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                   Coastal Cup 2014/15
Updated 6/5/2015                  Congratulations Woodbastwick Owls
Club Name               PWDLFAPts
W'bastwick Owls14140942614183
W'bastwick Eagles149865 720154 
Hemsby Beachcombers14815763815136
Martham14 76769 792 120 
Bradwell Beacons14617706723120
South Walsham14 10 743 830 105 
Bradwell Dynamos144010742761101
Hemsby Harvesters1421161288789


 B Dynamos10 Martham 
 B BeaconsH Havesters 
 H HarvestersH Beachcombers 12 
 South Walsham14 Martham 
 Bradwell Dynamos6vW'bastwick Eagles12
 Bradwell Beacons8vMartham10
 H Beachcombers12vH Harvesters6
 H Beachcombers3vW'bastwick Owls15
 W'bastwick Eagles17 H Harvesters 
 W'bastwick Eagles15 B Beacons 
 H HarvestersSouth Walsham 16 
 Martham10 W'bastwick Eagles
 W'bastwick Owls12 H Harvesters 
 B DynamosW'bastwick Owls 13 
 H Beachcombers10 South Walsham 
 H HarvestersW'bastwick Eagles 10 
 B BeaconsW'bastwick Eagles 11 
 MarthamW'bastwick Owls 11 
 B Dynamos17vH Harvesters1
 B Beacons11vSouth Walsham7
 South Walsham16v B Dynamos2
 Martham12vB Beacons6
 W'bastwick Eagles6vSouth Walsham12
 W'bastwick Eagles15vB Dynamos3
 South Walsham4vB Beacons14
 H Beachcombers13vMartham5
 H Harvesters7vW'bastwick Owls11
 Martham14 H Harvesters 
 H Beachcombers10 B Dynamos 
 H HarvestersB Beacons 14 
 W'bastwick Owls11 W'bastwick Eagles 
 Martham12 South Walsham 
 W'bastwick Owls14 B Dynamos 
 South WalshamW'bastwick Eagles16 
 B BeaconsW'bastwick Owls 14 
 W'bastwick Eagles12 H Beachcombers 
 H Harvesters16 B Dynamos 
 H BeachcombersB Beacons 10 
 W'bastwick Owls16vMartham2
 W'bastwick Owls12vB Beacons6
 Martham9vH Beachcombers9
 South Walsham3vH Harvesters15
 B Dynamos14vSouth Walsham4
 Martham12vB Dynamos6
 South Walsham6vH Beachcombers12
 B Dynamos6vH Beachcombers12
 B Beacons11 B Dynamos 
 W'bastwick EaglesW'bastwick Owls 12 
 B Beacons10 H Beachcombers 
 W'bastwick Owls16 South Walsham 
 W'bastwick Eagles13 Martham 
 South WalshamW'bastwick Owls 13 
 B Dynamos11 B Beacons 
 W'bastwick Owls13 H Beachcombers 
 H Beachcombers12 W'bastwick Eagles 
 H HarvestersMartham10