newby’s triple won by 18-7 & 12-11 and Graham Mobbs’ triple won 21-7 & 15-12. This followed an impressive 6-2 away win at Sprowston where Graham Mobbs’ triple won by 15-14 & 16-14. First Bus held on to second place after drawing 4-4 at Sprowston SSC. Bob Oatway’s First Bus triple won 19-15 against Terry Fletcher while George Munford’s triple added an 18-8 win against Fletcher. Sprowston’s points were earned by Margaret Poynter, John Poynter & David Dewing with wins of 14-12 & 18-11. In their previous match at First Bus the home side won 5-3 with wins by Bob Pattison & Colin Coman and a draw by George Munford. A close match between Deaf Sports & Thorpe Marriott “B” ended in a fair 4-4 draw. Simon Warnes was the star turn winning twice for Marriott. Forncett are top of Division Three after an 8-0 home win against Watton in which they scored 92 shots against just 28. The first half left the away side shattered as Mary Boulter, David Girling & Linda Preece won 25-6 against Don Paffey and Mike Smailes, Merv Boulter & Peter Lock won by 30-6 against Ron Harvey. Watton also went down 8-0 at Bradwell where Kerry Greenacre, Keith Baker & Allan Collins opened with a 24-7 win against Roger Braham’s triple and the visitors again failed to pick up any points. Watton fared better at Framingham Earl where they were beaten by just 5-3. Debbie Bunn proved the difference between the teams winning her first game 15-12 and her second one by 17-11. Watton recorded their first win in the league in the return match defeating Framingham Earl 8-0 with Daphne Braham’s triple winning 17-8 & 16-10 and Roger Braham’s triple winning by 20-8 & 12-11.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Posted 22-6-14

 Summer Singles Tournament at Loddon

Loddon Jubilee Short Mat Bowls Club has announced that they have organised a Singles Tournament at the Jubilee Hall in Loddon on Sunday 13th July. The entry fee is £3 per player and proceeds will go to the funds of the Loddon & Haddiscoe Branch of the Royal British Legion. Details can be found on the Open Competitions tab. 

                                                                                                                                      Posted 13-6-14

End of an era at Anglian Windows Social Club

Tuesday evening saw the end of an era in short mat bowls as Anglian Windows played their last ever short mat bowls match at Anglian Windows Social Club. Their Summer League Division One game at home to Kirby Bedon was the final competitive match at the venue before Anglian Windows SMBC are forced to relocate after many happy years at the club. This excellent social club has hosted many big matches over the years including County Cup Finals, Summer Cup Finals & Bure Finals Nights as well as being the venue for various Presentation Nights and Fundraising events for Norfolk Over 60s & the Norfolk County Squad. Barney Hewitt, who has run the Social Club for many years, is retiring and sadly that will mean the end for this great little social club which is now set to close. Barney has been a great friend & supporter of short mat bowls but he told me that he has no intention of losing touch with his many friends in the sport. He has decided to take up playing short mat bowls for the Anglian Windows team in his retirement when they move to their new venue. It is a crying shame that venues like Anglian Windows Social Club continue to close their doors leaving small sports clubs with a declining number of venues to use. The good news is that the closure of the social club will not mean the end of Anglian Windows SMBC who will now venue share with Hevingham SMBC.

Anglian Windows played an important part in the formation of short mat bowls in the county and entered two teams out of the ten that formed the first ever league in Norfolk in 1987. Fittingly two of Windows most well known former players, Carol & John Aggas, were at the club for the final match as members of the Kirby Bedon team. John recalled the start of short mat bowls at the Social Club when he somehow managed to get two 45 foot short mats into the back of his Ford Cortina Mk 3 and take them to the club for members to have a go at the sport. The rest, as they say, is history.  Steve Borley of Anglian Windows was the first Norfolk player to be selected for England. Several other players who made a name for themselves at Anglian Windows represented their country at one time or another among them Steve Bridge, Carol Aggas, John Aggas, Mick Murrell & Melvin Woods. Their current captain Mike Boswell is a Norfolk County Team bowler and currently captains the Norfolk “A” Team. On an emotional night like this the result somehow seemed less important than usual but it was to prove no fairytale end to the evening for Anglian Windows. Visitors Kirby Bedon ran out 8-0 winners with Carol Aggas, Phil Watson & John Aggas winning their games by 16-11 & 21-11 while Shirley Brown, Gerald Chilvers & Joe Brown won by 16-11 & 20-13.

                                                                                             Posted 11-6-14

Carol Aggas, Barney Hewitt & John Aggas

Anglian Windows players at their last ever game at Anglian Windows Social Club

Club Captain Mike Boswell

Barney Hewitt behind the bar for the last time on match night

Mint streamed live on the web on Friday 13th

In an attempt to promote the sport of short mat bowls the E.S.M.B.A has arranged short mat bowls to be streamed live from Bromsgrove & District I.B.C. The climax of the event will take place on the evening of Friday 13-6-14. It is understood that David “The Mint” Lamb of Halvergate & England will take part in the event, the John Jackson Trophy, and that it may include players from other bowling codes. It can only be hoped that the unfortunate choice of date, Friday the 13th, does not tempt fate to intervene and spoil what should be an entertaining evening of short mat bowls. I guess we can only log in on the night to see if it does. 

                                            To watch just click on this link on Friday

                                                                                                                                            Posted 10-6-14

County Trials Day at Hingham 

Almost sixty short mat bowlers were in action today at Norfolk's new county venue in Hingham where they took part in the trials for the Norfolk County Squad for the 2014/15 season. Three players in particular were in celebratory mood following their recent selection for the England Squad and they are pictured below.

Keith Cooke, David Lamb & Jack Barrett selected for England

Norfolk Over 60s on the road again!

Norfolk Over 60s were back on the road again for a long weekend in Folkestone which took in a match at Chelmsford against the Essex “Unofficial Over 60s Team” and a match at Snodlands against Kent Invicta. The coach picked up at Anglian Windows Social Club early on Friday morning where Norfolk Over 60s Organizer Teresa Goldsmith had arranged parking for cars. After the usual hustle & bustle of loading the many suitcases, bowls bags & the odd wheelchair into the luggage area our regular driver Chris Craske of Craskes Coaches headed for Long Stratton to pick up the remaining members of our merry band. Once we were away from there it was a straight run to the impressive Marconi Social Club in Essex where we were greeted by Tony Hayes and his team. And what a superb venue the Marconi is, real quality. With 36 players in each team and six mats in play the match was played over eight sessions. That meant everyone got four games playing one match on, one match off, with a break in the middle for lunch kindly supplied by our Essex hosts. With a mixed ability side Norfolk were expecting to struggle but the fast mats seemed to help Norfolk early on. Four wins and a draw from six games gave Norfolk a 9-3 first session lead. Alice Payne, Doreen Stearman & ex Essex player Pauline Wilson led the way with a 14-5 win while Gill Coleman, David Knights & Terry Newby added a 12-5 victory. Barry Barsby, Kerry Greenacre & Selwyn Goldsmith scored an 8-5 win that was to be the start of four straight wins for them on the day. Peter Stearman, Janet Pinchen & Trevor Pinchen scored Norfolk’s other first session win with an 8-6 result while Reg Wilson, Shirley George & Geoff Payne drew 7-7. The second session was tighter but still went Norfolk’s way by 7-5. Moira Stevens, Russell Hales & Sheila Bragg won 10-1, Morris Taylor, Keith Buck & Trish Taylor won 8-3, Pauline Barsby, Sheila Redwood & John Poynter won 9-5 and Geraldine Potter, Margaret Poynter & Ted Redwood drew as Norfolk extended their lead to 16-8 on points. Essex hit back in the third session winning 8-4 as the home players began to settle on the fast mats. Norfolk’s two wins were gained by Terry Newby’s triple with a 13-0 whitewash while Selwyn Goldsmith’s triple won 8-2. By the end of the fourth session it was all square at 24-24 as Essex again took an 8-4 session win. The only winning Norfolk triples were Trish Taylors with an 11-5 win and Richard Stevens, Jenny Walker & Peter Walker who won by 8-5. Norfolk regained the lead by 31-29 in session five. Trevor Pinchen’s triple won 9-4, Terry Newby’s triple won 10-2, Selwyn Goldsmith’s triple won 7-3 while Geoff Payne’s triple drew 7-7. They maintained their lead after the sixth session was drawn 6-6 on points with Ted Redwood, John Poynter and Trish Taylor all skipping their triples to victory. Unfortunately it all went wrong for Norfolk in the penultimate session as only Selwyn Goldsmith’s triple won and Essex moved into a 45-39 lead. In the final session Norfolk’s only wins came from John Poynter’s triple with a 13-1 win and Ted Redwood’s triple with an 11-5 win leaving Essex with a 53-43 win on points, 323-304 on shots. Never the less a great day and some excellent bowls against our very good friends from Essex who visit Norfolk Over 60s for a return match in August at Hingham Sports & Social Club. After the match it was back on the coach to travel to our hotel in Folkestone but the journey took longer than usual due to traffic delays. We arrived just in time to take our cases to our rooms before going down to dinner. Our players were delighted to find that Teresa had managed to get everyone a free upgrade to sea-view rooms and a free upgrade to the Victorian Restaurant after problems with the bookings. After lunch some settled for a drink followed by bingo and entertainment in the hotel while some headed to the pool tables as Ted Redwood defended his reputation as the Pool King of the Norfolk Over 60s with Trevor Pinchen and crew hot on his heels. After a leisurely breakfast on Saturday morning it was back on the coach to head for Snodlands for the first leg of their challenge match against Kent Invicta. With six mats in use and Kent fielding 46 players against Norfolk’s 36 a complicated formula had to be used to give everyone games over the six sessions. Kent were using twelve triples and five pairs, Norfolk had twelve triples but players had to double up to fill the pairs places. A lunch was provided by our hosts around midday. Mat speeds were much slower than at Marconi and Norfolk struggled to compete from the start against a good Kent Invicta side. All six sessions were won by the hosts who accumulated a heavy 52-20 score-line. After four sessions the match was still winnable with Kent leading 30-18 but the last two sessions saw a Norfolk Over 60s collapse as they scored just one win while Kent won eleven games. Pick of the Norfolk team on the day were Richard Stevens, Jenny Walker & Peter Walker who won 8-6 & 16-3 and Alice Payne, Doreen Stearman & Pauline Wilson who won by 10-5 & 11-2. One win each in the triples was collected by Iris Smith, Chris Jones & Ted Jones, Peter Stearman, Janet Pinchen & Trevor Pinchen, Eddie Costello, Joan Costello & Gerald Chilvers and Gill Coleman, David Knights & Terry Newby. Norfolk only picked up two wins out of ten in the pairs, Joan Costello & Gerald Chilvers won 15-4 and Kerry Greenacre & Selwyn Goldsmith won 13-4. The day ended with a great raffle and David Cruise of Kent Invicta & Teresa Goldsmith of Norfolk Over 60s spoke to close the day. Kent Invicta visit Norfolk on Saturday 14th June for the return match at Hingham Sports & Social Club. After the match it was back to the hotel in Folkestone for dinner followed by bowlers going their various ways for either drinks, walks along the harbour, pool or bingo & entertainment in the theatre. On Sunday after breakfast it was back on the coach with Canterbury on the agenda. The weather was still good and with a choice of things to do everyone went their own way. Some headed for a look around the beautiful Canterbury Cathedral, some took one of the excellent river trips or just a wander around the streets and shops of Canterbury. Some finished up in the lovely park near the coach pick-up point for the fabulous views over Canterbury and an ice-cream. Then it was back to Folkestone in time for dinner and a drink. Some of us finished up in a friendly pub by the harbour to finish off our weekend with a few drinks. After breakfast on Monday morning it was back on the coach again for the return trip home to Norfolk with everyone agreeing the weekend had been a great success and people asking when is the next one!

                                                                                            Posted 6-6-14

Norfolk Over 60s on the road again

Organizers David Kruse of Kent Invicta & Teresa Goldsmith of Norfolk Over 60s

                                                                                           Line-up time at Snodlands

                                              Organizers Tony Hayes of Essex "Unofficial Over 60s" & Teresa Goldsmith of Norfolk Over 60s

                                                                             The line-up at the Marconi Social Club
                                          MORE PHOTOS CAN BE FOUND ON THE OVER 60s SECTION BY CLICKING HERE Photo Gallery   

Four Norfolk players get England call

England manager Brandon Whittaker has now named the full list of players selected for the England Squad for the 2014/15 season and four Norfolk players figure in his plans. David Lamb of Halvergate has retained his place for the seventh year in a row and will be as determined as ever to represent his country at the highest level. Bradwell’s Keith Cooke has had a marvellous season for Norfolk Premier and richly deserves his invitation. His win ratio for Norfolk was one of the highest in the Premier team and he has matured into one of Norfolk’s finest players.  Seventeen year old Jack Barrett of Wymondham, ranked number three in Norfolk and winner of two Norfolk County Championship titles last season, steps up a level from the England Under 21 squad into the main squad after some impressive performances for Norfolk Premier. The fourth Norfolk player to receive an invitation was sixteen year old Morgan Warnes of Horsford BC. Morgan’s meteoric rise to the top since being selected for the Norfolk Squad is an example to other young players entering the sport but unfortunately Morgan has had to decline her invitation to focus on her “A” Levels.   

                                                                               Posted 4-6-14

Diss slam Framingham Earl in cup clash

Diss Green are through to the next round of the Summer Cup after an 8-0 demolition of visitors Framingham Earl. Morris Taylor, Trish Taylor & Terry Newby opened with an 18-3 win against Karl Bunn’s triple while Colin Smith, Bill Francis & Russell Davidson raced to a 23-5 win against Colin Emms, Glenda Kidd & Debbie Bunn. After the break Terry Newby’s triple won 17-12 and Russell Davidson’s triple won 19-10 to complete the rout. In Division One Anglian Windows held defending champions Bob Carter to a 4-4 draw. Maureen Dease, David Walker & Avril Walker of Anglian Windows started well by beating Jean Woods, Nigel Willard & John Turner 14-11 but the visitors replied with a 21-3 win for Jason Woods, David Lamb & Melvin Woods against Mike Boswell’s triple. After the break ex St Faiths player Russell Daynes, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell beat Carter’s Jean Woods, Nigel Willard & John Turner 12-10 but Melvin Woods’ Carter triple secured a draw by beating Avril Walker’s triple 19-9. Thorpe Marriott “A” won 6-2 at home to Kirby Bedon. Jenny Walker, Ted Redwood & Tony Turner opened with a 17-9 win against Carol Aggas, Joan Costello & John Aggas and Janet Pinchen, Trevor Pinchen & Marjorie Hall beat Gerald Chilvers’ triple 17-12. Tony Turner’s triple added a 15-8 win in the second half against Chilvers but Carol Aggas, Joan Costello & John Aggas collected Kirby’s two points beating Sylvia Turner’s triple 15-6. In Division Three Bradwell won 5-3 away to Framingham Earl with Allan Collins’ triple winning their games by 16-10 & 18-9. Ron Pash, Ray Kidd & Karl Bunn scored Framingham’s only win beating Mike Harvey’s triple 17-8.

                                                                                                                                               Posted 4-6-14

Marathon England AGM expected

Norfolk S.M.B.A delegates look set for a marathon when they attend this year’s English Short Mat Bowls Association Annual General Meeting in Northants on July 12th. Major changes to the Constitution have been proposed by the ruling body which must be debated, while long time Chairman Chris Hopkins of Northants faces his first challenge in several years to his position by ex England Manager Barry Hedges of Essex. In addition to this a Rules Revision Meeting is also held every five years following the A.G.M and this just happens to be that year. North Yorkshire S.M.B.A have submitted a raft of rule changes that all have to be debated and voted upon so indications are that delegates will be burning the midnight oil. Chris Hopkins of Northants S.M.B.A has led the E.S.M.B.A for many years devoting much of his time to the sport but has attracted his share of critics over the years. The last time he faced a challenge for the post was when Simon Willies, then Vice-Chairman of the E.S.M.B.A, put his name forward but was heavily defeated by Hopkins. What is abundantly clear is that a rift has opened up at the top of the E.S.M.B.A with some apparently eager for change. Less clear is how any change of Chairman would affect Hopkins’ involvement in the administration that he has been so involved in. Counties will also be keen to find out just how Barry Hedges sees the future of the Association, and his attitude to the administration system put in place by the E.S.M.B.A during the past few months, before they can even start to decide on which candidate to support. Following a poorly received initial draft Constitution the E.S.M.B.A has sent out a revised version which has gone much further to clarify the position of the Administration put in place last year, nevertheless it still contains obvious flaws which are bound to be picked up by the delegates. The rapid growth of the Short Mat Players Tour, coupled by continuing problems involving the compositions of the I.C.C groups, are other issues that will muddy the water at what promises to be a lively A.G.M. With membership numbers dropping nationally, in common with many other traditional sports, the sport is facing challenging times. North Yorkshire’s proposed changes include a controversial change to the E.S.M.B.A Dress Code by allowing black trousers, skirts & culottes to be worn. Mid-grey trousers & skirts have been traditional for years in the sport but the proposal also calls for the complete removal of the mid-grey option within five years. Indications are that this could provoke opposition from traditionalists that could see the proposal for black trousers defeated. Another proposal that is more likely to be supported is one to make the use of blue mats legal. They are already being manufactured and have been used in the World Championships and one was used for the final of the Potters Cup several years ago. In fact an amendment submitted by Chris Hopkins calls for the removal of all rink mat colour restrictions as he claims enquiries have been received for red rink mats as well. Meanwhile West Sussex S.M.B.A are calling for the rule to be clarified regarding umpires being able to call “foot faults” in all disciplines.

                                                                                                     Posted 29-5-14

ESMBA Chairman Chris Hopkins

John Gooch Rest in Peace

The N.C.S.M.B.A is sad to learn of the death of former Kirby Bedon bowler John Gooch. John was a member of Kirby Bedon SMBC several years ago and will be remembered for his contribution to the successful Kirby side that played in the City of Norwich League at that time. John, with Jill & Phil Watson, won the City of Norwich League Triples Championship title in 1991/92 at Jarrolds Social Club.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Posted 26-5-14 

John Gooch, pictured on the right at the end of the photo with other Kirby Bedon members at that time.

Marriott "B" stun First Bus away

Thorpe Marriott”B” stormed to a 7-1 away win in their Summer Cup clash away to fellow Division Two side First Bus. The visitors enjoyed a great start as Dorothy Muttitt, Tony Hart & Richard Perkins beat Bob Oatway’s triple 14-8 while John Jarvis, David Knights & Simon Warnes produced an impressive 17-6 win against Colin Coman’s triple. This gave Thorpe Marriott a seventeen shot lead to take in to the second half. Marriott’s progress into the next round was confirmed as Margaret McPherson, Bob McPherson & Richard Perkins ran out 19-6 winners against Maureen Munford, George Munford & Colin Coman but Bob Oatway’s triple scored a consolation point as they held Simon Warnes’ triple to a 12-12 draw. Division One action saw newly promoted Halvergate win 6-2 at Anglian Windows. Donna Lamb, Steven Lamb & Keith Cooke opened with a 20-6 win against Mike Boswell’s triple while Ray Lamb, Roy Walker & Robbie Lamb weighed in with a 19-11 win against Avril Walker’s triple. Keith Cooke’s triple added a 13-11 win after the break but Brenda Sizer, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell salvaged two points for Anglian Windows beating Robbie Lamb’s triple 18-10. Forncett moved three points clear at the top of Division Three after a 4-4 draw away to Bradwell where the two teams scored 53 shots apiece. Bradwell’s Anne Baker, Shirley George & Mike Harvey beat Peter Lock’s triple 13-8 but in the second half Harvey’s triple suffered an 18-6 loss to Mary Boulter, Mervyn Boulter & Linda Preece. Bradwell’s Kerry Greenacre, Keith Baker & Allan Collins won by a convincing 24-9 scoreline against Linda Preece’s triple but Allan Collins, with Jean Collins & Keith Baker, lost his first half game by 18-10 to Forncett’s Keith Humpreys, Mike Smailes & Peter Lock.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Posted 25-5-14

Jon Sparham appointed Assistant Manager

The N.C.S.M.B.A Management Committee have voted to appoint Jon Sparham of Hempnall SMBC as the new Norfolk County Team Assistant Manager. Following the re-appointment of Selwyn Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon SMBC for another two year term at their previous meeting, Goldsmith put forward Sparham’s name as his preferred Assistant-Manager for seasons 2014/15 & 2015/16 and Jon Sparham was duly appointed. Bob Oatway of First Bus had agreed to step in as Assistant-Manager until the end of last season on a temporary basis following the surprise resignation of Neil Davidson but had always made it clear it was not a role he wanted to continue. Oatway felt he wanted to fully focus on his playing role in the team and the Manager totally understood and supported his decision.     

A combined Norfolk Squad Day & Norfolk Trials Day will take place at Norfolk’s new county venue, Hingham Sports & Social Club, on Sunday 8th June. Goldsmith explained that the day will give Norfolk players who have not played at Hingham a feel of the mats and what to expect next season. All Norfolk Top 30 players, as well as current County Champions, have already qualified for a Squad place next season but all other squad players, plus a number of trialists, will be playing for places in the new squad which will be named later in June. The Manager explained that he was yet to make a decision on his other appointments for his new two-year term.      

                                                                                                                                                                         Posted 23-5-14 

                                                                          Jon Sparham in action in Potters International Arena

Horsford BC in front of the camera

We are delighted to feature photos sent to us by Horsford BC after their most successful season ever in the City of Norwich League. Under the captaincy of Bob Burrage, his first season in that role, Horsford BC produced the biggest surprise of the season by lifting the City of Norwich League title previously held by hot favourites RG Carter. Earlier in the season Simon Warnes, Morgan Warnes & David Knights won the City League Triples title after defeating RG Carter’s Debbie Barrett, Jack Barrett & John Turner in the final. Since the creation of their short mat bowls section a few years ago Horsford Bowls Club  have entered enthusiastically into the local short mat scene and compete in both the City of Norwich & Bure Leagues. Both Morgan & Simon Warnes have established themselves in the Norfolk County Squad with Morgan also appearing in the England Under 21s Team over the past season. Despite their achievements Horsford BC continue to always give the warmest of welcomes to visiting teams at their great little venue and it is always a delight to play there. In the Bure League Horsford BC have built a great reputation for hosting various Bure Finals including the Bure Singles Championships.  

                                                                                                                                                               Posted 18-5-14 

                                                     Horsford Bowls Club - City of Norwich League Champions for the first time

Horsford's Simon Warnes, Morgan Warnes & David Knights pictured with the City Triples trophy and the City League's Peter Smart 

Bradwell the Giant Killers!

The NCSMBA Summer League season has started with a giant killing in the Summer Cup. Division Three side Bradwell were drawn away to Division One team Anglian Windows but made nonsense of their respective positions as they pulled off a 6-2 away win to dump the top flight side out of the cup. Bradwell’s Anne Baker, Mike Harvey & John Sargent opened with a 13-6 win against Keith Halford’s triple but Diane Halford, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell replied for the home side with an 18-13 win against Allan Collins’ triple. But Bradwell took control after the break with John Sargent’s triple beating Mike Boswell 13-9 and Jean Collins, Keith Baker & Allan Collins winning by 15-10 against Keith Halford. In Division One defending champions Bob Carter began with an 8-0 home win against newly promoted Halvergate. Jason Woods, David Lamb & Melvin Woods beat Robbie Lamb’s triple 14-9 before defeating Keith Cooke’s triple 20-12. Jean Woods, George Clarke & John Turner beat Cooke’s triple 12-9 and with Nigel Willard replacing Jean Woods in the second half they beat Robbie Lamb 18-14. Two nights later Halvergate visited the other newly promoted side Thorpe Marriott “A” and romped to an 8-0 win scoring 73 shots against 38. Keith Cooke’s triple beat Sylvia Turner’s triple 25-6 and added a 16-12 win against Tony Turner’s triple. Robbie Lamb’s triple beat Marjorie Hall by 16-6 and then beat Kath Frost’s triple 16-14. Thorpe Marriott “A” fared better in their second match at Anglian Windows where they won 6-2. Sheila Redwood, Trevor Pinchen & Tony Turner won by 24-6 against David Walker’s triple and with Ted Redwood subbing for Trevor Pinchen they beat Keith Halford 16-11. Janet Pinchen, Kath Frost & Marjorie Hall scored Marriott’s other win beating Avril Walker’s triple 21-8. Mally Woodhouse, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell scored the home side’s only win beating Sylvia Turner 16-8. In Division Three Forncett won 8-0 at Framingham Earl where Peter Lock’s triple won their games 16-9 & 15-14 and Linda Preece’s triple won by 16-9 & 20-9.  

                                                                                                                                                                 Posted 17-5-14