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Bure League Triples 2014/15
Venue One Woodbastwick 18-11-14
A Hevingham
B Horsford Heroes
C Horsford BC
D Kirby Bedon
E Seeds Robbie Lamb, David Lamb, Keith Cooke (Halvergate)

Venue Two Kirby Bedon 21-11-14

A East Tuddenham
B Thorpe Marriott
C Woodbastwick
D Halvergate
E Seeds Geraldine Potter, Gerald Potter, Chris Mann (East Tuddenham)

Venue Three Horsford BC 18-11-14
A Coltishall
B Windows
C Hevingham
D Horsford Heroes
E Seeds Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes, Simon Warnes (Halvergate BC)

Venue Four Horsford Heroes 17-11-14

A Horsford BC
B Kirby Bedon
C East Tuddenham
D Thorpe Marriott
E Seeds Marjorie Hall, Val Perkins, Richard Perkins (Thorpe Marriott)

Venue Five Thorpe Marriott 20-11-14

A Woodbastwick
B Halvergate
C Coltishall
D Windows
E Seeds Joan Costello, Melvyn Barker, Gerald Chilvers (Kirby Bedon)

First round heats played at five venues. All league clubs to enter two triples, in addition to this there will be five seeded triples based on the previous season's Finals Night results. All first round heats will be played over 6 ends using the round-robin format. The winner of each heat, plus the three best runners-up, will qualify for Finals Night. Entry Fee £3 per triple payable to Bure League Treasurer. Each triple to provide a raffle prize to the hosting venue.

Finals night qualifiers
Woodbastwick heat winners - Jason Woods, Robbie Lamb, David Lamb (Halvergate)
Horsford BC heat winners - Ray Lamb, Morgan Warnes, Simon Warnes (Halvergate)
Thorpe Marriott heat winners - Brenda Sizer, Diane Boswell, Mike Boswell (Windows)
Horsford Heroes heat winners - Chris Turner, John Turner, Melvin Woods (East Tuddenham)
Kirby Bedon heat winners - Geraldine Potter, Gerald Potter, Chris Mann (East Tuddenham)
Best runner up - Donna Lamb, Josh Baxter, Roy Walker (Halvergate) WITHDRAWN
Best runner up - Les Harman, Roly Sargant, Margaret Harman (Coltishall) Sub John Aggas
Best runner up - Piero Cognetti, Terry Raisbury, Bob Burrage (Horsford BC)